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Brady Bunch: A Very Brady Thanksgiving Orgy (mmbFF,oral,anal,bond,toys,reluc,voy)
by Dr. Bone

The Brady boys had started to wonder about Alice. During the Thanksgiving play they had put on she had come dressed as a man, complete with beard. Jan said that it ran in the family, "Look at her cousin, Emma, the dyke from the army."

Greg did not know if it was jealousy or what. All the Brady boys had had a secret fantasy of fucking Alice. Maybe it was because it was so forbidden. Or maybe it was her well-known sexual frustration with her boyfriend, Sam. Which made them wonder was it really him, or was it really her putting him off time after time. They did not know.

Their mother had driven their father out to the airport; he had a job in Hong Kong, building a new mega mall. The girls were over at their friends' houses. They thought it would be a quiet day after Thanksgiving, little did they know what was in store for them.

Alice went out in the morning to check out the stockade that had been used in the play and was now being stored in the garage until Greg could take it apart. As a joke she put herself in it, when the top came crashing down on her, locking her in. She called for help several times but then she realized the boys were at the other end of the house.

However, as luck would have it the boys had gotten early up to play some basketball and opened the garage door.

"I'm stuck," cried Alice.

Greg ran over and tried to open the stockade but soon realized the lock had jammed up. "It is no good Alice I am going to have to jimmy that lock open somehow."

Greg and the boys closed the garage door, no use in the neighbors seeing Alice's humiliation. Alice twisted slightly and the boys heard a humming coming from her pocket.

"Alice do you have a beeper?" Bobby asked.

"No, I, hey! Stay out of my pocket." Alice yelled as Bobby pulled out a small vibrator.

"Say, I saw one of these in one of dad's magazines." Peter said looking at it.

"What were you doing with this?" Greg asked.

"If you must know I was looking for some privacy when I fooled around with this stockade and got stuck."

Greg smiled and said "If you needed some help Alice we would have helped you out."

He began to open the fly of pants. "Greg what are you doing?"

"Well, mom always said to help you out."

"Wow! She has no underwear on!" said Bobby as he lifted up her skirt. The boys saw that Alice's pussy was shaved with a small ring through the clit.

"Come on stop that!" she pleaded.

Peter took the vibrator and turned it on. Bobby looked at him and dared him. He held her ass steady and rubbed the vibrator against Alice's pussy. She started to gasp immediately.

"Stop it! Come on. Please." She pleaded softly as Peter slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Greg continued to undo his fly pulling out his cock and dangling it in front of Alice's face, it was one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. The only reason she had the vibrator at all was because her boyfriend, Sam, could not "deliver the meat."

Alice swallowed back hard, "Come on! Open up Alice. You know you want it. You made that turkey to stuff us now we are going to stuff you. Unless you are gay like your cousin."

"I am not gay!" Alice said, then thinking it over she opened her mouth, wide. Greg started to put it in her mouth when she stopped and said, "You won't tell anyone? Right?"

"Nobody Alice! Nobody!" he slid his cock in to her wide open mouth. He stroked her hair as he fucked her face. Bobby pulled out his cock and she started to wonder why all the nerdy Brady boys were hung like horses. She took turns sucking off the two brothers.

Peter put away the vibrator and kissed her pussy. "Why are you doing that?" asked Bobby.

"If you do that right the girl will do anything you ask them to do."

"Looks gross!" said Bobby.

"No! Well it could be. But Alice has kept her pussy nice and clean." Peter then got to his knees and really started to lick her hard. Alice trembled and shook, her moans muffled by Greg's cock in her mouth.

"Let me try!" Bobby took his tongue and plunged it into Alice, what he lacked in skill he more than made up for in enthusiasm. Peter meanwhile got undressed.

"Okay Bobby move over and get undressed, it is time for the real show," Peter grabbed Alice's hips as Greg took his cock out of her mouth so Peter could hear her moan.

"Peter, what! Oh shit! No! No!"

"Come on Alice! You've needed this for the longest time." Peter said as he lined up his cock with her pussy then pushed himself in. Alice had secretly dreamed of this for years, but now it was a reality. She was scared of getting in trouble, but the excitement overrode it all. Peter's cock slide all the way inside and he began to fuck her.

Bobby, the odd man out for the second time opened Alice's blouse and played with her tits. Then Greg went behind her and fucked her while she took turns giving head to Peter and Bobby. When Greg decided she was "trained" enough he went and opened the stockade. Bobby laid down on the ground holding his cock up. For a moment Alice thought of running, but could not help herself, whatever happened next she was not going to stop fucking. She stripped off the rest of her uniform, thinking it might be the last time she wore it and squatted down onto Bobby's cock.

"Get it nice and wet," Peter said as she sucked his cock. "We are going to make you airtight," Alice had never heard that phrase before but had an idea what it was. She wanted to say no but she was too excited.

Peter pushed his cock up her asshole as she sucked off Greg and was pounded by Bobby. When the boys were ready to shoot their loads they all stood over her as she sucked and jerked them off until she was covered with their seed. That is when Mrs. Brady came out of hiding.

"Greg! Peter! Bobby! Alice! What in the world have you been doing I should call the police. You are all grounded. Alice you are fired! Fired!"

Alice wiping the cum from her face said it was worth it, "Besides, how long have you been watching? All hidden and all." They saw her skirt was slightly hiked, her nipples were hard and her blouse was not buttoned right. Had she been playing with herself?

"Yeah! It looks like you were watching mom. And we were only trying to help Alice out," said Bobby.

"Help her out! I can see how you were helping her out."

"No! She was stuck in the blockade."

"That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard, it is a prop."

"Well why don't you see for yourself!" Greg said moving over."

"Well after that you boys are so grounded."

Mrs. Brady got in the stockade and Peter closed the top. Mrs. Brady tried to get out and could not. "Okay! You are right about the stockade but what happened?"

"Well we all wondered if Alice was gay after she dressed like a guy for the Thanksgiving play and all so we decided to see if that was so. And then we heard a noise and it was her vibrator."


"Well you know Sam never comes through for me. And since I am 'fired'...." Alice got on her knees surrounded by the three boys and grabbed two of their cocks taking the third one in her mouth. She took turns sucking and jerking each of them slowly.

Mrs. Brady swallowed back hard; her own husband Mike had not been coming through for her either.

"Maybe I was hasty Alice."

"Maybe you were," Alice said bringing Greg over to right in front of her face. She dangled her son's cock inches from her mouth. "Still time for leftovers," she taunted.

"I can't..." Mrs. Brady whispered.

"Kiss it, you know you want to," Alice teased putting his cock head a fraction of an inch away from her lips.

Mrs. Brady could feel the heat coming off of Greg's dick. She hesitated, then, with her eyes closed kissed his cock. He pressed it against her lips, she tightened them for a second, then giving in she opened them up letting her son's cock slide between them.

Bobby went over to her and lifted up her skirt and pulled down her pantyhose and panties. She protested mildly as she felt his tongue enter her.

Greg grabbed Carol's head gently encouraging her to take his cock into her mouth still further. She felt Bobby's hands hold her hips steady and shivered in anticipation as he slowly pushed into her.

Peter unlocked the blockade. She got out and fell on to her hands and knees as Bobby kept inside of her. Alice helped her off with her dress and underwear.

Bobby let Peter take his turn at Carol's blonde pussy pulling out. They took turns fucking her until Greg said it was his turn. He laid down on the floor and held his cock out.

"I can't believe I am doing this. Or that it feels so good. Stuff me Greg! Fill me up!"

As she squatted down on Greg's cock Peter stuck his cock in her face.

"Boy! Mom has really become a slut!" Peter said, she made a little bit of a sour look but continued to suck his cock as she realized that was the truth.

Alice leaned against the wall of the garage allowing Bobby to enter her from behind. The garage filled with the grunts and groans of the Bradys and their maid fucking. Greg shot his load deep into Mrs. Brady as Peter came in her mouth. Alice had Bobby pull out of her at the last minute and spin around splashing Mrs. Brady's pert tits with his cum.

Mrs. Brady collapsed on top of Greg to rest for a moment, then she felt him start to get hard again, half complaining that she had forgotten about the Brady libido. Alice went over to her to lick her tits clean.

"Well at least we are going to burn off all that turkey we ate!" cried Mrs. Brady.

A few weeks later Mr. Brady stood in his hotel room in Korea reading the postcard he had received from his wife; as his mistress sucked his cock. He was glad the family was getting along together and she said she was looking forward to the New Year's Day float that they were building.


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