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Brady Bunch: Alice's Double Ensnares Her (MFF,oral,anal,reluc)
by Doctor Bone

Greg was in the bedroom, his brothers were out and he was jerking off thinking of the Brady's maid Alice. It was a kinky attraction, he knew he should not do what he was doing but maybe that was why he came so hard thinking of her.

He felt himself getting close when a voice was heard in the room, "Can I help?" He opened his eyes and saw it was Alice, wearing her rubber cleaning gloves.

"I-uh..." she looked at him as if she could tell what was on his mind, and she did.

"Greg, I found your book, the one with the stories in it, I am very flattered to be sure," she sat down on the bed next to him and grasped his cock and started to pull on it, "So big! So Brady!" she pumped his cock slowly.

"I know you would like me to suck on it. And I will. I will even let you fuck me while I plead with you not to, like in your stories but first I want you to blow your nuts all over my uniform. Come on Greg...."

He could not take it anymore and shot his load all over the front of her blue maid's outfit. She pumped his cock until it was dry.

She climbed up on the bed to kiss him when the dog tag fell out of the front of her top. It was Emma! Alice's cousin from the army, her identical cousin.

"Emma! It was you! I thought you were Alice. Oh shit! How could you! I thought you"

"Well I am a bit of both. But I look just like Alice..." she moved down and kissed his cock, "...and I suck just like her..." she said taking his cock in her mouth. "And if you play your cards right you might just get her to do it. I have a plan...." she said taking it in her mouth again as he groaned.

A month later Greg called Alice into the bedroom, Emma was there dressed in her maid's uniform also.

"Emma! What are you doing here?"

Emma laughed and said, "The real question is what were you doing Alice?" she said slipping the video tape into the player, after some static the image resolved.

Greg was rolling his eyes as Emma sucked him off, dressed in Alice's sky blue maid's uniform as he called Alice's name. The next scene had Greg fucking her for all she was worth. The following scene had Emma dressed in a black leather version of Alice's uniform as he dumped a load of cum all over her breasts.

"Emma! Greg! Why are you doing this? Why!"

"Why we are going to hand it over to Mrs. Brady and make copies for all the neighbors."

"No but...that's me...I mean it looks like it is me in there. Please..."

"Or..." said Emma smiling and getting up to the closet from which she removed a copy of the black leather outfit Emma had worn in the movie, "You can help grant this poor boy's fantasy and join in."

"Come on Alice, you are going to love my cock."

"Wait! That can't be me; I don't have a nipple or a-a-a pussy ring."

Emma smiled taking out her piecing kit, "You will now."

"This is blackmail, I won't..."

"Video tape is cheap dear, and besides, do you really want to pass this up?" she said opening Greg's pants and pulling out his sizable cock.

Alice stared at as if hypnotized.

"You are about to become me, or am I about to become you?" Emma laughed.

Alice knew there was no way out. She unbuttoned her top self-consciously; then she unsnapped her bra.

"You know, Greg suggested I, I mean we, should get implants," Alice stopped for a moment in terror then Emma said she was kidding.

"Greg, I can't believe you want this."

"More than you can know."

Alice undid her skirt neatly folding it; Emma grabbed it and flung it to the floor. She kicked off her shoes and socks, then Emma pulled down her panties.

"Alice!" Emma said surprised that she had a clean shaven pussy.

"Well, I tried to do it for Sam, but he did not care, so I kept it clean shaven, it itches when it grows back.

Greg began to take off his clothes as Emma had Alice sit down. She took a white powder and rubbed it on Alice's nipple.

"It's burning. Now it's numbing!" she said as her nipple grew rock hard.

Emma had Alice hold her own breast still and with one quick move pierced her nipple inserting a heavy metal ring though it. She blotted the little bit of blood that spurted out, but Alice was already distracted by Greg's naked body.

"Now spread your legs Alice, we are going to do the other ring," Emma put on rubber examination gloves and put some of the powder on Alice's clitoris, she quickly pierced her sliding a thin gold ring through. "Now we are identical," Emma laughed.

"Now it is time for you to get dressed." Emma said teasingly handing Alice the leather version of her maid's uniform that she had seen in the video.

Emma helped Alice on with a pair of stockings and garter belt, followed by black patent leather high heels in place of her sensible sneakers. A lacey bra was handed to her as Greg collected her old clothing. Then came the black leather outfit, it was so tight, and Alice could smell the newness of it. Emma set up the camera and had Alice step out of the room telling her what to say.

Alice came through the door with the laundry basket she had come into the room with and nervously said, "Greg! You forgot to give me your laundry!"

Greg stood up naked, his cock fully erect, and went over to her. "I am sorry Alice! Is there anything at all I can do to make it up to you?"

Off camera Emma made a motion for Alice to spit in her hand and grasp Greg's cock. Alice looked at Greg, knowing there was no backing out now, and said, "I will think of something," she spit into her palm and then reached down and grabbed his cock. It felt so thick and solid in her hand. She pumped it up and down.

"Oh! Alice!" Greg moaned, then moving forward he kissed her putting his hands around her he squeezed her ass.

"You have been very bad Greg!" she said, actually she meant to say that she had been very bad. It did not take much work to get Greg fully up while he squeezed her tits though her leather outfit.

Greg sat down on the bed and motioned Alice to kneel down on the floor in front of him to suck his cock. As if under a spell she complied. She had seen Emma do it to Greg on the video, but now it was her turn.

Nervously she held his cock giving it several more pumps as she hesitated; Greg looked down at her and told her she was going to love it. She told him she knew she would. She kissed his cock head marveling at its size. Then she opened her mouth taking it down her throat.

"Yeah! Suck my cock Alice!" Greg said. Alice noisily slurped and licked his cock as she cranked it with her hand. He ran his fingers through her hair. Then he stood up grabbing the back of her head and pushed it further and further down his shaft each time.

"Finger yourself Alice!" Greg commanded as spittle ran down her chin; she was becoming the slut he wanted her to be.

When he started to spurt she aimed it all over her black leather maid's uniform leaving dark and white stains where his seed landed. Alice half expected Greg to roll over and go to sleep like Sam did but instead he was already getting hard again. "Take everything off! But first suck it dry" he commanded.

Alice obeyed him as she tasted his cum; on the side Emma started to strip, she half wanted ask her cousin what she was doing. Once she was done she took off everything but her stockings, garter belt and shoes.

Greg pushed Alice onto the bed and spread her legs and licked her pussy as she played with her tits. When she had come several times he got up, his cock looked to her to be even bigger than ever. He lined it up and pushed himself inside of her.

Greg told her how tight she felt and how long he had waited to fuck her.

They kissed deeply as he screwed her. He pulled out and spun her onto her stomach. He grabbing her hips and pulled her ass high in the air as he entered her from behind, now he totally controlled her.

"You know Alice I love fucking you so much I wish there was two of you," he said in a teasing voice. Emma, who had been on the side the whole time stepped into the camera frame. Now as naked as Alice was there was no way to really tell them apart.

"Emma! What are you doing?" she cried out as Greg kissed Emma.

"Like that commercial, I am doubling my pleasure," he said as he continued to pound her. He sucked on Emma's tits, then he laid down on the bed and let Emma sit on his cock telling Alice to sit on his face.

"Don't worry! When it is time for him to shoot his load it's all going to be inside of you," Emma assured Alice as she slid onto his cock.

Greg licked Alice and pinched her nipples. Then after several minutes Emma got off and she motioned for Alice to take her palce. Emma held his cock straight up as she sat down on it. Alice never felt so wet before. Emma went over to a draw and underneath the sox and underwear pulled out a small pink vibrator and stood on the side using it on herself.

She winked at Greg and went over to Alice and before she could protest placed it against her cousin's clitoris, Alice nearly went through the roof, crying out: "Oh shit!" repeatedly as she slammed down on his cock over and over again.

Emma kissed Alice, to her surprise Alice kissed her back, her cousin then worked her way down and sucked on her tits until Greg could not take it anymore and with his back lifting off the bed he came inside of her.

Alice, nearly at tears from the emotion of the moment milked Greg's cock dry with her pussy muscles. They laid there in one sweaty heap for a few minutes then Greg pulled out of her with a wet pop. The cum ran out all over the bed.

Alice started to complain about the bedspread being made dirty but Emma silenced her saying she would help with the cleanup. Before Alice knew it Emma put her face between Alice's legs and was licking her pussy. Greg sat behind Alice holding her up and kissing her neck; to her shock she could feel his cock rising up again, pressing against her back. Greg stood up on the bed and she began to suck on it. Her moans begin muffled by his cock in her moth.

Emma got up and went back to the dresser and took out a large white vibrator and stuck it into Alice. Greg took his cock out of her mouth so he could hear her moans.

"Emma stop! I am not a lesbian.

Emma kissed her deeply finding no resistance. Then Emma put her cunt in Alice's face and Alice started to lick her as the women explored each other's pussies. Greg stood on the side watching.

Then Emma had him sit down on the bed and had Alice get on top of him, after a few minutes of humping Emma switched places with her. They switched several times more.

Greg then laid down on the bed and let Alice get on top of him. At a signal from Emma he locked his arms around her waist holding her still as Emma pushed the vibrator up her ass. Alice cried out as she started to hump his cock again while Emma laughing worked the vibrator in and out of her ass with one hand while with the other she rubbed Alice's clit.

Alice kissed Greg deeply asking if she was really turning into the slut of his dreams. Greg told her she was about to. He pulled out of her, putting her onto her stomach again. Emma brought Greg some lube and rubbed it over his cock. Emma got on the bed straddling Alice like she was a horse, but she was facing Alice's ass. She pulled the vibrator out of her cousin's asshole, then held her ass cheeks apart as Greg slowly pushed his gleaming slick cock into her. Alice groaned and moaned but she relaxed and soon his head popped into her. As Greg fucked her anus Emma got underneath her and licked her pussy. When he came Emma licked both of her holes clean.

As they laid next to each other in Greg's bed exhausted Emma said, "You know what would really add to this party?"

"What?" asked Alice half not wanting to hear what her cousin wanted to do next.

"Oh, suppose we take Mrs. Brady. Force her to wear a maid's uniform and be our sex slave," she said as she stroked Greg's cock.

Alice grabbed the shaft also, "But that is wrong she is my employer and Greg's mother."

"Step-mother," Greg added.

He got up and flipped Emma onto her stomach, this time Alice lubed his cock up as she asked "What do you say Alice?"

"We...will do it. It might be fun. Now Greg fuck her! Fuck her hard in her asshole!" Greg pounded her for what seemed like an hour until he came in her. Then he watched as Alice this time cleaned her pussy and ass out.

They laid in bed together relaxing as Emma outlined her plan for ensnaring Mrs. Brady...


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