Brady Bunch: Bald Brady Bang... (ff,inc,shave,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

"What are we going to do?" said Jan Brady as the orange dye dried in her and her sister Marcia's hair.

"Those stupid security guards." complained Marcia her golden tress ruined by the dye that had been fired at them when they had gone to an anti fur rally at the local mall. Marcia and Jan, normally apolitical had gone to the rally to impress Doug and his brother. What made matters worse was that neither of them had showed up for the march.

"Maybe it won't be so bad." said Jan as she turned on the television. The newscaster began with the mall story and stated that they would be on the lookout for anyone with the special orange dye on their bodies. "We will be checking the local schools on Monday." Said a police officer on the news.

The sisters panicked a bit then they held each other. "Let's not lose it! Everyone is out of the house for the weekend so we have some time." said Marcia. The sisters took their stained clothing and threw them out in the park that night. Hard scrubbing removed the dye from the skin but the dye in the hair was another problem.

"Nothing seems to take this out, we are going to be so grounded."

"If we don't get arrested first. I heard they were going to have security guards at the school watching everyone." added Jan making her sister even more upset.

Marsha cried, "There is only one thing we could do, cut off all our hair and join a commune until this is over. Now I will never be Mrs. Davy Jones, or Mrs. Desi-Arnez Jr."

Jan stifled a laugh, tempted to tell her sister the only place she could be both was in a commune, but then she had an idea. "Greg." She said.

"I'm not going to marry Greg. I can't! Can I?"

"No, but, remember when he was trying to sell wigs to make money. We all thought we would be glamorous. But when they arrive they were exactly the same as our own regular hair."

"Yeah, but how...oh I get it." Marsha walked over to the closet and pulled down two of the three boxes there, the other one belonging to the youngest sister, Cindy.

Jan gathered up a razor, scissors, and an electric clipper, they used had to used on Tiger, she wondered what ever happened to that dog, or why the doghouse was still in their backyard. She took a secret delight in the thought of shaving her sister's head as they went into the bathroom.

"Okay, let's get this over with." Marsha said. Jan for all her former enthusiasm felt some regret as she grabbed a handful of her sister's silky blond hair and made the first snip, followed by the next and the next. Marsha began to cry, which somehow aroused Jan. She held her sister in the tub, their naked bodies touching. Jan could feel her nipples harden, but her sister ignored it, thinking it was because of the cold.

When Marsha got a grip Jan continued until the tub was full of her sister's hair. An irrational thought went through her head of taking the locks and selling them at school for money.

Marsha cried as she clipped Jan's hair. Jan almost punched her when she recommended a conditioner. "I'm sorry...I'm just so..." said Marsha as she finished the job.

The girls then shaved each other's heads with the electric clippers. They laughed when they both said at the same time that they looked like the female gym teacher, then Jan said they looked like all the female gym teachers. Lastly came the hot cream and Jan carefully shaved Marsha's head smooth, taking a towel to clean off any remaining shaving cream. Then Marsha did the same. The girls looked in the mirror and cried at their lost beauty.

"We have to keep our scalps healthy." Said Jan as she rubbed some oil into her sister's head. "Don't cry it will grow back." She said as she started to clean out the bathtub.

"Yeah I guess you are right." Said Marsha. "But you know we look stupid with the you-know-what hair." She said pointing to her public hair. "Besides I hear all the popular girls shave down there." She said as they got back in the shower. With the help of some warm water and a mirror they shaved themselves bald so the bottom matched the top.

They went back to the bedroom to put on the wigs. Marsha got a look at herself in the mirror and started to cry. "I am a freak!" her sobs got loud and wracked her body. Jan normally would have loved to see her more popular sister suffer, but not this time. She went over to her and held her in her arms. Their tits rubbed together as they did so.

"You are not a freak."

"Well I am ugly."

"No you are not." Marsha, however, despite her sister's reassurances, could not be consoled and cried harder and harder. Finally in one of those odd moments of compassion Jan suddenly kissed her sister on the lips. It was like electricity went through their bodies. The kiss continued longer and longer until Marsha pushed away.

"What are you doing?" Said Marsha "This is like that movie we snuck out to see in the drive-in, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, stop." Said Marsha as Jan kissed her again, only this time even deeper as their tight little tits rubbed together.

Marsha reached out to push her sister away but her hand landed on her sister's slightly larger breasts and for some reason she wound up squeezing them, Jan returned the favor.

"This is so wrong!" said Marsha.

"Then I guess this is wrong also." Said Jan as she reached between her sister's legs and rubbed her pussy.

"Hey! Stop that!" Marsha pleaded but Jan kept rubbing, the kissing grew more rapid. Jan lowered her face down and took Marsha's nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Marsha cried out she was not a lesbian as she came. Jan made a little smile and continued to rub her sister's clit relishing the power it gave her.

Marsha reached out and began to rub Jan's pussy, crying that what they were doing was wrong, even as they both came.

"We have to stop! We, I mean I can never be Mrs. Davey Jones, Marsha pleaded as Jan guided her to the bed. "We are not lesbians!" Jan then pushed Marsha down onto the bed.

"Not yet!" said Jan summoning her courage, despite her front, she got on top of Marsha, smelling her pussy, then she kissed it, followed by her tongue licking it.

"Oh fuck! I'm ruined!" Marsha cried out in horror, even as she reached down to push her sister's face harder against her cunt. Jan delighted in the ability to make her sister squeal and moan.

Marsha panted and gasped, her back arched off the bed and she came running her fingers over her sister's bald and shiny scalp thinking on how they once had hair of gold, just like their mother's. Jan kissed her way up Marsha's taunt body taking a long detour at her nipples. She then made a point of tongue kissing her sister, letting her taste her own taste.

"I want to sit on your face." Said Jan. Marsha was about to protest, but thought about it, they were alone, and neither would ever talk. As Jan lapped her sister's cunt she looked up at the look of pleasure on her face, her nipples were rock hard. Yes, they were both freaks now, for each other.

After Marsha came, and was nearly weak in the knees, they switched positions. Jan lowered her pussy onto her sister's bald face. She savored the feeling of her sister's tongue as she pinched Marsha's nipples harder and harder controlling her licking and dominating her through the light pain regeme. Jan even rubbed her cunt across her sisters shiny bald scalp coating it with her cunt juice.

Then Jan leaned forward and they formed the classic position, creating a feedback loop of licking, both girls knew their lives as they knew them had changed forever. When they were done Marsha and Jan held each other tightly. Then Jan got up and went to the bottom of her underwear draw, fishing around she pulled out a small white vibrator. "What's that?" Asked Marsha to Jan's surprise and delight.

"It was addressed to Alice, but I uh! Took, no, I stole it." She said with delight. Jan applied it slowly to Marsha's clit hood and she began to groan almost immediately. Jan worked it in and out of her sister as they kissed and sucked each other's tits. Within an hour they both had had more orgasms than they had had in the past several years.

"You know Young Miss Teen Blonde magazine says we should not feel guilty about this. It was and experience. We will let our hair grow out and pick better boys." Said Marsha.

"Yeah! Ones that don't have an agenda." Jan replied trying to hide her disappointment, little did she realize that she had no reason to feel that way. The girls went back to school, nobody noticed their wigs. When they started growing hair again Marsha one day found Jan shaving her head again, saying the hair growing back itched. Marsha took off her shower to show she to had continued to shave her head saying the wig was easier. They wound up making love again; mainly in the shower as Cindy was home.

Oh there were some close calls, like when Bobby, the junior detective noticed that despite all the showers their hair was always dry and the amount of shampoo in the bottle never went down. Jan and Marsha countered by wondering if they should tell about the Swedish hardcore magazines Bobby had under his mattress. This shut the hall monitor of the year down but good.

Gradually boys dropped out of their lives all together, at least until a chain event that started with Alice walking in on the two sisters, but that is another episode...


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