This is a parody, not the real forewarned!

Brady Bunch: Bobby Brady The Legend (mFF)
by Dr. Bone

It had all started in the locker room. Bobby was, as usual being picked on by Brad. Brad had had a grudge against Bobby since the time Bobby, acting as a hall monitor, had turned Brad in for smoking a joint. So, when Bobby did not have his towel on too tight Brad thought it would be funny to yank it off. Little did he realized that he was about to give up his title of "Big Man on Campus." The towel came down and everyone stared at Bobby as his face reddened. Nobody had expected, that Bobby had been endowed with a porn king sized cock.

The word spread around school with girls either now wanting to go out with Bobby, or other boys attempting to pull down his pants to see if the rumor was true. Even his own sisters had heard what had been happened and had become curious. Mrs. Magnolia, that sexy, dark haired, wet dream inducing, big titted principal had heard what happened. As a responsible educator she had asked Bobby if an investigation was needed, he said no, however, she said that she might want to talk to his mother about it...

"Did you hear it also?" Asked Mrs. Brady to her maid Alice.

She hesitated a moment, then said she had, from the McCarthy's maid and also from Mrs. Magnolia's maid. "It was pretty much the same, one of the upper classmen grabbed away Bobby's towel in the shower after gym, and it was there. It is all over the school." She added wishing she had not said that, as it made her employer feel worse.

"Oh if only Mike was here." Mrs. Brady lamented, but he was in jail over a building collapse in the far east, caused by one of his own crappy designs. The U.S. government was trying to get him out, but he had designed a few of their buildings also. "Well there is only one way to deal with the rumor, head on, so to speak." She said realizing her poor choice of words.

"How are we going to do this? Ask him? Or do we sneak up on him?" Plotted Alice.

"No, Alice, though I thought about pretending to check him for lice. We have to do something. Why I even thought I heard Jan and Marsha talking about it. Whatever we do we will have to do it this afternoon, when the rest of the family is out."

That afternoon, with the permission of the principal, Bobby came home from school early. He started to notice the odd stares from his mother and Alice, who quickly corrected their gazes. "I think I will go to my room now." He said dejectedly. Alice and Mrs. Brady exchanged looks and followed him upstairs.

Bobby was up in the boys' bedroom tossing a ball up and down. "What did I tell you about playing ball in the house Bobby?" Mrs. Brady said, making him drop the ball on the floor.

"I think you know why we are here Bobby. There is a rumor going around the school, and we must talk to you about it. If it is false we will clear it up." Mrs. Brady said hoping the rumor was false. "But if not, we have to talk."

"I don't know what all the fuss is about." Said Bobby. "Ever since that stupid Brad yanked my towel down I keep getting stupid looks."

"Well Bobby, there is one way to put this behind you. Show us what happened. What did they all see in that locker room?" Added Alice.

Mrs. Brady seemed a bit shocked, but she agreed. "Do I have to?" He whined. Both women nodded their heads. "Okay! But just to shut them up." He said getting up. He undid the snap and zipper of his shorts, then pulled them down along with his white briefs.

Both Alice and Mrs. Brady could not help but stare. "Am I okay? Is anything wrong?"

"No, nothing is wrong." Said Alice, her voice breaking "Everything is beautiful." She reached out and grasped his organ giving it a yank.

"What are you doing?" Asked Mrs. Brady.

"Seeing if it is real." Said her maid who gave it another pull, making his cock grow still bigger. Alice spit into her palm then really started to yank him off, much to Bobby's growing satisfaction.

"Mom why don't you pull on it also?" he asked, then shyly he said he had a dream of both her and Alice doing it. "Come on mom, please?"

Mrs. Brady bit her lip, she knew the trouble she could get into, but Mike was going to be away for a long time. "You can't tell anyone about this." She said reaching forward and wrapping her hand around his shaft she started to pull on it along with Alice marveling at how big it was growing, it was far past the size of his father's dick.

"What else did we do in that dream?" asked Alice coyly. Mrs. Brady shot her a look and Alice whispered to her they were now committed to getting him off, or leaving him with blue-balls, "or he might go to his sisters for relief." She added as a vague threat.

Mrs. Brady rolled her eyes up, she did not want that. She looked at Bobby, "Well, what else happened in this dream?"

Bobby was starting to feel in charge and was a bit more bold, "Well you and Alice kissed each other on the lips while playing with each other's..(he searched for a polite word) breasts."

Mrs. Brady and Alice were a bit stunned, but they also felt his cock harden still further. Alice turned and caught her employer with a quick peck on the mouth. Mrs. Brady was shocked and that was when Alice planted a firmer kiss on her lips.

"Alice..I...I" Carol muttered as Alice kissed her yet again, her hands feeling Carol's cleavage. "We cannot.." she said as they kissed more, Carol then squeezed Alice's left breast through her blue maid's uniform.

"Well it is good thing your cousin Emma is not here." Carol said referring to Alice's identical cousin from the military, who she thought was a lesbian.

"Yeah! She'd really be into this." Said Alice reaching forward with one hand she started to open Mrs. Brady's blouse, telling her that they had to get Bobby off faster or he might want to go still further. She then undid the top of her own uniform. They kissed again letting their breasts push against and flatten against each other. Bobby watched fascinated.

Bobby then reached forward and undid the front snap of Alice's bra letting it pop open. He leaned forward and kissed her nipples.

Mrs. Brady in some odd way felt jilted and scared at the same time. She undid her own bra, however, Alice gave her the attention she sought first, kissing her then feeling and sucking her employer's perky little tits.

Alice stood up and started to remove her shoes. She paused for a good moment and then said "Bobby I want you to fuck me with that monster cock of yours."

Mrs. Brady was stunned, "Alice you can't...this is wrong."

"And what? Is it better for him to be banging the first slut he meets on the street? At least I am on the pill." She said, going on to subtly imply again that he might grow interested in his own sisters, as she took off her pantyhose. She got on the bed on all fours as she pulled down her white panties. Bobby moved behind her lifting up her uniform's skirt and was surprised that she was shaved, like the women in the magazines dad, and Greg (his older brother) hid in the bathroom cabinet.

He took his cock and rather awkwardly lined it up, and slowly pushed it in. Alice groaned and moaned as he slowly stretched her out. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks as he started to fuck her. Mrs. Brady did not know what to do, in a panic she thought of pouring water on them, like when Tiger went into heat and banged the neighbor's dog. Bobby helped Alice take off the rest of her clothing as he continued to fuck her hard.

"This is so wrong. Alice I ought to fire you." She said and almost instantly regretting it.

"Go ahead! It will be worth it." She said as Bobby slammed her ass.

In a huff Mrs. Brady walked out of the bedroom, and Bobby got up and locked the door. Alice got onto her back and Bobby sank himself back into her. He enjoyed the fact that hewas now able to suck on her tits as he fuck her.

A few minutes later Mrs. Brady came back. She banged on the door. "Bobby!?! Alice??? We have to talk. Open up!!!" The two inside the room whispered amongst themselves.

Bobby called out, "Only if you take off your dress." She was about to argue then decided she could not win. She took off her green department store bought dress and stepped out of it. She yelled to them that she had done what he asked her to. Bobby got up and let her back in the room, giving Alice a much needed break.

"Bobby this has to stop." Mrs. Brady said, while all the time staring at her son's cock, now wet from the juices of her maid.

"Okay mom I will. If you give me a lap dance."

"Bobby Brady!" she cried out.

"It is either that or get out." He said.

"Just a lap dance?" She asked.

"Yes! But you must wear a blindfold." He said taking out the sash he wore as a school safety monitor.

Weighing everything she decided to do it, if only to defuse the situation. Bobby wrapped the sash around her eyes several time and pinned it into place.

She was guided down to Bobby's lap. She bounced up and down on top of him. She became wet at the feel of his manhood pounding on her pussy, only separated by the thin fabric of her underwear.

"Ow! I got a cramp. Mom just a second." She hoped that Bobby might be getting tired. He told her he was okay and to continue. Little did she know he was holding his cock almost straight up. As she went down Alice pulled her underwear to the side and she wedged herself onto Bobby's cock. Under her weight his head started to slip in.

"Bobby! No!" she said as she tried to get off, but her foot slipped making her slip further down onto his shaft. Bobby grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her. "Bobby! Stop!" but it was too late he was inside of her fully. Alice helped and undid her bra.

Bobby got up from the bed, guiding her with himself still buried deep inside of her. He turned them around and pushed her back onto the bed so she was on her hands and knees. More confident than ever he pulled out totally from her and then thrust back deep inside of her.

Mrs. Brady decided to surrender to the moment, trying to rationalize it by saying to herself that at least he was not doing his sisters.

Alice removed the crossing guard sash from her eyes. Bobby twisted his blonde mother around so she was on her back, placing her legs on his shoulders he began to pump her. Alice laid next to Ms. Brady sucking on her tits, then she got on top of Ms. Brady. Bobby would fuck Alice, then pull out and fuck Ms Brady some more alternating between the two pussies.

The two women kissed each other more and more, all barriers were falling. When Bobby finally could not take it anymore, he started to orgasm inside of Mrs. Brady, but the load was so massive that he was able to pull out and stick it into Alice so each woman had some of his seed inside of them.

They all rested in a sweaty heap together. Then Alice popped up with that perky energy that many people could find annoying. "Well I guess it is time to clean it up." She said getting onto her knees in front of Bobby. She grasped his cock with one hand and practically unhinged her jaws to take it into her mouth. She was not selfish as she held it to her side indicating for Mrs. Brady to join her on the floor. Carol got onto her knees and looked her son right in his eyes and made him promise not to touch his sisters.

"No problem mom! I just need one favor." He said as her mouth encircled his cock and Alice licked his shaft...

A week later Mrs. Magnolia visited the Brady residence, as shown by the trail of clothing leading to the bedroom. Inside Bobby humped that fantastically shaped big ass of hers for all he was worth as she begged him to swear he would tell no one. Mrs. Brady and Alice on either side made her finger them as they sucked on her huge soft tits.

"You promise?" She whimpered, he told her yes and then Alice squatted on her face. Bobby thereafter became a "special" assistant to the school principal and was allowed to leave early to help his mother and Alice around the house.

But what of Bobby's sisters? Mrs. Brady denied everything when they asked her about the truth about the rumors concerning Bobby, which made them want to find out all the more. But that is another episode.


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