Brady Bunch: Brotherly And Sisterly Love (ff,mff,inc,reluc,nc-cons)
by Bill Doggett ([email protected])

Marcia Brady staggered into the house at 1:30 in the morning and made her way
upstairs. She had gone to a party with some friends and they had slipped her
a couple of drinks that had alcohol in them. Marcia had never drank before
and after those two drinks she was pretty well loaded. She wasn't worried
about waking her parents as they were out of town on a business trip. Her two
sisters, Jan and Cindy were home as were her three stepbrothers, Greg, Peter,
and Bobby. The live in maid Alice was asleep in her room downstairs, so as
long as she didn't wake up her siblings she knew she would be ok.

However as she opened the door to her bedroom, the door across the hall and
her sister Jan stepped out half-asleep.

"Oh Marcia what are you doing up so late?" Jan asked as she wiped her eyes.

"Go back to bed Jan." Marcia said.

"I gotta go to the bathroom." Jan replied as she started down the hall.

"Jan." Marcia whispered " You never saw me, OK?!"

Jan turned to answer her sister just as Marcia stumbled and almost fell. Jan
grabbed Marcia as Marcia grabbed the wall.

"Marcia your drunk!" Jan said.

"Quiet." Marcia hissed. "Help me into my room."

Jan put Marcia's arm around her shoulder and helped her into her room. Jan
lay Marcia on the bed and started to leave. "Don't go I think you'll have to
help me undress Jan."

"I have to pee but then I'll help you if you need it." Jan said as she left
Marcia's room and closed the door. While Jan went to the bathroom she began
thinking about what Marcia had said. "I've never seen Marcia undressed
before, and now she wants me to undress her."

When Jan returned to Marcia's room she was still laying on the bed where Jan
left her, but she had passed out. "I'll just leave her there, she'll be ok."
Jan thought as she turned to leave. Jan stopped before closing the door.
"Alice will come up tomorrow and find her like this and then tell mom and
dad, and they'll blame all of us for letting her go to that party."

Jan stepped back into Marcia's room and walked to the bed. She pulled Marcia
up to a sitting position and pulled her blouse over her head, revealing a
nice firm set of tits held inside a flimsy little bra, that left little to
the imagination. Next she removed her shoes and unzipped her skirt. Jan
pulled Marcia's skirt down her hips and over legs, letting it fall in a pile
next to the blouse and shoes.

Jan licked her lips as she looked at her sister in her bra and her skimpy
bikini panties. "I knew Marcia had a nice body but wow! I wish mine was more
like hers." Jan thought as she let her hand caress her breasts.

Jan reached out with her free hand and cupped Marcia's breast. It was firm
and her nipple quickly rose with Jan's touch. Jan deiced she had to get a
look at Marcia's breasts and again pulled Marcia to a setting position and
undid the catch on her bra. As Marcia's bra fell away, Jan lowered Marcia
back to the bed and her long blonde hair cascaded down around her head and
shoulders to frame her firm, ripe tits. Jan caught her breath and
subconsciously slid a hand down into the crotch of her pajama bottoms. She
found that her pussy was getting wet as she stared at her sister.

"I should just stop now and go to bed." Jan thought but she knew it was to
late and as soon as the thought was out of her head she moved to her sister's
legs and pulled the bikini panties down Marcia's long, lean legs. Jan noticed
that the blonde hair around Marcia's pussy was neatly trimmed and Marcia
smelled of perfume down there.

Jan reached out and traced Marcia's pussy lips with one hand as she continued
to play with herself with the other. Suddenly Jan pulled her hand back from
Marcia, who was starting to breathe a little deeper, and started removing her
own cloths. She wore only a pajama top, bottom and panties and was nude in
seconds, her cloths joining her sisters on the floor. Jan slid onto the bed
next to Marcia and lowered her head to her sister's chest. As Jan licked at
Marcia's nipple, her hand returned to her pussy. Jan slid one finger around
Marcia's pussy lips and then into her pussy itself.

Marcia squirmed on the bed and a small whimper escaped her lips. Jan
continued tonguing Marcia's breasts until they were both wet with saliva and
both nipples stood rock hard. Jan had sunk two more fingers into Marcia's wet
pussy and was moving them in and out at a good pace. At the same time she
had moved her body so she could rub her pussy up and down Marcia's leg. Jan
pulled her hand from Marcia's hole and popped her fingers into her mouth.

"Umm. Salty." Jan said as she licked her fingers clean. Next she turned
herself around on the bed so she was now facing Marcia's Pussy. She spread
the lips apart with her thumbs and lowered her mouth to Marcia's hole. Jan
ran her tongue along Marcia's lips and into her hole. Marcia's chest began
rising and falling steadily and her breathing became little gasps and moans.

Suddenly Marcia's eyes flew open as Jan wrapped her tongue around Marcia's
clit and gave it a nibble. Marcia moaned out loud and squeezed her legs
tightly around Jan's head. "Oh my God Jan what are you doing!? We shouldn't
be doing this, but please don't stop, it feels to good...!!"

Marcia moved her hands to the back of Jan's head and pushed her into her
steaming pussy as she lifted her hips up and ground her lips into Jan's face.
This gave Jan the time to slip her hands under Marcia's ass and lift her
legs higher. Jan kept lashing out with her tongue at the same time she was
kissing, and nibbling with her lips sending Marcia higher and higher on a
wave of passion. Jan could feel Marcia's firm, round ass cheeks quiver and
bounce in her hands as she watched her tits sway back and forth.

Suddenly Marcia tensed up and screamed "I think I'm COMINGGGG. OH JAN your
tongue is Making me come.. OH YES OH GOD YESSSS.." Marcia ground her pussy
lips down onto Jan's face and Jan was soon feeling a hot, sticky liquid hit
her lips and mouth. Jan drank deep and licked out every drop of the sticky,
salty liquid. Then both sisters flopped back onto the bed.

"Why Jan? Why did you just do that" Marcia asked, "Don't get me wrong I
really enjoyed it but we're sisters."

"I learned that a summer camp this year and I kinda wanted to try it with
you, but never really had the chance before tonight." Jan said.

" What's it taste like?" Marcia asked.

"Well it's salty." Jan started " Wait why not try it yourself?" She asked as
she spread her legs showing her sister her own neatly trimmed blonde bush.

"I don't know.." Marcia began.

"Come on it's not that bad. Beside you owe me."

"Well I guess, but if I don't like we are gonna stop agreed?"

"OK." Jan replied as Marcia slid down the bed hesitantly.

Marcia moved between Jan's spread legs and lowered her head. She slowly
slid out her tongue and touched Jan's Pussy lip. Jan squirmed impatiently
as Marcia readjusted herself. Marcia slowly licked around Jan's lips.

"How's that?" She asked. "Ok but put your tongue inside and lick towards the
top, that's where it's best."

Marcia followed her sister's orders and entered her pussy with her tongue.
Surprisingly she liked the taste and started licking faster. Jan moaned and
stared playing with her own tits, squeezing them until her Nipples were

"Right there Marcia, yeah right there." She groaned as Marcia found her clit
and sucked it out of it's folds of skin. "OH Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. YES.
Marcia YES."

Unknown by either sister their older stepbrother Greg had got up to go to the
bathroom and heard them moaning. He opened the door a crack and peeked in. He
saw Marcia's shapely round ass and dripping pussy lips and saw Jan holding
her own small but firm tits with their fully erect nipples.

Instantly Greg's dick sprung to it's full length and he decided he had to
have some of this. He slipped in unnoticed and removed his clothes. He slid
up behind Marcia and slid his engorged penis into her pussy with little
resistance. Marcia was surprised by the sudden invasion of her virgin pussy
but Greg's weight and Jan's hand pushed her down into Jan's pussy and she
couldn't do anything or say anything.

Greg felt the hymen in Marcia's pussy but he couldn't stop now. This was a
fantasy he never thought he'd get to live. He pulled back and drove forward
with all his might, puncturing her hymen and filling up formally virgin
pussy. Marcia screamed but it was muffled as Jan ground her pussy up into
her face.

Tears began to flow from Marcia's eyes but then she noticed something
strange. Everytime Greg pushed into her the pain would lesson and soon it
even began to feel pretty good. Marcia ground her tongue into Jan's hole,
as she thrust her hips back to met Greg's every thrust. So all three were
groaning and moving in a rhythm. Greg thrust into Marcia and Marcia would
flick her tongue across Jan's clit and Jan would thrust her hips up to meet
Marcia's Face. Greg reached around and started fondling Marcia's tits as
Marcia moved her own hand down to feel between Greg's and her bodies.

Greg had had sex before but nothing could compare to Marcia's hot, tight
snatch and he kept pistioning in and out as she met his every thrust.
Suddenly he realized he was ready to cum but as he tried to pull out of
his sister's pussy Marcia squeezed down with her muscles to keep him in.
Greg shot his load into Marcia's pussy and when she felt his hot cum
spray her tender walls she had her second orgasm of the night. She bit
down on Jan's tender clit and Jan to went over the brink. All three
collapsed onto the bed and lay in each other's arms.

"That was so awesome." Marcia sighed.

"I can't believe that just happened." Greg said.

"Well believe big boy." Jan said as she reached down and fondled Greg's
balls and penis.

Greg moaned as Jan crawled over and took his penis in her mouth. She licked
the head like a lollypop and the engulfed the whole length with her lips.
Marcia watched as Jan bobbed her head up and down on Greg's stiffening rod.
Greg began to move his hips with his sister and closed his eyes. Suddenly he
felt something wet and warm move onto his face. When he opened his eyes he
saw Marcia's pussy descending on his face.

Greg eagerly licked out with his tongue and entered Marcia's pussy. Meanwhile
Jan had decided that his penis was ready and she stood up and lowered herself
onto it. She felt a little pain as her hymen came in contact with the head of
his penis but she thrust downward anyway.

Greg couldn't believe it. He had just taken both of his sister's cherries in
one night. Jan began a slow rhythm of bouncing up and down on his cock while
Marcia was grinding her pussy on his face. Jan leaned in and sucked one
Marcia's nipples into her mouth and Marcia returned the favor my squeezing
and fondling her sister tits.

"OH Shit this is the best." Jan moaned around Marcia's nipple. Marcia echoed
her sister's words with a loud long moan.

Jan began picking up speed and Greg was keep pace with his own thrusts.
Suddenly Marcia orgasmed onto Greg's face. His sisters juices turned Greg on
more and he forced his tongue into every place in her spasming pussy to be
sure he got every drop.

Meanwhile Jan ground into Greg with everything she had as her own orgasm
reached a fever pitch. Jan's pussy muscles clenched and unclenched as she
came driving Greg wild. He shot his second load of the night into Jan's
pussy as he continued eating out Marcia. Marcia passed out as her fourth
orgasm raced over her.

After lying in each other's arms for a while, Greg and Jan finally got up
and got dressed. Jan covered the sleeping Marcia up and her and Greg went
to their separate rooms wondering what the future holds for all of them.

The next day all three agreed to keep everything a secret, and all three
knew that if they ever needed sex they had to look no farther than their
own bedrooms. Eventually Peter, Bobby and Cindy got to join in on their
games, but that's another story.


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