Brady Bunch: Carol's Day (MF,FF, bFg, mmFff, inc, fist, voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Carol Brady laid in bed, while her husband Mike was between her thighs. His
tongue was working over her clit,which was already swollen. She moaned "OOOHH

He continued to suck on her clit with two fingers in her wet pussy. Then he
put one in her ass. Carol was bucking her hips forcing her pussy into his
mouth a she came.

Mike crawled from between her thighs. Then began to rub his harden cock along
her pussy. His cock had precum dripping out of it. He rubbed his cock head on
her clit then the lenght of her pussy. Pushing just the head in.

"OHHH GOODD!" Carol groaned Mike pushed in slowly filling her with his cock
before pulling out again. "OH! Mike just Fuck Me!" Carol said.

He just smiled and began to give her the fuck she wanted. Mike was soon
cumming in his wife's pussy. He laid on her kissing her, "Happy Mother's

* * *

Mike was in the shower when Alice came in with breakfast in bed for Carol.
Mike just smiled knowing what a day she was going to have. Carol sat up still
naked, which turned Alice on. Just looking at Carol's breast had her licking
her lips. Alice took some jelly and rubbed her niples and began to lick them
til they were hard. Taking a peeled orange slice rubbing it along her pussy,
then feeding it to Carol.

Carol ate the slice, then watched Alice strip, take a banana, put it in her
pussy, and put her pussy up to Carol's mouth. Carol ate the banna and began
to eat Alice's pussy. Mike stood at the door watching his wife eat out Alice.
Carol was soon be eaten by Alice the two women tongues buried deep in each
others pussy til they both came again. Alice dressed and took the breakfast

Carol was in the shower when she felt small hands going over her body. Bobby
was on his knees pulling her ass apart then licking her ass hole. Then she
felt small finger in her pussy. It was her own daughter Cindy. Carol was in
complete bliss. Bobby's tongue and Cindy"s fingers was driving her crazy.

Cindy was counting, one finger, two, three, four,five her whole hand was in
her mother's pussy. Cindy pushed her fist deep into her mother's pussy.
Carol gasped as she felt Bobby putting his cock in her ass. Carol put her
hands out on the shower walls to hold herself up.

"YEESSS!" she said, "OH FUCK ME!!" and her two youngest kids did just that.

They finished with each one kissing her Happy Moms day.

Carol was dressing when Jan came in wth a gift for her. She kissed her mother.
"Hope you like it," she smiled.

Carol opened it her eyes opened wide seeing the biggest dildo.

"It come with a harness, too," Jan said, which she dropped her shorts.

Jan took the dildo put it together. There she stood naked with this dildo.
Carol felt her daughter's kiss again and her hand under her dress pulling
her panties down. Jan knelt before her mother, kissing her thighs and began
to eat her mother's pussy. Carol was once again naked but on the floor with
her middle daughter. Who was fucking her with a large dildo? Kissing her
Jan's tongue dancing with her mother's.

"Well what do we have here?" a voice came.

There was her three other kids all naked. Marcia in the middle stroking
Peter's and Greg's cocks. Peter walked up to his mother kissing her, then
took his cock put it in her mouth. Jan was still fucking her while Greg
was being sucked by Marcia.

"Okay our turn," Greg said.

Peter moved while Marcia with dildo of her own, continued to fuck her mother
while Greg took her from the front. Greg's cock filled her with no problem.
Greg had become bigger than his dad thanks to a product he found in a porno

Carol watched as Peter fucked Jan while having the dildo in her ass. The room
was filed wit lusty sounds and groans of young boys cumming, which Peter and
Greg both fucked her while Marcia and Jan enjoyed a dildo.

Mike walked in with Bobby, Cindy and Alice with a tray of drinks and she too
was naked.

"Happy Mother's Day," they shouted.


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