This is a parody, not the real thing. You have been warned!

Brady Bunch: Cindy Tattles Again! (Mmmmf)
by Dr. Bone

The three Brady boys were stuck at home for the long weekend while everyone else was away on a ski vacation, thanks to Cindy. In addition they would be stuck at home for the next three weekends; all missing out on groovy trips they could have been on courtesy of their dad's clients.

This past summer Cindy had really started to fill out that tight black sweater of hers, even though she insisted on keeping her hair in pigtails. She had also held on to one other childish aspect of her youth, she liked to tattle. Her parents tried to dissuade her but what could they do? Ironically they encouraged the habit they sought to defeat by acting upon the information she provided them.

"I can't believe Cindy did this to us. One puff on a joint and she rats me out." Said Greg, the oldest of the Brady boys.

"Yeah! Oh mom! Peter and Mandy went into the bedroom together!" said Peter the middle Brady son mimicking his sister.

"She got me jumping my dirt bike over the neighbor's car like Evel Knievel." Said Bobby the youngest.

"I don't think it would have worked, that ramp did not look to sturdy." Greg said.

"I built it from Dad's plans." Bobby said while his two brothers, and eventually him laughed at what had nearly happened. "Well I heard that Cindy got dad into trouble, he had to stay at the office for two weeks." Bobby added trying to distract attention away from his embarrassment. "Say maybe we should do the same to her.

"What do you mean?" said Greg, he knew already what Bobby was getting at but wanted his younger brother to get some of the lime light, like he did as his singing rock and roll alter ego Johnny Bravo.

"Well, maybe we should spy on Cindy, get a bunch of stuff on her, then tattle, I mean rat her out." Bobby added trying to sound tough.

"Yeah! After all dad says "To turn the table on others is like turning the table on you. You must watch out for the corners otherwise turning the table on yourself might turn the corners on you." Or something like that." Peter said imitating the somewhat convoluted advice their father always gives.

"But unlike her we will not rat her out to our parents. I have an idea." Said Greg.

Over the next week, with the help of Bobby's Hawaii Five-O spy kit they gathered their evidence.

The boys waited until the weekend when they were grounded at home with Cindy. They called her into their father's den. Relieved at a possible thaw in the icy treatment she had been receiving from her brothers she came right away.

* * *

"Sit right down there Cindy." Said Greg noted she was wearing that tight black sweater of hers and those horrible, but snug plaid pants. "Now look this is about tattling."

"Greg, I'm sorry! Sometimes I can't help it. I see something bad and I have to tell mom and dad."

"Yeah! And get us grounded, Mandy dumped me." Shouted Peter.

"Well that is just as well, I heard she had the clap." Cindy said unable to stop herself.

"Quiet!" said Greg, then turning back to Cindy, "Well I am glad you feel that way because...I am going to have to tell mom about you borrowing the car and driving by yourself with only your learner's permit."

"But I had to go to the mall."

"It was wrong." then he mimicked her saying "I have to tell mom and dad." Greg said.

"And I saw you taking Alice's credit card out of her purse. You then made an order for the David Cassidy fan club kit, then slipped it back in." said Peter.

"Alice doesn't read her bill, and I would have paid her back."

"Hmphh! David Cassidy what does he have that I, I mean Johnny Bravo, doesn't have?"

"Uh! Talent?" said Peter.

"I think you, I mean he, is great." Said Cindy, Greg smiled for a moment and then told her not to change the subject.

"And I caught you taking Tiger's crap and putting it in Jan's shoes, I'd like to give you a pass on that one, as Jan had it coming, but as a retired hall monitor I can't let it go." Bobby chimed in.

"But I can't help it." Cindy pleaded.

"Well neither can we. Boy I can't wait to see how long you get grounded for."

"Can't we work something out?" Pleaded Cindy.

Greg thought for a moment and then yanked Cindy across his knee, as she struggled he told her what she needed was a good spanking. He reached under her and unsnapped her pants pulling them and her white panties down exposing her pale round butt to the boys. "Now we will see if you want to tattle again." Said Greg as he gave her ass a light tentative smack, followed by a harder one that made her cheeks sting. "You are going to learn to be a grown up." He said smacking her. Her tits pressed against his cock and she could feel it start to rise against her as he punished her.

She struggled but could not get loose, and that created an erotic element to her punishment. "Now are you going to be good?" And not tattle?" with small tears coming out of her eyes Cindy said yes. "You won't what?" He asked her.

"I won't tattle." She said.

"No more?" he challenged her. She shook her head silently making her curls swing.

"Even if I do this?" he asked pulling down her pants and panties further he fingered her tight little blond pussy, then he plunged a finger inside of her. She made a little "oh" sound as her brother's digit penetrated her.

Bobby and Peter stood stunned for a moment then cheered their older brother on as Cindy started to moan and squirm. "Come over here Bobby and Peter, give her a try."

As Greg held Cindy tight each of her brothers fingered her wet little snatch, making no effort to hide the bulges growing in their pants. Greg had Cindy get off his lap. "And Cindy we are not going to tattle when you shows us your boobs." She did not move then he added the word "Now!"

She thought of leaving but she could not, she knew it was a game and she could stop, but couldn't. She lifted her sweater up and then undid her bra letting her tits tumble out, this past summer had been one of much development for the youngest Brady sister.

"Nice Cindy, they even look better than mom's." said Bobby making his other brothers look at him strangely for a moment.

Greg emboldened asked Cindy if she was going to tattle, she shook her head violently. "Would you tattle about who has the biggest dick?" He said taking out his cock followed by Peter and Bobby, who exchanged glimpses that said "Is he taking this too far?"

"I won't." she said.

"You see I tricked you because you couldn't, none of us are fully up. So you can't tell until they are hard Cindy." Greg said holding his cock out to her. Cindy hesitated for a moment then reached up from the couch she was sitting on and grasped Greg's cock. She asked that he not tell, he promised he wouldn't.

"Come on Cindy get to work on mine, you want to be fair." Said Peter. She grabbed Peter's dick and went to work. That left Bobby as the man in the middle.

"Cindy you have to work on mine also." She pleaded that she had her hands all full. For a moment she thought of taking two cocks in one hand but thought her brothers might object to having their cocks touch each other. Then Bobby had the solution as he slowly pushed her head forward towards his cock.

Cindy whispered "Don't tell!" as she opened her mouth to take him in. The other Brady brothers high fived Bobby telling him, "Way to go!"

"I guess you can't tattle with my dick in your mouth." Peter said as he pulled his sister's hair encouraging her to take him deeper.

Greg and Bobby insisted that Cindy suck on them also, so that if she tattled she would be forced to tattle on them all.

Just then the door of the room opened, it was their father, Mike Brady. He stopped and looked at the display and asked what was going on, the boys stammered the word tattle but that was about it. Cindy was about to pull her pants back up when he told her not to.

"Now Cindy, what did your mother and I say about tattling? You almost got me in trouble, big trouble when Ms. Mary Richards was interviewing me."

But dad, you were on the couch with no shirt on, and she was on top of you." Cindy said and almost instantly regretted the outburst.

A flash of anger passed across Mike's face, then he got control of himself. "She was messaging my back, it was sore from all the hours I had spent hunched over my drawing table. And she had been interviewing me for architect of the year. Kids, your mother and I almost got divorced, but we made up in the end."

Mike thought back to the trip to Las Vegas. Carol had gone there for a quickie divorce but Mike had talked her out of it. He had brought Mary along with him. It had ended up with drinking, and a threesome back in the hotel suite. He remembered pounding Mary's tight little pussy and hearing her moans muffled as Carol sat on her face, leaning over to pinch her nipples, hard."

Mike was lost for a few moments, his cock making a tent of her green checkered polyester pants. He looked at his youngest daughter and snapped back to reality, such as it was in the Brady household.

"Part of the problem is we kept you a little girl where such a thing as tattling is acceptable. We should not have done this. So later this afternoon we are going out to get your hair styled." He said even as he gave each pigtail a playful yank.

Mike reached down and pulled out his cock. It was huge, dwarfing those of the boys. "Cindy, I think the boys had the right idea." He said putting it in her young, wide eyed face.

"You want me to suck on your wiener?" she asked.

"No not wiener, cock. Say it again. And yes you are going to suck my cock and later you are going to ask me to cum in your mouth, it that understood?"

"Yes! Stick you cock in my mouth, daddy." She said, maybe a bit spitefully, though she almost instantly wished she had not, as she struggled to take it all in."

"That's it suck on it like the little slut you are. The youngest one in curls. Boys let's get ready for some action and adventure, as we see things we have never seen before."

Even in all the racket the boys gave their father an odd look. "I heard it in some cartoon somewhere. Now get off her clothes, all of them, then you all strip down, because I know some young lady who needs a good old fashioned fucking, Brady style."

The boys hurriedly complied stripping Cindy naked. Mike directed Greg to go into his bedroom and bring back the tube of lube located in the bottom dresser draw, underneath the socks.

When he came back the boys undressed. "Now Cindy, your mother and I know you broke your hymen during that teeter totter stunt. But have you ever had anyone inside of you?" Mike waited a second then realized she could not talk with his cock halfway down her young throat. He pulled it out.

"Only someone's finger once, but I can't say who as that would be tattling." She said. Mike had Greg lay on the bed and had Cindy get on top of her brother's dick, lowering herself onto it.

"Oh daddy I feel it sliding into me!" she half sobbed as Greg enjoyed her tight little pussy.

"Okay now Peter bend her forward, and put plenty of lube on it young man. Cindy Peter is going to stick his cock up your little ass now. This will really teach you not to be a tattle."

"But daddy isn't that wrong?" She said even as Peter held his cock against her pink asshole. Slowly he pushed against her as Greg reaching up and held her steady. Peter pressed while Mike warned her to relax, assuring her that no matter what it was going into her.

"Ugh! Couldn't you just ground me or lecture me?" she said as finally Peter's cock slid into her delicate asshole. Peter let her adjust and then began to thrust inside of her.

"Boys keep fucking her. This is what she gets for being a tattletale. Mr. Brady said putting his cock back in her face. "Now what is this?" He asked sticking his cock back in her face. "A cock." She answered.

"Very good and you are going to suck on it, and if you do real good something hot and salty is going to come out of the end, and you are going to swallow every drop of it. Understood?"

She nodded with his cock in her mouth making it bend in the middle as she groaned from the double fucking she was getting. Bobby put his dick in her free hand and told her, emulating his father that when he cums he wants her to aim it at her tits.

Peter came first and Cindy felt his hot spunk go up her ass. Mr. Brady told Bobby to take Peter's place. "Shit dad her hole is so tight." Said Greg as he came in her warning her to milk every drop out with her pussy and not to tattle.

"Your brother is right. This is a lesson young lady in why you should never tat..." Mr. Brady interrupted himself as he groaned and flooded Cindy's formerly virgin mouth with his hot seed "...tle. Every drop young lady."

When satisfied Mr. Brady pulled his cock away. "Greg take her across your knee. Cindy I want you to confess to what a slut you are." He said telling Greg to spank that tight little ass of hers.

Mr. Brady stripped the rest of the way and then fished out a packet with white powder from his department store blazer. He knocked all the junk off the boy's desk, the famous desk where Greg wrote all his Johnny Bravo songs. Taking a razor blade Greg used to make model planes he made line in the powder.

"Bobby, Peter, you can try some of this when you are older. It keeps me inspired while I draw up plans for shopping centers." He said as he rolled a hundred dollar bill up into a straw. You two boys smack her across her face with you dicks.

The boys thought their father had lost it but liked the idea at getting back at Cindy. Bobby smacked her across the face a bit too hard and Cindy said, "Ahh! My nose!" making them laugh at Marsha's expense over the time her nose nearly was broken by a football Greg had tossed.

Mr. Brady snorted each line up. After taking a tissue to clean his nostrils he went over to the radio and turned off that stupid pop station that seemed to play that same instrumental song over and over again and found a hard rock station. His eyes were wide and his cock was so hard it trembled.

The boys knew to move away. They were actually for once scared of their father. They watched as he took Cindy and got on top of her, spreading her legs wide he slowly entered her. Her face grimaced as he slid in all the way. He began to slowly fuck her.

"You are not going to tattle are you Cindy? You've learned your lesson right?" She nodded that she had. "Good girl." He said as he kissed her deeply. He grabbed the nearby container of lube and squirted it all over his cock and plunged it back into her. "Oh yes! Boys get over here." He rolled over so Cindy was on top of him. He asked Cindy if she was a big girl or a little girl. She told him she was a big girl.

"Good!" he said motioning for Greg to lube up his cock. He held Cindy tight as Greg pushed his cock up her ass, Bobby and Peter had to settle for taking turns being blown and jerked off as their sister teetered on the edge of insanity. After what seemed hours finally Greg came but Mr. Brady kept going, raving how he was going to marry Cindy, and fuck her in her scouting uniform. Mr. Brady came in Cindy making her vow to have his love child.

After several more hours of fucking the boys got dressed and left Cindy in the girls bedroom all by herself trembling. A few hours later got up and took a shower and went to sleep. Jan and Marsha asked Cindy if she was okay, and she said she was and she would not tattle. "I won't! I won't! I won't!"

"Okay Cindy! Don't have a cow." Marsha said quoting a tee shirt she had seen from a show they did not watch since they did not have cable.

Later that week Mr. Brady took Cindy out and got her a cute little pixie style hair cut. At first Mrs. Brady objected but she had to admit that not only was Cindy acting more mature than ever, but she was also getting along much better with the boys. That weekend Mike dumped a hot load all over his daughter's face while she wore her scouting uniform in a hotel in another city. Cindy had learned not to tattle, yet, because when she did she would be the new mommy in the Brady household...


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