Brady Bunch: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 23 (Mmmg,reluc,mc)
by Hamster

Greg, Peter and Mike Brady were at home with young 11 year old Cindy who was
the step-daughter of Mike as well as step-sister of Greg and Peter. Bob the
cupid had been listening to them ramble on and on about their boring lives
for way too long and decided to spice up their evening.

Bob launched an enchanted love-arrow at each of them.

Cindy reached under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy. "Ohhhhh that feels

"Oh shit" Greg yelled as he began to help his brothers undress Cindy.

"I'm fucking horny!" Peter concurred.

Mike looked around him in shock. "No stop, this very inappropriate behavior
and you all know it!"

This fucker is going to be difficult, Bob thought and shot him with two more

"Ohh n-no this is so wrong so...wrong." Mike said still resisting.

Fucking prude is tough, Bob thought before putting two more arrows in him.

"DAMMIT IF ANYONE'S FUCKING HER IT'S ME FIRST!!!" Mike yelled as he lunged
towards her and pulled her away from her brothers.

Mike Brady raised his right to is mouth and moistened his index finger then
took that finger and placed at on her teeny slit slowly working it into her
child size vagina. Cindy fidgeted as the finger wormed its way into her body.
She could feel her little pussy getting squishy as the frisky digit worked
in and out of the tiny opening. It was getting harder and harder to stand
still as things started getting slimly down there, but she was a good little
girl and did her best.

"OH GOSH," she moaned as waves of pleasure pulsed through her body.

"Daddy wants you to put his cock in your mouth sweetie and suck on it like a
baby bottle." Her daddy instructed as he pulled her face to his cock.

Little Cindy obediently sucked it into her mouth although it was really quite
a stretch for her tiny mouth. Cindy had to admit it didn't taste that bad but
it was no tootsie roll pop. Her daddy used a handful of her hair to guide he
mouth back and forth along his seven inch shaft until it was heavily coated
with saliva then he pulled her mouth free with a pop. Daddy then lifted his
little girl onto his lap with her thin little legs astraddle his pushing his
engorged cock into her tiny slit. Cindy's eyes grew wide with wonder as her
daddy's big cock slid into her little cat.

"Oh yes Daddy please daddy do me daddy." The tiny girl begged.

Due to a tragic tricycle accident when Cindy was only three her daddy didn't
have to worry about breaking her hymen so he just snugged her down. Then
allowed her a moment to adjust to having her tiny cat stuffed he then began
to lift and lower her tiny frame.

The little girl caught on fast and was soon riding the big cock unassisted,
besides it felt really good and daddy wasn't doing it fast enough.

"Tell daddy how that feels." Mike insisted.

Thankful for a chance to speak the little girl moaned "It feels really
gooood! Really, really gooood!" As she tried to think of a way to take over
mommy's job on a more full time basis. Her juices had really started to
flow and that big cock had became a regular slip and slide. Daddy was soon
shooting warm cream deep into her tiny hole.

Brother Greg quickly pulled her free of her father's cock and bent her over
the table, her dainty little feet dangling inches from the floor. Then using
some Crisco shortening from a near by counter, he gave his dick a good
greasing and then applied a dab to the little girls anus.

"NO WAIT! WRONG HOLE! WRONG HOLE!" She screamed as his large cock pushed
past her anal ring and into her rectal passage. He repeatedly stabbed her
tiny tight butt hole, despite her mild protests of pain. She could feel
tissue tear with every stroke as she pleaded for mercy, but finding none.
Fortunately he could only last about five minutes but it seemed like five
hours to the petite preteen. She felt the hot load as it filled her bowels.

Peter was next and he decided to go muff diving. Cindy's little butt
was dancing all over the table as she wiggled and squirmed from the
tongue-lashing she was receiving. When Brother Peter finally stopped
the little girl was sopping wet with sweat in a room that was
seventy-eight degrees. Her tiny pussy was sopping wet from all the
juices she had expelled.

Cindy's eyes grew as big as saucers at seeing the size of her brother's cock
as he stood upright it was even bigger her father's. She was glad he hadn't
tried to put that thing in her mouth. He was however fixing to put in her
little cat but to her surprise it slid right in and when he bumped her tiny
cervix he just plowed on through into her womb.

"OHHHHHH ITS SO BIG!!!!" She screamed as he began working back and forth,
paying her no mind. He held her legs over his shoulders as he plugged away
allowing himself full penetration.

Greg decided to join in by kissing her soft lips, taking her by surprise
when he pressed his tongue into her mouth. His hands explored her tender
young body as their Brother pounded her defenseless little pussy. One of
her brother's hands worked its way down between her and her brother Peter
and began to massage her little girl size clit. His baby sister began to
respond to the attention he was giving her. She began to probe his mouth
with her own tiny tongue and her pelvis gently gyrated from the tingling
of her clit. The pain had began to subside and she was pushing herself to
meet her brother's strokes. Waves of pleasure began to pulsate though her
small body as Peter tried to get even further in her pussy as he pumped
his hot cum into her with so much force he seemed to be washing the
backside of her tonsils. The child blacked out, lost in a state of bliss,
as her brother collapsed over her little body.

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