Brady Bunch: Deep Dark Secrets (MFF,MF,inc,oral,anal,ws)
by KHenne3572 ([email protected])

Chapter 1

All the Brady kids were back at the house after Alice's funeral. It was amazing how many people knew and respected her. There beloved housekeeper had been sick only a short time. Alice has slipped and fallen breaking her hip. The doctors went to operate on the hip and found an advanced case of cancer. They closed her back up and told
Mr. and Mrs. Brady about her condition. They were told maybe 3 months to live. The doctors told Alice with Mike and Carol present. Alice told the Dr I knew something was wrong with me. The Brady's thanked the Doctor and spoke with Alice. The hospital was sending her to a hospice. Alice Nelson died after 6 weeks the last 2 weeks comatose.

When the last person departed Bobby told the family, "It is time to get bombed."

Carol who was a social drinker could not agree more. Cindy jumped behind the bar made a few mixed drinks. Jessica and Debbie brought out the beers. Peter's wife was away on business.

A few hours of drinking had passed. They were not planning on leaving tonight. Someone put on music and Jessica and Debbie were dancing. It took a few minutes for all the couples to be dancing. Jessica looked at Debbie who was watching the couple dancing. She knew she was being stared at. Debbie turned her head and was greeted with a kiss. They settled into a soft deep kiss that lasted a few minutes.

Bobby whispered to Cindy ear, "That is a sight I never get tired of watching."

Cindy looked at the girls kissing and whispered back, "They look good together."

Bobby had been in Japan the last 5 years as an English teacher. He had gotten lucky with 2 of his students. When he was leaving school one day he discovered two girls making out. The girls told him "We will do anything in exchange for your silence."

They are still with him 3 years later.

Peter and Jan danced slowed holding each other tight. They had been lovers thru high school but went to different colleges. Peter was hoping for a hot night of sex and maybe a threesome. Jan watched her daughter making out with Jessica. She excused herself from Peter. She told her daughter take it into Alice's room.

The music was turned off and Bobby asked, "What is your deepest darkest secrets?"

They all looked at each other not want to be the first one.

As Mike started to talk the girls reentered the room. He told everyone "What is said here tonight goes to the grave."

Chapter 2

Mike started off, "Alice and I were lovers for years. I also had a male lover once. It was not planned. I tried talking to Jan ex-husband one afternoon over drinks. We ended up back here and Carol caught us in the act. As he sat down he saw the shocked look of the children. Carol downed her shot and then stood up.

She told the family, "I also slept with Alice for years." She locked eyes with Marcia and Jan and told them. "I also slept with your husbands once, Marcia. Wally was a great lover and Jan I'm sorry Phillip preferred guys."

Greg stood and told them, "That weekend you went skiing and I had to stay home. Alice and I became lovers she fucked me 3 times and gave me 2 blowjobs. I was with Alice about 8 months when mom walked in on us one afternoon. She joined in a little while later and we occasionally had a threesome."

Marcia was suddenly nervous she quickly kissed Greg and told him, "I love you." She quickly scanned the room looked down at her shoes and announced, "Greg was Mickey's father." She looked up with tears rolling down her face. "We went to that little motel by the hospital and had incredible wild sex. When the Dr calculated the date I knew it was yours. Wally never knew. He thought it was his after the honeymoon." She collapsed into Greg's loving arms.

Jan stood up and told Marcia, "The reason Mr. Haskell kept me when we worked for him... I slept with him. It was a week after I lost my virginity to mom and dad on my 12th birthday. We had a 6-month affair I gave him blowjobs the days I worked and he fucked me once a month."

Peter stood up and said he fucked the maid of honor on his wedding day. "My sister-in-law and my wife set it up so I would get it out of my system and not cheat on her."

Bobby and Cindy talked for a moment and Bobby went first. He looked around the room and said, "Sam caught me and Oliver fooling around. He took both of us anally while we blew each other. It was a one-time thing for me."

Cindy looked over at her parents and told them, "You will need to refill your drinks for this. I have been a high-class call girl since junior year of college."

She pulled out a DVD and magazines and gave them to her family. She told her parents, "I'm leaving the business shortly." Cindy nodded to her nieces who handed her parents a large envelope and DVD.

Mike and Carol opened the envelope inside was a deed to there new house. They put on the DVD and it showed a tour of the house. Carol was crying tears of joy watching the tour. Mike asked her how she did this.

Cindy told her, "I got some good investments and I need to make up for disappointing you."

Carol recognized the house she had seen it on their website. The price she remembered was a little over 2 million. It had 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and a built in pool.

Jessica stood up and told the group, "I lost my virginity to Greg after he walked in on Debbie and I were having a lesbian sex. I don't regret it at all." She walked over and and kissed her mother. She whispered, "It happened when you were in the hospital."

Debbie stood up and looked at her mother who nodded slightly. I slept with Greg the night of my 13th birthday. He didn't take my virginity I lost it at 9. The man who ran the orphanage slept with me for 2 years I was part of a group of girls he fucked weekly."

Chapter 3

Mike and Carol took Cindy to their bed. Marcia and Greg went to his old room. Peter and Jan took Jessica with them to her old room. Bobby took Debbie to Alice's room. Greg handed out Viagra to all the guys.

Cindy made out with her parents for 5 minute each. Carol lied on her back with her legs spread wide. Cindy fingered, licked and kissed her mother close to an organism. Mike slid into his youngest daughter gently. Cindy had no problem adapting to his size. He gave her long slow strokes. They quickly got into a rhythm and brought each other off with in a minute of each other.

A little while later he fucked his wife anally while she ate her daughter out. The ladies went down on each other while Mike rested.

Carol later gave her husband a blowjob deep throating him. Cindy had taught her the secret to relax her muscles. Mike loved it when Cindy shared his cum with her mother.

Marcia and Greg had wild animal sex the first time. It was the first time he ever used Viagra. They made love 3 times in 2 hours and passed out. When they awoke Marcia gave him a blowjob and then took it the ass. They snuck off into the shower and she got a golden shower.

Bobby dresses Debbie up like a Japanese schoolgirl. Debbie became shy and asked Mr. Brady if there was anyway to do extra credit to improve her grade. She raised her skirt to show him she was serious. Debbie forgot to wear her panties. Debbie was laying doggie style in bed. Bobby was gentle with her. She became vocal quickly.

Debbie moaned to him, "Yes, Mr. Brady, fuck your hot student."

Bobbie increased his speed quickly. He couldn't believe how hot his niece was.

"Mr. Brady please cum with me!"

They had a mutual orgasm a few minutes later. Bobby fucked her 3 times all different positions.

Debbie told Bobby "You're better then the 2 teacher I did senior year."

Bobby told her, "You're almost as good as Cindy."

They made it a long weekend. At the end of the weekend everyone was completely satisfied.

Fours months had passed since Alice's funeral. Cindy called her mother up and told her I have some news. She was engaged to Bobby and she was 3 months pregnant.

Carol asked, "How is Bobby handling the news?"

Cindy tells her mom, "He is on top of the world."


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