This is a parody, a spoof, not the real thing done all in fun and for adults

Brady Bunch/Facts Of Life:
The Dark Iniation Of The Brady Girls At Eastland Academy. (FF+,MF+,BDSM)
by Dr. Bone

The Brady girls looked at the calendar on the wall of their room at Eastland
Girl's Prep School and sighed. Just one more day of hazing and they were
done. This was there mother's alameda and it had meant so much for them to
attend that they had to stick it out, even though it meant weeks and weeks
of hazing at the hands of the senior girls, Tootie, Blair, Jo and Natalie.
But tonight was the last day.

"Who is it?" asked Cindy after hearing a knock on the door. She opened the
door and heard feet running down the hallway, there was an arrow pointing the
way to the initiation area. The girls got up and together they went down the

Several arrows later they were in the basement. A large china cabinet had
been moved and behind it had been hidden a heavy metal door with a pull ring
to open it. The door did not want to open and the girls felt a sense of
relief. Then they gave it one more pull and it slowly slid open with less
sound than you would think a door of that size and weight would make.

The girls went into the dark room beyond the door, another door was ahead of
them like the first. When they went over to open it the door behind them
shut, the girls rushed to open it but they could not. It was stuck shut.

At first the girls thought it was a gag but the minutes turned into hours,
they began to panic, slamming their firsts against the door. Then from a
vent in the next room came a voice they could not at first understand, it
was electronically muffled. "Girls, would that do your mother, a proud
sister of Eastland to see her daughters like this? Prepare yourselves for
the next step of your initiation." A light came on in the room giving the
girls relief.

"There is a box take off all your clothes and put it them in there." came a
different voice, the echo distorted it but it sounded like Blair. The girls
hesitated for a moment but then started to strip. Marsha with the most
perfect body of them all as Jan's breasts, the largest of the three sisters,
tumbled out of her bra. Cindy took off her shoes and socks last, having
dislike to having her feet on the cold floor for even a second longer than
she had to. She still kept her hair in braids, her slight chubbiness made
her look younger than she was.

"Now close the lid of the box." came the voice, when they did they heard a
snap, a quick pull of the lid of the box confirmed that the box was locked.

"Come on its just a silly initiation." said Marsha, more to calm herself than
her sisters.

"Yeah! And mom and Alice both went through this. We can't chicken out." added

"Well I am still scared." said Cindy as the next set of doors opened onto a
room like they had not seen except in old Hollywood movies. It looked like
the dungeon of a castle. It was even lit by electric torches. Incense burned
in the distance.

There were four women wearing robes standing in a row. Lather hoods covered
their faces but it was clear that they were the senior class people. On a
throne sat three women in black leather body suits. They were wearing fetish
style hoods with elaborate crowns built into them.

"You have pledged to serve Eastland for life, do you take that vow lightly?"
all the girls said they did not to one of the three queens on the throne.

"Well tonight we will see if you are all true to this vow or not."

The third woman made a signal and the four women standing removed their black
robes which fell to the floor with a rustle. Underneath them they each had on
a huge strap-on dildo.

The first queen said, "You take the good." as leather collars were snapped
and locked around their necks. They were put into a kneeling position and the
collars were chained to an eyebolt set in a beam in front of the bench they
kneeled on. The four girls with the strap-on dildos pour the sisters wine and
served it to them allowing them to sip it until it was done. "Trust me it
helps." said one of the girls who sounded like Jo.

"You should be honored. The initiation hoods we are about to put on your
heads were worn by your mother, Alice and the head mistress. They are part
of Eastland History. Be proud."

The leather hoods were put over their heads thus blinding them from what was
to happen next. There was the noise to lube being squirted, "Fttttt!" went
the lube. From the tube it was in.

"Hey!" cried the girls as their butts were pulled higher up into the air.
Pillows were piled under their stomachs to get the right height.

"You take the bad." said the second queen as each of the girls was held
steady by their hips and they felt the huge dildos penetrating their blond
pussies. Their asses rippled and shook from the fucking. They were made to
sing the Eastland theme song as they were fucked with out relent or remorse.
The air filled with the scent of their young cunts along with their screams
and moans.

Then with almost a pop the upper class women pulled the dildos out of the
Brady sisters. The girls then felt their snatches being kissed and licked.
Jan's lover licked her pink little anus also causing her to shiver and
shake. The oral seemed to go on for hours.

"Be strong. You will now show your loyalty to the Eastland upper class women
as they will show it to you. The girls could feel the heat as the upper class
women perched on the beam in front of them. Blair guided Marsha to her pussy
and Marsha kissed it then started to softly lick it.

Jo stroked Jan's head as she plunged her tongue into her with a boldness she
had not expected while Cindy ate Tootie's pussy with fast darting strokes of
her tongue.

Natalie stood behind the girls and played with their pussies. She worked them
with her fingers and various vibrators as she fucked each of the girls again
with an even bigger almost horse sized dildo.

"Prepare for the next stage girls." said the third queen as she and the
others drank beer from huge goblets. The girls were unchained from their
bench and each drank from a cup at the feet of the queens. It was some
sort of ale that relaxed them further.

The upper class persons unrolled a big soft mat and told the sisters to get
onto it. The senior girls removed the leather blindfold part of the hoods
that covered the sister's eyes.

"As you girls respect Eastland you will respect and serve its sister school,
Westland." Westland was the all male academy. A door open and twelve black
men entered the room, naked except for the leather hoods they wore on their

The Brady girls focused on their huge black cocks, the most interracial
dating any of them had done was Marsha who had dated a Latin guy but this?"

To the shock of everyone Jan got down on her knees and aggressively grabbed
one of the guys cocks and started to cram it down her throat as she jerked
off another one. The other sisters soon followed her lead taking the huge
cocks into their bodies.

An hour later the girls were covered in cum. The men grabbed them and led
them back to the stockade they were at and while they were held down their
nipples were pierced with huge gold rings. Then three of the men took out
tattoo guns and tattooed the Eastland crest on all of the Brady girl's left

The last humiliation was when they were worked over again by their classmates
with oversized vibrators as they ate the pussies of the queens. After they
had came the queens peed into their mouths. The girls were encouraged to
swallow the golden nectar that would lead them to a brighter future. "For all
Eastland and Westland students are brothers and sisters and will help each
other out in the world." said one queen as she peed into Cindy's mouth.

The upper class women and the Westland guys joined in the piss fest. After
the girls were soaked. They were led back to their rooms naked. As a token
of respect for their new status all the halls were cleared. They were helped
into the showers and after being cleaned they were put to bed with soft
kisses by all their upper-class people. Naturally they were excused from
class the next day.

In the secret room the queens removed their hoods. "I am so proud of them."
said Mrs. Brady as the girl's head mistress, Mrs. Garret poured them another

"And they lick a mean pussy too." said Alice getting undressed to reveal her
Eastland tattoo.

All three of them said together, "and there you have the facts of life."


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