Brady Bunch: Fun And Games Part 1 - Horseplay (mf,hp,voy)
by bigman-e ([email protected])

Chapter 1 - Setting the Stage

Marcia Brady had been preparing for a fun night out with her best friend, Karen. She had worn the new dress which Karen had picked out for her the other day, a black dress which buttoned-up on the front from the waist to a low neckline. The fabric was light and the skirt hugged her slim hips nicely and barely covered her mid thighs. She stepped in front of the full-length mirror. She had kept her long, blonde hair, which had always matched her big round eyes. Her breasts had taken form so nicely for her body and she had a cute tight ass with long shapely legs, which came from the swimming exercises she had kept up and the stylish shoes she wears. She was a real knockout. As she stood in front of the mirror, she bundled up her long silky hair with both arms, raised it over her head and struck a sexy pose. She admired how innocent, yet... sultry she looked in the black mini dress. With both arms raised, her skirt had risen up enough to reveal the crotch of the bikini panties that she wore. She liked wearing mini-skirts. But this dress was just too revealing for her. However, wearing it seemed like the dress was made with her in mind. The phone rang and she let her hair fall loosely in place as she half-ran across the room to answer it. She figured it would be Karen calling and she picked up the phone excitedly. Since Greg would be leaving soon to go out with his friends and the rest of the family had already left to visit Grandma, Marcia couldn't wait for Karen to pick her up. Marcia Brady will turn sixteen in two days and she was looking forward to some real fun with Karen before she reached that turning point in her life.

Marcia came down the stairs slowly, having finished talking to Karen over the phone. She saw Greg sitting on the bottom step. He was wearing a loose gym shorts and a T-shirt. As he looked up to see the long legs of Marcia coming down the stairs, her skirt rubbing seductively over her mid thighs. Each step accentuated the sensuous shape of her legs. He barely caught glimpses of her panties as she took each step downward. Marcia looked deliciously ravishing in the black dress, just as he had imagined she would, and which is why he waited at this particular spot for her. He noticed the disappointed look on her face.

"Why the gloomy face, Marcia?" Greg asked, not bothering to get up from his vantage point as she approached.

"Oh, Greg. Karen just called to cancel our night out."

Greg tried to look somewhat disappointed too. "Gee Marcia. That's too bad... Did she say why?" Greg asked.

"She said something unexpected came up and she has to leave with her parents tonight to visit her aunt," Marcia started explaining, as she stopped her decent on the step which Greg was sitting on.

She didn't want to leave Greg's close company, nor did she want to sit on the steps with him, knowing her dress was too short and too revealing. However, her legs were now leveled with his face and she faced Greg to talk over her disappointment. Greg had already known Karen's reason since last week and he was glad that things were developing as expected. As he listened to his stepsister, his mind wondered to the events leading to this night.

Last week, Greg had called Karen about his plan to give Marcia her surprise debut. He told her about the black dress she should buy for Marcia and to set up a 'fun night out' with her to wear it. He also told Karen to call Marcia at the last minute with some reason to cancel their plans. He wanted to give her a debut surprise with Marcia wearing the dress. Karen then mentioned about her family's plans to visit her aunt this weekend, which Marcia didn't know about yet. So Greg and Karen planned things out accordingly. When they were done, Karen had asked Greg what sort of a surprise he had in mind for Marcia. He would've told her then, but there was something else that triggered his mind to go into overdrive. Greg needed time to sort out the details.

Leading Karen to confirm her suspicions about his intimate activities with Marcia was Greg's original plan to gain her cooperation. But instead, Greg decided to 'plant a seed' in her mind. He offered Karen an "unforgettable" weekend together that she would really enjoy as payment for this favor. She said she would consider the offer. But Karen only suspected then that Greg was only trying to evade a straight answer to her real question. She did have suspicions that a sexual relationship existed between the stepbrother and stepsister she knew, and she had no reservations about that. After all, she's had a strong steady relationship with her childhood boyfriend, who at first, seemed like a brother to her. He had moved on with his parents, but had kept in touch regularly, with some visits now and then. And now, since he's back for good, she had never thought of dating others again. But a weekend with Greg would be different. The thought of screwing with her best friend's brother, even a stepbrother, felt rather exciting to her. She couldn't dismiss the feeling inside her as she thought over her part of the plan for Marcia's surprise.

Now, a disappointed Marcia had no other plans for the night and she would be alone soon. She was glad to see Greg still hanging around but wondered why he hadn't dressed yet to go out. She looked down at Greg and noticed his eyes were admiring her bare thighs. She had unconsciously lifted one foot on the step above, making the short skirt open between her legs to give Greg a pretty close-up view of her inner thighs. She asked Greg about his plans but didn't get a response. She brought her leg down evenly with the other.

Greg finally looked up at her and saw her questioning look, "Ah, Well, Sis... um, It seems we're in the same boat tonight. I got a call earlier too from Tony, and now... I won't be going out tonight either." Greg tried to cover the truth and tried not to make it sound like a rehearsed response. Before she could inquire further, Greg stood up and said, "So let's you and I have our own kind of fun tonight."

Greg continued more enthusiastically. "You do look so ravishing in your new dress, Marcia ...I don't think I can... KEEP MY HANDS OFF OF YOU," He said excitedly, reaching out quickly for her sides. Marcia was startled and tried to fend off his reach, but she wasn't fast enough. She feared another horseplay as Greg started tickling her sides.

As always, when Greg and Marcia found themselves left alone in the house, they would spend the time enjoying their own intimate fun and games. The one game that Marcia liked the least, but surely was one of Greg's favorite, is horseplaying. On some occasions, they would include Peter or Jan, or both, in their intimate games and the winner (or winners) of the match would always get a special treat from the losers. Greg savored each of his victories. He always managed to catch Marcia off guard and win the upper hand. It all started when Greg and Peter had cornered her in the bathroom, she ended up serving them both that night. Then at the pool, when Marcia thought she and Jan would have the advantage on Greg, it turned out that their plan backfired on them and Greg ended up with a double treat. Even though Marcia had her share of fun as the loser, she wondered if she would ever beat Greg. Marcia knew she was no match for her big stepbrother's strength. The best she could hope for was another stalemate, which usually ended in a hot and steamy sex session before a winner was proclaimed. Greg had turned out to be a strong young man. He has his father's wide shoulders and V-shaped back and a cute behind. He had always managed to anticipate Marcia's moves. This time, Greg allowed Marcia to reach the coat closet before grabbing her from behind. He had both his arms around her waist now, hugging her closely. He struggled to maneuver Marcia in a position facing the closet door and hoped she wouldn't take notice of the door being partially open. The stage was now set.

Chapter 2 - The Right Moves

They were now in place, Greg thought, and he allowed Marcia to push his arms down to her hips in her attempt to loosen his hold on her. Marcia noticed the slack and started to reach behind her to jab her fingers just below his armpits. But she was having little success at getting loose. Greg moved his arms back up to her waist, pulling the fabric of her dress up her legs and exposing her thighs even more. When Marcia tried to wriggle and shift her legs around, she only managed to have her dress pulled up more to expose her bikini panties. Greg grabbed her hands in each of his, then wrapped his arms over hers in a criss-cross manner around her chest. She struggled again but was held more tightly. From behind, Greg looked down to see her young breasts pressed together into a deep cleavage that threatened to spill out from the low neckline of the dress.

After several futile attempts, Marcia settled down. "This isn't fair, Greg... You're way too big for me... and you always win," Marcia c omplained. She wasn't aware that the closet door in front of her had opened another two inches as she stood there with her legs spread wide apart for balance, her
panties exposed, and the contours of her breasts heaving up and down in the confines of Greg's embrace.

Greg knew she was thinking of her next move to escape his hold and he was glad for that. At least, for a while now, she hadn't been thinking of her big disappointment with Karen anymore. "GIVE UP, Sis...?" Greg asked.

Marcia knew she couldn't escape his hold. She let out a deep breath and relaxed in defeat. Then she bent forward slightly from the waist and wiggled her buns on the unmistakable hard-on which Greg had developed during their struggle. "Okay, Greg. I know when to quit..." she said. "You always get the best of me..." she said as she turned her head up to blow lightly in his ear. She parted her soft lips and nibbled on his earlobe. Then she brought out the tip of her tongue to trace the inner ridge of his ear. Slowly, her hands and arms came loose from Greg's hold. He still held his arms around her waist, but she managed to work her hands out to grab onto Greg's cute behind. She pulled him in tightly to her butt cheeks.

Marcia felt Greg's hard-on pressed sharply between her cheeks as she wiggled even closer to him. Greg moved his left hand up to undo the front buttons of her dress, exposing her orbs still held in by her sheer bra. His right hand made its way down to her crotch, as the left hand now had access to cup her breast. Marcia moved her tiny fingers along the dark hairs on his strong arms and drew little circles on it. She could feel his hot breath down her neck. Then, when she sensed that his hold on her had loosened enough, she quickly squatted down and wriggled free from Greg's hold. Before he could recover, Marcia quickly turned around, positioned her arms out and pushed her whole weight against Greg. Greg was startled and tried to shift his body to the right. But he still fell squarely on his back. "UUMMPFF"

The momentum of their fall caused Marcia to land flat on top of Greg. "YESSS..." she thought as she recovered quickly. She kept on top of him as her hands groped around to catch his. Greg, at first, tried to regain a hold of her as they toppled over but only managed to bring Marcia down on him to break her fall. Then, feeling her whole weight pressing down against his hard-on, he lowered his hands to lift her up, just enough to relieve some of the weight on his cock. He tried to get a quick mental picture of their position. He couldn't see down past Marcia's opened dress so he reached down and felt the soft curves of her exposed buns. From the position of the walls, Greg knew they were lined up just right with the closet door at their feet. He avoided Marcia's seeking hands, and as he kept moving his hands all over her sides and bottom, feeling her all over, he managed to rub the fabric of her bikini panties in between her ass cheeks.

From behind, in the dark closet, a pair of wide eyes peeked out even more. It watched amidst the giggling and laughing and fighting, as Greg wedged his legs between each of Marcia's and managed to part her legs in an open scissor-like fashion. Then Greg lifted each of his legs over hers to try locking them down firmly. But before he could, Marcia began moving her legs every which way to avoid his leg-hold. She wiggled side to side as she brought her ass up and walked her knees along his side, shifting her weight so as to sit up on his torso. Then the eyes in the closet got bigger. Marcia must've reached up for Greg's hands again above their heads, because for a moment, she was on her knees and bending so low at the waist. Her ass was sticking high up in the air. The hidden eyes had gotten an eyeful of Marcia's behind as she held this position. And what a delight it was. Marcia's dress was over her ass, and thanks to Greg making the right moves, her bikini panties was deep between the crack of her smooth butt cheeks. Marcia's legs were now firmly planted on each side of Greg as she sat up on him to pin him down. Greg didn't try to fight back, but instead tried to maneuver around as he wriggled under her. Marcia thought he might've been trying to get his hard-on directly under her ass, but she managed to move with him to stay beyond his reach.

Chapter 3 - Feelings Prevailed

After maneuvering around so Marcia was again facing the closet door, Greg brought his legs up at the knees and planted his feet firmly on the floor. Then he started buckling his hips up and down like a bronco. Marcia was caught off guard but managed to hold on awkwardly. With her knees planted on each side of Greg, she had reached behind her and took hold of his spread ankles to keep from being thrown off balance. Then Greg kept his hips raised underneath her and Marcia can only lean back against his raised legs, ending up bent over backwards in the kneeling position. Her unbuttoned dress was wide open, revealing her protruding young breasts still held within the thin laced bra and her bikini covered crotch seemed to bulge out. Greg's free hands started roaming up along her smooth thighs to rub her crotch and Marcia felt helpless, afraid to let go of his ankles or even make a slight move which might cause her to topple over. It was quite a thrill for the hidden eyes behind the closet door to see Marcia in this position. And even more so for Greg, who had a pretty good view and feel of Marcia's thighs and panty-covered pussy.

Greg couldn't keep his hips raised up longer, so he buckled up and down a few more times, then settled down. Marcia managed to land on Greg's tummy, then scooted back to sit more firmly on his hips. As she moved her ass back, her pussy moved squarely on Greg's rigid shaft. Their laughing and giggling ceased and their smiles grew faint. Marcia leaned forward to place her hands on his chest and their eyes locked together, as if trying to read each other's thoughts. For what seemed like a long moment, Marcia contemplated her next move. She shouldn't have taken too long to think, because now she couldn't help but notice a peculiar movement under her crotch. She froze as she felt Greg's bulging hard-on moving up, down, and sideways, against her pussy. He was rubbing her pussy lips with his hard-on through the thin fabrics of his gym shorts and her panties. Marcia's breathing had already intensified from their early struggle. Now it was for a different reason... and steadily growing deeper. Marcia tried to match Greg's motions, hoping to lessen the friction against her pussy. But their erratic movements only made her panties wedge in between the folds of her pussy lips. With the panty fabric out of the way, Greg's hard shaft rubbed against her pussy walls. Marcia moved her hands over his shoulder to position her clitoris directly over his moving shaft. She felt a slight tingle as Greg kept up his motions on her clit. 'Oh Gosh, It feels good,' she was thinking as she matched his motions. She was giving in to his seduction, giving in to her excited feelings, and giving in to her craving for satisfaction. She was giving in to the beginning of another strong, steamy session of... of... another stalemate.

The closet door opened another inch as the eyes behind it saw Marcia looking down at Greg, her silky hair partially blocking her view of the door. The hidden eyes can see her responding, moving her hips back and forth in rhythm to Greg's movements. Her pussy was now wet and soaking on Greg's thrusting hard-on through his gym shorts. The tight fabric of her bikini panties added to the friction against her clitoris.

"Hmmm...This feels sooo good," she said as she enjoyed the rocking motions. She liked this new feeling of grinding her pussy over his covered shaft. She rotated her hips more as she took pleasure in teasing him. She looked down and can see his cock head slipping in and out from under the waistband of his shorts, each time she pushed the fabric back with her pussy. She noticed the pre-cum at the tiny slit of his cock head making a thin web as it touched the skin of his flat belly. She was on top of him, holding him down and she liked having Greg pinned under her.

"Hmmm, yes..." she said, her eyes now closed in ecstasy. 'To think I almost had the upper hand,' Marcia was thinking to herself now. 'So close, so close to winning... yes, I could've had him... yet.' Then something flickered in her mind. Yes, she still has the upper hand. She can still keep the upper hand. Her thoughts were now falling into place and becoming more focused as she continued her grinding motions. 'Yes... I can still resist the temptation to give in to this seduction.' She wanted to win this match badly. She knew the odds were in her favor and she knew this would be the time.

Marcia thought of her next move. She wasn't all too sure what effect it would have on Greg's stronger body, but she would have to give it a try. Not knowing the weaknesses of the male anatomy, Marcia looked down to watch Greg's expression as she rubbed her pussy against his rigid shaft more forcefully. She was hoping to put some pressure on his hardened shaft with her pelvic bone. Greg only smiled. Then she pressed down with some side to side movements as if wanting to strangle his cockhead. She got a response from him, but it was a sigh of pleasure. Marcia only became more determined. She thought back for a moment and remembered something that Karen had done to her at the gym which made her scream in pain. Marcia reached behind her with her right hand and found his thigh muscles. She was about to squeeze it as hard as she possibly can in her small hands and hold him in her grip until he submitted to surrender. But...'I Don't Think So...' she imagined Greg mocking her in her thoughts. She elected to just lightly brush her soft fingers along the inside of his thighs, adding pleasure to his pleasure. Just then, she had a better idea in making use of her small hands, but she needed to distract him somehow. The more Marcia thought about it, the bigger her smile got. She picked up the pace of riding his rod and she watched Greg's expression through her half-closed eyes, hoping he didn't sense the renewed motivation from her sly smile.

Greg watched Marcia as she reveled in her ecstasy, and he knew the eyes behind the closet door was also watching her every move and getting a thrill. He was sure he had Marcia at his mercy again. Their crotches were now soaked with her pussy juice as she continued to grind her wet pussy against his hard-on with renewed intensity. 'This is just great.' Greg was thinking. Even through the fabric of his gym shorts, he can feel the softness of her wet pussy lips riding on his shaft. He can see Marcia's passionate expression as she sat up and rode him high. Marcia then lifted her hands to unclasp the front of her bra. She peeled the sheer fabric from her breasts and let it hang loosely open. Her breasts were now free from the fabric and they stood high on her chest, the nipples perked and hard over her lightly colored areolas. She raised her arms and ran her fingers through her hair to hold the long strands behind her neck. She knew her firm breasts would protrude out further as she stretched her elbows back. After a moment, she leaned back more, reaching behind her with her right hand to trace her fingers up his thighs.

"Ohh yes..." He groaned as he saw her firm ripe breasts pushed out even more. He also felt her delicate fingers work its way up into the loose leg cuffs of his gym shorts. In her attempt to reach behind her for Greg's thighs, she had leaned back far enough on Greg's hard-on, that her exposed pussy was raised another inch or two. Enough for the hidden eyes in front of her to see the swollen clit peeking out and rubbing on the side of the panty fabric. Marcia's fingers were now teasing the tight skin at the base of his hairy balls. Marcia picked up her pace in riding his shaft and Greg can feel her pussy rubbing his cock more fiercely now, building up the pressure inside of him. He felt her delicate little fingers playing with his balls and she gave them a little squeeze. The sensation was too much for Greg as he felt the jism ride up length of his shaft and shoot out from his cock, spurt after spurt.

Chapter 4 - Victory Is Sweet

Marcia looked down in time to see the effects of her effort. She saw the first load of his jism shoot out from the tip of his cock head onto his belly, and the next load reaching further out to the neckline of his T-shirt. Unconsciously, she parted her lips in an 'O' and slid her tongue along her teeth and upper lips. She wanted to take his hot cock inside her mouth and feel his jism shoot
into to back walls of her mouth, or even take his spurting hard shaft into her already drenched pussy and feel it spray the inside walls of her cunt. But Marcia remained determined and kept her mind focused as she continued her grinding motions on his shaft. Greg let out deep groans as he neared the end of his eruption. And as Marcia continued playing with his balls, he found it difficult to focus his own thoughts. 'I... really shouldn't... have... uhhh, let this...get out of hand... ummm, for the sake of...' "OOOWWW!!!" Greg gasped, feeling the firm pressure put on his balls and the fire shooting o ut from them. He focused his eyes and looked up at Marcia's sinister smile. He realized then,
that he had fallen into Marcia's trap.

Greg winced from the pain and tried to tighten his grip on her bare thighs. Marcia, however, had the better grip. "Oh Greg, my dear, I GOTCHA NOW..." Marcia squeezed more firmly.

"OWWW...That's a low down sneaky...." Greg started to say, but never got to finish his protest. "...OOOWWWEEE." He felt the pressure again. Greg couldn't think of a counter move so he raised his hands up to surrender. "Okay, Marcia, okay... I give up," Greg exclaimed.

Marcia wanted him to suffer a little longer to make up for her past defeats. She kept hold of his balls in her right hand as she used the fingertips of her left hand to trace the semen path
from the top of his T-shirt down to his belly. Then she drew slow, wide circles with his wet cum around his belly button. "You see, Greg..." Marcia was taunting him in a soft, sexy voice, "You may have the bigger-size weapon..." she touched the wet tip of his cock with the tip of her finger, "...but I've got some strategies to take you down."

Marcia studied him closely for a moment longer. She tried to sense any resistance out of him or if his muscles started to relax. She knew Greg could maintain his hardness for sometime and as she continued teasing him, she felt his hardness tense up under her pussy. "Ohh my, I still feel some resistance from you, Greg." she told him as she flicked her fingers lightly on his balls, as if to squeeze again.


After a moment, Marcia relaxed her hold. "OKAY, Greg... I won't squeeze anymore... But I am not about to let go of 'THIS' advantage." She said, now cupping his balls, as if weighing her prize. Marcia wore a big smile. And she had very good reason to. She knew her young breasts were exposed openly, her skirt was wrapped around her waist, and she could feel her bikini panties all twisted up and wet between her pussy lips and her ass cheeks. And from the way her long legs were spread wide apart and her cunt still poised on his tool, she knew she was indecent. But that didn't matter now. What mattered now was the fact that she had finally WON a victory against Greg. Then she declared proudly, "You know, Greg... I finally GOT YOU BY THE BALLS."

A muffled laugh was barely heard from the closet. Marcia was so caught-up in her victorious elation to even notice the opened closet door and the hidden eyes looking her over. The door was now opened about five inches. Inside the dark closet, the eyes turned wide with excitement as they strained for a closer look at Marcia's exposed position. She was only a few feet away and was facing the opened door. Her dress was way up around her waist. Her tanned legs were parted wide enough to show her wet pussy poised right above Greg's hard-on. As she kept playing with 'her advantage', a renewed wetness around her pussy walls was now evident.

Greg had to resist the temptation to run his free hands up her smooth thighs again; to reach up and touch her exposed pussy, this time, in a the way she liked; to turn her sweet victory into some heavy, steamy celebration... 'C'MON GREG, RESTRAIN YOURSELF...And stick to the plan,' he thought to himself. "Okay, Sis... I Give Up...You've finally won," Greg said, somewhat exhausted.

Marcia added defiantly, "And You Better Believe it, Buster!" Greg then added, "You know something, Marcia Brady...You're really getting better at this... for YOUR AGE."

They both smiled and laughed. Greg had deviated from the plan slightly, but he couldn't help it. Marcia was really good... and getting better. He looked forward to their next horseplaying match together. But for now, he knew he had to keep his plan rolling. "Let's go to the living room and I'll give you an early surprise for your sweet sixteenth birthday, Sis. You sure deserve it."

Marcia reluctantly released 'her prized trophy' after a momen t. And then with a renewed smile and excitement, Marcia gets up; knowing the fun is just only beginning.



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