Brady Bunch: Fun And Games Part 2 - Mindgames (mmf)
by bigman-e ([email protected])

Chapter 5 - Bold Appearances

Marcia managed to button up her mini-dress as Greg took her by the hand and led her into the living room. He sat her down on the couch and the coolness of the black leather material crept up on her bare thighs. Greg pulled on the chair directly in front of her and sat with his legs on each side of hers. The short mini-dress that her best friend, Karen, had bought for her to wear tonight hardly covered her bikini panties and it gave Greg an open view of her smooth white thighs and her crotch. But Marcia wasn't bothered by her slight immodesty. After all, she knows there's no one else in the house, and it kinda gave her an excited, wicked feeling of flashing her intimate zones to her stepbrother. Of course, Greg was thankful for the thrills that Marcia was offering him. It was now time to start the next game and Greg reached over to the end-table drawer and pulled out a long black piece of cloth. "I have a couple of surprises for your debut which I know you'll enjoy," Greg told Marcia.

"Just let me tie this around your eyes so you can't see a thing." Surprises were one thing Marcia always got a thrill out of and she trusted Greg completely. After the blindfold was in place, Marcia couldn't see a thing. The fear of not seeing anything only added to her already excited state. "Oh Greg...You're so cool. This is really getting me excited." Marcia said with a gleam.

Marcia was so glad that Greg had an early surprise for her sixteenth birthday. Her plans to go out with Karen tonight had been surprisingly cancelled. And for similar reasons, Greg was stuck alone with her too. The rest of the Brady family had gone to visit Grandma for the weekend and this was the perfect time for Greg's surprise. Greg then stood Marcia up a few feet from the couch. "Just stand here, Sis, and let me get cleaned up a bit and set things up."

As Marcia stood there blindfolded, she tried to follow the sounds of his movements. Greg walked over to the stereo and played some soft-beat music. This drew a smile from Marcia under her blindfold as she listened to the soft and sensuous music. It was putting her in a relaxed mood and it had not occurred to her that Greg had turned on the stereo to mask his movements as well. He proceeded to remove his cum stained T-shirt, which had resulted from their erotic horseplay earlier, then goes over to the closet and pulls the door open.

He takes out a sheet to put over the couch and also motions his best friend, Tony, out of the closet. With big grins on their faces, they both hold two thumbs up to show their shared excitement. Tony gives Greg an OK sign to show his appreciation for the 'sexually-charged horseplay' shown before him earlier for his benefit. Greg then motions Tony to follow him quietly into the bathroom to clean up and go over some last minute details of Greg's plan.

Tony was about the same height and build as Greg, with light brown hair and blue hazy eyes. He had always wanted to screw Marcia and he knew this would be his chance. While having to wait in the closet for Greg's signal, Tony thought back to that moment when he first met Marcia in the backyard pool. He remembered in detail, only two months ago when he moved back into town to his own apartment. He had dropped by the Brady house to pickup Greg for a small reunion, but there was no answer at the door. So he walked around to the backyard to see if Greg was at the pool. It seemed like nobody was around as he looked through an opening in the shrubs along the fence. Then, beyond the patio table just pass the side gate, he saw movement. He recognized Marcia as she moved her hands up to gently caress her upturned cheeks, then her neck, and then down her chest. Perhaps applying some sunscreen lotion, Tony thought. Marcia laid back down and the table and chairs blocked further view of her. Tony remembered Marcia Brady from their early years as the snobbish pretty sister who didn't care much for meeting any of Greg's friends. It was then that he decided to get re-acquainted with Marcia while waiting for Greg. Not seeing any more movement from Marcia, he walked over to the gate and looked over to where she was laying. His heart took a huge leap, as he stood there frozen in his tracks, looking at the bold appearance before him.

Laid out under the late afternoon sun was Marcia's motionless form, lying back on a slightly inclined deck chair and also practically naked. Tony remained outside the fence but moved quietly pass the gate to get a closer view without disturbing her. Finding a partially hidden opening just to the left of where she laid, Tony stood close enough to see Marcia's heaving breasts signaling that her breathing was becoming steady and relaxed. With each rise and fall of her chest, he examined the full firmness of her breasts. Her nipples were perked and stood hard on her lighter colored areolas and they glistened with a light film of sunscreen oil, sweat, and... some faint streaks of transparent milky stuff? Her tummy was taut and smooth, and just like her breasts, it showed the shiny film of oil with the same smear of the whitish liquid. Her slick, flat lower stomach led to her exposed mound, with fine young pussy hairs glistening with wetness. There were small beads of what had to be her pussy juices still clinging to the dampened hairs and Tony noticed the same wetness on her fingers as her hand rested just to the side of her seemingly swollen mound. Tony can only surmise that Marcia had fingered herself to a frenzy, bringing herself to an explosive and satisfying climax and smearing her own pussy juices all over herself just as he arrived. And now she was taking a very restful sleep from her own ecstasy.

Tony had developed a massive hard-on just feasting his eyes over Marcia's young goddess-like figure. He wished he had arrived a lot sooner than he did to watch this fine young lady bring herself off. But now, he could only imagine the sexual tension that she had generated inside herself that led to the tremendous release which he had only partially witnessed when he arrived. She was so exposed and looked angelic in her blissful state of sleep and he suddenly felt uncomfortable standing there, peeping in through the fence with a bulge in his pants. Before he could consider his next move, Marcia woke-up from her nap. She reached down to her ankles to put on her bottom bikini piece and then reached over to the nearby table for her bikini top. Moving slightly to conceal himself more, but still maintaining a watchful eye over her, Tony saw her long, shapely legs swing over to his side of the deck chair as she sat up. She had the decency to face away from the open poolside as she started the task of putting on her bikini top but she was now facing him directly with her breast leveled with his prying eyes. Tony could see the perfect curves of her breasts, moving tantalizingly, as they pushed out and up while Marcia reached behind her with both hands to tie the two sets of straps behind her. It was then that a wasp appeared from nowhere, swooping down in front of Marcia and startling her. She quickly strode to the end of the pool and Tony just stood mesmerized as he watched her marvelous ass swaying away from his vantage point. He had also noticed that her straps were not tied securely behind her.

When Marcia was sure there was no longer any danger from the wasp, she turned to climb the short ladder of the diving board. Tony knew it was time to make his move. Marcia stood poised at the end of the diving board. Her white skimpy bikini accentuated her beautiful form and she looked absolutely divine as she dove in perfect form into the cool, refreshing water. Tony let himself in through the gate just as Marcia surfaced from the water. She swam a few strokes to climb up the side rail and made a quick left turn towards the chair holding her towel. Because she hadn't expected anyone, she walked right into Tony's arms. Tony had to hold onto her to keep her from falling into the pool. She was still startled as he introduced himself as Greg's long-lost friend and Marcia managed to stutter a short greeting. She stared into his eyes for a long moment, captured by the hazy blue coolness in them. Then, looking down to avert her gaze from his, she saw that she had been dripping wet all over
him. She stepped back abruptly and almost stumbled on the rail. Tony struggled to hold on to her more firmly and they both apologized simultaneously, which led to a burst of short laughter as they recovered their balance. It was then that Tony looked down to see her breasts, exposed before him once again. The upper straps of her bikini top had loosened completely and the skimpy fabric just hung on with the bottom straps barely secured. Her breasts were openly displayed and her nipples stood so taunt and erect. Marcia didn't notice nor make any attempt to fix her top piece and Tony tried to mention something as he raised his hand in an effort to help her cover up. Then all of a sudden, Greg called out from behind Marcia through the patio door, startling both of them. Greg waved frantically for Tony and after managing to say a quick "Bye" to Marcia, he took off for the gate where Greg had already exited. But he remembered looking back to see Marcia giving him a shocked look over her shoulder, her arms now clutching the front of her chest and then she turned quickly to dive back into the pool again.

"Yeah, I sure would like to 'know her' better." Tony thought every night since then. "But what a predicament I'd be in." Tony knew he would have to pursue this matter discretely and delicately, considering the circumstances involved. He knew Karen and Marcia were best friends and hardly kept secrets from each other. And Karen was his childhood girlfriend. It would be a difficult relationship to pursue, knowing Karen was somewhat possessive and he didn't want to upset his relationship with her. And he didn't know much about Marcia or how she would react if she knew he was her best friend's boyfriend. Perhaps Marcia already knew he was involved with Karen, and was avoiding him entirely. It sure seemed that way when he came by the house again a few days later to see Greg. Marcia had arrived home to find him waiting in the living room. She gazed at him briefly then rushed upstairs, totally avoiding him. But the more he thought of Marcia, the more he was sure that he wanted to take her out. Just one date with her would be well worth it. And with that in mind, Tony knew what to do. The following day, he boldly appeared at the Brady house to ask Marcia out, but she wasn't home. He found Greg instead and decided to confide in him about how he felt for Marcia. Then only a few days ago, Greg called him about his plans to give a special surprise for Marcia's upcoming debut and what role he should play in it. And just earlier today, Tony made sure he arrived early enough to help Greg set things up. He patiently waited in the closet for Greg's signal.

CHAPTER 6 - Look, Feel... But Don't Touch

Greg Brady had set the next part of his master plan into motion. He signaled Tony to follow quietly over to the couch where Marcia stood blindfolded and to sit down in the chair in front of her. "Now, Marcia," Greg was saying, "Tonight I will guide you through this game. You must promise to cooperate and not say a word." He instructed her, "But if you have to moan or scream out in pleasure, I'll allow that."

Marcia considered his request. "Oh, Okay Greg" Then she started to ask, "But what do you...?"

Greg only put a finger to her soft lips and repeated firmly, "NOT a word, Marcia. Trust me!"

He stood behind his stepsister and gathered her long soft hair from her front to set it behind along the curve of her back. She was a knockout in her tight black mini dress and Greg inched his fingers from her slim hips down towards the short hem of the dress. He barely bent at the waist to reach the edge of the very short hem with his fingers and Marcia could feel Greg's warm breath down her neck. It gave her small goosebumps over her smooth young flesh. She could feel Greg's fingers meeting at mid-point between her legs, sending a tickling sensation up her loins as he hooked a finger under the hem. Then he slowly lifted the material over her long smooth legs, inch by inch to expose more of her flesh. The dress finally hung tight just over her hips and Tony looked closely to admired how smooth and silky her long legs were and how beautiful her mound protruded behind the sheer fabric of her bikini panties only inches from his reach.

Greg had previously confided in Tony how much he enjoyed his close relationship with his stepsister, and now Tony envied him even more. Greg had assured him that this part of the plan would be necessary to heighten Marcia's sensual feelings in preparation for the crucial part. So Tony just sat back to enjoy the scene before him as he watched Greg move his hands along the lower curves of her breasts up to the front buttons. He started unbuttoning each small button, working his way from the top down to the last one, which exposed her tiny belly button. With the last button undone, his hands crept back up along the opened edge of her dress, gently prying it further apart with his fingertips, and barely touching her smooth skin as he went along. The front of Marcia's pink lacy bra was now in full view, filled with her young firm breasts. Greg then peeled the dress off from her shoulders and inch by inch, he slid it down over her arms. The material now bunched at her hips and Greg pried it gently over the tight smooth skin of her hips and butt cheeks, until it was loose enough to fall on its own over her legs to settle around her feet. Marcia's breathing was now deeper than before as she stood there openly in her bikini panties and bra. Her breasts were heaving against the thin fabric of her bra and straining for release. And the crotch of her panties began showing a spot of wetness as she reveled in her excitement, now churning from the center of her loins.

Greg moved his hands back up to cup each of her breasts still held within the confines of her bra. He pushed them together and upwards, causing both mounds of flesh to bulge out from the center of the sheer fabric. He released them gently and her nipples stood out more prominently, pushing against the fabric. Hooking his index fingers into each shoulder strap, he slid his fingers downward, gently lifting and separating the restraining fabric of each thin cup from the delicate skin of her breasts. From his position behind her, he can look down to see her pink areolas and her perked nipples pointing outward from inside the small confining space of her bra. He continued to slide his fingers along the smooth inner surface of the material, lightly touching her hardened nipples in the process. Marcia flinched as she felt his fingers making contact with her tight nipples. It was pure torture on her tight engorged breasts. Greg then reached the front clasp of her bra and Marcia could feel the
tight bounds of her blood-engorged breasts loosen up as each cup was slowly peeled away from her white mounds. The shoulder straps slid down from her arms as Greg pulled the cups apart and released the fabric to fall freely from behind her. And to reward Greg for releasing her from the tight fabric, Marcia pulled her shoulders back, causing her voluptuous young breasts to push out more, making them stand out proudly for his examination. But Marcia didn't know it was someone else benefiting most from her display as Tony shifted in his seat in front of her to get a closer look at these perfect melons.

As a result of her heightened excitement and eagerness to pose for Greg, Marcia's areolas contracted, creating little goosebumps upon her flesh once again. Likewise, the nipples themselves were tight and stood out. Greg noticed Marcia's eagerness to display a sexy pose. He broke the silence as he whispered in her ear, "Now, Marcia, bring your hands up behind your neck."

Her breasts rose as she silently complied with his request.

"Now, pull your elbows back as far as you can."

Marcia knew what effect this would have on her young breasts as she pulled back her elbows. She felt her nipples stretch and she yearned to have them caressed. And as she felt Greg's fingers moving upwards along the ends of her rib cage, she knew her craving would be satisfied soon. Greg held both of his hands just below her mounds, his palms cupped upwards, barely touching her breasts. Marcia sensed his opened palms and she strained to push her chest out more to fill his palms with her taunt mounds. But then Greg moved his hands back down along her sides, stopping at the top edge of her bikini panties. Beneath her blindfold, Marcia's lips tensed and she frowned at Greg's unexpected movement, feeling somewhat deprived and unsatisfied.

Since the time Marcia had been blindfolded, her perception and her sensitivity to touch had grown more acute. She could feel the slightest touch of Greg's fingertips, and even the hairs from his forearms, as he felt all over her delicate skin. She could sense how Greg's hand was moving over to one sensuous spot, stopping only long enough to arouse her feelings of excitement and anticipation, then moving on to the next. She could feel his fingers now stroking her wet pussy lips through the thin fabric of her panties. Then in a single motion, Greg snuck his index and middle fingers inside the lower band of her left leg. Marcia flinched and caught her breath as she felt the intrusion into the fabric covering her mound. Her reaction to pull away from his fingers caused her ass to come in contact with his massive hard-on, elevating her already heightened excitement. Greg pulled on the fabric to one side with one finger to expose her muff as the other finger caressed the fine damp pussy hairs. Through her aroused senses, Marcia could feel each dampened strand of her pussy hair straining to right itself up as she felt a faint blow of cool air nearby. What she couldn't sense was that another figure, whose face was only inches from her wet mound, was taking in her young pussy scent as his eyes watched the motions of Greg's fingers playing on her pussy.

The panty fabric wedged deeper between Marcia's ass checks as Greg pulled more of the fabric away from her mound. Her wet pussy was now so exposed, sensitive, and yearning for more attention. But Greg had not inserted his fingers where she wanted to feel it most. Tony could see Marcia's deprived and craving expression as Greg openly teased the fine young hairs of her now swollen pussy. Tony started fidgeting with his own hard-on in his pants. Greg could see he was getting restless to have his share of Marcia, so he withdrew his fingers from her panties. Greg's finger withdrew from her pussy and made its way to the crack of her smooth butt cheeks that were fully exposed from the wedgie of her bikini panties. Greg slowly traced his fingers up along her spine, ending their erotic journey at her hands, still clasped behind her neck. He took both of her hands in his and lowered them to rest along her sides. Aside from the blindfold she wore, it was time to take off the last piece of clothing.

Chapter 7 - Moments Of Transition

Tony's eyes were big and filled with excitement and the bulge in his pants was making it difficult for him to sit still. Greg then moved Marcia over to the couch and prompted her to sit down on the edge. "Now, Marcia, I'm gonna move this seat out of the way so we'll have room to move around. Just sit quietly and enjoy the ride."

The most delicate part of his plan was about to unfold. Greg wanted his friend Tony to have the honors of removing the most delicate piece of clothing that Marcia had on. But he needed to heighten Marcia's sensual feeling even more in order to reach the level of ecstasy they sought from her. He trusted his friend to do the right thing. But he just wasn't sure how Marcia would react to this. Greg knew she would never let a stranger touch her body... her most private and intimate spots. But then, Tony wasn't exactly a stranger. To justify his somewhat guilty conscience, Greg thought back to the time it all started.

He had just had sex with Marcia that afternoon at the pool, finishing off with mind-blowing orgasms that filled her young pussy with his jism and shooting a final load of cum all over her tummy, tits, and some reaching up onto her chin. They were both exhausted but she remained behind to finish up her sunbathing while he left to take a shower. And as he looked back from the patio door, he watched her rub some sunscreen oil over her cum-smeared tummy and breasts. He would've stayed to rub the oil himself over her smooth young flesh, but he remembered Tony would be dropping by soon to pick him up. Moments after he had showered and was all set to go, he saw Tony in the back yard, with Marcia in his arms. Greg knew that Tony already had a girlfriend and he wasn't sure what his intentions were with his stepsister. With Marcia's back towards him, he could only see Tony reaching up towards her face. Not wanting to cause a scene with his friend, Greg had called out to Tony that he was ready to go. He had startled them both just as he had intended to do. It was an episode best dismissed from his mind until Tony confided in him a few days later about how much he wanted to take Marcia out on a date... a date which may end up ruining her friendship and his relationship with Karen.

Then, not long after that, Marcia also revealed her feelings for Tony. Greg had walked-in on one of her private moments. She was frantically masturbating herself, unaware of everything else around her as he watched from nearby. And after witnessing her muffled climax, she had asked to join him in his room, seeking to satisfy her cravings. Greg noticed a difference in her actions that night and afterwards, she told him how hot she felt for Tony. She had told him that when she first met Tony, she literally ran into his arms at the pool and she just could've died there. "Oh... He's got such beautiful blue eyes. And... well, I felt that I needed to know him more but never had the chance. He makes me feel so hot inside."

Greg knew how she felt. She had never told him about her most heated feelings for other boys before. And this was totally different for her. She was growing up, both physically and emotionally; making that transition from a playful young girl to a maturing young lady. She had met the perfect man in her young life and she wanted him dearly. But that was before she found out that Tony was her best friend's boyfriend.

"I wouldn't dare to upset Karen. And even though I feel so... so confused, I know it would be best that I just forget about him." Those were Marcia's last words of Tony. She had not asked for his help directly, but he could sense a disparate plea from her actions when they made wild passionate love together just minutes before. And from that, Greg had taken her feelings into consideration when he started making his plans. He tried to re-assure himself that Marcia would truly get a thrill out of all this in the end.

Greg motioned for Tony to make his move as he pushed the seat out of the way. With a wink of an eye to his friend, Tony moved to the front of Marcia. As she sat at the edge of the couch, he studied her for a moment. 'Yes... a true goddess, so perfect and so divine.' he thought as he reached out with his hands to cup her beautiful breasts. They were even more beautiful than when he first saw them so innocently exposed at the pool. As he took each breast into his hands, he thought, 'Umm... So smooth and firm.' He had thought of this moment for so long and was thrilled at finally touching her. Tony had sensed her desire earlier to have her tits played with and her pussy stroked even more, and now he was obliging her willingly. Marcia stifled a moan as she felt the first touch of his hard palms kneading her taunt mounds of flesh. Her nipples stood out and felt more sensitive as Tony continued massaging her breast, pulling and squeezing it gently and hungrily. He pressed her hard, eraser size nipples between his fingers, then gently caressed the tight sensitive skin just under each nipple.

"Ummmm, yes." Marcia moaned as she felt a fresh wave of desire ripple and course through her sensitive body. She brought her legs tightly together, in an effort to control the waves of bliss that seared through her young body.

Tony wanted to spend more time on these young glorious mounds but he would save those to enjoy more thoroughly later. His fingers worked its way into the elastic band of her panties and kept contact with her receptive flesh as he pulled the panties down over her hips and cheeks. Marcia had to bring her hands behind her and brace for balance as she allowed these gentle hands to lift her ass up momentarily to remove her panties. Parting her knees modestly, the wet panties came free from her delta and slid down her legs. As the last of her clothing came free at her feet, Tony then ran his hands sensuously back up along her smooth calves and rested on her knees. He gently parted them more to get a look at her beautifully sculptured pussy, now glistening with her fragrant nectar. He then guided his hands up along the soft skin of her inner thighs until his thumbs touched the warm, wet folds of her pussy.

Marcia's breathing got heavier as she felt the gentle fingers stroking her wet pussy lips and she suddenly flinched as they made contact with her sensitive clit. Feeling his warm palms against the inner wall of her thighs, just outside of her pussy, she sensed the probing thumb rubbing her clit in circles. Her juices flowed even more while other probing fingers spread her pussy lips. With her arms still supporting her from behind, Marcia began moving her hips as she held her legs wide open to allow these magic fingers to do their bidding.

"Oh... Ohhh my..." she moaned as the thumb worked its way up inside her pussy. She felt it stroking the inner walls of her responding cunt and then she felt another incredible feeling... the inner edge of his forefinger now rubbing on her clit. It felt so delicious and Marcia moaned again, "Ummm, UMMM... IT...IT'S SO-O-O-O GOOD!"

The edge of the forefinger was stuck smack up against her clit with the thumb probing deep up inside her and Marcia gyrated her hips against his hand to intensify her pleasure. Tony felt Marcia's reactions. He had fantasized about this moment ever since he first saw Marcia at the pool, wanting to have been the one who brought her off to an explosive climax leading to the restful state that he found her in. Now, he had transitioned from fantasy to reality!

Marcia's hips were gyrating back and forth against his hand in rhythm with the thumb he was now pumping in and out of her tight and soaking little pussy. From the way she was moaning, Greg knew she was going to cum soon. He could see that Tony was getting too excited and deviating from the plan as he had deviated earlier during his horseplay with Marcia. He couldn't blame Tony for his actions, knowing how good Marcia can react and entice others to do her bidding. He had to act quickly if he wanted their plan to be successful. Tony felt the tapping on his shoulder as his thumb kept stroking the inner walls of Marcia's pussy. It was driving her wild. And it was driving Tony wild just rubbing the edge of his hand hard against her succulent pussy. As much as he wanted to bring her off to an explosive orgasm, Tony had to hold back and think of the rewards he would reap from her later on. Marcia knew she wouldn't last long with the way these fingers were manipulating her sensitive clitoris. She was on the verge of reaching her peak, just a few more strokes away when she felt the fingers pulling out and the hand withdrawing from her completely.

"Noooo!" Marcia could only whimper softly as she held her ass above the couch in a vain effort to recapture the magic to fill in the void within her reaching and hungry pussy.

In desperation, Marcia sought release. Back in her mind, she knew she was being teased and she knew Greg well enough that he would not hold back. But she knew it was part of his game. Her excitement, the blindfold, the anticipation, and the teasing of her emotions were all part of Greg's new game. Her mind was rushing on, trying to focus on a means of obtaining release. She wished she could reach up to her tits and squeeze her nipples, but she couldn't. She wouldn't. She was in agony, even now with her hypersensitive clitoris longing to be touched. She had not felt or sensed any movement since the withdrawal from her pussy and she wished Greg would give her release... she wished SOMEONE would give her release. She sought deep into her mind for that SOMEONE, and then...the transition was made. From her despair, she found a means of fulfillment as she suddenly thought of 'her TONY'.

Chapter 8 - Coping With Changes

At first, Marcia couldn't get over her embarrassment when she had first met Tony. It had seemed like an eternity, standing in his arms that afternoon at the pool, until she had looked down to avert her staring eyes. Something caught her attention and she realized she dripping wet all over this handsome stranger. Then, when she had backed-off awkwardly, she had almost stumbled over the pool rail, adding to her embarrassment. But her biggest embarrassment came when Tony and Greg were leaving; she looked down and noticed her exposed breasts. She knew then what Tony was trying to tell her all along. She couldn't believe she just stood there, in front of him, just exposing herself. She had turned so red as she tried to cover her breasts with her arms. And when she looked back over her shoulder, she saw Tony looking back at her. She quickly dove into the pool, using the cool dipping of the water to hide her humiliation. She hated herself since that afternoon, even more when she came home a few days later and suddenly found Tony in the living room, apparently waiting for Greg. They had locked eyes again and she felt the flush of embarrassment on her face. Before Tony could say 'Hi', Greg came trotting down the stairs and she used this interruption to run straight up to her room.

But gradually, her embarrassments changed to hot flashes. She had been thinking of Tony and how he might have reacted with her if Greg had not interrupted them at the pool or in the living room. She thought about him every night, always fantasizing how events would've turned out. Playing the different scenes in her mind as she played with her breasts and the same perky nipples that had been on display for Tony at the pool. As she stroked herself at nights, she searched for that perfect connection between her and Tony. Then one day, she was shocked to find out that Karen's childhood boyfriend was the same young man whom she so desperately admired, longed for, and come to love. Things had changed drastically and she felt so heart-stricken. Her Tony was hers no longer. No matter how hard it would be to abandon her deep feelings for him, she wouldn't dare to upset her best friend. So that night, she figured it would be all right to fantasize about Tony for one last time. And later that night, Marcia played out a very special fantasy with 'her Tony' as she laid in her bed.

She was so caught up in her special dream that she hadn't heard Greg walking into her room. Laying on her bed almost naked in her teddy, she had her left hand frantically squeezing her breasts and her right hand working feverishly on her pussy. She had worked herself to a shattering, but still unsatisfying, climax as she had tried to muffle her moans so as not to disturb Jan and Cindy. And as she opened her eyes, she was startled to see Greg watching her. To her, Greg was a wonderful big brother who knew how to help her and make her happy. He had always been there for her and he always made her feel good inside in more ways than one. And when she saw Greg that night, she wanted his company. She was hurting inside and feeling betrayed, and she needed his help in coping with this change. In a vain effort to take her mind off from Tony, she had asked him if they could have a quiet chat in his room, since Peter and Bobby were out spending the night at their friend's house. But what began as an innocent request for Greg ended up to be one of the most intensified lovemaking sessions she had ever experienced. She had reached deep into her body and soul, giving all she had to offer in an attempt to make herself feel all right once again. But moments later, she still felt empty inside in spite of the many orgasms she had reached with Greg that night. She felt a little guilty about using Greg as a distraction and confessed to him how much she had felt for Tony. Greg would understand.

But tonight, Greg was holding back. She needed release somehow as she laid there on the couch in despair, so she changed her thoughts to 'her Tony'. As in her many fantasies, she would think of him once again to satisfy her burning desires and she felt a gleam of hope as she called out for Tony in her mind. Standing nearby, Greg can somewhat sense what Marcia was feeling. All along, he had been careful at the start of their interplay earlier not to touch her directly on her most erogenous zones. He had felt her body all over, touched her flesh in the right places, but avoiding direct contact. He didn't want to 'damage the goods'. That was one crucial part of the plan, to arouse her feelings, her most erotic spots he knew of, to a point of awakening and wanting, only for his friend Tony to enjoy. She was reacting as he had hoped she would. He could sense her feelings, but he couldn't read her mind to be sure she was ready. He can only count on her strong desires and sexual feelings for Tony.

Greg and Tony stepped back away from Marcia. Greg began to strip and motioned for Tony to do the same quietly. When they had both stripped, Greg was surprised at the huge and massive size of Tony's cock. He judged his friend's shaft to be a little more thicker than his and a good three inches longer. He had thought that being of the same height and built, they would have the same size of tools. Marcia would definitely feel the difference of the two cocks before her and might react unfavorably if he continued on with his plan. He had not anticipated this nor had he made a back-up plan. Tony gave him a questioning look as Greg signaled him to stand-by. Greg had to think a way through this quickly and change his original plans if he wanted to succeed.

On the couch, Marcia was wondering what was going on. Her earlier arousal and the anticipation of what was to come next had made her pussy so wet. She could also feel the heated tightness of her breasts with her nipples standing erect. Then she heard Greg speak softly, "Now, Marcia... show us how you've been satisfying yourself at nights as you think of Tony."

Marcia started to wonder about Greg's reference to the word "us" but she was more thankful that she now had the opportunity to satisfy her own sexual needs. It's not that she wasn't satisfied with the way Greg had performed. She actually liked it. But to actually masturbate herself in front of Greg, and this time knowing he was there, was stimulating to her. And just hearing Greg mention the name "Tony" gave her the green light to think of TONY freely, and not only of GREG, to whom she would share this sexual moment with and not feel guilty about it. She would really enjoy this moment and she started setting her mind on putting on a good show.

Marcia shifted in her seat and brought her hands to her engorged breasts, cupping them from underneath and lifting their firm full whiteness. She then passed her hands across the nipples, squeezing them as tightly as she could; shivering as a lustful ripple seared throughout her body. She felt her whole body tingle as she thought of her hands as an extension of Tony's. The shivers made her rub her naked legs together, forcing tiny droplets of cum that had already formed at her vibrating pussy lips to spread over the silky smooth flesh of her thighs.

"Ummm, Yesss...ummm," Marcia moaned as she massaged her breasts, once again thinking of Tony touching her where he had seen her exposed flesh. Gyrating her body slowly, she allowed her hot, sensual feelings to take control of her mind. One of her hands left her breast and traced the silky soft flesh along her rib cage. She held her hand on her flat stomach for a moment, closing and opening as it engulfed her own naked young flesh, allowing her fingers to inch its way closer and closer to her little pubic triangle. Then, she came into contact with the first stray wisps of her cunt hair. She moved to press her palm over her soft, downy mound and placed her fingers over her warmly seeping pussy lips. With her fingers now touching the soft, supple skin of her own juicy cunt lips, she could feel ripples of lustful excitement course through her whole body. She began moving her hips in an undulated motion as she imagined Tony carrying on the scene that might have happened at the pool, with his hands reaching down into her bikini bottoms to touch her wet and supersensitive clit. Then, unable to stand on her wobbling legs, she drops to her knees and starts to undo his pants and take out his cock.

She could feel fingers running through her hair, taking hold of her head. She felt her head pulled gently forward until she could feel the tight satin skin of an erect cock upon her lips. Then Marcia re-focused her mind and realized she wasn't imagining 'her Tony' any longer as she opened her mouth to take the cock head between her lips, rolling her tongue around it. She savored the feeling at the tip of her tongue then proceeded to suck in more of the cock, sliding her lips around its girth. Marcia was accustomed to feeling Greg's fully erect cock in her mouth and since their early years of sexual awakening, his massive size and length had always been fulfilling. But tonight it seemed to have changed, feeling larger than ever. 'And WHAT a CHANGE.' She thought with a smile as she worked the first few inches of his shaft in the tight oval of her lips. She knew that tonight, being special, she would take it all the way in, until she could feel the velvet head against the walls of her lower throat. Marcia flicked her tongue along the satin undersides of the meaty shaft as it filled the insides of her luscious mouth. She was rewarded with a deep, husky moan. The size of it did feel somewhat different in her mouth, but she wasn't sure. Then she slowly withdrew her mouth from the shaft, but continued the flicking motions of her tongue until the head slipped out. The cock stood up erect against her face and she traced her tongue upward from the base of its shaft to the tiny slit at the tip. It seemed lengthier and thicker than what she was accustomed to with Greg. And as she tasted the pre-cum that had oozed out from the tiny slit of the head, she became more curious.

Marcia brought both hands up to hold this huge cock. 'Gosh... It's so long and monstrous' she thought as she finally felt these new dimensions in her small hand. She could now feel the texture that seemed oddly smoother. And as she continued to playfully stroke the shaft, she determined that the rigid structure of it was slightly curved upward. She wanted to remove her blindfold to see who it was she was sucking, but she had to trust Greg completely. She promised him she would cooperate, and once again, she took the cock head of this huge and powerful tool into her soft, succulent mouth. She wasn't sure if it was the cooperation she was offering or her unrestrained sexual lust taking over, but just thinking about giving a total stranger such satisfaction with her mouth only intensified the hot and wicked feelings within her. With her best effort, she continued to take in as much as she could, taking the remaining length of the rod with her left hand and caressing his balls in her righ
t hand. She was truly amazed at the size of this cock and she was giving in completely to her overwhelming lust and desire for such a tool. To justify her lewd thoughts, Marcia began thinking of "her Tony" as the recipient of her actions. It only seemed right as she thought back to their first chance meeting at the pool. Standing there in Tony's arms, she had averted her eyes from his gaze and looked down. And what caught her attention, other than realizing she was dripping wet all over him, was his very unmistakable hard-on that was bulging from his pants. It had caused her to back off awkwardly as it seemed so monstrous and... and then suddenly, she was sure of herself and her actions.

CHAPTER 9 - Welcomed Responses

Greg had been waiting for this movement, as he watched his sister suck on Tony's huge cock. He knew he couldn't fool Marcia with Tony's massive cock and he had to act cautiously. He could not see the expression on Marcia's blindfolded face, but he knew she felt somewhat surprised by the larger sized cock. He thought she would pull back at that moment when she felt even the slightest difference between his own cock and the one she now had her lips on. But Marcia surprised him. Instead of rejecting the huge cock, she was now sucking on it feverishly and with great passion. Greg gave Tony a thumbs up sign, signaling Marcia's welcoming response for his acceptance and to make the next move. Tony gently, but reluctantly, pulled back from Marcia. She released his cock with a soft popping sound as it came out of her mouth.

"NO...Don't..." Marcia started to protest, obviously relishing in ecstasy. But before Marcia could protest more, Tony lifted her left leg onto the couch, positioning her to lie back with her head rested on the armrest and her legs spread openly and invitingly.

Tony positioned himself between her legs and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Feeling the cock head pressed against the wet lips of her pussy, Marcia reached down and grabbed the massive shaft, still slick with her saliva, and guided it slowly into her. Tony allowed her to take his rod into her warm and soft pussy at her own pace, helping only when she urged him. Moaning with pain and pleasure, Marcia only managed to get over half of his rod in her. Tony used one hand to squeeze and rub Marcia's tits while the other hand massaged her clitoris. Her juices were flowing more freely to lubricate his shaft and Marcia urged him on as she reached out between her legs to pull in his hips. Tony continued his penetration with short in and out strokes, working seven... eight... nine inches of his massive tool into her pussy lips. Standing at the end of the couch next to Marcia's head, Greg was no longer concern with deceiving her. He can see her ecstasy, even through the blindfold, as the thick massive rod worked its way into his sister's juicy cunt. Marcia's moans grew louder as she wriggled her hips beneath Tony.

Greg whispered softly above her. "And now, Sis... Here's your surprise gift. Happy Sweet Sixteenth, Marcia." He slid the blindfold off of her head.

Her eyes were closed when the blindfold was removed and when Marcia opened them, Tony came into view all at once. "TONY..." Marcia said, more as a welcome than surprised revelation.

"Happy Birthday, Marcia." Tony said sensuously. "I'm yours for your debut."

And with a smile, Marcia knew just what to do as she looked into Tony's gazing blue eyes once again. She had guessed right about who she was with and had accepted him willingly. Marcia reached up with her hands to caress Tony's smiling face as he gently pushed in the last two inches of his cock into her throbbing pussy. All at once, she was filled with so much desire, so much sexual hunger, and so much exuberance, she could hold back no longer. She looked deep into his eyes, as he stood motionless above her form looking down at her. Marcia felt his cock deep inside her, touching her where no one else has and she was suddenly consumed in an explosion of delirious waves upon waves, of sensual and sexual delight. Closing her eyes as if to keep in the heated sensations now tearing at her whole mind and raging wildly throughout her body, her breathing came in short gasps. She felt the millions of ripples of her orgasm explode from deep within her as she shivered and shuddered underneath Tony.

Tony watched her facial expression as he felt the orgasmic waves running over his thick shaft, her vaginal muscles constricting his rod and flooding the tight surroundings of his massive cock in a torrential tide of her bursting young pussy juices. Tony couldn't hold back any longer and his thrust became erratic. With a groan, he buried his cock to the hilt inside her and his cock pulsed as he shot his huge load, spurt upon spurt, deep within her. Marcia cried out as she felt the first hot jet of his cum reaching deeper into her and filling her pussy. Her whole body tensed as hot masses of renewed frenzy rushed through her body. She reached out to place her hands around his neck and she lifted her head up from the couch to give him a sensuous french kiss. She looked up at Greg and knew it was now up to her to reward her two studs for giving her such a very exciting and explosive surprise.

Marcia could feel Tony's cock slightly withdrawing. It was still erect and she had no trouble keeping it inside her pussy as they both moved in unison so he was now laying with his back on the couch and Marcia was on his lap facing him. She reached a hand under her and held on to his cock as she began to lower herself slowly taking in his meaty shaft again. Marcia sat back far enough so Tony could watch his cock going up into her and she moaned as she slowly took in his rod until his balls were against her ass. She motions for Greg to come over beside her and he did. She lifted his cock to her mouth and began to work his shaft over with her tongue and at the same time she massaged his balls which felt so full. She could feel the familiar downward slant of its stiffness rubbing the insides of her mouth. Since Marcia had taken in a good portion of Tony's massive cock earlier, she had no trouble sucking in Greg's delicious rod all the way. She could feel his cock head against the inner walls of her throat and proceeded to give Greg the special treat she had silently promised him earlier. Greg felt the warm wet depths of her throat as Marcia reached deeper for the base of his cock with her soft lips. He let out a deep moan as he held her head between his hands. Marcia was glad she could repay her stepbrother more deeply now than ever and she continued savoring his cock.

As Marcia got into a good rhythm with Greg, she start to rock her hips, causing her clitoris to rub hard against Tony's massive cock. She could feel his rod expanding more than ever to its full massive thickness as he pumped in and out, matching her motions. She reached behind her with her free hand to manipulate Tony's huge balls against her scrotum. Tony had stayed surprisingly erect since he had shot his first load into her and Greg wasn't far from his orgasm as he savored the smooth wetness of her deep throat. As Tony massaged her tits, kneading them and tweaking her hard sensitive nipples, Marcia knew it wouldn't be long before they all came. She felt both of the cock heads swelling and pulsing, then at the same time they both exploded at once. Greg shot his load against the back of her throat, his cum spilling down her throat, which she swallowed eagerly and not spilling a drop. Tony shot another massive load up into her pussy and it hit her inner depth, filling in whatever space was left open. Both actions thrilled her immensely as her hips began to shake and shudder, her whole body leaping into one gigantic orgasm that was better than any she has felt before. Marcia thought she would pass out from the aftermath but she manages to reach up to kiss Tony sensuously. She felt his huge cock slip out of her pussy then collapses onto Tony's hardened chest. Greg slumps down onto the couch next to Tony.

CHAPTER 10 - Surprises All Around

Greg can see how much his step-sister had enjoyed her surprise. With her mind still recovering from its heated rapture, Marcia reached over with her soft hand to brush against Greg's cheek, and gave him her best thank-you smile. However, deep inside, she knew it was wrong to take her best friend's boyfriend as she did tonight. Somehow, it had seemed that Greg made things work out just right. The circumstances leading to their lovemaking was beyond her control. She was an unknowing partner in the beginning as she made love to Tony and she really shouldn't feel guilty. She had enjoyed her first, and perhaps only, affair with Tony and she should have no regrets whatsoever. But she wished it would be a lasting relation. It still bothered her though, knowing she had betrayed her best friend, Karen. Tony also felt the same twinge of guilt towards Karen as he too had enjoyed this new love tremendously. Marcia and Tony lay silently in each other's arms as each knew in their own separately ways, that their relationship with Karen would no longer be the same. Then as if reading their minds, Greg finally told them that Karen was in on the planned surprise all along.

"WHAT?" "HUH?" Marcia and Tony raised their heads simultaneously.

Marcia sat erect on Tony's lap, not sure if she had heard right the first time. Greg started explaining, "Karen noticed how uneasy you felt Marcia, every time she mentioned Tony to you. She felt bad that you seemed broken-hearted after you found out Tony was her long-time boyfriend. She didn't want her best friend feeling that way and was willing to share whatever she had with you, including her boyfriend, Tony. She really likes the idea of an open relationship between you and her and Tony."

Greg then added for Tony's benefit, "Karen wasn't sure how you would feel about that arrangement, Tony, until I mentioned that you felt the same way but didn't want to hurt her feelings either. So we revised the plan to include a surprise for you too."

Tony was amazed at Greg's revelation. He felt a wave of relief and excitement as he thought over this new arrangement. And as the possibilities grew endless in his mind, he could feel his cock becoming erect, brushing against Marcia's pussy. Marcia closed her eyes as she felt the double effects of Tony's excitement and her own sensation of being liberated from despair. Then she thought of how close of a friend Karen had turned out to be.

Before the action got any deeper, Marcia leaped off of Tony, excused herself, then disappeared into the den. She came back moments later, finding the two boys recapping their earlier actions. She sat her naked ass down between the two boys and took hold of their rested cocks, one in each hand. It didn't take long for both of them to become hard again. Then Marcia told them abruptly, "Karen will be joining us shortly."

It was Greg's turn to wear a surprised look on his face along with Tony, giving Marcia the reaction she wanted. "But we thought she left town with her folks to visit her Aunt." Greg said.

"That just shows how much you boys know about us girls." Marcia said with a smirk. "I figured Karen would not want to miss out on something this big which she helped planned, so she stayed behind instead. She knew I would call right after Greg explained everything, and she left this one last surprise for me to play on you two as pay-back." They all had a laugh from that.

Greg then added, "Great, since her family and the rest of the Brady Bunch won't be back for awhile, we'll have the next two days to ourselves to celebrate your debut, Sis."

Marcia continued, "That's why I asked her to come over."

"Yeah, I'm sure we can also find ways to thank Karen properly for her 'thoughtfulness' and understanding." Tony said.

Everyone was in agreement on that. Then Marcia added, "Well, until she gets here, I want to thank both of you properly myself."

And with that, she jumps up from the couch to take each of their extended hands and they all make their way upstairs for her bedroom. Marcia would have to thank Karen later on for giving her an extra hour with the boys before she would arrive.



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