This is a parody, not the real thing, you have to be an adult to read the
below story.

Brady Bunch/Gilligan's Island:
The Brady Bunch On Gilligan's Island Part 1 (MMff,magic,trans)
by Dr. Bone

If you missed the last episode of Gilligan's Island you missed a lot. The
misadventures of our castaways took an erotic turn when the natives from a
neighboring island captured them all.

The castaways were told they could live on the island as long as they paid
tribute to Burtoonga, god of sex, whose island they were on. All the
castaways were forced to drink a potion. The effects were immediately seen
on the women, their boobs grew to at least 42DD. The potion also made Mrs.
Howell grow twenty years younger.

The men had extra energy, which they did not know what to use it for until
that night. After dinner an orgy of epic proportions erupted and the men
learned they had the sexual stamina of a dozen porn stars rolled into one.

Since then their days consisted of work with frequent fuck breaks. Things
could have ran that way forever until they spotted a boat……

"Skipper look a boat. We are saved."

"Let me look little buddy." said the Skipper grabbing the telescope. In the
distance was a boat all right but he could see it was one of those tourist
boats, the type that was pulled by another boat in the front, but the pull
boat was missing.

"Hmmm. It could have been that hurricane that did it. They should drift into
our lagoon by noon." said the Professor who added, "We might be able to use
that boat to get into the shipping lanes three months from now when the tides
change for the winter. But I think we should talk to the others about our
new, um, 'lifestyle'."

A hasty meeting was declared, they did not want the newcomers to know what
they were doing, they might be less willing to help, also the Professor, who
had brewed up the formula the natives gave them, said he wanted to keep it a
secret for in the right hands it could do good, but in the wrong hands it
could mean trouble. The castaways agreed and that afternoon they signaled the
boat and helped pull it on shore.

There were eight people aboard, a mother, their maid, three daughters and
three sons. "I'm Carol Brady and I am glad for your help." The castaways
helped them ashore and to the dining area on the island where they served
them goats milk and water.

The Skipper asked them what had happened. Mrs. Brady said that they had been
on a sight seeing cruise when a hurricane had hit, the boat train they were
on came apart and Mike (her husband) had been in the front boat and they had
drifted away form each other. They had been lost at sea for several days.

"Yeah and I lost my tiki said Bobby." who got a shove in the back from

"Anyhow we wound up here, where is here exactly?" The Skipper told her and
she almost fainted, they all had heard about the famous Minnow incident.

The Professor reassured her that with their boat intact they would be able
to be rescued in three months and that they could stay in the supply and
hurricane huts.

Mrs. Brady thanked them for their kindness, and all went well until a week
or so later...

Marsha and Jan had been teasing Gilligan and the Skipper relentlessly.
Calling them such things as the wimp and the blimp. They had talked to Mrs.
Brady about it and they stopped for a bit, but then started again.

One day the Skipper said he was going to fix their wagons. The girls had been
bathing in the sauna they had built and were getting out. Gilligan and the
Skipper were working on a vat of the native's formula. The girls did their
little derisive giggle and asked them what they were doing. "Oh nothing. We
are making a batch of the Professorss special tan and skin formula. It is
made out of special island herbs that will keep your skin tan but not dry, we
think we can make a fortune out of it.

"Well can I have some. My skin is getting a bit burnt."

"Mine too!" said Jan.

"Well I don't know, you girls have been awfully hard on us. Teasing us." said
the Skipper.

"Besides this would make you two look too good. When you get back to Hawaii
you girls would be too popular. You don't want that. Do you?" The girls
practically begged them for it.

"Well, don't tell anyone we gave it to you." said the Skipper getting two
coconut mugs out and ladling the steaming formula into it with a slice of
pineapple, "Kills the taste a bit."

The girls gulped it down ready to tease the two men later. Maybe they would
do some topless sunbathing and "accidentally" let the boys see them.

"Eww that is nasty!" said Marsha. Then she felt a tingle and her bikini top
got tight as did Jan's.

"What is happening to us!" Jan said as her boobs got bigger and bigger.
The girls tits slipped out of their bikinis and kept growing. Their bodies
changed also becoming slightly taller and more buff.

"Let me show you two girls." The Skipper reached out and lightly tweaked
Marsha's nipple as Gilligan did they same with Jan's and the two girls almost
came right there and then.

"Oh shit! I can't believe this. I won't be able to wear any of my clothes."
cried Marsha. Gilligan winked at the Skipper. They pinched the sisters
nipples again and they almost came on the spot.

"Oh I feel so....Uhhhh!" The two sailors smiled.

"I think you girls got bigger problems than that as to who is going to make
you come." They each took one of the girl's hands and guided it to the other
one's pussy. "Hey what are you..." The merest of contacts started each of the
girls rubbing the other one's pussy through their bikini bottoms.

Gilligan and the Skipper knew they would be yelled at the next day by the
Professor, but it was worth it.

"I know a better way of taking care of that itch." said the Skipper pushing
them lightly down to their knees. Jan started to say no way until the Skipper
pulled out of his white pants his cock, it was the biggest one they had ever
seen. Ten inches with a short stubby head.

Normally the girls felt that blow jobs were a necessary evil but now they
each took turns ramming the Skipper's cock into their mouths. Gilligan stood
there with a goofy smile on his face.

"Why are you SLURP! So shy! Is your cock small? We won't laugh! Honest!
SLURP!" Said Marsha.

Gilligan and the Skipper laughed. Gilligan was just high from the weed they
grew and reached in and pulled out his cock. The girls almost fell over.
Gilligan's cock was fourteen thick inches. It was so perfect in shape they
did not think it was real.

"But you call him little buddy?" Jan said.

They laughed again. "That is a joke name like a fat guy called slim." Skipper
said. "Gilligan has fucked some of those whores so hard that they pay him!"

Jan struggled to take Gilligan's head into her mouth while Marsha worked the
shaft with her hands.

"Oh we are so sorry we made fun of you! So sorry!" the girls cried. The men
laughed and played with their supersensitive tits and nipples some more.

"Get up on this bench Jan. That's it! Lay down. Now Marsha sit on her face.
That's it! Don't worry what your friends would say. Me and Gilligan here are
your best friends now. That's a smart girl Jan lick her pussy. What good
sisters you are!"

Gilligan got to the foot of the bench. "Marsha hold up your sisters legs,
higher, that's it. Now lower them onto my shoulders. Good!"

Gilligan slowly pushed his cock up Jan's cunt. "Oh! Its like a fucking horse.
Uh! Uh!" Gilligan began to pump away. Skipper sat on the table by the bench
and Marsha sucked his cock.

Soon the girls were both on the table on their hands and knees. The men
fucked each girl and then switched.

All along they cried and whined and moaned how much they loved getting
fucked. The men showed their appreciation by cumming in their cunts. The
girls got into a 69, at the direction of the men and licked each other's
cunt nice and clean.

Mrs. Brady was about to come out of the bush she had behind, having seen
the whole thing ,but at that moment the Professor came running up. "What is
going on here." Mr. and Mrs. Howell came up with Thurston saying "This is
an outrage an outrage my good man! Mrs. Brady decided to make haste away
from there deal with it the next day. "At least there are some decent people
on this island of sin."

Had she stayed a few moments longer she might not have thought so. "How could
you do this? Fuck some good pussy and leave us out!" said the Professor.

Mrs. Howell began to undress to help the men stuff their cocks into the two
new comers. That day Jan and Marsha were fucked, licked and sucked off all
the castaways.

What did Mrs. Brady do? Tune in next time.


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