This is a parody. Not the real thing.

Brady Bunch/Gilligan's Island:
The Brady Bunch On Gilligan's Island Part 2 (orgy,trans,magic,reluc)
by Dr. Bone Who sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below.

If you missed the last episode of Gilligan's Island you missed a lot. The
misadventures of our castaways took an erotic turn when the natives from a
neighboring island captured them all.

They were told they could live on the island as long as they paid tribute
to Burtoonga, god of sex, whose island they were on. All the castaways were
forced to drink a potion. The effects were immediately seen on the women,
their boobs grew to at least 42DD. The potion also made Mrs. Howell grow
twenty years younger. The men gained the sex drive of a dozen porn stars.

Since then their days consisted of work with frequent fuck breaks. Things
could have ran that way forever until they spotted a boat that contained the
lost at sea Brady Bunch.

Jan and Marsha kept teasing Gilligan and the Skipper who tricked them into
drinking the potion and then used them as sex slaves, Mrs. Brady saw the
whole thing and the next day decided to give them a piece of

"Mom it is not big deal, really. You are embarrassing us."

"Skipper! Gilligan! Look what you have done to my daughters? They are freaks.
Do you know how much it will cost to undo what you did to them? If my husband
Mike was here he'd give you a thrashing."

"Calm down mam."

"Calm down mam? I saw you two do things to my daughters that would have you
in jail in the mainland. Oh! I am feeling faint, it must be the excitement."

"Here drink this!" Gilligan said, the Skipper saw what Gilligan was about to
give her and thought he was making a mistake but then realized his little
buddy was smarter than he thought.

Mrs. Brady gulped down the potion. "Do you feel better?" Gilligan asked.

"Much, but don't think it will get you out of anything."

"Well you have to understand your daughters and us were not getting along to
good right girls." Both of the girls nodded. "They were teasing me and
Gilligan a lot, and we can understand, trapped on this island in the middle
of nowhere."

"What's happening?" said Carol as her tits started to grow, her blouse began
to get tight and the button strained to hold in her boobs.

"Well you know your daughters and us came to an understanding." said the

Mrs. Brady undid her blouse to prevent the buttons from popping off, then her
bra, her tits became even bigger than those of her daughters, at the same
time she became younger looking, like a woman in her early twenties, her body
became tighter and more buff.

"You got to understand your daughters came on to us a bit when all we did was
this." said Gilligan grabbing one of her nipples and pinching it, Mrs. Brady
came right on the spot. Things were spinning out of control.

"Girls help your mother off with the rest of her clothes, wouldn't want them
getting dirty now would they?"

"Girls what are you doing?"

"Well you see Mrs. Brady, your girls were kind of bad to us. Right girls? So
we had to teach them a lesson, like by sucking both our cocks. You can see
the sense in that right? Girls help your mom down to her knees there."

"I-I-I don't-Oh my gosh! Gilligan your cock is GLUG! Cough! So big!" said
Mrs. Brady as she tried to take his cock into her mouth."

"So you see your little darlings learned to be little whores, and what whores
they were. Now suck on mine."

"I guess I can see that Skipper, Gulp!"

"Yeah mom! We were quite the sluts you know. We got everything we deserved."

Marsha held her mother's head so the men could throat fuck her while Jan
fingered her mother's pussy making her orgasm then she got beneath her and
licked her pussy.

"And mom we were so bad that everyone on the island had to fuck us, right
guys?" Gilligan grunted as him and the Skipper lifted Mrs. Brady up onto the

"Oh I don't know...your father might not think well of this."

"Mom he is like a zillion miles away from here, besides what if we are stuck
here for years?"

Gilligan stood laid there on the bench. Jan held his cock up straight as Mrs.
Brady sat on it. "Oh it is so big!" she said as she slid down on it.

"Way to go little buddy." The Skipper had the two girls get on top of the
table and took turns plunging it into one of the sisters then the others.

The men used the women all morning and into the afternoon, when they were
done the mother and her two daughters walked away sore but with a new respect
for the Skipper and Gilligan.

Par Three Coming Soon.


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