Brady Bunch: Greg And Marcia Marry (MF,Mff,Mg,Mf,MMFF,MF-mast,inc,oral)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Chapter 1

The phone rang at the nurses station on 4 South while Greg was talking to a
intern assigned to him.

Nurse: Dr Brady it's for you.

Greg: Dr. Brady.

Mike: Greg its dad.

Greg: Whats up dad.

Mike: Wally and Mikey were killed this morning in a horrific car crash.

Greg: OMG, how is Marcia and Jessica holding up?

Mike: Not good.

Greg: I'll call you back shortly I have to arrange things here. I'll try and
make it there tonight.

Greg hung up the phone and the intern asked Greg "if he was alright".

Greg: My brother-in-law and nephew were killed in a car accident a few hours
ago. I have to find Dr. Jones and get coverage for a few days.

He found Dr Jones in his office and explained the situation.

Dr. Jones: Greg, I'm sorry to hear that.

He looked at his schedule and found a Dr. who had a light Hospital schedule.
He paged Dr. Rosenthal who called back a few minutes later. Greg explained
the situation to him and Dr. Rosenthal willingly covered Greg's pts.

He called his travel agent.

Greg: Amy I need the next flight to LAX as soon as possible.

Amy: Dr brady the next flight to LAX is 1:45 P.M.

Greg: Thanks Amy and hung up.

He walked back to his office and told his nurse "Dr. Rosenthal will be
covering me for the next week". Greg drove home and packed for a week. He
drove to the airport and checked in. When he arrived at the house his mother
ran to him. Greg hugged her as she cried in his chest. Greg got her back to
the sofa. Mike shook his hand and told him Marcia was in his old room and
Jessica was in Marcia's room with Cindy. He went up and looked in on Marcia.
Greg stared at Marcia and told himself "your still a head turner." Greg
closed the door and went to the girls room. As he knocked softly the door
opened quickly. Cindy hugged her older brother hard for a few minutes. She
broke off the hug and looked at Greg.

Cindy: She cried herself to sleep.

Greg: Its tough on both of them.

Cindy: You look good.

Cindy kissed Greg hard for a few minutes there tongues playing a game. Greg
broke off the kiss as Cindy's hand stroked his hardon thru his pants.

Greg: What are you doing?

Cindy: I need a good fuck Greg.

Greg kissed her hard and deep. Cindy jumped up and wrapped her legs around
Greg as he walked to there parents room. They were like animals ripping off
clothing. When Greg fingers reached into her pussy she was sopping wet. Cindy
moaned in his ear as he rubbed her clit.

Cindy: Dont tease me Greg please fuck me.

Greg: I don't have any protection.

Cindy: I'm on the pill.

Greg entered Cindy sopping pussy and it took a few minutes for her to adjust
to his size. They took a few minutes to get there rythm. They screwed for
about 15 minutes with Cindy moaning "Greg fuck me harder". He put her legs
over his shoulders and went to town.

Greg: I'm cumminggggg!

Cindy: So am I again.

They orgasmed together and both of them were in heaven. When they recovered
no words were spoken as they dressed quickly.

Cindy: It's available anytime for you.

Greg: Thanks I'll remember that.

They kissed goodbye for a few minutes and he went downstairs. He stood by the
fireplace and remembered the night he broke Cindy in.

~ ~ ~
It was the summer after his graduation. She walked in on him and Marcia
making out hot and heavy on the couch in the tv room. They formed a plan to
break Cindy in. Marcia buddied up to her the next 2 days.

It was a friday night and rest of the kids were out as were there parents and
Alice. They took Cindy to Alice's room. Greg and Marcia both kissed her and
touched her body until she had her first orgasm. When she recovered Cindy
kissed Greg and learned about sex. He ate her out for a few minutes while
Marcia kissed Cindy deeply and talked to her. They swapped postions and
Marcia ate Cindy to another organism while making out with Greg.

A few minutes later Marcia gave Greg head while Cindy watched in amazement.
She was willing to learn how to give head and did it for a few minutes.
Marcia showed Cindy how to put on a condom. Greg lied on his back and Marcia
help line up Cindy. Greg was slow and easy making out with Cindy and Marcia
fingered her till she was sopping wet.

Marcia: You're ready Cindy. I told you it will feel like a pinch.

Cindy was being kissed deeply by Marcia as Greg's cock broke her hymen. She
moaned into Marcia's mouth and became teary eyed. Marcia broke the kiss off
and whispered in her ear "it will feel better in a few minutes". They got
into a good rythm and Marcia got Cindy to match his strokes Cindy felt her
orgasm coming again. Greg blew his load as her orgasm struck. This increased
the pleasure for Cindy. Cindy finally recovered and Marcia helped her clean

Chapter 2

The wake was bad at times for Marcia. She really was affected by the loss of
her son. Wally had been a good husband and a great lover. He was a great
salesman but ran into troubles with some deals. The last job he had he had
gotten promoted to Vice President of sales for the southeast region. He made
a deal with a large department store chain in Florida. The deal had been
dumped by the store which went with another company. At the wake she found he
was looking for a kickback from the someone in the company. Wally had been
fired for the bribery scandal the day before the fatal accident.

The funeral hit Carol hard and she passed out coming into church. Mike and
Alice got her back to the limo which drove them home. Marcia walked out being
held by Greg and her daughter Jessica. They got back from the burial and went
to her parents' house. She put on a brave face and sat with her daughter and
dad.Greg went up and checked on his mother.

Carol felt better she had finally eaten a meal. This was the first meal since
the accident. Carol decided to thank Greg properly. She sat up on the side of
the bed. She reached out and undid Greg's belt while talking to him. A few
minutes later she had Greg's 10" cock deep into her mouth. Carol sucked him
for about 10 minutes. Greg moaned to her I'M Cummingggg as he shot 4 loads
into her mouth. He dressed quickly and told his mother thank you

Carol: Anytime you need it it's always available.

Greg met Jan in the hallway near his old room.

Jan: How is mom doing? Debra and I are leaving we wanted to say goodbye.

Greg: Mom is fine. She had not eaten since the accident and it all caught up
with her.

Jan leaned in and kissed Greg hard and deep for a few minutes. Carol walked
out of the room and saw them she cleared her throat and they both looked at

Greg: I'll be staying at Marcia's for a week or so.

Jan: Okay, then maybe I'll see you there.

Greg walked down the steps and Jan went into her mom's room. When Jan left
her mom's room about 10 minutes later she was horny. Debbie was with Jessica
in her mom's old room. She was saying goodbye to Jessica. Jessica and Debbie
both teary eyed hug tightly.

Debbie: I'm here for you anytime you need to talk or anything else.

Jessica: Thank you your my best friend.

They broke the hug and held hands Debbie then leans in and kisses Jessica on
the lips which she returns. It doesn't shock Jessica cause her mother kisses
her like that at bedtime.

Mike pulls Greg into the den and gives him a $1,000 cash and tells him she
might be short on cash but she will take it from me.

Greg went into the kitchen to say goodbye to Alice the kiss broke off a few
minutes later.

Alice: Any chance of hooking up this week.

Greg: I'll find time for you.

Marcia's house was a little over an hour away from her parents. Greg put his
suitcases in the room as Marcia got Jessica settled down.

Marcia: I'm so glad your here Greg.

Greg: You know i would do anything for you.

Marcia: If Wally had not died I was going to divorce him.

Greg: Why what happened?

Marcia: Things haven't been good between us in about a year. This was his
3rd job since we got married.

Wally was a very good salesman. When things got slow he over extended the
company and nearly ruined them on his 2nd job and was fired. She explained
his screwup on this job. Greg stopped by his parents house and gave Alice a
few hours of pleasure. When he arrived back home that day he picked up
Jessica from School and started the bbq. Greg washed the dishes and Marcia
whispered in his ear.

Marcia: I hear you are still a studmaster according to Alice.

Greg: She seemed to enjoy it.

The next day was his last day there. He dropped off Jessica at Jan's house
for a sleepover. Marcia made his favorite meal for dinner. They watched a
movie before it became a makeout session Marcia gave Greg a blowjob and
deep throated him which she couldn't do as a teenager. They made love twice
that night and it was incredible both times.

Marcia: Somethings never change.

Greg: We were always good at this.

Chapter 3

Marcia went back to work full time as a legal secretary. She was hired by a
large law firm. The person who trained her told her your very good.

Marcia: I use to do this full time until I got married and had children. I
was able to stay home and raise my children. My husband made enough money.
I was able to work freelance for them for a few years.

Donna: Well things have not changed to much. How old are you children.

Marcia: I recently became a widow and my daughter is 11.

Donna: Excuse me.

She ran to the bathroom and got sick. A little while later she apoligizes to
Marcia telling her how sorry she is. That friday night they go out for drinks
after work. She tries to fit into the crowd but she is 10 years older then
all of them. Marcia has a drink and goes into the corner and breaks down
crying. Donna tries to help Marcia who snaps at her.

Marcia: Get away from me you bitch you had to remind me that I'm a widow.

Marcia get loaded and calls up Greg and tells him.

Marcia: You need to raise Jessica cause I'm going away for a while.

Greg is confused by the call and calls his parents. He explains the
conversation to them. They proceed to Marcia's house and pick up Jessica
for a few days.

A few hours later the Police get a call for a unconcious female in the
parking lot on a car. The police car finds her and see's the letter she is
holding in her hands. It is a suicide note to her parents. The police call
Mike Brady and he goes to the hospital. Marcia took the bottle of anti
depression pills with beer. She is in serious but stable condition. The
police meet with Mike and give him the letter.

Mike calls Carol who tries to remain brave for Jessica. He calls Greg and
explains what happened. Greg goes to the airport and gets a flight to LA.
Marcia was stabilized after pumping her stomach. She spent a few days in
the hopital and then transferred to the psych ward. She was admitted for a
thirty day evaluation. Greg looked for a job at the hospital were Marcia
is. They have a postion available and talk with the hospital administrator
and department head. A few days later he recieves a call of acceptance. He
takes Jessica from his parents house back to her house. She sleeps with
Greg at night in her mom's room cause she is afraid to sleep alone.

One night about an hour before Jessica had to go to sleep she approaches

Jessica: Would you teach me how to kiss?

Greg: Sure, if you want to learn.

They proceed to the couch and Jessica spends the next hour learning how to
kiss. When they break off the kissing about an hour later she goes to her
bedroom and see's how wet Greg has made her just from kissing. Greg goes
into the bathroom and jerks off to the though of Jessica. It reminds him of
when he and Marcia started out. They had a few hot makeout sessions during
the summer before she started high school. The next day she greeted him with
a open mouth kiss. He breaks off the kiss after a few minutes. He explains
to her how they have to keep this a secret people can't find out.

Jessica: Greg are you going to make love to me?

Greg: I would like to in a few years.

That saturday Jessica and Debbie spend the day hanging out they went swimming
at the community pool and went to the mall. He cooks up some burgers and hot
dogs for the girls and a steak for himself. The girls went to her room after
dinner and put on music. Greg knocks on the door around 11:00 that night. He
slowly opens the door cause there was no answer. The girls were in the 69
postion on the bed. Greg clears his throat and both girls seperate and start

Debbie: Please don't tell mom we will do anything for you.

He tells Jessica to go to Marcia's room. Debbie sat there crying softly
looking at Greg. He slowly wiped the tears from her almond colored eyes.
Debbie felt comfortable being nude in front of Greg. He stands by the side
of the bed and undoes his belt and lowers his pants. Debbie looks up at
him and runs her tongue across the head of his cock.

A few minutes later she had most of Greg's 10" cock in her mouth Greg is
getting a blowjob that almost matches Marcia. Greg is in heaven she deep
throats him for a few minutes without gagging. Greg knows he is close to
the end. She feels it and has about 4 inches in her mouth when he lets

Greg: Oh shit, here it comes!

Debbie swallows his 3 loads easily. Greg is drained and tells Debbie "your
amazing". He quickly strips and climbs into bed with Debbie. They kiss deeply
for a few minutes and Greg kisses his way down her body. He sucked on her her
32B breast and teased them with his tongue. He runs his tongue along her slit
which makes her moan. She spreads her legs wider for Greg. She is rotating
her hips quickly to get all of his tongue. Debbie pulls at the sheets as he
eats her to an incredible organism. He finally stops eating her out after her
third orgasm cause she begged him to stop. Debbie finally recovers and is
lying on greg's chest. He is kissing her face and neck slowly.

Debbie: I was preparing Jessica for you when you caught us. She told me you
were going to pop her cherry.

Greg: Do you want me to make love to you?

Debbie: Next month after my 13th birthday party.

Greg: Sure thing, it's a date.

He showers up quickly and goes to Marcia's room. She is masturbating slowly
while looking at him.

Jessica: Make love to me Uncle Greg.

She moved over in the bed and waved a finger to him to join her. He quickly
strips and gets into bed. They made out for the 45 minutes. He works his way
down her body. Greg can see she is very moist. He was very gentle as he
started to lick her pussy. She jumped when his tongue ran across her slit.
It didn't take long for Greg to bring Jessica to organism. He ate her out
for 30 minutes. She had 4 strong organisms. When she recovered she told Greg
I'm ready.

Jessica: Please love me, Greg.

Greg: Are you sure Jessica?

Jessica: Fuck me, Greg.

They postioned themselves and Greg held her hips as sho lowered herself onto
Greg's cock. She slid up and down a few times closed her eyes and plunged all
the way down. Jessica opened her eyes after a few minutes later tear flowed
slowly from them. She slid up and down a few times they made loves for about
20 minutes. She collasped onto Greg's chest and passed out. When Greg awoke
the next morning Jessica was gone. He found the girls on the couch under a

Greg: I'll keep it a secret.

The girls look at each other and kissed softly. It lasted about 3 minutes and
Greg got a hardon. The ladies both stared at Greg licking there lips.

Greg: I'm going to shower you are welcome to join me.

Debbie grabbed Jessica's hand and they walked to the shower with Greg. When
they dropped off Debbie off Jan watched her kiss both Greg and Jessica.
Jessica spent the next week practicing blowjobs which Debbie had shown her
in the shower. Greg was very patient with her that week.

Chapter 4

Marcia got released on a Tuesday at 10:00. Her parents picked her up and took
her back to there house. Carol and Mike told her she looked good. She spoke
with her boss who told her to come in Monday. Marcia was so glad to keep her
job. Greg had spoken with her boss the day after her suicide attempt. Carol
picked up Jessica from school and brought her home to see her mother. Marcia
was shocked by different how Jessica looked. She had grown and matured
according to Marcia.

Marcia: Mom, do you think Greg educated her while I was away.

Carol: No, I think she realizes she has to be a grown up lady for you.

Greg got to the house about 8 p.m. and took Marcia and Jessica home.

It felt comfortable again for them within a week. They make love twice the
next week. Greg dated Marcia once or twice a week. He took her to movies,
dinner, Amusement parks, ballgames. They acted like teenagers on dates.
Marcia enjoyed holding hands and parking with Greg. At Debbie's 13th
birthday party both Carol and Jan noticed how happy Marcia was. When the
party ended Marcia told Greg I'll see you later and be gentle with her.

Greg: How did you find out?

Marcia: Jan told me did you bring protection.

Greg: It's right here patting his pocket. It will be like out first time.

Marcia blushed gave him a kiss and told him you might get lucky twice.

Greg walked into the kitchen and Jan was wrapping up leftovers.

Jan: You know most mothers would not let this happen.

Greg: I'm aware of that.

Greg kissed Jan deeply for a few minutes. He broke off the kiss and they held
each other for a few minutes.

Greg: Maybe she would like a threesome.

Jan: Next time we will do that. She's in her bedroom awaitng you. I hope you
have protection.

Greg went into the bedroom and Debbie lying under the sheets watching tv. He
quickly stripped and climbed into bed with Debbie. They made out for about 15
minutes. Debbie took Greg's hand to her pussy. She was sopping wet as his
finger reached into her pussy. She organismed about 10 minutes later.

Debbie: Holy shit Greg I'm cumming.

Her body stiffened solid for about 90 seconds Greg's finger was trapped in
her pussy. His finger was finally released when she relaxed again. Debbie
kissed Greg hard for a few minutes. When she broke off the kiss she told

Greg opened the condom and Debbie put it on expertly. She lied on her back
and spread her legs. He entered her slowly and she moaned softly. Greg worked
himself into a rythm. In a few minutes he was completely buried into Debbie.
She wrapped herself around Greg and moaned in his ear. A few minutes later he
put her legs over his shoulders and increased speed. Debbie came twice more
in the next 10 minutes.

Debbie: Yes daddy fuck me harder.

Greg increased his speed and Debbie matched him stroke for stroke for about
5 minutes.

Debbie: I'mm cumminggg Daddyyyyy!!!

Greg: So am IIII Debbie!

He shot 4 loads into Debbie. She dug her nails into his back as the orgasm
raked her body. When the recovered Debbie told Greg "I wish every girl could
experience that". Jan hit the switch turning off the camera.

When Greg was leaving Jan asked him about an appointment for birth control

Greg: Come in tomorrow night around 7:30.

When Greg got home Marcia was writing out checks. They made out for a few
minutes. A few minutes later she was bent over the table getting fucked hard.
Jan arrived on time and brought in Debbie. He examaned her with Jan there.
When they finished he sent Debbie outside and talk to Jan

Greg: Did you know she wasn't a virgin.

Jan: Yes, it's a long story. The quick version is the guy that ran the
orphange in South Korea had a harem of 3 girls she was one of them. She
fucked him 2 times a week and she gave him blowjobs once a week. It started
when she was 8 years old and ended 2 years later when the goverment took it
over. She recieved extra food, blankets, and English lessons from the nuns.
She was with us about 3 months when I found her giving my ex a blowjob for
spilling milk on the kitchen floor."

Chapter 5

Marcia made arrangements with Jan to watch Jessica for a week. Greg was
taking Marcia with him to a medical conference. The first night they skipped
the reception and went out and got married.

Marcia: I've been in love with you since we were teenagers. You have always
made me happier then anyone else. I love you more then I did wally. You were
my first and best lover I ever had.

Greg: You have always been the most beautiful girl/woman in my life. I have
though this long and hard for a while now.

Greg: Marcia will you marry me.

Marcia: Yes, to infinity.

They kiss deep with passion and strip quickly. He mounts her quickly. She is
moist already and takes him fully in. There are no words exchanged between
them. Marcia's organiam is strong as Greg blows his load. When they recover
Marcia drags Greg into the shower. They walk the strip and find a nice
wedding chapel.

The next morning Greg attend's the conference and Marcia goes to a adult
store. She picks up some oils and sex toys. A few weeks later at Jessica's
and Debbie's graduation. Carol notices the wedding band on Marcia's hand it
was different from her orignal one. Jan noticed the wedding band on Greg's
finger when he never wore one before. Carol and Jan had spoken and conferred.
They both agree that they got married recently. Carol had a reception after
the ceremony. Marcia went to the bathroom and Carol followed her in.

Carol: Do you need to tell me something.

Marcia: What are you talking about?

Carol grabbed Marcia's left hand and saids "this is a different wedding band
then the one wally gave you".

Marcia: Greg and I got married in Las Vegas last month while he was there on
a convention.

Carol: I'm so happy for you. When I saw you tonight at the graduation you
were beaming.

Marcia: I've never have been happier in my life.

Both ladies were crying and then share a deep kiss for a few minutes. Carol
told Mike who congratulated them both. Carol told them "tomorrow night we
will hold your reception".

When they arrived home Marcia and Jessica went upstairs Greg went into the
living room to watch the end of the ball game. At the commerical break he
went and got a beer and pretzels. When he returned Marcia was there watching
tv. She grabbed a few pretzels and asked Greg if they could talk.

Marcia: Greg, Jessica wants her first time to be with you tonight.

Greg: Marcia, are sure about this.

Marcia: Greg you were so gentle with me when you took mine. We were together
for Cindy which she told me was the best she ever had. Debbie told me it was
best she ever had.

Jessica walks into the room wearing Marcia's school girl outfit. Greg starts
to get a hardon within seconds of her arrivial. Marcia's notices his hardon
and winks to Jessica.

Jessica: Greg I mean Daddy please educate me properly.

Greg kisses Marcia deeply for a few minutes. she breaks off the kiss a few
minutes later.

Marcia: Jessica is awaiting her education I'll join you later.

Greg walks holding hands with Jessica to her bedroom. Jessica turns and
mouths to her mother thank you and I love you. Jessica closed the door and
faces Greg. They kiss deeply for a few minutes when it broke off Jessica
walked overand lied on the bed.

Greg: Thank you telling Marcia you were still a virgin.

Jessica stands up strips off her uniform keeping on her white stockings and
3 inch heels. She kisses Greg deeply and she helps him strip.

Greg: Ms Logan your grade on this exam will determine if you pass my class.

Jessica: ok I'm read.

They make out for about 20 minutes before Greg start licking her 34c breasts.
He gentle bites her nipples and kisses them. Greg slids down her body kissing
her belly all over.

Jessica spread her legs as far as they could go for greg. He licked and
kissed her clit which brought Jessica off to her second organism. Greg sucked
up her pussy juice like a hoover. She tasted herself for the first time as
greg played tongue hockey and got into postion. The heart of the exam was
going to take place now. His cock slowly worked itself into Jessica. He
stared down into the most beautiful blues eyes as he slowly worked up speed.
She closed her eyes and concentrated on the pleasure she was recieving. He
had her raise her legs over his shoulders. As her organism came upon her she
opened her eyes but couldn't see him straight he was out of focus. Greg knew
he was going to last much longer and whispered it to her. she moaned to him
"fuck your student slut". Greg blew 3 loads seconds after hearing that. When
they recovered all Greg could say was "WOW".

Jessica: So mr brady what is my grade.

Greg: A+.

Jessica got up ran across the room and shared a deep kiss with her mother.

Jessica: Every girl's first time should be this good.

Marcia: He is the best around.

Marcia kisses Greg hard and deep for a few minutes.

Marcia: Its my turn to educate Jessica.

Marcia educated her daughter in girl to girl loving. Greg joined them later
and they had a threesome.

Chapter 6

Greg and Marcia arrived at their parents house. They had dropped off Jessica
at Jan's house. She had kissed them goodbye went into Jans house and kissed
her in front of them. Marcia knew that Jessica would get more education from
Jan and Debbie that night.

Greg: Are you ready for tonight?

Marcia: I guesss so I just hope he can handle it.

Greg: He has been doing Jan on a weekly basis for a few years now.

Marcia: Then I should be a easy night.

When they arrived at there parents house they were greeted with love and deep
kisses. A few glasses of champange were poured and they toasted the happy
couple. When Marcia and Carol kissed deeply for a few minutes Mike told Greg
"This never fails to turn me on." Mike finally seperated them by pouring a
glass of champange on there heads. He carried Marcia up the stairs to his
bedroom. Greg looked at his mother and asked "which room"

Carol: Alice's room of course.

Greg: She is not home?

Carol: She is at Cindy's helping her studying for law boards.

Greg made love to his mother 3 times that night. Mike made love to his
daughter 3 times also.

The next morning the men cooked breakfast for the ladies.

Mike: Marcia I wish we had done this years earlier.

Marcia: I hope it was worth the wait.

Mike: It was defintenly worth it. Greg I want to thank you for keeping Mom
and Alice satisfied.

Greg: Not a problem dad.

Carol: So when get we expect Jessica.

Marcia: In about 2 weeks dad do you want cheerleader or student.

Mike: I always wanted a cheerleader for my birthday.

When they were departing the house Greg told his parents Christmas is at our
house this year the theme will be a gangbang for mr and mrs claus.


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