This is a parody, not the real thing, you have to be an adult to read the
below story.

Brady Bunch: Greg's Hard Lesson (MFF,bond,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

Greg could not believe that he got himself into such a fix. Tied up, he could
not move, and worse was that nobody would be home for the weekend. Still
worse they had warned him about Erica, but he had not listened to them.

Everyone told Greg that Erica was a gold digger just using him while her
rich boyfriend was out of town. They had gone up to his bedroom and he had
stripped down to his briefs. She took out of her purse a pair of handcuffs
and had chained him to his bed. She began to rub her tits all over him going
down towards his cock when his beeper went off. "Oh Carlos is back in town,"
she said getting dressed.

"Hey what about me?" he cried out.

"What about you. You are a sweet guy, but Carlos can do so much more for me."

She was about to uncuff him when Greg said, "They are right about you. You
are a tramp."

She did not get angry, she just got dressed and said she would leave word
with the maid, Alice, to untie him. Greg knew Alice was out for the morning.

Several hours later with a major case of "blue balls" Greg heard Alice
vacuuming outside. He debated what to do but he knew he had to call for help
and then figure a way to lie about what had happened.

Alice came in to see Greg spread eagle on his bed with his huge prick hanging
out of his underwear. "What happened Greg?" Alice asked. Greg told her he was
rehearsing a magic trick when he got stuck. "In other words that little tramp
left you." Greg got a bit pissed over the comment and told Alice to unchain
him now. Alice told him to calm down or she would leave him for his mother to untie him. Greg said he was sorry.

Greg's bed had a horseshoe style headboard with areas for storage around his
head meaning that Alice would have to crawl over him to get to the cuffs. As
she did she brushed his cock and it left a sperm stain on the hem of her
uniform. "Oh great! Now I will have to take this out of town to get it dry
cleaned." Greg said he was sorry. Alice tried again getting another stain on

"I can't have this so I'd better try to tuck it back in." Greg started to
object but realized there was no other way. She grabbed his cock and tried to
push it back into his underwear but it started to grow stiff at her touch.
"Oh darn!" she said secretly delighting in holding Greg's cock. "It won't go
back in."

"Well you can't leave me like this." said Greg, which was just the answer
Alice wanted to hear.

"Well if it won't fit in now we will have to relieve the pressure so it can."
She spit in her hands and then grabbed his cock and started to pump it.

"Alice what are you doing?" he asked half hoping that she would not stop.

Deliberately she pumped his cock slower. "Now wait a minute I want none of
that stuff on my uniform." She stopped and undid her uniform top then
unzipped her skirt and let them both fall to the floor.

For an older woman Alice did have a tight body, in some kinky way Greg found
himself growing horny looking at her.

She began to jerk him off again, when a big glob of precum formed at the head
of his shaft. Alice stopped, then she licked it off. Greg shivered at the
touch of her tongue. "Don't want a mess so..." She took his dick in her mouth
and started to suck on it like a madwoman as she pumped it with her hand. She
stopped and then took his whole nearly foot long shaft down her throat, all
the way down to his balls.

Greg could not believe how good she gave head. After a while she said her
hand and mouth were tired. Greg asked her what she meant. She got up and
unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. "I think this should be a
lesson to you Greg on the girls you go out with." Alice straddled Greg's
cock and held it steady as she lowered herself onto it.

It slid into her with a wet pop. Alice began to bounce up and down on Greg's
dick enjoying every moment of it. After years of chasing Sam around for his
cocktail sausage she had a real slab of meat. She leaned forward and kissed
Greg and put her tits in his face.

She turned around so her ass faced him as she humped his cock, holding onto
his knees to steady herself. After a few minutes Greg could not take it
anymore and came inside of her. She milked his cock with her pussy then got
off his cock to lick it clean. As she did the door to Greg's room opened and
in walked his step-mother Mrs. Brady.

"Greg I....what is going on here? Alice! Get off my son! Explain yourself,"
Mrs. Brady was pissed and Alice knew she could get fired, not arrested as
Greg was legal age, but an idea had come into her mind.

"You know this is not my fault, right Greg?" Greg agreed. "You see I was
doing my cleaning when I found Greg tied up here by Erica, who had just left
him here."

Mrs. Brady said "Greg I warned you about her, the tramp."

"Anyway, well let me show you. I tried to get around to unchain Greg but that
stupid headboard got in my way so how was I supposed to get over there?"

Mrs. Brady paused and said, "By climbing over him, but Alice that still does
not explain anything." Alice told Mrs. Brady to try. As she climbed up on
the bed she too got a smear of Greg's cum on her green skirt leaving a dark

"I can see what you mean Alice."

"Yeah and I have to send it out of town to be cleaned. You know how that nosy
Mr. Smith is at the drycleaners but he is the one Mr. Brady made the contract

"I will have to talk to him about that Alice." said Mrs. Brady getting
distracted by the huge size of her step-son's cock. "But, how, why did you
end up."

"Well what would be the next thing I would try?"

Mrs. Brady thought about it, "Maybe tucking it back into his underwear."
Alice told her to try. Greg called out and indignant "Mom!" but she told him
he had to learn a lesson for hanging with a tramp like Erica. She gingerly
tried to push his cock back into his underwear but it started to grow in his
grasp. Secretly he had jerked off about his step mom, but now it was real.

"So the next thing I did..." started Alice to which Mrs. Brady completed "was
to try to bring it down so it could fit back in again." Mrs. Brady even as
she spoke began to rub his cock, she didn't seem to realize it then she
blushed, she told Greg, "Consider this your punishment young man." She turned
to Alice, "But how did you wind up naked?" She told her that she did not want
risk anymore cum on her uniform. Mrs. Brady said that was a good idea.

Alice went behind her and undid her blouse, Mrs. Brady asked what she was
doing and Alice said that she was trying to save her anymore embarrassment at
the dry cleaners. Mrs. Brady's skirt was also undone and landed on the floor.
In her white lace bra and white cotton panties she jerked her son's cock off.

As before a big glob of cum appeared on his cock end. "And then I did this."
Alice said licking the scum off his cock head. Then she grabbed Greg's dick
and aimed it at Mrs. Brady's mouth. "Well we would not want to mess up the
sheets now. Or my bra." she said as she unsnapped it and took it off."

She kissed Greg's cock head then took it deep into her mouth as he had seen
it in a thousand jerk off sessions. Her short haircut let him see her checks
bulge from his cock's girth. She sucked his cock up and down as Alice licked
his balls. Then Alice grabbed Mrs. Brady's tits and started to suck on them.
Mrs. Brady was surprised but let her maid suck on her nipples.

"Now I was getting both tired and horny at the same time so what do you think
I did next?"

"Oh Alice! I don't know...." Mrs. Brady said suddenly turning shy. Alice
wiggled Greg's cock with her hand around the base of it.

"Come on Mrs. Brady, Greg needs a lesson and only you can give it to him."

Mrs. Brady got a wicked look in her eyes and said, "Maybe you are right
Alice. Young man you need a lesson and I am going to give it to you."

Alice held Greg's cock steady as Mrs. Brady climbed up on the bed. She then
lowered her blonde pussy right onto his dick. Greg and her both groaned as
it slid into her. Mrs. Brady bounced up and down on his cock.

Alice climbed past her and sat on Greg's face, he began to eat her pussy as
she rubbed it all across his face.

After several minutes Greg said he was going to blow his nuts. Alice got off
his face. Wishing to make his orgasms the biggest that he ever had, Alice
went behind Mrs. Brady and played with her tits as she bounced up and down
on Greg's cock until he came in Mrs. Brady's blond pussy.

Getting up weak in the knees Mrs. Brady unlocked Greg's cuffs, after each
woman kissed him they left the room with Mrs. Brady saying "I hope you have
learned your lesson young man." Then she turned around and said "You will be
grounded next weekend for the rest of your punishment."

Greg sat their his cock growing hard again thinking about what that might be.


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