This is a parody, not the real thing, all done in fun, to be read by adult
adults only!

Brady Bunch: Greg's Prom Date (MF)
by Dr. Bone:

"Look I am sorry Greg but it was your fault, so lets make the best of it."
said Alice in Greg's car as they drove up to Inspiration Point.

Greg had wrecked Alice's car showing off to his prom date, she was in the
hospital with a broken ankle, but Greg had escaped with just a scratch, but
Alice's Pinto was a write-off. As punishment Greg had to take Alice to the

Alice to Greg's relief got out of the dance with after just one quick one
of the dance floor and now he was heading to inspiration point with Alice.
Taking her there was her condition for leaving early and sparing Greg any
further embarrassment.

"You know Greg I went out here with Sam when I was a teenager but we never
got a chance to do anything there, he fell asleep on me. I'm sure that would
not happen with you Greg." she said as he pulled his car into the most
secluded section of the area.

She put her hand down on his lap and gave his cock a squeeze. "Mmmm! A big
fat horse sized cock ready for action."

"Alice! What are you doing?"

"Greg you have to learn the ways of the world. A good hand job is a good hand
job. A great blow job is hard to come by. I bet your girlfriend gave you head
but tell me if it matches this?" with that she pulled Greg's cock out and
started to jerk it off. Even then he could see the skill she had in doing it.
Pulling just hard enough without hurting him.

She guided his hand to her tits and instinctively he groped them. She was
homely and much older than him, but in some way it turned him on as he had
never felt before. His cock throbbed as she squeezed it.

Then Alice lowered her mouth to his cock and planted a big wet kiss on its
head. Greg wanted to say no, he imagined the shame if he was caught but he
could not help it, he let Alice take his cock into her skilled mouth. It
was like having a pussy wrapped around his dick. She sucked and pleased and
teased his cock. This is how he imagined a blow job to be, not like the half
assed, tooth scraping disappointments he had had in the past.

"Cum in my mouth Greg." she said and went back to work. When he came Alice
swallowed the entire load and kept sucking.

"Alice! Oh shit stop!" he begged but she went on until every drop was sucked

"Did you like it Greg?" He nodded. "Well if I am your prom date there is one
thing left to do." Greg at first thought that it was to go home but Alice
smiled at him. "I want that big fat prick in my pussy." said Alice as she
stroked his cock. Greg fought to say no but as she steadily stroked his cock
he lost all ability to resist.

He put his seat all the way back and Alice got on top of him. He thought to
ask for her to put on a rubber but it was too late. Alice hiked her skirt and
lowered herself onto Greg's cock. At first he was a little off so she reached
back and with skilled hands guided it into her.

Her pussy was tighter and wetter than he thought it would be. He undid her
blouse and she stood up as straight as she could and took off her bra,
leaning forward she let Greg suck on her tits as she bounced up and down on
his dick.

Skillfully she danced her pussy over the top of his head just letting the
first few inches in, then she would bang down all the way. Carefully she
teased his cock, lengthening his agony, then when he could not take it
anymore she started to slam down on him faster and faster. Greg groaned
and then grabbed her close kissing her deeply as his seed penetrated her.
He could not believe what he had just done or that he wanted to do it again
and again.

They drove home in silence. Greg tried sex with his girlfriend but it was
just not the same.

A few weeks later him and Alice were fucking again in her bedroom, Greg was
now addicted to older women for life.


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