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Brady Bunch: Jan And Marsha Try To Teach Peter A Lesson
by Dr. Bone Who Sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below

"Ewww!" said Jan to Marsha as they went through Peter's secret stack of porn.
There was several dozen magazines. The sort one bought in a three pack with
two good ones facing outside and one crappy one in the middle of the sealed
plastic bag. Only Peter had even kept the third one. Then there were the
video tapes. He had mowed a dozen lawns to afford to buy a used beta max
which he would hook up to a little black and white television, the sort you
would lug to the beach, to watch several films he had bought through the
mail. Peter had taken the labels off, but the resourceful Brady sisters had
hooked up the beta max and watched them.

"These films are gross. And they degrade women." said Marsha quoting an
article from a woman's magazine she had read in the salon.

"Yeah! These poor women, they are somebody's daughter or sister. And how did
she fit that inside of her." said Jan.

"Yeah! How would Peter feel if he bought one of these magazines or tapes and
we were in it? Maybe he would learn his lesson.

"Well we should tell mom." said Jan gathering up the magazines and tapes."

"No, I have a better idea. All mom will do is give him a lecture and he will
be back to doing what he has been doing. Lets really punish him." Marsha

* * *

A few weeks later it was one of those rare weekends that everyone was going
to be out of the house, but Peter. He looked forward to getting off as he
watched and read his "treasure trove" of magazines. He was a bit worried that
somebody had found them, but nobody had said anything, so he went to the
garage to get the television and the beta max player. He set up the player in
the bedroom on a crate and plugged in the extension cord.

He was about to start watching his porn when the bedroom door flew open. It
was Jan and Marsha. Before he knew what was happening they were on top of
him. Jan cuffed his legs to the bottom of the bed then helped Marsha cuff
his hands.

"What are you doing here, I thought you two were going to a slumber party."
said Peter shocked.

"No! The real question was what are you doing here. Degrading women, and
yourself." said Marsha, feeling proud of herself for being so deep.

"Yeah! When you watch this garbage you are exploiting somebody's daughter,
mother, or sister. Why that could even be us. How'd you feel if you brought
a movie home and we were in it. Not so good huh?"

"I-I-I had not thought about it. Now let me go. Take off the cuffs." said

"Eww! He has a boner. Probably from thinking about those nasty, dirty movies.
Well he must be taught a lesson." said Marsha who began to unbutton her
dress, as Jan did the same.

"What are you doing?" said Peter his voice cracking.

"Well I read in Young Teen Blonde Magazine an article about how to
desensitize perverts to sex. Not that you are one, yet. So we are going to
show you that breasts are just breasts." said Marsha as she finished opening
her blouse and then off came her bra. "You see."

Peter drank it all in. Marsha's tits were pert and firm and just about as
close to perfect as could be. Jan's breasts were bigger and a little softer,
perfect for tit fucking.

"These are the same breasts you see in those magazines." said Jan grabbing
hers as Marsha did the same. "They are part of our bodies, not some toys to
be played with and groped."

Peter tried to think of everything and anything to stop his erection. But it
was no good. It started to rise and rise as his sisters stripped. "Marsha
this is no good, he is still thinking of all that nasty porn." said Jan as
she and her sister stood there half naked.

"Well then we will have to take this up another step."

"What are you doing? Have you both gone nuts. Uncuff me now and I won't tell
mom." screamed Peter as his cock throbbed. "Hey what is in the bag?" he

"Our costumes. Since porn is so okay for you, me and Marsha decided maybe we
ought to do it. So we want to know how we look. The two sisters took off the
rest of their clothes and put on black fishnet stockings and garter belts as
Peter watched in disbelief. His cock was throbbing. To the point that it
hurt. Little did he know both girls were a bit turned on by his reaction, and
the feeling of power it gave them. Marsha put on a pink see through teddy
nightgown, and Jan put on a black vinyl corset and opera length gloves. Both
girls crowded around the mirror as they put on heavy make up.

"Well what do you think?" said Marsha, knowing she looked hot. "Do you think
we can make it in the movies. Coming to a bedroom near you. Hey Peter, are
you in pain?" Peter wanted to say he had a case of blue balls that was going
to kill him. But he kept quiet about it. "Maybe your pajama bottoms are too

Jan reached over and pulled the snaps and got the shock of her life as
Peter's cock sprung out. She and Jan could not believe how big it was or how
hard. Or how straight it stood up on its own.

Regaining their composure Jan said "Maybe you should be our first customer."
she said getting on the bed with Marsha following her lead. Marsha stood over
Peter's face. He could see and smell her neatly trimmed bush. Jan stood over
his cock teasing him. "What's wrong Peter? We are going to be in X-rated
movies and probably have to do this all the time. So this should not bother
you." But it did. Big time.

"Okay I learned my lesson, I'll stop with the porn." Peter said wanting them
to leave so he could whack off for a few hours. Little did he know what fate
had in hand. Jan squatted down to tease him, coming very close to his cock,
to the point that he could feel her pussy's heat on it. Then it happened, she
slipped on the bed and fell on top of him. She fell straight onto the top of
his cock, his fat cock head wedged right on the edge of her pussy."

"Oh shit what am I supposed to do." said Jan, the little game had turned

Marsha hornier than anything acted on impulse. "Let's ride him all night
long." she said pushing on her sisters shoulder's.

Jan felt his cock slide into her and almost came. "It is so wrong but it
feels so good." she said as she began to bounce up and down on his cock.
Marsha sat down on his face and Peter began to lick her.

"Within minutes he came in Jan. Then Marsha grabbed his cock once her sister
got off and jerked it hard telling him that he had better fuck her the way
she fucked Jan, but longer. Peter's cock rose, and then Jan and Marsha
uncuffed him. He spread Marsha's legs and pushed into her, she groaned as he
entered, he was the biggest one by far, that she had ever had.

"Oh shit it feels so good. Peter I hope you have learned your lesson." Marsha

"Maybe I have not yet. You grabbed your own tits earlier now I want to see
Jan squeeze yours. Marsha started to protest but Jan, jealous over the longer
fuck her sister was getting reached over and felt his sister's tits. Her
black gloved hands squeezed Marsha's nipples hard.

Jan lowered her breasts closer and closer to Marsha's face, Marsha moved her
head forward and without protest sucked on her sister's tits as she felt it
had the desired effect as Peter fucked her harder. Then Jan moved her head
up and kissed her sister's lips. "Put your tongues in each other's mouths,
yeah that's it!" said Peter as he took control of the situation, and his two
hot sisters.

"Now Jan get up and stand over Marsha the way you stood above me." Peter said
then he had Jan lower herself onto Marsha's face. Marsha kissed and licked
her sister's pussy. Peter pulled out and pushed Jan's back so she was on top
of Marsha, "Come on lick! Return the favor." he said Jan resisted but as
Marsha licked her pussy extra hard she gave in completing the lesbian

Peter got out his camera and took a few photos.

"What are you doing!" cried the girls, Peter replied if they really wanted to
do porn now they had, as he got the lubricant out. He steeled himself as he
got behind Jan and pushed.

"Peter that is not my cunt." Jan cried out. Peter told her to relax as Marsha
held her sister steady by the waist. Slowly and steadily he pushed until his
cock slid into Jan's asshole. Peter reached around and squeezed her tits hard
as he pounded her anus. Between the licking and the ass fucking Jan came and
came. When Peter shot his load he pulled out of Jan's asshole and shoved his
cock deep into Marsha's mouth making her milk it clean.

They fucked and sucked for the rest of the afternoon. When it finally came
time to get dressed Jan and Marsha asked Peter if he was cured of
pornography. Peter said he would as long as they kept up their "treatments."

"Girls a package for you from a costume party?"

"Yeah, that is our maids and nurses uniform." Jan blurted out.

"For a Halloween party." Marsha said realizing it was only May.

"It pays to shop early." Jan said rescuing Marsha from her own mistake.

As they left Alice muttered something about these kids today.


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