Brady Bunch: Jan Has A Dick Part 1 (F+F,inc,herm,inter,trans,reluc,magic)
by Dr. Bone

"Look out lady!." Screamed Jan Brady as she ran to stop the red headed woman with the garish makeup from stepping off the curve and getting hit by an oncoming bus. As she ran Jan oddly thought of Bobby, her brother, and his time as a "safety-officer" in school. Jan grabbed the woman and pulled her back.

"Oh my! Thank you mortal." Endura said then corrected herself. "... young lady. Stupid witch council banning me from flying due to one incident with a 747. The nerve."

Jan attributed the odd speech to the woman's nerves and asked if she was okay. The woman said she was and then asked what she could do to reward Jan. Jan told her just to be more careful and turned to leave. As she did Endura put a wish spell onto the girl. Whatever she next wished for, as long as it did not harm, would come true. Endora then went on her way promising to put a curse on whoever designed the bus system, "What is exact fare?" She growled looking through her purse full of ancient coins as she got on the next bus.

That evening Jan had some bad news. Her boyfriend George Glass had cancelled her date, and worse yet, the rest of the family with the exception of their maid Alice, and her sisters who had exams, would be at Aunt Jenny's house. Jan had wanted to go, but did not because of her date with George. Instead Jan would have another weekend home with her vibrator buzzing under her covers after Marsha went to sleep.

"You know what I need? I need a dick, a big dick." Said the frustrated Jan as she went to sleep.

The next morning she woke up having to pee. When she got to the bathroom and pulled down her panties and started to urinate facing the bowl, she looked down and then realized she was peeing like a boy, because she now had a cock. "Oh shit!" Jan said as the urine splashed the bowl seat. Part of Endura's spell was the loose knowledge that she was under a spell, this helped calm mortals down when a witch grant a boon. Jan also knew that within a week it would go away, unless... But Jan could not "hear" the rest of the message. After wiping the seat dry she looked in the mirror, it looked huge.

She reached down and grasped it and then tugged it up and down, and to her amazement it started to grow. She rubbed it some more and it got bigger still. Feeling warm she took off her nightgown and looked at herself in the mirror. "I'm a freak!" She said but did not really care. She started to stroke her cock again, it got harder and bigger still. With her free hand she pinched her nipples.

Like she did for George she spit into her palm and rubbed herself. She felt a tension, a pressure building in her cock. Finally when she was on the edge she stopped. She was scared about what might happen if she kept stroking her cock. But then she got an ache in her balls and decided the best thing was to finish. She started to rub faster and faster then finally there was a big release and she groaned loudly as spunk flew out of her cock and onto the bathroom wall tiles.

Panting she recovered as Marsha knocked on the door. "Are you alright in there?" Jan told her she had a charlie-horse. "Shit! Now I understand why guys like it so much." She giggled cleaing up the wall tiles and toilet bowl seat.

She took her cock into her hand and squeezed every drop out. She blotted her cockhead on some toilet paper and flushed. As she came out of the bathroom Jan found Marsha was awake doing some studying. Aware of the bulge in her panties she tried to get under the covers quickly but Marsha turned around suddenly. "Are you sure you are okay? Jan? What do you have down there?" she said looking at Jan's crotch.

Jan tried to be evasive but Marsha got up and stood in front of her. With one move she pulled down hers sister's panties, expecting to see a hidden sex toy. Well there was one there, but not the one she expected.

"What is that? Are you wearing a strap on? That has to be a fake! Isn't it?" Marsha blurted.

Jan pulled up her panties and told the story, and as part of the spell her sister believed it also, to a degree.

"I still can't believe it is real." Marsha said; she wanted to say how big and perfect it was but stopped herself.

For some reason as Jan looked at her sister she finally realized why all the boys at school looked at her. She had a pretty face, and long blond hair, her tits were nice and perky. Despite herself Jan felt her cock start to get hard. Marsha also noticed.

"Why is it doing that?" She asked, Jan said she did not know, but if she did not believe it was real she should give it a pull herself, unless she was afraid. Marsha said in a weak voice that she was not afraid of anything and reached out and pulled Jan's panties down, she then gave the cock a yank and found it to be growing bigger by the second, far bigger than any other cock she had ever seen or felt.

"I can't belive it is real." Said Marsha still stroking her sister's cock. "It has to be a fake somehow it has to." She said stroking it faster. She felt her sister's testicles and the base of the cock. It did not feel attached.

Jan smiled telling her sister not to stop, and for some reason she could not.

"This is so freaky!" Marsha said. "Should we take you to a doctor?" Marsha asked while in the back of her mind she thought that if this got out her sister might be more popular than her.

"Oh!" Jan moaned.

"Why did you do that?"Jan wanted to say that it was because it felt so good, but she knew that might make her sister stop pumping.

"Because all the rumours, about how skilled you are must be true. You know a lot of girls in my class say their sisters are afraid you will steal their boyfriends." Marsha swallowed the compliment.

"And you are so fucking beautiful. Keep doing it I'm about to cum. Oh yeah!" Jan caught in the moment took her sister in her arms and kissed her, deeply.

"What are you doing? Marsha pleaded but did not stop her pumping of her sister's cock. "Stop!" she said just as Jan kissed her again. Jan took Marsha's free hand and guided it to her tits encouraging her to grope it.

"I want to cum as hard as possible. Keep doing it! Please!" Jan pleaded then after another minute she groaned and shot a huge load all over her sister's pajama top. Marsha kept pumping for another minute or so then let go.

"My pajamas! If Alice sees these or Cindy, you know what big mouths they have. You can't tell anyone what I did. Anyone!"

Jan laughed and said she would not tell anyone. Especially Marsha's boyfriend Fred "Or was it Gary, That's right you cheated on him didn't you. Maybe I ought to tell them about each other.. I mean what would he or they say if he knew what you just did. Or that you are going to suck my cock."

"What! I will not! You are some sort of freak! I was just curious."

Jan stepped closer to Marsha and said "Maybe you'd like one too." as she pressed her sisters shoulders.

"What are you doing? I am not going to..." Marcia said as she lowered herself to her knees and facing her sister's cock.

"No I think you are going to suck on it. Or maybe I ought to let Fred know how you are two-timing him with the captain of the rival football team.

"You wouldn't." Marsha pleaded.

"I would, and all the other secrets. You know the funny thing about having a dick? You want to have it sucked. Now get started. Slave!" Jan added in.

Marsha said she was not her slave then she turned and opened her mouth taking Jan inside of it. "Oh! Shit! Now I can see why all the boys like this to be done." Jan said as Marcia sucked her off. Jan told her to play with her tits while took care of her. "That's it now finger yourself don't be shy I want you nice and wet."

Marcia her mouth full looked up at her sister who laughed and said "Yes! I am going to fuck you."

"You can't.. Marsha said getting up. "That would would being a lesbian."

Jan laughed, "How could it be lesbian when I have a cock like this?" Then she shoved Marsha onto the bed. "However maybe this could be considered lesbian." She said jumping on the bed between her sister's legs and started to lick her pussy.

Within minutes Marsha was withering on the bed. All resistance had vanished. Jan's hands grabbed her sister's hips and turned her onto her stomach and pulled her ass high in the air.

She waited a second to build up tension then she plunged her cock none to gently into her sister's tight little pussy. Marsha let out a yelp of surprise as Jan pounded her.

"Oh Shit! This feels so good, now I know why boys want to do it all the time."

"Suddenly with a ding Endora appeared. Well I see you are enjoying yourself." She said as Marsha looked on stunned. Jan kept thrusting into Marsha as she said it was the best gift ever.

"Hmm! You mortals seem to be enjoying yourselves, and you have such perverted imaginations. No wonder my daughter married one. That stupid Durwood! Maybe I ought to join in." With a wave of her hands her clothing changed she was wearing a black leather body suit with cut outs for her breasts and at her crotch. She summoned a garish mirror to look at herself. "Hmm the breasts could be bigger." With another "ding" her tits swelled to a huge size. And since I am at the party I might as well come dressed for it. All of a sudden she too had her own penis.

She waved her hand at Jan and Jan's tits too became huge. Another wave of the hand and Jan was in dressed in black leather. Jan started to suck her own tits as she pounded Marsha. Marsha cried out "Oh this can't be real?"

"Why not? There are more things in this world than you mortals can dream of." She took her cock and put it in Marsha's face. Deciding this all must be a dream now she opened her mouth and took it in. Endora rolled her eyes. "Now I see what you mortals are like this so much."

"You there. Pull it out of her for a moment." Endura then waved her hand and Jan's cock became larger still, a fact Marsha felt as Jan slammed it back into her.

Marsha moans got louder and louder as Jan pounded her. Finally Jan could not hold back anymore and came inside her sister. Endura rolled her eyes as she shot an epic load into Marsha's mouth.

Marsha stood up saying it was all a dream. That she was a head cheerleader and this could not be happening to her. Endora laughed her cruel little laugh, then she waved her hand. Marsha's tits began to become bigger and bigger. Her ass became softer and fatter. "Hmm! Since you are to be our sex slave you might as well more look the part. There." Another dramatic hand gesture and Marsha's head was bald, she had huge iron rings through her nipples and clitoris. A heavy, thick black leather collar was locked around her neck and the word "Slut" was tattooed on both of her huge floppy breasts in mock old-English script.

Marsha looked in the mirror taking in her new appearance and tears ran down her face. "I'm a freak too now!" she sobbed.

"But one who is about to be fucked but good." Send Endora bending her over the bed again and plunging her huge cock into her hairless pussy. Jan stuck it in Marsha's face and watched the tears run down her cheeks as she obediently sucked her cock. Soon, Marsha's sobs subsided as she experienced orgasm after orgasm from Endora's skilled fucking.

When both women finished again they let Marsha rest. She asked if they would change her back to normal.

"What is normal?" Endora asked, and judging by the state of things she had a valid point. "However, I think I can do something to enhance your pleasure. Paging Doctor Enoka." She said her voice echoing with the last sentence. Then before them appeared a black man with doctor's jacket on and a clipboard.

"What can I do for you Endora?" he asked in a voice with an upper class British accent.

"We need some of your potion to motivate our slave."

"Who are you?" asked Marsha.

"I'm a witch doctor." He replied.

"But I thought witch doctors looked..."

"Oh you mean like this?" He said changing his appearance to look like the stereotype you would see in movies before changing back. "Harder to do my rounds that way." He held out his hand and with a puff of smoke an old fashioned looking jar with a cork stopper appeared in his hand, along with a thick glass rod with a ball at each end.

"This ought to do the trick." He said. He opened the jar telling Marsha to get on the bed. He uncorked the bottle and dipped the rod into the thick clear liquid inside. He had Marsha spread her legs apart and dipped the rod into her pussy. Then he dipped the other end of the rod into the bottle again and pushed it into her asshole. The fluid felt slick and cold, then it started to heat up, Marsha felt it radiate through her body, she started to think of one thing and one thing only, "Fuck me!" She pleaded "Fuck me! I'll be your slave please fuck me!" she pleaded as her nipples became so hard that Jan thought they would burst.

With a wave of his hand the doctor was naked his huge schlong dangling between his legs. He then disappeared and reappeared beneath Marsha guiding her down onto his cock. Jan got behind her and with a laugh pushed it into her ass as he held her fat cheeks steady. Lastly Endora held Marsha's bald head in her gloved hands as she throat fucked her. She conjeroured a mirror so Marsha could be reminded about what a bald headed freak she was. Marsha did not care as each thrust, thanks to the potion, brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

She came and she came and she came, until she passed out.

Marsha awoke in her bed the room was dark. She ran her hands through her hair and touched her breasts she felt normal. "Oh it was only a dream?" She said feeling the unaccustomed bulge in her pajama bottoms. She unsnapped pulled down the bottom and put her hand around her own cock?

A voice she recognized as Endora's said "The spell has been shared through passion and will not pass until the next full moon. Enjoy." She said with a luahg as the disembodied voice faded.

Marsha woke Jan up and they went into the bathroom together, not wishing to wake up Cindy. "I thought it was just a dream, but its real." Marsha said pulling out her cock.

"Oh shit! What happened." Said Jan playing with Marsha's head. Then seeing her sister being upset she stopped. "Yeah! It was real and you heard Endora. Until the next full moon. But it is not that bad."

"Not bad? I am a freak!"

"Look why don't you enjoy it."

"I can't!" Said Marsha.

"Well touch it. You know you are going to have to. You are going to have to pee and all."

"I can't." but Jan convinced Marsha to stroke it once. To Marsha's surprise it got hard and the feeling was not unpleasant. Marsha started to stroke it faster and faster. She began to notice how sexy Jan's breasts were. Was she turning into a lesbian? But how could she be a lesbian if she had a dick? Then suddenly Marsha felt the pressure build up to the point of unbearable and she came splashing Jan's nightgown.

"Boy Alice is going to have some questions about the wash this week." Said Jan slipping the gown over her head. She grabbed Marsha's cock and milked every bit of cum out of it. Then she sank to her knees.

"What are you doing..oh shit! That is the best feeling ever." She said as her sister's lips encircled her cock. Jan with her mouth full signaled her sister to be quiet.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! From now on I am going to do this for all my boyfriends. Marsha reached down and played with Jan's tits as she sucked her off. Marsha came in Jan's mouth. Jan got up and the sisters tongue kissed sharing the "snowball."

"I can't believe this. I want to fuck someone." Marsha said. They cracked open the door and saw Cindy sleeping in her bed.


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