Brady Bunch: Jan's Birthday Present (MFg,MF,gg,Mgg,Mg,inc,oral,voy)
by KHenne ([email protected])

Part 1

It was a sunny Wednesday morning when Jan left school with her best friend
Jennifer Taylor. It was the last day of school as they departed from school
both happy. They both had done very well finishing in the top 2% of there
class. The girls were going to Jennifer's house to go swimming. She had been
Jan's best friend since she moved to Califorina.

When they arrived at Jennifer's house they found a note telling them not to
go swimming until she got back. The girls went up and changed into their
bikini's and got some CDs to play. They were dancing to a song when Jen's
mother Michelle open the door to check on them. Michelle help sunscreen the
girls before the spent the ret of the day in the pool and sunbathing. She
ordered pizza the girls ate and then decided to sunbathe for a while.

Michelle came out an hour later and reapplied sunscreen to both girls.
Jennifer took her top off so her mother sunscreen her "A" cup breast. It
didn't bother her or her mother to do it. Jan was a little hestiant but
did it. She looked over at Jennifer who was still topless and her nipples
erect. Jan nipples were also standing up on her flat chest. Michelle told
both girls to cover up in about 10 minutes and lie on their chest till

When Jan departed Jennifer kissed and hugged her. When Michelle kissed her
it was more mouth then cheek and told Jan she would miss her. This made Jan
feel good she felt like a nobody in her house.

A few weeks later she sleep over Jen's house during the night she got up to
use the bathroom. She passed Jennifer's parents room and heard moaning and
decided to look into the room. She saw Jennifer riding her father and kissing
her mother. She watched for about 2 minutes and went to the bathroom and back
to bed. Jan had a hard time sleeping the rest of the night.

The next morning when she had breakfast with Jen's family she noticed both
Jennifer and her mother were glowing. When they said there goodbye's Jen
whispered to her "I wish you lived here with me." Michelle told her you are
welcome he re anytime.

Jan went home and became invisible again. That night she hung out with her
father watching him work on a project. She liked to watch him work. He
showed her how to do simple drawings. Jan became quite good in drawing and

Part 2

Jen would sleep over about once a month at the Brady's. This night they slept
in the backyard in sleeping bags with the tent. Mike and Carol came out to
say good night the girls were giggling about something. Jen kissed both Mike
and Carol on the lips. Mike also noticed theat Jen's nipples were erect. This
gave Mike a raging hard-on which Carol spotted. She fulfilled his fantasy by
being Jennifer that night for him. He gave her an education that night. Carol
whispered in his ear, "Yes daddy please fuck me."

He moaned "I'm cumming Jennifer" and blew 3 loads into his wife.

When they recovered Carol asked Mike, "So does this mean you are going to
break in my daughters?"

Mike thought about it for a moment and told her "Well they would be properly
educated and losing it to me beats the back of some guy's car who might not
call back."

Carol agreed and told him make sure you were a condom.

* * *

The girls waited until Mike and Carol went into the house and started to
tickle each other. Jan was able to feel Jen's breast up and Jen felt between
Jan's legs. The girls called a truce and Jen casually leaned over and kissed
Jan. Jan was surprised by the kiss and why she kissed her. Jen told cause I
wanted to. Jan asked Jennifer if she ever kissed anyone else. Jennifer told
her my dad taught me and I want to teach you Jan admitted kissing no one.
Jennifer spent the next hour teaching Jan to kiss and touch herself.

Jennifer had a finger in Jan's vagina and another on her clitoris. Jan
was kissing Jennifer with tongue. She broke off the kiss as her orgasm
overwhelmed her body. Jan was moaning "holy shit Jennifer" as Jennifer
has 2 fingers in Jan's vagina. Jan told Jennifer she loved her. Jan and
Jennifer cleaned Jen's fingers kissed and held each other until sleep
overtook them.

* * *

Carol awoke the next morning and went to get the girls up. Alice was up
cooking bacon she gave Carol a kiss. Carol opened the tent and both girls
were wrapped around each other. She could smell some sex had happened in
here. Jennifer awoke first and stretched her PJ top was unbuttoned all the
way. Carol saw a nice set of breasts devolping. Jan awoke a few minutes
later. She told her mom they would be there in a few minutes. Jennifer
buttoned up her PJ top and put on her robe. When Carol got back to the
house she whispered to Alice "I think we might get Jan to teach. Something
happened between Jan and her girlfriend."

Jennifer top was unbuttoned and gave a good view. The girl were quiet during
the breastfast. The girls showered up and Carol drove Jennifer home cause she
was going shopping. Jennifer told Carol "Your as cool as my mom". She then
kissed Carol on the lips quickly and jumped out of the car. Carol was sure
the girls experimened last night.

Part 3

Mike was working on a project for work when Jan came into the den. She hung
out watching him for a little while. She brought him a cup of coffee Mike
took a sip and told her it's delious. He noticed she had a look on her face.
Mike asked her "if everything was ok". She told him yes. Jan took a deep
breath and asked her father, "Dad can you teach me how to kiss."

Mike told her "Sure, but we have to keep it a secret from mom."

They relaxed on his sofa and kissed her softly. He slowly worked his tongue
into her mouth and she tok it willingly. They made out for about 20 minutes.
She was sitting on his lap when the kiss broke off. Mike told her, "I have
to get back to work now we will do it again tomorrow."

Jan's nipples were erect and she felt like she peed herself. She went into
her room and lowered her jeans and panties. Her panties were soaked as she
pulled up her her panties Alice walked into the room. Jan froze she was
relieved it was just Alice. Alice asked if everything was ok. Jan told her
I got the feeling before my period comes I was checking for blood. She told
Jan if you need advise or help with anything I'm here for you.

The next 2 weeks Jan meet her father in different places and times and
practiced kissing. They were observed once by Alice who went into the
bathroom and masturbated.

Jan slept over Jennifer's house on a Friday night she had a bad dream. They
had been together all day swimming and shopping. Jennifer and her mom rush
over to comfort her. They stayed with her comforting and slowly seducing her
they kissed and touched her. Michelle took over while Jennifer gave her
father a blowjob. As Michelle brought Jan off to her strongest orgasm ever
Jennifer took her fathers load into her mouth. When Jan recovered Michelle
asked her "If she would help her husband out by giving him a blowjob?"

Jan told her "I never did that before".

Michelle showed her how to and helped her get started. Jan loved the feeling
and took to it like a duck to water. When he was ready to cum he pulled out
and blew his load into Michelle mouth. She then kissed Jan deeply sharing the
cum. Michelle told her daddy wasn't sure if you would swallow the cum or
throw up. When Jan go home the next day she was determined to give her daddy
a blowjob.

Part 4

She entered the kitchen and took a carrot and a cucumber with her down to
the bathroom. She watched herself as she practiced sucking cock on the carrot
and the cucumber. Jan practiced for 10 minutes with the cucumber. She got
comfortable with its size. She practiced deep throating with the carrot and
gagged a few times. She felt confident that she could give a blowjob to her

When he went to the den to work she waited 10 minutes and then entered. He
turned and kissed her which surprised her. They proceeded over to the couch
and made out. Mike reached out and started to massage her nipples which
became erect quickly. She noticed after 5 minutes her father's hard on was
rubbing against her.

Jan broke off the kiss and told him to stand up. Jan undid his pants and he
dropped them down. She stroked it a few times and looked up at her father and
took him into her mouth. She could take about 4 inches of his 7 inch cock.
Jan heard her father moan as he played with her nipples. Mike lasted about 10
minutes and then told her, "I'm cumming, Jan."

He shot 3 loads into her mouth and she swallowed it quickly. Mike was a
little weak afterward he told her, "Thanks I needed that."

A few nights later she couldn't sleep and went down stairs and he went into
the tv room. Mike had this project on his mind he got up around 0100 hrs. He
was going into his den to work when he saw the light from the tv room. Jan
was watching a movie and he starled her. She smiled when she realized who it
was. Mike asked, "What was she was doing?"

She told him, "I could not sleep."

He told her, "I have something that will help you."

A few minutes later she was sucking his cock. They were at it for 5 minutes
when Carol cleared her throat. Jan had a terrified look on her face as her
mother came into the room. She kissed her husband and told him let's take
this to our bedroom.

Mike carried Jan upstairs to his bedroom. He put her on the bed and they got
on the bed with her. Carol gave Mike a nod and he leaned down and kissed Jan.
Mike slowly worked his tongue into her mouth. When the kiss broke off Carol
leaned over and kissed her the same way. Mike got turned on quickly watching
this. Carol never told him she occasionally was bisexual.

Carol broke ofthe kiss and kissed Mike for a few minutes. Mike lied on the
bed and Carol whispered into Jan's ear. The girls stripped Mike's pjs bottoms
off and Jan started giving her father a blowjob again. Carol joined in a few
minutes later. Mike didn't last long and the girls shared his load. The girls
kissed deeply as Carol stripped her daughter. Jan seemed relaxed being nude
with her parents. Jan helped her mother strip off her nightgown. She noticed
her mother nipples were erect and she was shaved.

She lied between her parents Mike nodded to Carol. He moved over and kissed
Jan deeply as mom licked her nipples and Jan teased her mothers nipples. Mike
slowly slid his fingers down and reached her wet pussy. He broke the kiss and
Carol took over kissing her. Mike slid his finger up and down Jan's slit and
she opened up for him. Jan was very wet already he fingered her while licking
her breast. Carol added a finger so they both working her clitoris and
vagina. Jan was moaning, "Oh my god this feel so good."

Jan experienced her first orgasm with her parents help. She kissed both her
parents and Carol asked her if she wanted her father to love her. Jan became
wided eyed and said, "yes."

Carol showed her how to put on a condom on her father. She helped Jan mount
her father. Mike slid into her slowly a few times. Jan told her mother she
was ready Carol kissed her deeply and pinched her arm. Mike plunged in hard
and held steady for a few minutes. Jan broke off the kiss with her mom. Mike
fucked Jan slowly letting her get use to the feeling. He rolled them over so
he was on top. They slowly increased speed and Mike licked her nipples. He
fucked her for 10 minutes Jan moaned, "I'm cumming again."

Carol inserted a wet finger to Mike's ass and they were able to time it
perfectly. They had there orgasm together and Carol was beaming.

A little while later Carol went down on Jan and ate her out to another orgasm
while getting fucked in the ass by Mike. When the recovered Mike and Carol
told Jan happy 12th birthday. Jan told her parents this was the best birthday
present a girl could ever get. She asked, "Carol has Marcia done this?"

Carol told her, "No, your the first."

She finally beat Marcia at something.


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