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Brady Bunch: Laundry Day
by Dr. Bone Who Sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below

"Peter, I am sorry that you were grounded for the next five weekends, but
there is something I have to ask you about." said Alice the Brady's maid.
Peter instantly had feelings of guilt. He had an idea where this was going.

"I was going through the laundry and found this in the bottom of the hamper."
she said taking out a pair of panties that belonged to his sister, Jan. Peter
was half relieved, if she found out about the other thing he was going to
really be in hot water.

Alice uncrumpled the panties, they made a sticky tearing sound as she did.
So. Peter tried to say he did not know what she was talking about. "Peter
these were found buried under your clothes in the bottom of the laundry in
the hamper you and your brother's use. And don't try to say you sister had
sex and this stain is from her lover. If she had had sex and put them back
on the stain would be at the very bottom where her crotch was. No, somebody
used these panties to masturbate, then stashed them in the bottom of the
laundry bin. Why Peter?"

Peter thought of lying but then decided he was caught, and being that Alice
had not gone to his mother he might get off with just a lecture. "I was using
them to, uh you know, jerk-off. I thought I heard somebody and panicked and
threw them in the bin."

"Peter that is very well and good but that does not tell me why."

Peter understood what Alice wanted to know, "I, the panties feel good going
up and down on my, uh di-, my penis. I don't know why, they just do."

"Well Peter you cannot do that, they are your sister's underwear. If you
must do this you must throw them out, of course you should buy your own."
Peter looked dismayed, until Alice said she would go to the store and buy
them for him, if he gave her the money. She got up and locked the door for
the bedroom as Peter thanked her for not embarrassing him by going to his
mother, he would have had to sit through days of lecturing.

Alice turned to face him, she took out a pair of her panties from her
dresser. Peter asked what she was doing, she told him to take out his cock
adding the commanding word "Now!"

"Don't be shy, do it now!" she said getting to her knees in front of him.
Peter did as Alice asked. She took her panties and put them around his cock
and rubbed them up and down. She was pleased that his cock started to grow

"Peter, it is okay that you have a fetish. It is normal. But I don't want
you to turn into the sort of old man that sits at home doing this when you
could have your girlfriend do this."

"I understand." Peter said as his voice cracked for the first time in years.
The rubbing felt so good on his cock that he came in the panties with a huge
load. Alice squeezed and milked every last drop out of his cock, then she
tossed the soiled panties on the side, and still holding his cock in her
hands took it into her mouth. "Alice!" Peter screamed out as the homely maid
sucked his cock. His scream was more out of surprise than anything else. He
had never gotten such good head.

"I want to make sure you can orgasm with no panties involved." she said
taking his cock back into her mouth. Alice in her full uniform kept sucking
his cock until it was rock hard, as she did so she opened her blouse and
undid her bra. She guided his hand down to her tits.

Her panties joined her bra on the floor. "She held his cock up as she
squatted down on it. "Still hard that is a good sign!" Peter could not
believe this was happening, but in truth he had jerked off about a moment
like this a thousand times.

Alice kissed him deeply as she banged down on his cock, and had him suck on
her tits. Before he knew it Peter blasted his load deep inside her. As Alice
got dressed Peter started to leave when she asked him "Peter, now about these
magazines. The hardcore ones from Sweden I found under your mattress when
changing the linens..."


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