Brady Bunch: Never Too Old (MF,FF,mf,oral)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Carol Brady was getting dressed when Alice came in.

"Your mother's room is all fixed," Alice said. Alice just looked at Carol and
licked her lips .

Carol could see the lust in her eyes, with that Carol laid on the bed. She
pulled her panties to one side and was rubbing her clit. "Well, Alice what
are you waiting for? Just lock the door, I don't want Bobby or Cindy to walk

With that Alice dropped her dress and stood in a bra and panties. And soon
she removed them, crawled between Carol's legs and opened her pussy up. Carol
could feel Alice`s tongue along her clit, and her thumb that went into her
waiting ass.

* * *

Marcia was walking by her mother's room, and she could hear her mother
moaning. The sound made her own pussy so wet. Marcia went into the boys room.
She was looking for Greg, but he was at football practice. Peter was there
though. Marcia walked over to Peter, "Hey can you help me with something?"
she asked.

"Sure," Peter said, "What is it?"

Marcia raised her short dress, "My pussy is on fire. I need you to FUCK ME!"

Peter wasted no time. He was on his knees licking Marcia's wet pussy. Soon
Marcia was feeling Pete's cock rubbing against her clit, driving her crazy.

"OH, OH, GOD! You are bigger than Greg, but how could that be?"

Peter had found his dad's cock pump and used it often. Peter knew he had to
compete with the blacks and their big cocks.

* * *

Mike was waiting at the airport, when he saw Connie, Carol's mother. She
gave him a kiss on the mouth, "How are you doing," she smiled.

"Just fine," he said as he felt his cock twitch.

They walked to the car, Mike opened the door for Connie. He could see her
frim thighs as she slid into the car. As they drove, Connie looked at Mike
,leaned over and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his large cock, which
looked like a club. Connie ran her tongue around the large cock head. And
was soon taking him deep in her throat. The only sound that was in the car
was the sound of Connie sucking his cock. She contiue to take him deep,
while holding his large balls.

* * *

Carol and Alice were in a sixty-nine position. Carol's tongue was buried in
Alice's pussy. Alice was bucking. As she was about to cum, "OOOOOHHHH,
YEEESSS!!!" she said as Carol drank all of Alice's juices.

* * *

Peter was still fucking Marcia, til Marcia wanted to suck him and to taste
his hot cum as it went down her throat.

* * *

Soon Mike arrived home with Connie. Carol could smell the scent of cum on
her mother's lips. "I hope you left me some for later," she smiled.


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