Brady Bunch: One Big Happy Family (mm/f,mm/ff,inc)
by Uncle Mike

The two boys sat on their beds in a room decorated with model planes and toy
cars and one rather worn-out teddy bear.

"At least Bobby's away at summer camp, so it's just the two of us," Peter

Greg nodded in agreement. "Yeah. But it's worse for me, Pete. If Dad hadn't
gotten married again, I'd be in my own room still. I'm too old to room with
you kids. You've got a couple of years yet before you can complain."

"Oh, yeah? Havin' to share my bedroom with my dumb little brother and you?
And having those girls around the house all the time? I wish Dad had just
stayed single. Mom would never had made us all share one room. Why can't we
just buy a bigger house? Or build one? He's an architect, isn't he?"

"But not a pretty good one," Greg said. "What kind of architect makes six
kids share one bathroom?"

Peter smiled. "Then I'm glad he's no good. That keyhole is the only good
thing about having the girls in here."

"Yeah, you're right. But I'm gettin' too old to whack off just watching. I
hate having to wait for Marcia or Jan to get out of the bathroom again before
I can go in and wash off."

"But what can we do about it?"

Greg was about to reply when they heard a noise in the bathroom. The boys
held their breath, straining to hear. It was after 9 in the evening, the
girls' turn to use the bathroom. Over the last few months they'd gotten used
to the noises each one made: Cindy, the smallest, always made the toilet
squeak when she crawled on top, and usually knocked over the toothpaste tube
at least once. Jan, the middle girl, was really quiet; even when she peed,
you could hardly hear the splash. They'd already heard Cindy's bumbling and
Jan's timid "swoosh," but sometimes one of them snuck back in before their
oldest sister got her chance.

They heard the clatter of bottles bumping together. That had to be Marcia,
the oldest. She always wore makeup during the day and smeared it off at
night. The boys looked at each other, huge grins on their faces. "Well, I
guess whacking off one more night won't hurt," Peter said.

They tiptoed up to the door and silently played scissors, paper, stone to see
who went first. Greg won, so he kneeled down and put one eye up to the

In the narrow bathroom, Marcia was standing at the sink, wearing only a bra
and panties, both in demure white. She wasn't as big as the women in the
Playboys Greg had hidden under his bed, but she was big enough to need a bra,
at least. She was tall for her age, and slim but not skinny: she had curves
in all the right places. Her long blond hair fell straight down onto her
shoulders, framing an oval face that was pretty enough to have several guys
at school asking Greg to set them up with his new step-sister. Fat chance,
though; Marcia was a snooty bitch, Greg thought; she barely talked to him,
let alone his friends.

His train of thought was derailed by Peter's poke from behind. "Hey, it's my

The boys changed places. Peter knelt before the keyhole and slipped his
slacks and underpants down to his knees. His hand hovered over his cock, but
he didn't touch it and it stayed soft. "She's not naked yet," he said with a
frown. Marcia was posing in front of the mirror now, holding her hair up in a
bun, then pulling it into a ponytail. Finally she let it fall back and put
her hands behind her back, reaching for the snap of her bra.

Peter was about to start stroking when Greg pushed him out of the way.
"Time's up," the older boy said.

As Greg watched, Marcia pulled the bra off and tossed it on the toilet tank.
Her breasts were even whiter than the rest of her creamy body, making her
dark nipples and the circles around them stand out sharply. Marcia posed in
front of the mirror again, cupping the tits and pushing them together to form
cleavage. Greg's cock was out of his pants and he was rubbing himself slowly.
He saw Marcia turn away, looking at her tits in profile. They stood out
nicely from her chest, like smoothly rounded hills.

That was all Greg got to see; Peter pushed in and took up the spot at the
keyhole. As he watched, Marcia pulled her panties down to the floor and
stepped out of them. Peter had one hand on the doorknob and the other on his
knob; for a second he forgot which was which and rattled the doorknob. Marcia
looked up quickly, but Peter was quiet. Marcia then kicked the panties off.
Peter's stroking grew faster as he saw the small patch of hair that bloomed
like a flower just above her cunt, leaving the the lips fully exposed.

He saw her pull aside the shower curtain and turn on the water, then quickly
toss a towel onto the toilet seat and step into the shower, drawing the
curtain behind her. Greg put a hand on Peter's shoulder.

"There's nothing to see, she's in the shower now," Peter said, shrugging off
the touch. "Leave me alone, I want to finish."

"Yeah, she's probably standing right in front of the keyhole," Greg whispered
back. As the boys struggled, Peter's hand pushed on the doorknob again.
"SSssshhh!" Greg hissed, and he put a hand on top of Peter's. Their hands
slipped on the knob and it twisted; as they pulled away the door began to
open. Hastily, they eased it closed. "That was close," Peter said.

Then the boys looked straight at each other. And at the door. And at each
other again. "Didn't she lock the door?" Greg asked. "I thought you saw her,"
Peter said.

Without saying another word, both brothers stripped to the skin. As Greg
opened the bathroom door, he turned back to Peter and whispered very quietly.
"Just follow my lead."

They tiptoed in, taking long strides to reach from one floor mat to the next.
At the near end of the tub, by the faucets, Greg motioned Peter to stop and
wait. The older boy continued across to the far end of the bathroom, crawling
along the floor so Marcia couldn't see his outline through the shower
curtain. He locked the door to the girls' room, then crept back to the end of
the tub.

They could make out a blurry image of Marcia's body through the translucent
curtain as she soaped herself up, rubbing all over. Finally Marcia put the
bar of soap down on the edge of the tub, just inches away from Greg. As she
stepped back to rinse, Greg reached out and tipped the soap into the tub,
where it fell with a clatter. As Marcia bent down to retrieve it, Greg
pointed at Peter.

In a flash, Peter slipped through the shower curtain and stepped in behind
his step-sister. Marcia straightened up with a jerk, but before she could
turn around Greg stepped in front of her. While she was staring in shock,
Peter grabbed her from behind, one hand over her mouth and the other around
her waist.

Marcia tried to squirm out of his grasp. Peter's hand slipped easily on her
sleek, soapy skin. Greg managed to take hold of her hands, but Marcia
continued to struggle. Peter's left hand was clapped firmly on her mouth, but
his right was sliding up and down. When Marcia tried to slump away, his hand
rubbed across her breast. A jolt went through his body as he felt her hard
nipple underneath his fingers. Her butt was sliding back and forth in his
crotch, and he could feel his dick growing harder and bigger. The water
continued to cascade over them. Peter started to lose his grip and she
pressed forward. Peter tried for a better grasp and found himself clutching a
handful of curly hair, then his hand slipped again and he felt her pussy
lips. He moved in closer to stop her squirming and his cock settled into the
valley of her butt. It fit snugly, and the water pouring down quickly washed
away the soap, allowing the tight squeeze to create friction that made
Peter's rod bigger and harder.

While Peter was struggling, Greg had pulled Marcia's hands up above her head
and he was trying to kiss her tits. Marcia twisted to one side, allowing the
water to hit Greg full in the face. He fell back, hitting the back wall of
the shower and sliding down until he was sitting on the edge of the tub,
Marcia's hands slipping out of his grasp.

In that same second, Peter's fingers slipped past the pussy lips and popped
into Marcia's cunt, hot and soaking wet from the shower and their struggle.

Marcia leaped away in shock, pulling Peter's hand from her crotch. But as she
landed, her feet began to slip out from under her and she fell forward. Greg
reached up to catch her and she managed to regain her footing, but when Greg
grabbed her tits in both hands she staggered back, still crouched over -- and
impaled her cunt on Peter's rigid cock. As Greg's hands slid off her tits,
Marcia slipped a bit and her head dropped down into his lap. She opened her
mouth to scream but Greg's rock-hard dick slipped in.

Except for the swoosh of the shower, there was no sound or movement for
several shocked seconds. Then nature took over.

Peter began to stroke in and out of his step-sister's tight cunt, staring in
fascination as her pussy lips stretched to take him in. The smooth white
globes of her ass stared back at him. Marcia was still squirming, but that
only made the feeling better.

Greg reached up to take her head in his hands and pushed her down onto his
cock. He felt the tip slide up her tongue as it scraped along the rough top
of her mouth. As it hit the back of her throat, she recoiled -- slamming
Peter's cock through her maidenhead. She let out a long, low sigh.

Greg's dick was still inside her lips, and the vibration of her sigh made it
thicken even more. He once again took her head in his hands, and this time
she didn't resist. Forming her lips into a pursed "O", she sucked on his rod
as she slowly knelt down, careful to keep Peter's peter inside her as he
knelt behind her. With one hand on the tub's bottom for balance, Marcia
reached up with her right and encircled the base of Greg's dick, rubbing up
and down the part her lips couldn't reach.

Peter returned to his stroking as well, now able to push all the way inside
her hot tunnel. Soon the three fell into a rhythm, with Marcia first heaving
back onto Peter's cock and then leaning forward to take Greg's cock deep into
her mouth.

"Oh, God, Marcia," Peter moaned, "you're so damn tight. God, you make my cock
feel so good."

"Yeah, and you suck great, too . . . Sis," Greg said quietly.

Marcia looked up at him, her eyes wide. It was the first time he'd called her
"sister," the first time he hadn't treated her as an outsider in his home.
She pulled back from his cock and smiled. "Mmmm, thanks. With two cocks like
this around, I'm really glad I'm in the family. Now shut up and stick that
cock back in my mouth."

They went back at it as steam curled over the top of the shower curtain and
water poured off their bodies. Peter pounded away at her pussy, ramming his
cock in and out. He couldn't get over how different the sensation was from
rubbing himself; Marcia's cunt fit like a second skin, tight but at the same
time almost pillowy soft. Every once in awhile he pulled all the way out,
just for the joy of slipping slowly back in again and feeling her lips slide
around the head of his dick. His hands roamed over her body, caressing her.
Tentatively, he slid a finger down the crack of her butt and slipped it into
her asshole; Marcia wiggled in acceptance. As he pushed the finger in and
out, he almost could feel his own cock stretching her cunt tight against it.

Greg was lost in his own excitement as he saw his sister's head bob up and
down on his cock. Once she pulled out again and he started to say something,
but she just pulled up his rod and began to lick it on the bottom, from the
base to the tip. A shiver ran down his spine. She tenderly cupped his sac in
her hand and licked it. When she popped him back into her mouth, he reached
down and grabbed her tits, taking a nipple in each hand and gently squeezing.
Marcia's hand on his cock began to speed up and Greg began to groan. His
breath came in short gasps and at last he moaned "I'm ... I'm coming!" He
felt the jism boil out of his balls and shoot through his cock to explode
into his young step-sister's mouth. Marcia swallowed it all in a few gulps
and pulled back, wiping the last few drips away with a finger and then
sucking the finger clean.

"Hey, Peter, how are you doing?" she called back. The younger boy was still
pumping away. In answer, he slammed his cock forward as hard as he could.
"Unngggh!" Marcia grunted in pleasure. "Slam it into me, Peter! Ride me like
a fucking dog! Yes! Yes!" Her dirty talk sent Peter over the edge. He spurted
deep within her as Marcia's body began to be racked with contractions. Greg
bent down and kissed her hard, their tongues wrestling together, as her butt
wiggled furiously and Peter held on as tightly as he could.

When it was all over, they all slid down into the tub. The water splashed
over them as they looked at each other, dumb grins on their faces, their hair
plastered to their heads.

Another shiver shook Marcia. "Are you cumming again?" Peter asked. She looked
up at the shower head. "No, silly, it's the shower. We're out of hot water!"

"Yipes, you're right," Greg said, leaping to his feet. They all climbed out
of the tub as Peter turned off the flow. Greg pulled a couple of towels from
the linen closet and they began to dry off, the two boys taking turns rubbing
down Marcia. Greg's cock grew hard again and he let his towel slip to the
floor as he embraced her, his dick rubbing at the entrance to her cunt. "I
should get a fuck, too," he said. "After all, I'm the oldest. Peter got his

Marcia giggled. "You'll get it, but not with me!"


"You'll see. Just dry off and wait by the door to our room. You'll figure it

With that, Marcia wrapped one towel around her body and made another one into
a turban around her dripping hair. She unlocked the door to the girls' room
and slipped out, turning out the light behind her.

Greg and Peter quickly dried off and hurried over to the door, slipping it
open just a crack. The girls' bedroom was dark, too. As they listened, Cindy
rustled in her bed and sat up, complaining to Marcia that she couldn't sleep
with all the noise going on. Marcia told her she was just dreaming, there
wasn't any noise. "But I HEARD it," Cindy insisted.

"You must just be having a nightmare," Marcia told the little girl. "Why
don't you go sleep with Mommy?" Cindy quickly agreed and left the room.

Then the boys heard a loud thump that sounded like a schoolbook hitting the
floor. "Huhh? Whazzat?" Jan said, sleep heavy in her voice.

"Oh, sorry, Sis, did I wake you?"

Jan said it was OK, but Marcia kept apologizing. Somehow the apologizing
turned into girl talk and Marcia and her younger sister began whispering back
and forth.

The talk got around to school, and Marcia asked Jan about Tommy, one of the
boys in her class. Did Jan like him?

"He's a dork," Jan said. "So are most of the boys in this neighborhood. I
wish Mom had never gotten married. I liked it in our old school."

"Gee, I didn't think you were so turned off by ALL the boys around here,"
Marcia said with a giggle.

"What do you mean?"

"I saw you the other night," Marcia went on, "peeking through the keyhole
into the bathroom when Greg was washing up. Or were you just polishing the

Jan giggled back. "Well, Greg IS cute ... and Peter, too, I guess."

In the bathroom, Greg and Peter punched each other lightly on their

"Oh, you think they're just cute?" Marcia's voice got a little louder. "Is
that why you had a hand up your nightgown while you were watching?"

"Marcia!""Come on, admit it, Jan. They make you hot. I'll let you in on a
secret: I've watched them, too."

"Well, I do think about them sometimes ..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I imagine I'm in bed -- naked. And ..."

"Go on, you can tell me," Marcia murmured.

"I'm naked, and ... and my eyes are closed, and Greg and Peter come in."

Peter opened the bathroom door a bit more, but Greg pulled him back. Jan kept

"Peter reaches out and touches my breasts ..."

Marcia laughed softly.

"Don't laugh," Jan said sharply. "They're not so big, but they're big enough.
Bigger than someone else's were when SHE was 12."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sis," Marcia said. Her voice seemed to be moving closer, and
there was a small creaking sound and a rustling like sheets being pulled
aside. "You've got very nice breasts."

Jan let out a short, sharp exclamation, but Marcia's voice was soft and
comforting. "Very nice breasts. Ooh, your nipples are so hard. Can I taste

Jan mumbled an "uh-huh," and Greg and Peter heard sucking noises. After a
little while, Marcia spoke again.

"So, tell me, Jan..."

"Wh-what?" Jan's voice was a gasp.

"About Greg and Peter. You know."

"Oh, uh, Peter touches my breasts, and Greg ... mmmm ... Greg, he strokes my
legs up and down, softly ..."

"Like this?"

"Oh, yes!"

"And then?"

"And then he puts his hand on m-my ... uh, my ..."

"Your pussy? Like this?"

"Oooh, yeah. And then Peter moves down, and they both start licking me -- oh,
yesss, like that! -- and, oh, God, and sucking it, and their tongues ...

As Jan was speaking, Greg and Peter slipped out of the bathroom and walked
over to her bed. Their eyes had gotten accustomed to the dim light and they
could see Jan's leg's spread wide, with Marcia laying between them, her
tongue buried in her sister's cunt. Jan wasn't as curvy as Marcia, and as she
lay on the bed her tits had flattened into her chest. But her nipples stood
out sharply as she massaged her breasts. Her blonde hair flew back and forth
on her pillow as she twisted in delirious excitement and murmured endlessly,
"Oh, God, yesss, suck me, sister, suck me, lick me, please, yesss, oh, God,

Greg and Peter came up on either side of Marcia, each putting one hand on top
of hers as she caressed Jan's smooth stomach. Marcia eased her hands away and
the boys could feel Jan's sweaty body pulsating beneath their fingers.

Marcia slipped off the bed. "Oh, God, NO!" Jan called. "Don't stop!"

Greg quickly moved into Marcia's place, burying his face in his step-sister's
pungent delta. "Oooh, that's it," Jan groaned in delight.

Then Peter licked his way from her navel to her crotch and he and Greg began
taking turns sticking their tongues between Jan's pussy lips.

Her eyes flew open. "Wha..." she began to shout, but Marcia silenced her with
a deep, wet kiss. "It's OK, Sis," the older sister said. "It's just your
fantasy coming true."

"Cumming is right," Jan said with a smile as she began to buck her hips while
Greg and Peter continued their probing. "Thanks, Marcia."

"Do you like it?" the older sister teased. "Then show me how much." Marcia
swung a leg over so that she was straddling Jan's face. "Lick me, Jan. Lick
me real good. Suck your big sister's cunt!"

Jan's reply was lost in Marcia's muff.

At her other end, Greg had pushed Peter aside and was kneeling on the end of
the bed, rubbing the head of his cock up and down at the entrance to Jan's
sopping wet pussy. Slowly he eased it in an inch or two until he felt the
resistance of her hymen. He began short, slow strokes.

Jan began to raise her head in surprise, but that only pushed her tongue
deeper into Marcia's twat. Greg played with Jan's cunt, slipping his cock
back and forth at the entrance so her tight lips caressed his dick's head.
With a finger, he twiddled her clit. "Jan, your cunt is wonderful," he
moaned. "My sister's got a damn wonderful tight cunt!"

Peter was beginning to feel neglected, but Marcia motioned him to come closer
to her. She rubbed her right hand in the juices flooding out of her pussy,
reached out to Peter and began to rub his cock as they locked in a deep kiss.

Greg gradually increased his strokes until at last he broke through Jan's
hymen and sunk his dick deep into her. In his eagerness, he kept up his
stroking, but Marcia felt Jan's sudden tension -- actually, Jan nipped her
clit -- and tapped Greg on the shoulder with her free hand.

"Easy," she said. "Take it easy. Let her recover. No, don't take it all the
way out. Let her get used to it." She grinned. "It didn't take me long."

Marcia might have said more, but Peter hungrily grabbed her tits as he
plunged his tongue into her mouth. The older girl kept up her stroking on her
younger brother's cock.

Shortly, Jan started bucking up and down on Greg's cock. Getting the message,
he began to push in again. Soon all four of them were in synch. "This is
better than any Playboy!" Greg groaned as his eyes took in the picture: his
cock plunging into his younger sister's cunt, sweat and pussy juices
glistening on her sparse patch of hair. Further away, his brother Peter
getting a hand job from Marcia, whose pussy was pouring fluids all over Jan's
face and neck. He reached down and caressed Jan's nipples as his cock drove
in and out of her velvet vise.

This time Peter was the first to shoot. "I'm cummmming!" he bleated and fired
a load of come all over Jan's belly. As soon as the warm spunk hit her skin,
Jan gyrated wildly. Her frantic tonguing brought Marcia to climax.
"Yesyesyesyesyes! Jan, your sister loves you! God, I'm... aaaaaaaggghhh!"

Greg kept up his slamming strokes as Marcia collapsed onto the floor on one
side of the bed, Peter on the other.

"Yes, Greg, fuck me hard! Harder! I want you all the way in! Unnnh-yes!
Deeper!" Jan's voice got lower and lower, almost disintegrating into a grunt.
"Fuck me, big brother. Fuck your sister's cunt with that rod. Ram my pussy

Greg's balls felt as if they were on fire. Sweat was flying off his body as
he rode Jan's cunt. He leaned over, supporting himself on aching arms, and
licked at her tits.

"More! More!" Jan's urgings drove Greg wild.

"Damn, you're a horny bitch! God, what a sister! I'm gonna fill you up! I'm
... get ready! I'm cumming! I'm ..." His breath came in short gasps as his
cock drove in faster and faster and faster. Jan's fingernails raked across
his back as she raised her feet high, bringing them down on his ass to push
him in deeper.

"Fuck me ALL THE WAY!" she moaned, the last word coming out as a long, deep
sigh. "God, please, do it, do it, do-it-do-it- do-it-YESSSSSSS!" Her body
suddenly stiffened, then relaxed, then stiffened as wave after wave of orgasm
flooded her.

"Unnnhhh, aaaahhh!" Greg was beyond words as he felt his own orgasm turn his
cock to stone. He felt the hot jism pulse through his prick and blast into
Jan's cunt until at last, spent, his arms gave way and he collapsed onto his
sister's sweaty body.

In the dark of the bedroom, the brothers and sisters lay in silence. Their
bodies began to cool, but they could still smell the rich odors of their
passion. "Wow," Peter whispered. "Is this what they call an orgy?"

Across the bed, Marcia smiled. "This isn't an orgy, Peter. It's just ... just
the Brady Bunch."

They were all lying on Jan's bed when the bedroom door opened and the light
flicked on.

"Mom!" Four voices cried out simultaneously.

Mrs. Brady, a slim woman with short blond hair, stood in the doorway, arms
akimbo. Her filmy nightgown flapped opened, exposing a short, silky pink

"I thought something was going on up here," she said, stepping into the room
and closing the door behind her. "When Cindy came in to sleep with us, I got

She walked up to the bed, where the boys and girls were tugging in vain at
the sheets tangled beneath them, trying to find some cover. "Good thing your
dad is such a sound sleeper."

"Wh-what are you gonna do?" Peter stuttered out. "Are you gonna -- ground
us? Or what?"

In reply, Mrs. Brady slipped the nightgown off her shoulders. "No, Peter, I'm
not going to ground you," she said, softly.

"You mean you're not mad?" Greg sat up on the bed. "For real?"

"Mad?" Their mother reached behind her back and unzipped her teddy. "I've
been wondering how long it would take you kids to figure out what a great
opportunity you had -- and whether you'd let me in on it." She let the teddy
fall to the floor, exposing a mature but still very shapely body.

She put a knee on the mattress. "I just hope there's room for me on this


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