Brady Bunch: Peter And Carol And Alice - Something Came Up (mFF,reluc)
by Dr. Bone

The incident happened at a theme park Mr. Brady had designed. You probably remember it from that horrible kid's show in the early 1970's. Anyway Mr. Brady had to go back to work leaving the rest of the family at the park for the rest of the week.

The Brady's piled into a ride that was a low roller coaster designed with a lot of "speed bumps" to jolt people up and down. At the last minute Mrs. Brady wanted in on the first run of this new ride and got onto her step-son Peter's lap.

Peter was uncomfortable at first as his siblings made fun of him. But as the ride took off he had another reason to be so. Mrs. Brady's tight ass, in her white jeans kept banging down on Peter's crotch. Up and down with each bump her tight cheeks slammed against Peter. He tried to think of anything else but her ass but it was too much as the ride got near the end he was near the end himself and came with a slight groan, none of the others knew what happened. When the ride ended Peter got off as quickly as possible when his mother asked what had happened, he said that something had "come-up" as he tried to hide the stain in his shorts.

Alice, the Brady's maid had a better idea of what had happened. Later that evening she had gotten Peter's shorts and underwear out of the laundry and confirmed her suspicions.

She did not say anything, but Mrs. Brady became concerned when Peter became shy around her or avoided her. When they did speak to her he avoided eye contact. Finally Alice spoke to Mrs. Brady about what had happened. "Oh poor Peter! Is there anything we can do about it?"

Alice said she had read an article and had an idea, it was about desensitization therapy. It might work. The next day while the rest of the family went to a nearby resort Alice, Peter, and Mrs. Brady stood behind. Mrs. Brady had on a short blue sundress.

"Peter, we have to talk. What happened was natural, and I am sorry I should have realized what was happening that day. But I am still your mother and we have to get behind this. So I want you to relax, we are going to do something to ensure you don't have that problem again. Now I am going to sit on your lap like I did that day. So it will not arouse you."

"When she does this you must think of other things, okay?" Said Alice.

Mrs. Brady sat lightly on her son's lap, but without the bouncing he was able to stop himself from having a hard-on at first. But after a few minutes it started to rise. "Okay! That's a good start." Carol said getting off his lap. After a few minutes he cooled down and they did it again and again. Until he adjusted.

Then as Alice told her to do she had him open his pants so the pressure was more directly against him. Even with her bouncing up and down he was able to stop himself for while. Though she was starting to feel aroused a bit.

They took another break. As Mrs. Brady went to the bathroom, Alice winked at Peter. He could not understand what the wink was about.

"Okay! Now we have one last thing to try. I need you to pull down your underwear, don't worry I shall be facing away the whole time."

Peter got onto the bed as Alice explained that this was part of the desensitization therapy. Pulling up her sun dress Mrs. Brady bounced on Peter's cock. He started to rise, but the goal was now that he would not ejaculate.

"Okay Peter hold it up I am just going to touch the top, you have to relax." She said, not being able to bring herself to say the tip. She told him to hold it straight up. Alice pointed out in case an "accident" should happen that she should hold her skirt up so it would not get stained. As Mrs. Brady did this Alice at the last second pulled Mrs. Brady's underwear to the side as she thrust downward, straight onto Peter's naked cock. "Alice! What?" she said as her son's cockhead slid slightly into her now wet pussy.

Peter not being stupid thrust upwards and more of it slide in. Mrs. Brady tried to get up but as she did she slipped falling back down onto his cock which slid into her even further.

"Oh! Mom! This is what I wanted." He said thrusting into her he locked his hand around her waist.

"Peter! Stop! This is not what was meant! Alice!"

Alice told Mrs. Brady this might help Peter get over what was wrong between them, and besides had she not been complaining... She said no more about the sexual dysfunction between her employer and husband.

"You can't tell anyone." Mrs. Brady said as Peter lifter her dress over her head and off. His hands unsnapped her bra and took it off. Alice began to strip. Peter stood up picking up his mother and turned her around on the bed, repositioning her back in the kneeling position and continued to thrust into her. He kissed her back and her lips before thrusting into her deeper than before.

Alice now naked went and kissed Mrs. Brady on the lips deeply at this point she was beyond resisting. Alice then went behind Peter playing with his balls then she rubbed Mrs. Brady's clitoris practically sending her through the ceiling.

When Peter came he bucked pumping his load deep into his step-mother's pussy. When he had at last pulled out Alice pumped his cock dry. Mrs. Brady wanted to get up as she came back to her senses but Alice got down between her legs. "No we must get this nice and clean." She said as she licked Mrs. Brady's pussy.

"Alice." She said as Peter held his dick straight up for his mother to suck.

"You mustn't tell anyone Peter, this is part of therapy." She said as her mouth encircled his cock.

Peter fucked Alice with her legs on his shoulders as Mrs. Brady sat on her face. It went on for several hours until they were all sure they would be missed.

Back in the park later that night the rest of the Bradys asked what had happened and Mrs. Brady said, "Well..something came up." And they left it at that.


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