The Brady Bunch: Red Light Part 1 (mmbg,mgffg,mbFF,reluc,mc)
by Dr. Bone (Who sez: Ya gotta be an adult to read the story below.)

Remember the episode where Cindy sat there starring blankly at the camera on
the quiz show. Well it was not her fault. In the 1950's the government had
tried out mind control. First at drive-ins with subliminal messages, then
they tried special red bulbs. They were to be used on studio audiences to
control press conferences but they had a defect, they only worked on females,
and if you watch the episode Cindy competes against two boys. In later
episodes girls were digitally added in to keep the cover up going.

One summer Bobby and Peter worked at the same small station (who got a
shipment of the special bulbs by mistake). Bobby and Peter were to throw
them all out but took a box home to play a gag on Cindy little realizing
what would come of it.

"Oh Cindy! Come in here a moment." said Bobby chuckling.

"What!" said Cindy coming in in her tight black sweater and skirt.

"Oh! Just this!" said Peter chuckling as he switched on the lamp that now
held the infamous red bulb.

Cindy's eyes went wide and her mouth went into a small "o" which both
brothers found disturbingly sexy, though neither would admit it to each

They shouted her name and she stood there. "Sit down!" Peter said and she did

"Quit playing and stand up!" Cindy did that also instantly.

"Oh now you are playing with us." said Peter. "Put your hands on your nose."
to which she complied.

"I think she is hypnotized. I read about it in my junior detective magazine."
said Bobby.

"I say she is faking it!"

The boys argued then they decided to make her do stuff that she would not be
so willing to do.

"Get on all fours, now bark like a dog!" Cindy did it. They had her run
around the place, the boys both got some wood doing it.

"I still say she is faking it." said Bobby.

"Hmmm! Let's make her do something she would never do. Cindy show us your

"Okay Bobby!" she said cheerfully. She pulled up her sweater then unhooked
her bra showing her plump little tits. "Should I hold them up like this?" she
said lifting them up high.

"Why don't you suck on them also." said Bobby, to which Peter elbowed him in
the ribs.

"Enough is enough! Cindy!" Cindy kissed her nipples and started to suck on

"I don't think she is faking. What should we do?" said Bobby.

"Cindy take off all your clothes." Cindy began to undress upon Peter's

"What are you doing?" shrieked Bobby as his sister continued to undress.

"Come on Bobby, it's harmless fun. Its not like we told her that we wanted
her to suck our dicks." said Peter.

"I can do that Peter. But only one at a time!" she said getting down on her
knees before both Brady brothers. She opened both of their flies and pulled
their hard cocks out.

"What nice wieners!" she said taking Bobby's in her mouth as she stroked
Peter's then reversing it.

"Bobby, this is so wrong, but it feels so good!" said Peter as she deep
throated his cock.

Cindy sucked and jerked both their cocks like a machine. When they were about
to cum they had her jam both heads into her mouth as she jerked the shafts
off so that she got a double load.

As she sucked their cocks dry Peter and Bobby moaned.

"Man that was good! She can't be faking that.

"I can't believe we just came in her mouth! Oh! Man! Are we going to be in
trouble!" said Peter.

"Well in for a penny in for a pound!" said Bobby. Stripping naked.

"What are you doing?" said Peter now panicked.

"You'll see. Cindy I want you to get on the couch that way. Good! Now spread
your ass some more. Good."

"Bobby I can't believe you are going to fuck her. She is our sister."

"Come on! Like you have not thought about it yourself." said Bobby as he
lined up his cock and slowly pushed it into Cindy.

"Do you like it Cindy?" asked Bobby to which she nodded yes.

Bobby pounded Cindy for several minutes then pulled it out.

"Come on Peter take a turn." Peter hesitated then he went behind Cindy and
shoved it in to her pussy and began to fuck her and within minutes came in
her. Bobby feeling daring shoved it in her now sloppy blonde pussy and did
the same.

"Shit now what do we do?" said Bobby.

"It not like we can tell Cindy to take a shower, get dressed and forget the
whole thing. The minute she walks out of here we are so in trouble." said

Then they watched as Cindy did just that.

The next day they asked her if she remembered yesterday and she said "Ha! Ha!
You guys call me in then forget the joke, very funny."

Bobby and Peter smiled.


The next weekend they called Cindy down to the living room, everyone was
supposed to be out. Soon she was in a black lace bra and matching panties
sucking both of their cocks when the door opened, it was Jan.

"What the fuck is going on here? Bobby! Cindy? Peter? Cindy stop doing that!"

Bobby and Peter leapt up. "Jan its not like that. You don't know what is
going on." Peter knew there was no excuse. His mind fumbled around and kept
coming up empty.

Bobby knew Jan would rat them out, they probably would get sent to a reform
school. Then he noticed the red light reflecting off her glasses. "Jan it's
an optical illusion, take off your glasses."

"What! No way!" she yanked off her glasses and her face now had the same look
that Cindy's did.

"Wow! How did you know Bobby?" Bobby told Peter that he had seen the light
reflect off the glasses and reasoned that that must have had something to do
with her immunity.

"Good work." said Peter.

Bobby did something that shocked Peter he told Jan to come over and kiss him
deeply. Bobby told Peter that he had wanted to do that for years.

They went over to Jan and squeezed her big tits hard enough to make her
wince. They pinched her nipples through her ugly lime green dress. Bobby
undid the golden button, then he unsnapped her bra. "Mmmm! They are just
like I thought they would be." with that Bobby took one of her tits and
started to suck on it.

"Hey you have a thing for Jan, don't you?" Said Peter.

"No I don't! Lets suck her tits real hard and make her cum, like we did
Cindy!" The brothers did just that and before they knew it Jan did cum. All
the Brady women had sensitive nipples.

Bobby excitedly undid Jan's skirt letting it slide to the floor. Peter
decided to let his brother have Jan first when the door to the room opened
again and in walked Marsha from the optometrist's office. "What the heck is
going on here? Bobby, Jan, Cindy, Peter!!" Jan! Get back on your clothes."

The boys panicked, until Bobby again, thanks to reading his Jr. Detective
magazines, realized what had happened. "Marsha stand still." he said.

"I will not! I am going to tell mom and call the police!" Marsha tried to
move and could not. "What have you perverts done?" she cried.

"Well you are not under the red light's spell due to your eyes being
partially dilated, but you still have to obey us." said Bobby smugly.

"I do not have to obey you, you, creeps."

"Really?" said Peter still sore about being ratted out by her for scratching
the car. "Open you blouse, Marsha." Against her will her hands started to
undo the buttons on her blouse. "Now the bra." Her hands unhooked it with one
smooth snap.

"Stop it Bobby! Peter! I mean it. I know karate!" she tried to kick but could
not. They had her suck her own tits. Then she got on her knees before Peter
as he pulled out his cock and she gasped in horror. "I will not suck your.
Cock you mpphhhh!" she said as she opened her mouth and sucked on his cock.
Peter pushed as much of his cock down his sister's throat as Bobby got the
same treatment from Jan.

The brothers sat on the couch as the girls blew them. Cindy got behind them
and fingered both their pussies together.

"Deeper Jan!" and "Tongue the head Marsha!" were heard in the room as each
Brady sister tried to out deep-throat the other one.

Peter took Marsha from behind and gave her the slamming of her life, as her
eyes undialated she became more and more complaint until she was a sex slave
just like her other two sisters.

Bobby first ate Jan's pussy then gave her a gentle loving fuck (he really did
have a crush on her).

The climax of the day of fucking was Jan and Marsha pumping the brother's
cocks all over Cindy's face, then licking off the goo.


Peter and Bobby tried to stop the "red light" treatment for a week or so but
then came the day that they gave in. "Cindy! Jan! Marsha! Come here!"

There was no answer then their mother Carol Brady and Alice their housekeeper
walked into the room.

"The girls are out today…" was what Mrs. Brady said before the light hit her
eyes. She froze right there and then. Alice walked in behind her and was
frozen also.

"Peter what are we going to do now? Peter you are not thinking of. That's mom
and Alice."

The debate ending within ten minutes. Mrs. Brady and Alice made out with each
other then Alice sucked Peter off while Mrs. Brady took care of Bobby.

"That's it Alice take off your panties, now sit on it. Oh yeah! Now bounce, I
bet this is better than Sam ever gives you. Yeah! For an old lady you have a
nice ass." said Bobby as he directed Alice.

"Lean over the table mom. Lift up your skirt. Mmmm. Well you told me never to
play basketball in the house well how about this sort of ball?" Peter said
pushing his cock into his mother's tight pussy."

After a few hours of fucking the brothers sent them upstairs to clean up.

"Hmmm! What should we do next Bobby?" asked Peter putting on his jeans.

"I have some ideas."

To be continued on the next episode...


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