Author's note: This story and "The Bradford Family Saga" were written
simultaneously; parallel stories with the same theme. Certain scenes and/or
dialogue are common to both.

Brady Bunch: The Amorous Brady Bunch Part 1 (MF,MMFF,inc,inter,voy)
by JGE Powers

Carol Brady sat on the commode, her nightgown bunched around her waist.
Through wide open legs she watched the last drops of her morning piss cling
to her silky blonde pussy-hairs. She stretched and yawned, willing her
reluctant body awake. At her feet a magazine lay open; two classified ads
circled. Her and her husband, Mike had answered one of them last night. The
other was one she wasn't sure that she would tell her husband about.


"Yeah?" he answered, pushing the bathroom door open.

"Well, aren't you a sight?"

Except for a towel around his midsection, Mike Brady was naked and his
flaccid cock made a delightful bulge. Eyeing his wife appreciatively, he felt
a stirring in his loins. Even at age 50, Carol Brady still possessed the
physical attributes that first caught his attention over twenty years ago.
Blessed with good skin tone, and bone structure, her face showed no surrender
to her years. She was petite, but well put together, with still firm tits;
small, but full; a flat stomach, and tight buns. If someone didn't know her
age, she could pass for thirty-five. And how she could fuck!

Looking at her, he knew he was a very lucky man and he blessed the day he met
her - in court! He, with three young sons, for the final probate of his late
wife's will, and Carol, with three equally young daughters, trying to induce
her ex to pay back child support.

"Oh, Mike," she said, "I can't wake up this morning. I'm beat up. What about

"Ol' Stallion Brady? Fit as a fiddle and rearin' to trot. Want to go around

"You're too much," she giggled, "Did you hide the video? I don't want the
kids stumbling over it while they're here."

"Of course, I did. Relax, Bobby doesn't go sneaking through our drawers

"Oh, God. Do you remember when he found your rubbers and thought they were
balloons. I almost died from embarrassment."

"Hell, we've come a long way since then, haven't we?"

"And how. That's why I want that video stashed where no one is going to find
it. You amateur C.B. DeMilles' are going to get us hung."

He smiled as he watched his wife delicately wipe her pussy. "Com'on, admit
it; you enjoy watching the replay as much as I do. Admit it," he urged.

"I'll do no such thing," she said with a smile, "You're a dirty old man."

"I sure am," he said, pulling her to him, feeling her full, firm tits against
his bare chest, making his blood stir, and was amazed that he still couldn't
get enough of her, not even after twenty years. They had found the real
secret of keeping the magic alive.

"How'd you like this 'dirty ol' man' to prong you again?"

"After last night? You can't have that much energy left."

Mike rubbed the palm of his hand over her nipple. Immediately it came alive
and hardened. He knew that her pussy was beginning to soup up; her tits were
her trigger.

"Oh, you bastard! That feels so good." She said, playfully punching his arm.

"So you're not really all that beat up."

"You know how beat up I am. You have it recorded for posterity."

"I sure as hell do, and everytime I think about it, I get horny. Come on,
let's go to bed."

Carol giggled as she allowed herself to be maneuvered to the large bed. Mike
pulled the tassel on her gown and it fell to her feet almost causing her to
trip. Reaching out for her he found her left tit. The electric shock made her
suck in her breath, and instantly reach for his hardness.

"God," he said with a choke in his voice, "you're a good-looking woman; the
same as you were twenty years ago."

She kneaded his cock, feeling it grow hot in her hand. "And you, pretty liar,
only get better with age. More kinky, too," she giggled.

He pushed her back on the bed, his hands trailing over the hills and valleys
of her body. He spread her legs wide apart and blew softly into her silky,
hot cunt making her moan. He could see the pussyjuice glisten on the golden
strands of her cunt hair. The hot pink lips beckoned. Slowly, he flicked his
tongue over her exposed clit.

"Oooooooo, Mike... mmmmmmmmm." Automatically, her cunt lips parted. He
grabbed her asscheeks and buried his face in her musky mound.

"Oh, God... yes!" she screamed as he began sucking her pleasure spot. "That's
it, that's it!... Oh, shit, yesss! Oh, Mike, suck harder... no... don't
stop...don't.. don't be mean, keep sucking!... Oh, oh, aaaaaaaaaah! Christ!
Stick your finger in my cunt... pleaseeeee!.. Yes, yes, like that... oh, so
good. Fill me up!... Harder, Mike, suck harder!"

Mike's tongue darted in and out of her cunt; he nibbled the outer lips;
sucked hard on her clit, then slowed. He knew her body; her responses; how
to drive her to the brink and back again. He twisted his finger around her
cunt wall, feeling the slippery texture, adding to her torment and pleasure.

"Oh, you sonofabitch," she screamed, "my ass... my ass, stick your finger in
my ass! Hurry, I'm dying!... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!"

The muscles of her ass contracted as he relentlessly pushed his finger into
the tight ring of her bunhole. A vision of Carol with a huge, thick prick in
her ass flashed through his mind, and his erection became almost painful.

Her breathing was labored and her words came in gulps. "Oh, Mike... I'm so
full... aw, shit... I need your cock in me, bad. Quick, lay down... I've got
to have it!"

Quickly, they shifted positions, and Carol placed her throbbing cunt
directly over her husband's purple cockhead. Hunkering down, she slowly
easing herself down on his raging prick. With love and tenderness she felt
her pussy stretch, felt it push its' way deep into her body. She controlled
the sensation, making it last. It was heaven!

"Sooooo, sooo, good," she sighed as her cunt filled up with cock. Oh, how
she loved to have a man's prick inside her body. It was a pleasure beyond
description. She leaned forward, forcing his pleasure rod deeper. Eyes
glazed, mouth open, she slipped into a state of euphoria where only this
great, indescribable feeling existed; a feeling she kept alive by the
constant piston and churn motions of her wanton hips.

"Shit, your cunt's like fire... burning me alive. I gotta cum!"

"Oh, no, no, don't come yet... please, not yet. More! Oh, God, More!!" she
cried; their loins beating a frantic rhythm as they sensed the apex of their

"I'm gonna cum, Mike! I'm gonna Cum... harder! Fuck me harder. Make me Cum!!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Yesssssss... Cummmmmmmmmming!!!"

"Ughhhhhh... aaaaaaag...ooooooooooh."

Carol shuttered as her orgasm exploded outward from her cunt. Hotly, Mike's
cum juices splashed deep in her pussy and the receding flood as his cum
washed over her cunt walls, back over his cock, and began leaking out and
down her trembling thighs. She fell forward; his cock disengaging from her
sopping box with a loud pop. Her rapid breathing slowly abated. "Now you
know I'm beat-up. Where do you get all that juice from? You should've been
drained last night."

"I'm a voyeur," he laughed, "I think of you, like last night and my factory
starts pumping."

"Hell, I'm glad the kids are coming this weekend for our anniversary. Maybe
I can get some rest."

"Yeah, it'll be good to see them, especially the girls."

"What does that mean, you lecher?"

"Hey, three good-looking sets of buns running around in bikinis; the answer
to every dirty old man prayer."

"You're horrible!"

"And you're going to tell me you didn't do a whole bunch of crotch watching
when Peter was here last month. Don't lie, Carol, I saw you."

"That's different," she laughed, "he's not really my son; just one of my
adopted sons."

"Oh, and just what the hell are the girls to me?"

"Oh, Mike, where has the time gone? Greg's a doctor; Peter, a lawyer. And
Bobby almost has his MBA."

"I ask myself that question all the time. Marcia has her own decorating
business; married over three years to that asshole. Jan's a full fledged
architect, and Cindy's about ready to graduate."

"At least Bobby and Cindy are together, the rest of the family is so spread
out. That's why this reunion is so important; even if we have to put off some
of our... er, other activities," she paused for a moment then continued, "Jan
following in your footsteps means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

Carol rolled to Mike, rested her head on his chest and fingered his now limp,
sticky dick. "And she's doing so well, too."

"Yeah, she's good, too." He laughed, "And being built like a brick shithouse
didn't hurt, either. Old man Marley drooled all through her job interview."

"Mr. Brady, I think you have impure thoughts about your daughters."

"And you for the boys, Mrs. Brady. After what we've been doing, how can it be

"I hate to admit it, but you're right... I did peek at Peter's crotch, it
looked nice; and with all of them home this weekend we should get all the
peeking we can handle."

She ran her hand through her short, thick blonde hair, then tweaked his
drooping prick. "Come on, Mr. Brady, let's get up. You know how much I enjoy
that first cup of coffee in the morning."

Mike made a mental note to hide last night video. Carol retrieved her
nightgown and the magazine from the bathroom floor. The ad stared back at


After the children left, she thought, then there would be enough time to
explore the possibility.

* * *

Marcia Brady-Dansforths' mind was detached, separated from her body. It
floated free, and its' eye wandered about the bedroom. It saw Marcia laying
on the bed, legs wide and pushed back over her husband's shoulders; saw Tom
Danforth's skinny dick pumping furiously in and out of Marcia's semi-dry
cunt. It could hear her respond by rote; moaning or moving on cue, like an
actor in a role. It was a good performance.

She knew she would have to call it back; help her through this - as she had
done so frequently in the past. Sex with Tom Danforth has lost the little
sparkle that it once had. Her mind circled once more, taking in Tom's heaving
flanks, her own firm, rounded asscheeks; pink, puckered anus involuntarily
contracting; round tits flattened against her chest by her husbands weight,
blonde hair framing her oval face, then it returned to its' rightful place.

Greg! Oh, Greg, she thought, come to me! I need you. She could see her
brother as he had been that day, younger, but with a full grown prick; thick
and heavily veined. He lay naked on his bed, legs apart. His hand slowly
caressing his heavy cock, bringing it to life. She saw herself watching from
the closet - a childish impulse - her sister, Jan, gripping her arm tightly.
She could 'see' the strange heat begin in her cunny; in Jan's. She could
'see' it spread upward through their young bodies.

Greg gripped his cock tightly but he couldn't quite fit his hand around the
whole, throbbing shaft. His prick mesmerized them. It was the first real
cock either of them had seen; long, thick, and meaty, with a heavy ballsac
drooping between his legs. Marcia watched him stroke the shaft; gaining
speed. Each stroke seem to send an electric shock through her cunny. She
pressed her mound and hot, sticky juice began to flow and wet her pants.

"Look," Jan whispered, look! It's so big!"

"Quiet," Marcia hissed, "he'll hear you."

Straining to get a better view, the girls turned towards each other; young
bodies; budding breasts, pressing against each other. They were breathing
hard. Each had a hand pressed hard against their virginal pussies trying to
intensify this new thrill. Without conscious thought their hands began small
explorations of each other: stomach, hips, breast, thigh. Breast and thigh!
They heard Greg moan, watched his fist begin to fly up and down the engorged
shaft; saw the veins bulge, the purple head. Fingers slipped beneath elastic
panty-bands: searching, finding. A blinding flash erupted before Marcia's
eyes as Jan found one special spot. Her legs went weak.

Frantically, she sought the some spot in her sister's secret place; felt
Jan's teeth sink, painfully into her shoulder when she found it. She sucked
in her breath, but made no sound. Fingers moved without finesse, roughly.
Pleasure came in waves. Greg's cock filled her vision. She could see it
explode! She could feel it! It filled her up with depraved passion!

"Oh, God," she screamed, "that's it! Yes, fuck me. Fuck me! Make me come!"

"Oh, shit, Marcia, oh, shit... baby, you're so hot. I love it. I love it.
Cum for me. Cum for Tom!"

Her mind reached for her brother's cock, her sister's hand; felt the enormous
wave carry her up and over.

"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGG... I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmm."

Her legs wrapped tight around his back; fingers dug into his flesh. He yelled
his pain and pleasure as his cock erupted hotly in his wife's, now juicy,
box. His breath was harsh with exertion. "Christ, Marcia... you're a hot

She smiled shyly, "You're just a great lover, honey," she lied. The forbidden
fantasy was pushed back, deep into her mind. They lay side by side, touching
lightly, letting their breathing return to normal.

"You don't mind me going to my Mom and Dad's anniversary alone, do you,

"Naw, I'm just sorry I have so much work; just can't break free now." And I'm
looking forward to putting the make on that redheaded secretary, he thought.

Marcia's play-acting, and her sexual fantasy, had made Tom Danforth think he
was an A-number-one stud.

Marcia didn't hear his answer, or see the look in his eye; not that it would
have mattered, she could only think that for a whole weekend she would be
free; at home, with her family, away from her boring husband. And Greg would
be there.

* * *

"Are you going to pack tonight or tomorrow morning," Bobby asked his sister,


"Why don't you do it tonight. With all your junk we'll get a late start in
the morning."

"I don't have that much, and it's only for the weekend."

"The Normandy Invasion didn't have as much stuff as you pack for a weekend."

"The what?"

"Forget it. Try to pack tonight, willya."

Cindy Brady stretched, arching her back; her large cherry-tipped breasts
standing proud. Bobby cupped the left beauty and took the nipple in his

"Ooooooo, Bobby," Cindy cooed, putting her arms around him, "Is this my wake
up call?"

"Yeah," he mumbled, "your obscene wake up call."

"I don't think it's obscene."

Gently, she pushed him back, "How are we going to make it through a whole

He shrugged, "Who says we have to do without? It never stopped us before."

Cindy smiled at the memory. She and Bobby had started playing "doctor" at
nine and ten, began playing "almost" - a popular teenage game - at twelve
and thirteen, and started fucking in their early teens. They hadn't stopped
since, even while dating and having sex with others. They always had each

"But we always had places to go then. This weekend we'll be stuck at home
with everybody."

Bobby smiled and cupped her melon breast, "We'll just have to find a way. We
always did."

She returned his smile and pecked him lightly. "Anyway, it'll be good to see
the guys again. It's been so long."

"Yeah, it'll give the poor bastards a chance to make cow eyes at each other

"Don't make fun of them. They just weren't as lucky as us." Cindy felt a
sudden loss as he released her tit and lay back on the bed.

"I know, I just feel sorry for the guys."

"Feel sorry for Marcia and Jan; they're the ones who've done without." Cindy
leaned back and remembered how each of the girls, her and her sisters, Marcia
and Jan, had selected a personal 'brother' of their own. That they selected
the brother closest to their own age did nothing to reduce the romance
involved in the process. She was sorry that their relationships hadn't fared
as well as hers and Bobby's.

"Do you think they ever played 'Almost'?"

Bobby grinned. "Greg had a pair of Marcias' dirty panties; he used to
jerk-off while smelling them."

Cindy couldn't help but laugh. "Greg has a beautiful prick."

He arched an eyebrow and looked at her quizzically. She shrugged. "All the
Brady men have beautiful cocks. I even saw Daddy's once."

"And all the Brady women have real blonde pussies," he said, grinning at her,
"You weren't the only one who peeked."

"Would you fuck Marcia or Jan?"

"That's a silly question," he said as a lewd picture of his sisters flashed
through his mind.

"I'd fuck Greg or Peter, if I had the chance."

"Girl, you'd fuck a nigger!"

She giggled. "I have."

Bobby pulled her to him, flattening her tits against his chest. He ran his
hands down her back and gripped her firm, young ass.

"Talk dirty some more. It turns me on."

She gripped his semi-erect cock. "I know what really turns you on, dear
brother!" Panther-like, she shifted positions, placing her blonde muff inches
from his face. Her hand squeezed his prickhead, and her tongue flicked wetly
across its crown. He sighed as the warm, moist oval of her mouth engulf him
and felt her jump as he stabbed her cunt with his tongue. As they began to
pass into the world of self-pleasure, each had a stray thought: that it was a
shame their brothers and sisters only dreamed about what they, in fact, had.
Then they were beyond the portal and their thoughts were only of themselves.

* * *

"Good Afternoon, Miss Parsons," Peter Brady said formally.

"Mr. Brady." Lucy Parsons turned to her secretary, "Thank you, Pam, that'll
be all. And hold my calls, please. Mr. Brady and I have to review his pending

Peter and Lucy Parsons smiled at the secretary as she left the office. Peter
appreciated her long legs and her good-looking ass. One of these days, he
thought. Lucy watched him appraise the girl, and she smiled. Horniness was
one of Peters' endearing qualities.

"Well, Mr. Brady, do you have your portfolio available?"

Peter turned and gave her his best smile. She could feel his attraction all
the way down in her crotch.

"Actually, Miss Parsons, I didn't come prepared to review my cases, I came to
ask a favor."

The older woman appraised the young lawyer in front of her: dark, curly hair,
square chin, dazzling smile, good body - very good body. At forty-five, Lucy
Parsons was still an attractive woman, dressed somewhat severe, as proscribed
by her position as a full partner in one of the best law firms on the West
Coast. The clothes hid a full, womanly figure, still firm, still desirable,
still in need.

"And the favor, Mr. Brady?"

"My parents are celebrating their anniversary this weekend, and they're
planning a reunion of the clan. I'd like to take tomorrow off and fly down -
if it's alright with you, of course."

Miss Parsons came around her desk and stood close to Peter. He caught a flash
of thigh as her skirt flap parted. He could smell her: fresh and clean; no
heavy perfume for the boss lady.

"This must be a first. A new lawyer showing consideration for the firm," she

"Isn't that the way it's done?"

"Not usually. Young lawyers are fairly arrogant, and favors always come with
a pay back."

"I'm just asking for a day off."

She smiled at him, the way a cat smiles at a mouse.

"Everything has its' price, Mr. Brady." She leaned back against the desk,
arms back, legs apart, skirt taut; the slit wide, nylon clad thighs showing.

"What's the price of a day off, Miss Parsons?"

She came at him like a shot. Her arms gripped him tightly, her lips covered
his - hard; her tongue searched for its mate, found it and entwined. He felt
her body mold to his, seeking, in need. His hands found her breast and her
tight ass. He pulled her to his groin, and ground his dick into her crotch.

"Damn you,' she hissed, damn you. I missed you last night." Her voice was
thick with emotion, her movements frantic. She grabbed his erection through
his pants and squeezed.

"Ow! Why the hell are you mad at me? You're the one who had to go to that
shitty recital." He kissed her eyes, her nose, her lips. His tongue traced a
wet course down her neck into the cleavage of her silk blouse.

"Corporate duty," she said, hoarsely.

"Fuck Corporate duty. I want you! Is the door locked?"

"I don't care, just fuck me. Here! Now! On the desk." Lust caused her to lose
all sense of convention and the possibility of discovery actually added to
her excitement.

He pushed her back against the desk until she was forced to put her arms back
to keep her balance, then grabbed her legs and pulled them up. Lucy Parsons
wore no panties. Her thick, black thatch sparkled with her flowing cunt
juices. With a practiced hand, he unzipped his pants, releasing his engorged
cock, and with a sure stroke, parted her cuntlips and roughly sank his
throbbing shaft in her hot, cum-slick box.

The shock of penetration sucked the breath from her lungs. Her mouth was
open, as to yell, but no sound came. Her eyes glazed and her body convulsed
as the first spasm of orgasm rushed over her body. Lucy's arms went around
his neck, her legs around his ass, in a desperate attempt to force his cock
in as deep as possible. She felt the desk bite sharply into her asscheeks.

"Aaaaag... Oh, Christ, yes, yes... fuck me, Peter," she hissed in his ear,
"stick it deep!"

Peter obliged and began moving his thick, cum slick cock in and out of his
boss with a purpose. He forced her legs up against his shoulders, and she
moaned, half in pain, as her body strained against the awkward position, but
it gave deeper entry into her cunt, and she sighed in pleasure as the extra
meat filled her up. "Oh, yes," she panted, "Give me your cock! I'm dying for

"Com'on, Boss Lady, fuck me back, Com'on, fuck!"

"Peter... Peter... oh, Christ, I'm gonna cum again. I can't hold back."

"Cum for me, baby, cum for me."

"Yes, yes, yesssssssss... ughhhhhhhhh! Cummin'! Cummmmmmmmm." Her voice was
a rasp.

Peter dug his fingers into her ass, unable to hold back the violent eruption
in his balls. His hot jism spurted deep into Lucy's sopping pussy, mixing
with her own juices; overflowing her cunt. She could feel its hot path down
her asscrack. Peter's legs trembled, his body heaved with sexual aftershock,
as he tried to control his breath. Slowly, he began to pull his still rigid
dick from her steaming cunt. Her legs fell to the floor heavily.

"Oh, God, that was so good," she said. Sliding to her knees she began licking
his cock clean, heedless of her own dripping pussy; cum juice spotting her
expensive rug. Her tongue swirled around his deflating member, searching for
stray droplets of mixed cum. One hand cupped his large balls while the other
milked the last vestige of their passion from his purple cockhead.

"I guess this means that I have the day off," Peter laughed.

As he left Lucy Parson's office, her secretary smiled a knowing smile at him.
"I guess I'll be seeing more of you, won't I, Mr. Brady?" Peter smiled his
best smile at her.

"That's my intention, darlin'. Yes sir, that's my intention."

* * *

It was one of those rare California days: sunny, clear, and smog free. On top
of that, the Coast Road was virtually deserted of traffic. To Jan Brady, this
was frosting on the cake. She handled the convertible easily, confidently.
The wind whipped her blonde ponytail around, and she brushed a stray wisp of
hair from her full lips. The morning sun warmed her face and body. Like a kid
out of school, she revelled in it, impulsively unziping her denim jacket and
front-zipped denim skirt. She wore no bra.

The racing wind hardened the nipples on her full 37 inch breasts; flipped her
jacket open, exposing her left tit. A horn blast made her laugh. Eat your
heart out, she thought, with a smile. Jan was proud of her superstructure,
the best of all the Brady girls, and her slender frame served to accent them
even more. They were full, firm, and big nippled; perfectly round and jutting
and she worked hard at keeping them that way.

Going into one of the never ending curves, the sun found her tan thighs. It
was warm, sensuous; like a lovers' caress, and she opened her legs wider to
receive it. She tugged the skirt's zipper further up and was rewarded with a
hot sunbeam directly on her snatch. She allowed the heat to flow through her
body, to penetrate her being. Her hand idly played with the blonde pubic hair
protruding from her minuscule panty. She felt on top of the world - for a
change. Another horn blasted the air. She heard the squeal of tires and she

Jan was glad to be going home. She needed something, but wasn't sure what it
was. She just knew that whatever it was, she would find it among her brothers
and sisters. An unnamed feeling had been gnawing at her for days, ever since
her Mother had told her about the anniversary reunion. If she was honest with
herself, she could have put a name to the feeling; the need. But convention
refused to allow her to consciously form the thought. Only her subconscious,
and her fantasies gave her a hint of what she really wanted. But she didn't
acknowledge her subconscious, and her fantasies she kept to herself.

She pressed the accelerator down and the car surged forward. Jan Brady was in
a hurry.

* * *

When the young Flight Attendant bent over to assist an elderly passenger, her
skirt tightened across her ass. It was a very nice ass, Greg Brady thought,
as he watched from two rows back. It had a familiar look about it; an ass
that he knew - and liked. He had this almost uncontrollable urge to reach out
and pat it; so much so that he deliberately crossed his arms to avoid a
reflex action. He watched the well shaped derriere sway from side to side.
The more he looked, the more he was sure he knew that ass from somewhere, but
Flight Attendants weren't a part of his background. Nurses - well, that was
another story - he knew intimately.

Where did he know that ass from?

The Flight Attendant stood up and straightened her skirt out, effectively
hiding the heart shaped mounds. But Greg had her contours memorized. He
searched his mind, taking in the girl's long legs as he did. Impulsively,
he rang the CALL button. Young, mid-twenties; blonde - on the darker side,
good smile, good teeth, small, but well shaped bust.


Damn, he thought, Marcia! Always at the edge of his thoughts. Before he could
pursue the psychological aspects of this, the Flight Attendant interrupted
him. "Yes, Doctor, can I get you something?" It was amazing how quickly they
picked up on titles.

"Er...yes, another Scotch, please."

"Right away, Doctor," she said, giving Greg her best airline smile. He
watched her walk away. Was it his imagination, or was the sway of her hips
more pronounced? Marcia walked like that. Heat filled his loins, like it
always did when he thought about his sister. She was part of a fantasy world
that he kept safely hidden away; only to be examined in the dark of the
night. He knew he shouldn't feel this way; knew that he should have outgrown
this fixation, but he couldn't put it down. It was unfinished business.

He watched the Flight Attendant bring his drink, and crossed his legs to hide
his growing erection. He felt silly. Marcia was married. He hadn't seen her
in almost three years. And the last time he had been really close to her had
been back in high school. God, how long ago was that? Yet, here he was, years
and bocou women later, still getting aroused over something that never was.
Maybe, he thought, seeing her now will, finally, dispel this silly urge.
Maybe. But he wasn't really sure.

* * *

The arrival of the Brady kids was a well orchestrated drill conducted by
Carol Brady. Moments after Jan pulled into the long, circular driveway, Cindy
and Bobby Brady arrived from college. Cindy had managed to reduce her weekend
requirements to three suitcases and a large floppy handbag.

Carol had arranged to have Marcia, Peter, and Greg arrive at the airport
within minutes of each other, instructing them to meet in the baggage claim
area. But even the best laid plans can not cope with a delayed flight. In
this case, two delayed flights; Greg's and Peter's. Marcia arrived on
schedule and, finding her brothers delayed, took a cab home. The delay gave
the Brady Bunch the opportunity to have two reunions, one more boisterous
than the other. If Mike or Carol Brady noticed the intensity of the greeting
between their four oldest children, they didn't let on; but it didn't go
totally unnoticed. Cindy and Bobby saw it and gave each other a knowing look.

Actually, the senior Bradys were rather busy admiring the physical qualities
of their opposite offspring, and so wrapped up in trying to touch various
pieces of anatomies; that certain peculiarities went unseen.

"Boy," Jan Brady said, "this place hasn't changed a bit." The girls were up
in their former bedroom, finally alone together.

"We did have some doings here, didn't we? Marcia said.

"Yeah," Cindy answered, "A lot of sticky finger action."

"Cindy! Don't be crude."

"Crude? Me? Hell, I'm not the one who almost gave Greg a tonsillectomy just
now, big sister."

Jan laughed.

"You too, Jan. I thought you'd climb in Peter's pants, you were so close. I
saw you grind your hips."

"I did not!"

"Bull! I'll bet your panties are drenched, Jan. Yours too, Marcia."

"What the hell are you, Cindy, some moralist, or something?" Jan stood in
front of her sister; infuriated and somewhat embarrassed. She hadn't meant
for anyone to see her grind herself against Peter's body. She didn't want to
share the look on Peter's face with anyone, either.

Cindy shook her blonde head. "No way. I just think it's a shame the way you
guys drool over each other and don't do anything about it."

"What's that suppose to mean? Marcia asked. She was almost as mad as her

"Com'on. You two have had the hots for those guys since you were kids. Do
something about it."

"And what would that be, Miss Smartass?"

"Get real, Marcia. Fuck them! That's what you want!"

"Cindy! They're our brothers!"

Cindy looked at her sisters and shook her head sadly. "Only on paper. I
certainly didn't let that stop me."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Jan asked, sensing what Cindy would answer.

"I learned from your mistakes. Bobby and I have been fucking for years...
and I've never regretted it for a second. He's what I wanted, and he's what
I got. What do you guys have?"

"You and Bobby? You've been fucking?

"Yup. For years."

The room was suddenly quiet as the sisters looked at each other intently, and
somewhat abashed.

Out of the mouth of babes, Jan thought.

"Well," Marcia stared slowly, "it's never been a secret that I've been...
fond of Greg. But you're talking about incest."

"Real incest is when you fuck a blood relative, not an adopted one."

"Just suppose... you're right, Cindy," Jan said, "just how do you think this
grand seduction would take place?"

Cindy threw up her hands. "That's your problem, guys. Think of something.
It's going to be a long weekend."

Jan and Marcia Brady looked at each other for a long time, each with their
own thoughts, each with the same thought. Carol Brady had to call her
daughters twice before they answered her.

* * *

It was almost 11PM when Greg came back from the airport. Peter was in the
kitchen eating a chicken leg when he came in. "Did they get out alright?" he

"Yeah. Just the usual airport bullshit. Mom looked on the verge of tears, and
the old man was still so pissed he couldn't talk properly."

"Can you blame them? That bastard really has his nerve?

"Well, that's the way of the business world. It's over, let's forget it."

Greg went to the refrigerator and got a beer. His brother, Bobby, walked in,
hair tousled, and wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

"Hey," he said, "What happened?"

"Shit, Bobby, go put some clothes on. What if one of the girls walked in,"
Peter said.

"Listen to the Reverend Mr. Brady. Nothing here the girls haven't seen
before. How'd it go, Greg?"

Greg really didn't want to repeat himself. The truth was that he was almost
as mad as his father. John Scivone, president of Scivone Construction, had
called earlier in the evening and demanded that Mike Brady fly to Sacremento
to oversee a design problem with the new office plaza he was building. Mike
Brady had been the principle architect of the project. To make matters worse,
Scivone had demanded that Carol Brady come too, since it was her Real Estate
firm that had recommended Mike for the job.

The telephone conversation between the Bradys and Scivone had been loud and
heated, but in the end Scivone had his way. The senior Bradys would spend
their 20th anniversary at a construction site, almost a thousand miles away
from their family, and the reunion they had planned.

Everytime Greg remembered the tears in his Mother's eyes he got mad. That
bastard, Scivone, had ruined all their plans. He hoped his fucking building
fell on his head.

Cindy and Marcia entered the kitchen together. Marcia wore a white silk robe
that accented her lush body, but effective hid everything from sight. Cindy
wore a babydoll set of pajamas and her nipples were clearly visible through
the thin material. Bobby said to Peter, "I notice you didn't tell Cindy to go
and put on more clothes."

To change the subject and forestall additional questions, Greg gave a quick
answer to the questions he knew they were going to ask. As he finished, Jan
walked in.

"Wow," Peter said, "Lord love a duck, look at you!"

Jan smiled sweetly. She had dressed just for such a reaction. The black silk
and lace peignoir set was designed to show more than it hid.

"I'll second that motion," Greg said. His cock had twitched when he saw her.

Jan turned around slowly, giving them all a good view.

"Thank you, kind sirs. Just something I threw on."

Peter turned quickly to the refrigerator. He didn't want anyone to see the
bulge in his pants. "Anyone want something to eat?" he asked.

"Yes. Bring it out," Marcia said, "We might as well eat something." Scivone's
call had made a shambles of dinner too.

"Nothing for me," Bobby said, standing up from the kitchen table, "I'm going
to go browse."

"My God, Bobby!" Marcia exclaimed. She could feel her face becoming flushed.

"Look at the well dressed MBA man," Jan said. Cindy just laughed. Even in
boxer shorts the outline of his heavy prick was visible.

"Gets to you, doesn't it; my manly features?"

Surprised, Jan stared, her eyes wide. Marcia was a bright shade of red but
couldn't stop looking, and not sure if she wanted to. Walking out the door,
Bobby whipped his shorts down and mooned his brothers and sisters. The
ensuing laughter dissolved the nervous tension that had been building up.
When he finally stopped laughing, Greg joined Peter and the girls at the
table. It was safer.

"You know, Pete. We are two very unlucky guys. The best looking girls in the
State turn out to be out sisters. How unlucky can you get?"

"Hear, hear," Peter said.

Marcia leaned over and patted Greg's cheek. The movement opened her robe and
gave him a spectacular view of her tits. He could just make out the top of
her exposed nipples. He had to squeeze his legs together.

"You poor baby. Only your young nurses to keep the lonely doctor company."

"Ouch. Cheap shot, Marcia."

And they all laughed. Jan leaned her body closer to Peter, and rested her
head on his shoulder. "With the anniversary party shot to hell," she said,
"what are we going to do this weekend?"

"I don't know about you guys," Cindy said, leaning forward on her elbows "but
I know what I'm going to do." She smiled mysteriously. Marcia slapped her arm
forcing her to sit upright. Bending forward, her healthy chest had been
almost completely exposed to her brothers' wide-eyed view. Peter slouched in
his chair, put his head in his hand and groaned. Cindy giggled.

Bobby burst into the room. "Hey!" he yelled. "You gotta see this. It'll blow
your mind. Com'on, com'on. Move."

"What the hell's with you, Bob?"

"Pete, move your ass. This is the greatest. You have to see it. Com'on, all
of you." He tore out of the kitchen as quickly as he had come in. The others
shrugged their shoulders, got up and followed. He was in the living room,
setting up the VCR.

"What the hell are we going to do? Watch an old movie?" Peter asked, "Did you
find the original Dracula or something?"

Bobby turned around. He was really hyped. "Just settle down folks," he said,
waving his arms, "Let me set the stage here. This is gonna knock your socks
off." He had their undivided attention. "Mike Brady married Carol Cummings,
right? Right!" he answered himself. "John Cummings, Mom's brother, married
Mary Brady, Dad's sister. Big family joke, right? Well, we all know how close
the Brady's are, right?"

"Oh, get on with it," Marcia said.

"Well, I'm about to show you just how close the Brady family really is.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, The Brady's and their Friends. Turn out the
lights, Cindy," he said.

Bobby turned and punched the PLAY button. The tape in the VCR whirred and the
TV screen flickered and flared. The picture suddenly came into focus.

"Hey, that's Mom and Dad's bedroom," Marcia said.

"Quiet, watch this," Bobby ordered.

"What the hell...?"

The camera panned the Brady's large master bedroom as three women came into
view wearing trenchcoats and sunglasses. Two were white. One was black.

"Hey, That's Mom and Aunt Mary. Who's the Black lady? What the hell's going
on here."

"Hush, Cindy," Jan said, suddenly intrigued. The women pranced around
coquettishly; striking various model-type poses. Marcia giggled and someone
hissed at her.

"I can't help it. They look so silly," she said.

Facing the camera, the women nodded at each other, then laughing, threw open
their coats. They were naked, except for high heel shoes.

"Holy shit!" someone yelled.

"Look at them. They're naked!"

"What the hell's going on, Bobby?"

"Shut up!" Bobby yelled.

Eyes wide, mouths agape, the Brady kids watched in shocked fascination as the
video unfolded. A strange tightness gripped their loins.

The very attractive black woman stepped between the other women. She had an
hourglass figure with large breasts and hard, extended nipples. Her body
glistened and her color was in dramatic contrast to the white sisters-in-law.
Arms went around each other with the unknown black female finding a tit of
each sister. Lovingly, she rolled the cherry-red nipples between her fingers,
and faces glowed with heightened excitement.

The Bradys heard their mother moan softly. Then their aunt, Mary Cummings and
the black stranger embraced, their mouths joined, hands roamed and bodies
rubbed against each other. Fingers found hairy mounds and started to move
rapidly. They made little mewing sounds.

With tight chests and pounding hearts, the Brady children stared in rapt
fascination as their mother undulated her body against the back of the black
woman; an erotic, lewd dance, sandwiching her. The nipples of her tits traced
wild, zigzag patterns on the dark, satiny skin while her pelvis ground
against the black woman's buttocks.

Marcia's breathing was ragged and shaky. She and her sister, Jan, had
explored each others body, but never to this extent. She had fantasized about
making love to another woman, but had never done anything about it. Now, here
was her mother and aunt actually doing what she had only dreamt about.

Greg realized that his mouth was hanging open, and he closed it with a snap.
The video was sending conflicting signals to his brain: anger, on one hand;
voyeuristic pleasure on the other. His subconscious registered the women's
bodies and he was aroused by what he saw. He was being turned on by his own
mother! He looked around quickly. So were his brothers.

Just then two aroused, naked men, one a black, entered the picture and
embraced the three squirming women. The black man was a stranger. The naked
white man was their uncle, John Cummings - their mother's brother!

Uncle John took the black woman and his giggling wife out of the picture
while the camera stayed on Carol Brady and the black man. He was very tall;
towering over the petite woman and his erection was huge; thick and heavily
ridged, the pale cockhead a startling contrast to his rich, dark color. He
stood behind Carol and cupped her tits, his thumbs flicking her hardened
nipples; his rigid cock tight against the small of her back. It almost
reached her shoulder blades.

Cindy Brady sucked in her breath, and chewed on her lips roughly. She was no
longer watching her Mother in some sort of interracial orgy, she was in an
erotic fantasy and her focus was now on this stranger's monstrous cock. Her
hand had sneaked into her pajamas, and her finger was gently playing with her
clitoris. She was very wet.

The Black man spun Carol around and squeezed her tight to him, actually
holding her off the floor. She squirmed against him, eager for his embrace.
Her legs went around his waist, and her hips moved lewdly. His cock, plainly
visible, prodded her hairy slit. The Brady's heard their Mother's voice,
rough and hoarse, tell the stranger to stick it in.

Jan's hands covered her mouth. She was on the verge of screaming; not
vindictive, but her frustration, her desire. The walls of convention
surrounding her were crumbling. She pressed her back to Peter's body
transmitting her pent-up excitement to him.

The camera followed, giving full view of their Mother's desire, her lust.
They saw the huge black prickhead part the lips of her pink and juicy pussy;
saw it press pass the tight opening, stretching it. They heard her moans, her
cries; saw her contorted face, flushed with passion, as she screwed her pussy
down on the thick, black fuckpole.

Marcia sought the protection of Greg's arms. She wanted to hide, not from
what she was viewing, but from her own arousal. Greg felt the fullness of her
tits against him, smelled her wonderful fragrance. Their fantasies of each
other began to merge.

Carol Brady was laying on her side getting fucked sidesaddle by the big black
man. Her left leg stood almost straight up giving the camera a spectacular
shot of his ebony cock, slick with cum juice, driving deep into her body.
Cindy couldn't believe such a small woman could take that size prick. She was
proud and jealous at the same time.

The camera jiggled and the scene abruptly changed. The black woman, facing
the camera, was straddling John Cummings; his long white cock buried in her
hole, and she was sucking their Father's prick. Any thought that they were
watching only their Mother's indiscretion was quickly dispelled. This
definitely was a family affair, condoned and encouraged.

Their parents were swingers! Incestuous swingers!

Mike Brady gestured at the camera. It jiggled, the picture jumped, then
settled down. Mary Cummings, nee Brady, ran to her brother, dropped to her
knees and began to suck his cock with relish. Her bobbing head frequently
blocked the camera's view. Carol and her black lover came back into view.
Cum spots could be seen on her body, and a tinge of white pussy cream still
clung to her pubic hair. Her body glowed. The Black man walked to the camera,
his flaccid cock hanging down. Even limp it was impressive.

Then Carol knelt in front of the Black woman, like a supplicant. Her
brother's rod was jammed, full length, in her black hole; only his heavy
balls, bouncing erratically, showed. Carol started to lick them and John's
movements became frantic. The black cunt's suction, and his sister's licking
was too much and he started to shoot his load.

Roughly, Carol pulled her brother's cock out of the woman's churning cunt and
cum juice splashed her face before she could get his pulsating prick in her
mouth. The camera, handheld now, came in for a close up. Carol Brady's eyes
were bright but smiling as she expertly sucked her brother John's cock dry.
Then it panned to their Father. Mike's eyes were closed and his chest heaved.
His sister's face was splattered with dripping cum. Her fingers caught the
running droplets, and licked each finger clean. The black woman joined them
and helped each woman clean her brother's cock.

Movement caught Greg's eye. He turned and nudged Marcia. Cindy had turned
around on the couch, her ass stuck up in the air and she was vigorously
sucking Bobby's prick.

"Greg...?" His lips were soft against hers; his hand cupped her breast. Her
chest felt like it was caught in a vice. She could hardly breathe. They left
the room quietly. It registered on the others that they were no longer there,
but it didn't really penetrate.

On the screen Mike and John were busy fucking their own sisters. The black
woman hovered near, giving encouragement to each couple.

* * *

Marcia's blonde cunt squished from the amount of cum juice in it, hers and
Gregs'. She had lost count of the times she had climaxed, as her fantasies
became reality. And Greg was, yet again, humping her, this time doggie-style,
his cock still hard, even after several cums.

When they had reached the bedroom they had not make love, they made war!
There was no foreplay, no preamble. She ust wanted his cock in her! She
wanted it to stretch her, fill her; never leave her demanding body. Greg
felt the same way as if all the years of frustration had to be purged
immediately. He was relentless, almost ruthless in his fucking. It was
practically a rape but Marcia didn't care. Her desires and frustrations
matched her brother's; her need, as powerful. Her nails and teeth left
their marks as they vented their anger and dissolved their frustrations.

Greg's hands bit harshly into her upturned asscheeks, his hips frantically
slapped against her heart-shaped butt as his sister reached behind and felt
his balls, still heavy with cum. "Oh, Greg. Cum for me!" she cried.

His strokes were long and hard. Each forward thrust sucked her cuntlips in
and forced her face deeper into the pillow. He began to hump faster. Marcia
moaned as pain and pleasure mixed together.

"Shit! I gotta cum, Marcia... I gotta... can't hold back."

"Cum, Greg, oh, please cum... yes, yes, hurt me. Oh, Greg, cum in my mouth...
let me taste it... please cum in my mouth." His body stiffened and she
scrambled to turn around. She wasn't fast enough.

"Aaaaaaaggggggg!" His voice choked as his control broke and reason left him.
His cum splashed her face, her hair and her tits before she could get her
hand around his erupting cock and direct it into her mouth. He was shooting
by the cupful. Her mouth filled and she swallowed automatically hardly
tasting its thick, salty mixture. She swallowed again and again as Greg's
body shook with uncontrollable tremors. Marcia held his ass tightly and
continued to suck his thick cock clean. Thick white cum dribbled down her
chin. Finally, his shaking began to subside. With weak legs he collapsed on
the bed, taking Marcia with him. "Oh, God, that was good," he said.

"Uhmmmm. Yeah, we waited long enough. Stupid us! Do you think the other guys
are doing the same thing?"

Greg laughed. "Does a bear shit in the woods?"

Marcia rolled over on her stomach, her full tits rested on her brother's arm;
her body still aglow from their vigorous fucking. "Ooh, my pussy's sore. A
good sore, though. Greg? What do you think about all this? I mean, the film;
Mom and Dad? Those people? Us?"

"I don't really know yet," he shrugged. "Maybe the Brady's are just a horny
bunch and don't give a shit about everyday morality, but whatever happened
with the folks and Uncle John and Aunt Mary must be recent; like they
discovered something they've been missing. I can't remember anything strange
going on when we were kids, can you?"

"No, I can't. Maybe they were like us, when we were kids; having the hots for
their brothers and sisters and never doing anything about it.

"Jan and I used to hide in that closet and watch you jerk off," Marcia said,
with a giggle. "We would finger each other like crazy. God, we were horny.
We always wanted you and Peter. Did you know that Cindy and Bobby have been
fucking since they were kids? She told us last night; said she learned from
our mistakes."

"I'm not surprised; not from the way she was sucking his cock last night.
Wish I'd been smarter and gotten into your pants when we were kids."

"When my husband fucks me I dream about you; that you're the one doing it to
me. It's the only way I can cum." They linked eyes and looked at each other

"Then you don't think we did anything wrong either. And this isn't going to
be a one shot deal."

She fingered his now flaccid prick. "Not after last night. Not after what we
saw Mom and Dad do. I want it all, Greg."

"Me too," he said, and kissed her softly.

"Oh, Christ. I'm squishing like a wet dish rag. I didn't think one person had
that much juice in them. I have to take a shower."

"You weren't so bad yourself. Com'on, I'll wash your back."

"Bullshit! That cock is getting hard again. You'll drown me. Stay here a
minute and rest. Let me make myself presentable, then come in."

Greg stretched and yawned. His body was sore in a hundred places; his back
raked by Marcia's nails; angry welts on his shoulders from her teeth. He
couldn't remember when he felt better.

"Well, look what we have here." Jan stood in the doorway, resting an arm on
the jam. She was naked.

* * *

Jan stood in the doorway and smiled at her brother's automatic reflex to
cover up. "It's a little late for that, Greg. I peeked. Where's Marcia?"

Greg gestured towards the bathroom. From the look in his eyes, she knew that
he was appraising her naked body; comparing it to her sister's and she knew
the comparison would be favorable. Marcia was taller, more lithe, but her
smaller frame and larger chest gave her a more sensuous appearance. She
looked like a sex machine! She liked that description.

Despite himself, Greg had a semi-erection; his cock making a small tent out
of the sheet he'd hastily tossed over his lower body. He couldn't help it,
Jan had that type of body. Her large tits sat upright, cherry-tipped, on her
small chest. Her tiny waist flared into a perfect hip line leading to good
strong legs. A flat stomach ended at a surprisingly thick reddish blond
mound. On top of everything else, her long blonde hair was in a wild
disarray, giving her a completely wanton look - a real sex machine.

"Eh, where's Pete?"

She walked fluidly to the bed and sat down. Greg noted the sway of her hips
and the puffy lips of her cunt peeking out through her thick muff. His cock
twitched. "He's still sleeping. I think I fucked him out. How about you?"
she said, nodding to the bathroom.

"Wild," he said, smiling, "absolutely wild."

"No regrets?"

"Only that we waited so long."

Jan ran her fingers up and down her brother's thigh. She smiled as the bulge
became larger. Slowly, she pulled the sheet off of him, exposing his thick

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

"Fair's fair, dear brother. I'm giving you a full frontal shot, aren't I?"
she asked as her hand moved softly over his erection, like a caress; teasing.

"Jan! Marcia's going to be out in a minute."

"Relax, Greg. After what we saw Mom and Dad do, can you imagine not wanting
to share... everything. Did you know Marcia and I watched you jerk off,
right from that closet." Her hand circled his now raging prick, and squeezed

"Aaah. Oh, wow, I didn't think it would come up again so fast." She began to
stroke him up and down, very slowly; glancing at the bathroom as she did.
"You really have a beautiful cock, Greg. It's even better now than when we
saw it long ago. I'm glad of that." They heard the shower stop.

"Look, Jan. I don't know what Marcia's going to say when she comes out but I
don't want to fuck this up."

Jan smiled and slid downward on the bed, her face inches from his rampant
dickhead. Just seeing her that close to it made his dick swell up even more.
Greg couldn't believe it; after a night of the wildest fucking in his life;
when he should be completely dead, he was getting another enormous hard-on.
And his sister was responsible for it. Both his sisters.

"Don't worry. You won't fuck it up, but you will fuck it! When I came home,
I was looking for something. I thought it just was Pete. Now, I know I'm just
like Mom. I want all the Brady men," she smiled, and quickly licked the tip
of his cock, "and the Brady women, too." Without warning, she sucked his cock
deep into the warm, moist cavern of her mouth. Her tongue worked furiously,
and her sharp teeth raked the tender underside of his shaft. Greg gasped and
grabbed fistfuls of her wild hair, forcing her head downward.

"Oh, shit! Jan! That feels so good. Your mouth's like a fucking furnace."

Jan made little moaning sounds as she worked his shaft in and out of her oval
mouth. She could feel it pulsate as the tip hit the opening of her throat.
Greg tugged at her shoulders pulling her slightly forward so he could reach
her beautiful tits. He kneaded them, and rolled the big nipples between his
thumb and finger. He saw her eyes become slitted with passion. She opened her
mouth to moan, and a large droplet of saliva ran down his prick into his
pubic hair.

"Oh, yes, Greg, yes. I love it when you squeeze my nipples. Ooooooh. Oh, fuck
me, Greg. Fuck me!"

Marcia wrapped a towel around her damp hair. The shower had been
invigorating; hot then freezing cold. She wasn't tired anymore. She smiled
at herself in the mirror. For the first time in her life, she felt like a
complete woman. She knew Greg had fallen asleep when he didn't join her,
which she thought was okay, because she knew a marvelous to wake the poor
dear up. She licked her lips and opened the bathroom door.

She saw them on the bed. Fucking! Rather, she saw two asses. They were facing
away from her. But she knew who they were. Her Greg! And Jan! She could see
Greg's powerful cock plunging in and out of her sister's cunt; slick with
juicy secretions. Jan's legs were wrapped tight around his back, and her
hands dug deep into his asscheeks. She could hear the sounds of their
lovemaking and a wave of jealous anger swept through her, followed almost
immediately, by a feeling of erotic arousal so strong that her legs began to
tremble. She had seen her Mother in almost the same position in the movie and
an identical feeling had hit her. But that had been film. This was real. She
could put out her hand and touch them. She could even smell them; smell the
sex, the sheer animal vitality of them. Her breathing became ragged and warm
moisture ran down her inner thigh - hot cum juice!

Greg drew his cock out of Jan's grasping cunt, almost to the tip and with a
deep groan plunged it back in mercilessly. Jan screamed. "Aaaaaaggggghhhhh.
Cummin'... cummmmmin'... oh, God, I'm cumming!... Oh, fuck me, Greg! Harder!
Please, harder!... oh, God, oh, God.!"

Marcia saw Jan's body go out of control as she erupted in a major climax. She
shook and trembled wildly; churning and bucking; trying frantically to hold
Greg's cock captive and make the moment last forever. Her violent contortions
were too wild for her brother, and he bucked off just as his prick started to
spray his love juice. He splashed her stomach, her tits, her face, her hair.
His throbbing cock seemed to spurt forever. Cum ran in rivulets down the
crevasses of her body.

Marcia ran to her sister and held her trembling body in her arms. She slid
in Greg' cum. "It's okay, baby. It's okay. Marcia's here. Easy, sweetheart.

Automatically, Jan wrapped her arms around her sister. They were cheek to
cheek, breast to breast, mound to mound. Greg's cum made them slide against
each other. The heat of their bodies was transmitted. Marcia felt her nipples
become hard and erect. Without being aware of it they began to rub against
each other, lewdly. Their lips found each other and tongues entwined.

Greg's panting became less severe. His cock, still half hard, glistened with
dripping cum and pussy juice. His legs were rubbery and just about kept him
upright. Jan's wild bouncing had pushed him to the other side of the bed,
near his sisters' heads and he watched their passionate embrace with wonder.
Then, with another surge of lust, put his cock directly above their faces -
it just seem the thing to do - and let a last drop of cum juice fall on
Marcia's nose. Immediately it ran down to her lips and he watched in
fascination as their tongues fought to lick it.

"Suck my dick," he said hoarsely, "both of you."

Marcia's struck first taking all of his semi-soft prick in her mouth. She
clamped her ruby lips tightly around the flaccid meat and began to suck
greedily. Jan contented herself with licking her brother's heavy balls.
Neither of them let go of the others tits while they set about their new

The film; the realization of what their parents, aunt and uncle, were doing
had opened a Pandora's box of sexual need, and once started on their erotic
path they had a demanding desire to taste and feel it all.

"Ahhhh, oooooh. Yeah! That's it! Suck! Yeah, lick my balls, Jan. Do it, babe.
Yes, yes! Suck them!"

Jan had taken half of his heavy sac in her mouth and was sucking gently on
his testicle. Each sudden movement send a wild shiver up his spine. Marcia's
educated tongue coached his cock back to life and his body was again alive
with electric thrills. Bending over he spread Marcia's legs wide, dislodging
Jan's grip on her tits, baring her silky blonde pussymuff. The thick cuntal
lips could be seen easily through the fine hair. He pulled her cuntlips
apart, the meat was pink and pretty. "Oh, sweet pussy. I'm going to eat you
'til you die!"

With his dick embedded in her mouth, Jan sucking his balls, Greg began to run
his tongue, ever so gently, around the inner walls of Marcia's wet pussy. Her
clitoris immediately became distended and he gently nibbled at it. She jumped
and tried to talk, but his cock choked off the words. Then she jumped even
higher when Jan's tongue joined her brother's and she reveled in the double
tongue-fucking; one gentle, one rough. Chills and shivers attacked her body
as her sensory system registered thrill after thrill.

Each new sensation slammed her hips against their faces as brother and
sister fought to give her the cum of her life. She squeezed Greg's ass as
hard as she could, desperately holding on as her climax built to a crescendo.
Strangling and gasping for breath she spit his cock out and screamed her
passion loudly. "Aggggggggg!... Ughhhhhhhhhh!... Ahhhhhhhhh!... Oh, Jan,
stop... for Christ sake...stop... I'm dying. No more, please, no more. I
can't take it. Oh, Greg, give me your cock again... hummmmm."

Greg stood up slowly. Marcia was gently sucking at his purple cockhead.
Jan's head was now buried deep between her sister's thighs; her tongue softly
tapering her off. He pulled away; his cock making a 'plopping' sound when if
left Marcia's mouth. She spread her legs as wide apart as possible, giving
Jan complete access to her most inner being. The feeling was still there as
her sister's tongue slowly brought her down from a sexual high never
experienced before. She had been eaten by her brother and her sister - at the
same time! And she had loved it! As Her breathing slowly returned to normal
she felt a slight chill as she became conscious of the cool air on her
perspiring body.

Jan looked at Marcia and smiled. "Good, wasn't it?"

"Oh, hell. It was better than good. I thought my body was going to explode...
I can't really describe it. You have to experience it yourself."

Jan's smile became broader. "I was hoping you'd say that. Me next." Marcia's
eyes opened in sudden excitement.


"I'll watch this time. I always wanted to see two chicks eat each other."

Jan sat against the headboard of the bed, drew her legs up and spread them
wide; her thick reddish-blond muff in sharp contrast to Marcia's silky
blondness. She fondled her own tits, making the nipples taut and erect.

"Com'on, Mar, eat me! Eat my pussyjuice! Suck Greg's cum out of my dirty
cunt! Eat me!"

The words assailed Marcia's mind. How long ago was it that she and Jan had
fingered each other's pussies, trying to capture the new sensations that were
beginning to make themselves known? How frequently had she fantasized about
making love to another woman? Now the past had caught up to the present and
fantasy had become reality. As if it were the most natural thing in the world
her head dipped between her sister's legs and she began to lick at her cunt
and savor its musky aroma.

Greg became caught up in the voyeuristic pleasure of watching. He saw Jan's
face contort; her brow crease, her jaws clinch as each wave of pleasure began
to wash over her. He saw Marcia's head bob rhythmically and in his mind's eye
he could see her tongue dip in and out of the sopping pussy of his younger
sister. Marcia's lovely ass stuck straight up in the air; two perfect half
moons beckoning to him. His erection was almost painful.

Marcia felt the pressure on her cuntlips, their sudden parting as the rough
ridges of her brother's prick rubbed the walls of her vagina. She moaned
loudly into her sister's pussy.

"Oh, yeah, Greg. Fuck her cunt!" Jan said when she felt the sudden extra
weight against her. She rubbed her sister's back, her tits, squeezing them

Greg's cock was sunk to the shank in Marcia's cunt. He leaned forward,
grabbed Jan's large tits and kissed her hungrily; his tongue probing deep in
her mouth. They were completely linked, joined by mouth, pussy, and cock;
trans- ported to another dimension, yet each a part of the other. When they
came, it was in unison. Their passion, their love could be heard throughout
the house.

And they didn't care.

(To be Continued)


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