Brady Bunch: The Competition Part 1 (mff,oral)
by MB

Marsha and Jan had just gotten home from their dates and were comparing notes. The rest of the Brady's were camping, except for Peter who had a school project due.

"Herman says I'm the best he's ever had," said Jan proudly.

Marsha laughed at her sister's gullibility. "All boys say that. And besides, you're the best at what?" Marsha asked.

"I'm not as innocent as you might think Marsha! I've been going down on him for almost a month."

Marsha wasn't going to let Jan think she was the best so easily. So she proposed a contest to see which Brady was the best at giving head.

They needed to find a neutral judge, one neither had blown before. Jan suggested their brother Greg. He had a reputation.

"Greg is a big prick", said Marsha.

"Well, are you afraid of a big dick?" asked Jan.

Marsha rolled her eyes. "I didn't say he had a big dick, I said he was a big prick. You know he's so into himself! How about Peter?"

Jan quickly agreed. Ever since her tits had blossomed, Peter was always trying to sneak looks at them. "How do we get him to do it?"

Marsha replied that Peter was downstairs watching the big game on tv. "Just follow my lead."

The girls went downstairs. Peter was in his chair watching the game, just as Marsha had said. She sat on the floor next to him and grabbed his leg and placed it over her shoulder. Jan followed suit with his other leg. As they watched the game, Jan started rubbing her tits on Peter's leg. Peter forgot about the tv. "Wha-what are you doing?"

Marsha turned around to face him...her head was at his crotch. "We want you to judge a contest for us," she said. "Which of us give the best blowjob."

Jan had already taken off her top. Marsha followed suit. Next thing he knew Peter's pants were off and Marsha and Jan were on their knees facing him.

The rules were simple, they would take turns in five minute intervals. Whoever got the load would win this first round. They flipped a coin and Marsha got to go first.

She started with a long slow lick of his balls and shaft, then swirled her tongue around the tip. Marsha then started bobbing up and down. When the five minutes were up, Peter was struggling to stay in control.

Jan didn't want to copy Marsha so she started by kissing his dick. As she started to bob up and down she got some pre-cum, but Peter said he hadn't actually cum yet so she kept going. But time ran out. It was Marsha's turn again.

Marsha smiled. She knew Peter couldn't last. She took his cock in her mouth, moaned, and Peter exploded! Marsha swallowed what she could then invited Jan to get some.

Marsha had won round one but it was clear this contest wasn't over!


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