Brady Bunch: The Competition Part 2 (Mf,oral,cons)
by MB

Jan and Marsha were back upstairs in their room discussing what had just happened.

"Wow, Marsha, that was great, just like you said. If tomorrow goes as well."

"It will," interrupted Marsha, "just follow the plan!"

* * *

The next morning Peter awakened at 9:30 with morning wood. He stayed in bed thinking about what had happened the night before. Marsha walked in and saw Peter's hard-on and smiled. "Is that for me?"

Peter grinned. "You sure deserve it. That happened just like you said it would!"

Marsha reminded Peter of their deal. Since she got Jan to go down on him, he owed her a hot fuck.

* * *

Meanwhile, Jan was in the backyard waiting for Greg to get home for the weekend from college. As Greg pulled in, Jan sat by the door to the new garage apartment that Mike Brady had built for Greg to use when he was home.

"What's the matter Jan?"

They went into the apartment and Jan began telling him what had happened last night. "I wanted it to be you instead of Peter", she said, "but Marsha said you were just a big prick."

Greg started getting pissed. "Did Marsha tell you that she gave me at least a dozen blowjobs after I graduated, but quit when I said no to fucking her?"

"Nooo, she left that out completely".

They talked some more then Greg said, "OK Jan, I'll help you learn."

Before Greg had finished saying that Jan was on her knees, unbuckling his pants. She could see that Greg's cock was much bigger when flaccid than Peter's was. She started licking and slurping and Greg was hard in no time. She was surprised that when it was hard it was about the same size as Peter's was. She continued sucking Greg for about five minutes, then looked up and said "Greg, I really want to feel you inside me!"

"I can't say no to you Jan," Greg replied.

Jan got on all fours and Greg wasted no time mounting and pounding her hard. Jan turned her head, looked back at Greg and said, "Make me cum!"

Greg went nuts slamming Jan for all he was worth. Greg exploded just as Jan got what she wanted. "We are going to do this again?" said Jan.

Greg agreed and said, "Jan, you're already better than any college girl I've had!"

Jan left the garage apartment and went up to her room where she saw Marsha. "Well Marsha, you've got that fresh fucked look!"

"Look who's talking," Marsha said laughing then said, "When the Brady girls want something, the Brady girls get it!"


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