Brady Bunch: The Erotic Adventures Of The Brady Bunch Part 2 (mmff,voy,oral)
by Anonymous

At dinner that evening they were all relaxed and cheerful, talking about the
days events. Greg commented on how nice it was to have Marcia home from
school for a couple weeks, Jan and Peter talked about cleaning up the
basement, and Bobby and Cindy giggled alot. All in all, a typical family

Several hours later Jan and Peter decided to sneak off to the basement again,
for one last bang before bed. They reached the basement stairs unseen, and
started down. Just as they reached the bottom step, Jan heard a sound. She
thought it sounded like a moan, but wasn't sure. Peter went to investigate,
taking a baseball bat just in case. As he got closer to the boxes from behind
which the sounds came, he began to grin. He knew the sounds of a blow job
when he heard them. He signaled to Jan, telling her to come over, but
quietly. Together they climbed up on a couple of the boxes, so they could
look over the stack at the activity on the other side. They saw Cindy sucking
off Bobby, deep throating him. As they watched, Bobby grabbed Cindy's head,
thrust into her mouth, and began spurting. Cindy swallowed shot after shot,
smiling and sucking at the same time.

Before Cindy had the cock out of her mouth, Peter jumped down beside them.
Laughing, he slapped Bobby on the back, then tousled Cindy's hair. Jan joined
them, lifting Cindy to her feet and giving her a big hug, then pulling Bobby
close and hugging him. Suddenly realizing that Jan and Peter had come down to
the basement for the same reason they had, Bobby and Cindy relaxed. They
weren't in trouble. With a big grin on his face, Peter asked the other three
if they had ever heard of a daisy chain. They hadn't, so Peter went to a box
hidden back in a corner and took out some porn magazines, one of which dealt
with group sex. They looked at the pictures of fucking and sucking, then at
each other. Without a word, Jan and Peter stripped, Peter's cock already hard
and throbbing. Copying the positions they had seen in the magazine, the four
formed a slightly squared circle, lying partially on their sides. Peter
spread Cindy's pussy, licking her slit, then probing with his tongue. Cindy
sucked the head of Bobby's cock, taking a couple of inches of shaft into her
mouth. She looked along Bobby's body to his face, which was covered by Jan's
ass and pussy. She could see his tongue licking and thrusting, could feel the
same thing being done to her own cunt. It was a strange sensation, being
eaten while watching a pussy being eaten. She sucked harder on the cock in
her mouth. Jan had her mouth full of Peter's prick, trying to do what she had
seen Cindy do, trying to deep throat a cock. It was difficult concentrating
with Bobby tonguing her snatch, setting her on fire. The girls came at almost
the same time, their bodies tensing, their thighs clenching around the heads
between them. Peter pulled his rod from Jan's mouth, then stood up. He wanted
Cindy wanted to feel his pole in that tight pussy he had been eating. Bobby
didn't mind, all he could think about were Jan's big tits, and the picture
they had seen of a man fucking a pair of big boobs.

Cindy lay on her back, legs spread wide. She watched Peter's cock as he
prepared to mount her. It was a good deal bigger than Bobby's, both thicker
and longer. Although she was juicy, Peter oiled his cock, knowing she had
only had Bobby's. He stretched out above her, waiting for her to guide him
in. She reached for him, her hand sliding along the shaft, rolling his balls
around, then returning to the head, which she positioned at her slit. Peter
pushed in, slowly but firmly, until his entire cock was inside her. He
couldn't believe how tight she was, how hot she was. After a moment he began
pumping, steadily and slowly, trying to make this fuck last.

Jan was also on her back, but Bobby was sitting astride her stomach,
squeezing her tits together, his hips pumping frantically. Jan had her mouth
open, licking the cockhead any time it was close enough. As Peter watched,
Bobby jerked, then began shooting on Jan's tits. It was amazing how much cum
he had, considering he had already been sucked off once. Jan rubbed the cum
into her tits, then pulled one to her mouth and began to clean it. She
reached up and pulled Bobby down, kissing him, letting him taste himself on
her lips. To her surprise, Bobby liked the taste, immediately licking her
other tit clean himself.

Cindy's eyes were open wide, her body screaming with lust. Peter's cock was
reaching untouched spots within her, driving her over the edge. The tightness
of Cindy's cunt pulled Peter closer, driving him toward his orgasm. They
crested at almost the same time, Peter thrusting hard, Cindy clinging to him.
Their mingled moans were loud in the quiet basement. They clung to each
other, gasping for breath from the intensity of their mutual orgasms. Finally
they separated, momentarily spent.

The four of them lay together, relaxing, talking about the sex, kissing and
holding each other. Being young, it wasn't long before they were ready to go
again. Surprisingly, it was Bobby who was hard first. Jan showed him some of
the pictures in the magazines, of men mounting women from behind, and told
him she loved doing it that way. She rolled to her stomach, then got to her
hands and knees, pushing her soft, full butt into Bobby. Moving against her,
Bobby quickly entered, sliding all the way in. Matching the slow, steady
rhythm with which Jan was pushing back against him, Bobby began fucking. He
was determined that she would cum before he would. Peter grew hard as he
watched them fuck. Seeing this, Cindy lay her head in his lap, his cock
standing up between her chin and throat. She began nuzzling it, playing with
it with her lips and tongue. Peter sighed, reached for her pussy and began
playing with it, inserting one finger, then a second. Cindy kissed his
cockhead, then slowly began swallowing him. It was a tight fit, but she
managed it, deep throating his now fully erect dick. Quite a talented little
girl. This talent gave Peter an idea. He extracted himself from her mouth,
grabbed a couple of boxes, and fixed a place for Cindy to lay, on her back,
head hanging off the boxes. Some guy had face fucked Vanessa Del Rio this way
in a movie he had seen.

Her head hanging, mouth open, throat relaxed, Cindy waited for Peter's cock.
When the head was inside her mouth she closed her lips and began to suck,
pulling him inside even further. With her eyes open she could see his cock
slowly disappearing, and of course she could feel it in her mouth.

Peter continued to push slowly, unable to believe someone as small as Cindy
could truly swallow his entire cock.

When his balls hit her nose, Cindy knew she had done it. She exhaled through
her nose, blowing across his balls, causing him to shudder. She could see his
asshole, could see the big muscles in his ass clench. He pulled out, then
pushed in again, a little faster than before. Cindy relaxed, breathing in
when he withdrew, exhaling on his balls and asshole.

Peter was ecstatic. Never in his short life had he felt anything like this.
He began thrusting faster, pumping in and out of her face. Her hands began
massaging his ass, making small circles on his butt cheeks. Then her hands
went to her pussy, spread her lips, began slipping inside. She finger fucked
her pussy while Peter fucked her mouth. Her fingers moved faster, her breath
shortened, her body strained upward when her orgasm hit, pushing him over
the edge. He pulled out of her, pointed his cock at her firm, tiny boobs,
and exploded shot after shot across her chest and stomach.

As her own orgasm subsided she felt Peter pull out of her, then felt hot
cum splattering across her body. She opened her eyes, watched as his cock
finished spurting, then pulled it back to her mouth, where she licked it
clean. Jan and Bobby had already finished, and now Jan joined Cindy, licking
Peter's shaft, then kissing Cindy, tasting the cum in her mouth. Jan broke
the kiss, began licking cum off Cindy's chin and throat, working down to her
tits. She cleaned one nipple, then the other, taking her time.

Realizing that the four of them had been down there quite a while, and being
pretty well satiated, they dressed and went back upstairs. They split up, the
girls going to the upstairs bathroom to clean up, the guys using the one on
the ground floor.

As they showered, Jan and Cindy talked. Jan mentioned that Peter had the
biggest cock she had seen, which was one of the reasons she liked fucking
him. Cindy was quiet a moment, then admitted that Peter was the biggest she'd
had inside her, but that she had seen a larger one, Greg's. Then she told Jan
about hiding in the closet with Bobby, watching Marcia and Greg fuck. Their
shower finished, the girls went downstairs, where they joined the others in
the TV room. When Peter went to the kitchen to make popcorn, Jan followed.
She told him what Cindy had told her about Marcia and Greg. They agreed they
would try to find a way to involve all six of them in some hot and heavy

Early the next morning, after Mom and Dad had left for work, Greg and Marcia
were having breakfast. Nobody else was awake yet, so they had the whole
ground floor to themselves. Marcia was wearing a thin robe, and when she
stepped between Greg and the light it became obvious she wasn't wearing
anything else. She went to the refrigerator, bending slightly to look for
something. Greg came up behind her, lifted the hem of her robe, pulled her
back against him. Reaching around her, he pulled her robe open, thrust his
hands inside and covered her tits, her nipples between two of his fingers.
He squeezed the nipples, pinching them, rubbing the tips when they hardened.

Continued in part 3...


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