Brady Bunch: The Erotic Adventures Of The Brady Bunch Part 3
by Anonymous (MmF,mf,Mf,Fm,oral)

Marcia could feel his cock against her ass, gradually hardening and
lengthening. She reached behind herself, groping him through his thin
pajamas, then reaching through the pajama fly and fondling his balls. She
released him, then turned around and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into
his mouth.

Greg returned her kiss, then peeled her robe off. He lifted her in his arms,
lifted her high enough to kiss her titties, then suck on them. Without
another word he took her to the kitchen table, turned her away from him and
bent her over the table. He put his cock against her pussy lips, spread them
slightly with his fingers, then plunged in completely, spearing her with his
massive tool. He heard her grunt, then moan. He began pumping, pulling back
slowly, then slamming forward as hard as he could. She would grunt every time
he thrust, and moan every time he withdrew. He was deep in her pussy, just
short of cumming, when the kitchen door opened and Peter walked in.

They froze, not knowing what to do. Peter was startled, but recovered
quickly. He walked to the refrigerator, poured himself a glass of juice, and
then went to the table and sat down. He smiled at Greg and Marcia, then told
them he liked to watch. Marcia giggled, then wiggled her ass at Greg, who
was still inside, but no longer fully erect. She rippled the muscles in her
pussy, helping Greg regain his erection. When he was hard he began fucking
her again, stroking long and deep, again drawing grunts from Marcia. Peter
watched for a few minutes, drinking his oj, then reached into his shorts and
pulled out his cock. He pushed back from the table, far enough that Marcia
could see him, and started fisting his cock, stroking and squeezing. He knew
that if he could get involved in the fuck happening in front of him, getting
a group thing going with all six of them would be easy.

He stared at Marcia's closed eyes, hoping she would open them. When she did,
finally, he grinned at her, then stroked his cock, hard, pointing it at her
face. She answered his grin with one of her own, then nodded her head. Peter
was out of his chair like a shot, and up on the table. He slid toward Marcia,
his cock pointing at the ceiling. Marcia raised up on her elbows, lifting her
face high enough for Peter to rest his prick against her mouth. At first she
just lipped it, giving it quick little kisses, moving up and down the shaft.
Then she took the head in her mouth, her tongue massaging it. She sucked on
the head, then slid down the shaft, taking most of him into her mouth. Her
head bobbed up and down on his rod, in time with Greg's cock thrusting in and
out of her pussy.

Marcia came first, pulling off Peter's cock, moaning and writhing on the
kitchen table. When she finished, Greg pulled out of her, picked her up, and
carried her to the couch in the front room, Peter following along behind,
cock bouncing up and down with every step.

Marcia told Greg to lay on the couch, then climbed on top of him. With one
hand she held his cock, with the other she spread her pussy lips. She lowered
herself onto his tool, slowly, savoring the feel of it going in, enjoying the
power she felt being in control of the fuck. When she was all the way down,
nothing but Gregs balls showing, she looked at Peter, then at her ass, then
back at Peter to see if he got the message. He did. He made a mad dash for
the kitchen, poured some oil on his hands and cock, then hurried back to the

Marcia was in mid-ride, her ass pistoning up and down, Greg's huge cock
appearing and disappearing. Peter climbed onto the couch, took hold of
Marcia's hips, and pushed against her asshole. He pushed hard, the oil on
his cock lubricating her butt. Her hole relaxed suddenly, allowing him to
slip inside. About two thirds of his shaft went in on that first plunge.
He was surprised when she didn't tense up. He always had to wait for Jan
to get used to him being in her ass. He pushed again, slipping the rest of
the way in, his balls touching Greg's, who was completely inside Marcia's
pussy. Greg lifted Marcia slightly, enough so that he could slide out,
then ram back in. He started fucking, long, hard strokes, the kind that
drove Marcia crazy. Peter could feel him doing it, feel it in his own cock
every time Greg thrust.

Peter began his ass fuck, imitating Greg, pulling almost out and then
thrusting back in all at once. Marcia was moaning, writhing madly between
the boys, driven almost crazy with lust. Peter felt her orgasm begin, felt
her ass squeeze tight as her pussy spasmed around Greg's cock. Buried deep
in her ass, he felt Greg thrust in hard, felt him swell, felt his cock
jerking and shooting inside her, so close to his own. He thrust a couple
more times, then started shooting himself. He pumped shot after shot into
her ass, feeling completely drained when he was done.

Marcia went upstairs to shower, leaving Greg and Peter to clean up
downstairs. They walked back to the kitchen, stood by the sink and soaped up
their dicks, washing them clean. Peter figured this was as good a time as any
to tell Greg about the others. The results were everything he had hoped for.
When he talked about Cindy's cocksucking talents Greg's meat began to swell.

Greg was surprised at himself. He'd cum twice in the last hour, and now
hearing about 14 year old Cindy sucking cock was giving him another erection.
Hell of a way to start a day. Greg hung his rod in the sink, grabbed the
rinser, and sprayed warm water across his cock, balls, and stomach, rinsing
off the soap. Just as he finished Jan and Cindy walked in.

Both girls stopped dead in their tracks. Of all the things they might have
expected first thing in the morning, Peter and Greg standing naked in the
kitchen with semi-erect cocks was way down the list. Jan reacted first. Her
hands went to her breasts, began massaging them through the mens shirt she
wore to bed. Cindy licked her lips, pushed one hand through the fly of the
boys pajamas she still wore every night. She rubbed her pussy, one finger
slipping between the lips, spreading them.

By now the boys were fully erect. Without a word they went to the girls. Greg
stopped in front of Jan, pulled her to him, and kissed her long and hard. His
hands went to her ass, which he massaged while his tongue probed her mouth.
When the kiss was finished he backed off a step, pulled her shirt over her
head and tossed it aside. Her tits were magnificent. Full and round, they
jutted out from her ribs with almost no sag. Greg moved close, lifted her in
his arms, and carried her to the table, the same table he had fucked Marcia
on less than an hour ago. He sat her on the table, pulled up a chair, and
started licking and sucking her boobs. Breakfast was finally ready.

Peter had pulled Cindy to the floor, stripped off her shirt, and was sucking
her hard little nipples. He had one hand inside her pajama bottoms, frigging
her cunt, making sure she was wet enough to fuck. He mounted her there, not
even removing the pajamas, fucking her through the same hole she had used to
rub herself.

Greg had moved down to Jan's pussy. His mouth was pushed tight against her,
his tongue going in and out, his hands squeezing her ass. He pulled away,
stood up, pushed her down on her back and spread her legs.

Jan watched as Greg moved up between her thighs. She had never even seen
anything as big, much less had it inside her. His strong hands gripped her
ankles, raising her feet to his shoulders. He pulled her closer to the edge
of the table, then looked into her eyes. She felt his cockhead spreading
her pussy lips, then he pushed, gently, only moving a couple of inches into
her. She looked into his eyes, then, silently telling him to give her more,
to fuck her completely. He slid his hands down her legs to her thighs, then
to her hips. He got a firm hold on her, then drove into her with all his
power, forcing himself all the way in.

Greg began to piston Jan's snatch, fucking her the way Marcia liked it, with
long, hard strokes. With every stroke her tits bounced toward her face, then
came back when he pulled out. Jan must have noticed where he was looking, or
maybe just liked playing with them, because she grabbed her own boobs and
began massaging them, rolling them with her hands, tweaking the nipples to
make them even harder. As he watched, pumping into her, she pulled her right
breast to her mouth, licked her nipple, then took it between her lips and
sucked on it. Greg had never seen a woman suck her own tits; it was more then
he could handle right then. With a grunt he buried himself in her snatch just
as she let out a long moan. She tensed, her body arching up off the table. He
pushed in deep, then let loose with a shattering orgasm, his cock jerking
time after time. When he was finished he pulled her to a sitting position and
kissed her again, long and hard.

Cindy was thrashing about on the floor, in the middle of her second orgasm,
Peter still rock hard and pumping. While Jan and Greg watched, Peter pulled
out of her and turned her over. He stretched out on top of her, his cock
resting between her butt cheeks. While Cindy was still relaxed, Peter pushed
his bone against her asshole, slipping almost halfway in.

Cindy was exhausted, left limp by the force of her orgasms. She simply went
with it when Peter turned her over, expecting him to mount her from behind.
His rod was hot against her ass, slick with her own juices, and she could
feel it throbbing. She felt him sliding it back, and was waiting for him to
fill her pussy again. When he pushed through her asshole she was surprised,
but didn't have the energy to fight it. Later she found out that assfucking
sometimes hurt, but right now there was no pain. She stayed relaxed, and
allowed Peter his way. After all, he had already gotten her off twice.

Peter thrust again, burying his bone in Cindy's tight little ass. She was
tighter than any hole he had ever been in. He pulled back slowly, then
pushed it in again, all in one stroke. His pace increased, her tightness
and subservience making him harder and hotter.

Jan slid from the table, dropping to her knees in front of Greg. She took
his cum coated prick into her mouth, licking and sucking, cleaning it while
also causing it to stiffen again. They watched Peter pounding in and out of
Cindy's ass, watched as he buried his log in her butt and jerked
spasmodically, watched him collapse atop her when his orgasm finished.

* * *

Bobby woke with a piss-hardon, climbed out of bed and headed for the
bathroom. He was standing about two feet away from the toilet, aiming his
stream into the bowl when Marcia walked in. She had forgotten her cosmetics
bag after her shower, and didn't realize anyone was in the bathroom. She
stopped dead, staring at the boy's erection. Bobby was startled by her
presence, but there wasn't much he could do about it. The longer she stared,
though, the more it excited him.

Marcia stared at Bobby's hardon, watching it. At first it was softening as
the piss left, but as she watched it began to stiffen again. She had never
seen such a smooth cock, or balls so nearly devoid of hair. When he finished
she moved towards him, reaching for his balls. She wasn't really horny, Greg
and Peter had taken care of that, but Bobby's balls were practically calling
her. Her fingers itched to feel the soft fuzz, to cradle his young balls, to
fondle them. She dropped to her knees before him, stroking his cock with one
hand, rolling his balls with the other. She pulled his foreskin back,
marveling at the velvety smoothness of his shaft. Without a word she took
him into her mouth. She sucked the head, licked it, while fisting the shaft
with one hand and holding his balls with the other.

Bobby was taken completely by surprise. He was barely awake, and he was
already being blown. He throbbed in Marcia's mouth, then dropped his hands to
her head, pulled her against him, and began to shoot. He shot hard, but not
very long. Everything had happened so fast, he hadn't even been hard more
than a couple minutes.

Marcia swallowed the hot, sticky cum spewing into her mouth, and continued to
suck. She wanted him to stay hard, wanted him to fuck her right there in the
bathroom. When he was fully erect again she stood up, turned her back to him,
and bent over, resting her hands on the toilet cover. Bobby pushed her robe
up out of the way, moved up against her butt, and sunk his pole into her

His hands gripping her hips, Bobby began fucking, moving in and out slowly
and steadily, wanting this to last much longer than the blow job had. Marcia
was just as tight as Cindy, even if she was older. He continued his slow,
steady fucking, helping Marcia build toward her own orgasm. When she began
to moan and gasp he increased his tempo, thrusting harder and faster,
matching his rhythm to her moans, matching the frenetic pace she was setting,
pushing back against him. She was bringing him to his exploding point, even
as he was driving her to her own. With one final push backward, she impaled
herself on his cock. He could feel her cunt clenching and releasing. With a
sigh he thrust one more time, then gave himself over to his own orgasm. He
flooded her cunt, their juices mixing and coating his cock.

Marcia slid slowly back down the hill, coming back to life. When Bobby pulled
out she turned to him, pulled him close, and kissed him passionately. They
showered together, then dressed and went downstairs. They walked into the
kitchen just as Greg began to shoot, his cum filling Jan's mouth and
dribbling out onto her chin.

The four sweaty kids went to shower while Marcia and Bobby fixed breakfast.
The way this day had started, everybody needed a big breakfast.

Continued in part 4...


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