This story is a parody, not the real thing. You must be an adult to read what
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Brady Bunch: The Tiki Strikes Back (mffg,magic,reluc)
by Dr.Bone

Bobby did not learn his lesson with the Tiki God and it would have

Bobby Brady sat alone in the hotel room. His mother, father and Alice were on
the other side of the island for the night looking over the site for the new
project. Greg and Peter were over at a pen pal's house for a surf party, but
he was too young to go, and the girls were at a hula lesson and would be home

Bobby thought about jerking off. He took out his cock and started to rub it
thinking about the three sexy girls he had seen at the pool, but when he
went over there he got tongue tied, and made a fool of himself. Now as Bobby
pulled on his cock he rubbed the tiki around his neck with the his other hand
and wished that three sexy girls would come into the bedroom and fuck him all

What Bobby did not realize was that the tiki would grant him his wish, but
not in the way he wanted.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. Bobby pulled up his
shorts and opened the door. It was his three sisters, "What do they want?"
he wondered. They probably wanted to bug him to do something for them.

He opened the door. Without speaking a word Marsha kissed him deeply in the
mouth. "Yuck! What is going on."

"Well, we were talking and decided that today would be the best time to fuck
you all night long." said Jan stripping naked along with the rest of the
girls. Bobby realized the tiki had done this. He tried to tell them no or get
out but they pushed him on the bed. Jan and Cindy pulled down his shorts, he
could feel their tits pressing on his leg making his cock rise against his
will. Cindy shoved his cock into her mouth and began to suck on it, taking
turns with Jan, who kept, of all things, her glasses on.

"When you cum I want it all over my face and glasses." she told Bobby. Bobby
told them it was the tiki making them do it but they laughed.

Marsha regally got up on the bed and lowered herself onto Bobby's face and
rubbed her pussy against his nose until he started licking. Meanwhile Cindy
had Jan hold his cock steady as she sat on it and began to bounce up and down
on it.

"Feel like you are going to cum Bobby?" said Jan. He groaned yes, the girls
got off of him and had him stand up. Marsha got behind him, her hot tits
hitting his shoulder and grabbed his cock and startedjJerking it off while
Jan and Cindy looked up at him on their knees, faces pressed together telling
him to cum all over their faces.

What man could resist? Bobby moaned and came, Cindy kept her eyes closed but
Jan caught it on her glasses keeping her eyes wide open. When he was done Jan
licked her lenses clean while. Cindy put it in her mouth and sucked it clean.
Then they went into the bathroom and cleaned up with a towel.

The three girls got on the bed kneeling. "Okay Bobby who has the most perfect
pussy, come on tell us." said Marsha fingering her cunt as the other girls
did the same.

"I-I-I can't decide."

"Well then you better taste them all!" said Jan.

Bobby licked each pussy and fingered the others for over a half hour until
his cock could not take it anymore. He jumped up and shoved it into Marsha
and started to bang her. Then he stuck it in Jan followed by Cindy.

The girls took Control, they flipped Bobby onto the bed and Marsha got on top
of his cock and rode him until her came followed by Cindy and then Jan taking
turns. It might have been the tiki but Bobby's cock kept coming up as quick
as it went down.

They fucked all night until dawn, when without word the girls kissed him and
went back to their rooms.

The next day over the family breakfast the girls said that all that hula had
made them sore.

"Bobby stop stroking that tiki and eat your breakfast." said Mrs. Brady,
which he did with a smile.


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