Well, here it is at last. Part two. Enjoy. Sorry to make you
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Oh yeah, almost forgot: Standard-type disclaimer: No underage (
meaning 18 in most states of US, 21 in some places and doesn't matter in
others) people should be reading this.
If you are easily offended, read it anyway - you might learn
something! There is no bondage, domination, watersports, scat or snuff.
This is incest, pedo, cons, and mf. I'm working my way up to the rest.. :)
If you are my mother: Stop reading now!!! (You read this one
yesterday, Ma...)
If you are a government agent trying to get evidence: My name is
Oedipus Sex. Spell it right.

Anyway, on to the story:

The X-Rated Brady's
By Oedipus Sex

Part Two

Peter's hand shook a little as he reached out to wash his
sister's back. As he touched her with it, she jumped a little,
causing the bubbles to shift, giving Peter the illusion that he was
seeing more than he should have. He gulped and squeeked, "Sorry!"
"It's okay, Peter," Jan reassured her brother. If he was
gonna be this timid, she might have to make the first move. She
figured she'd at least give him a chance though. "The rag was
cold. Just stick it in the water for a second to warm it up."
Peter pushed up the sleeves of his pajama tops as he plunged
his hand into the warm water. When the rag had had enough time to
warm up, he removed it and again began to wash Jan's back. At
first he was very hesitant, as though washing a thin sheet of
glass, but when Jan didn't seem to mind, he got more into it. He
enjoyed the feeling of her skin when the washrag would occasionally
slip aside and allow direct contact. As he washed her upper back,
he realized he could look over shoulder and see her adolescent
breasts. The sight of her small breasts gave Peter a tingle all
the way to his toes, but especially between his legs, and he found
his penis growing again despite having just finished jacking off.
He backed away a little so the head wouldn't poke her in the back,
and continued washing her, while trying to understand his feelings.
Jan felt Peter back away slightly, and thought she might be
losing his interest, so she began to direct him. "A little lower
please. That's it... Just a little lower..."
As he moved the rag lower and lower, he realized his sleeve
was getting wet. Without even thinking about it, he unbuttoned his
top and took it off. Then he went back to washing.
Jan got excited by Peter's casual disrobing, even though it
was just his shirt. She could feel heat beginning to build up in
her chest as her heart began to pound. She began to wonder if she
wanted to go any further, but finally could resist no more. She
turned around suddenly in the tub, letting Peter's hand brush, and
then rest on, her adolescent breasts. Before he could jerk his
hand away, however, she pressed it to her breast and whispered,
"Just keep washing, Peter. Just keep washing."

* * *

Bobby was confused, as usual. He and Cindy had been playing
"Spies" in the closet, when they saw Marsha go up to Greg's room.
They probably wouldn't have paid any attention but for the fact
that she came back down then knocked, then went back in. They
decided together that this was "Suspicious Activity" and that meant
it had to be investigated. Fortunately, he and Cindy had been
playing this game for a while, and were very good at sneaking
around. None of the other kids could possibly realize just how
much these two had seen and heard. There were even a few times
when they spied on their parents in bed. Those had been very
interesting, if less than educational.
Now they found themselves creeping up the stairs to Greg's
room, periscopes in hand. They had found these little mirrored
devices handy on more than one occasion, as it allowed them to see
around the corner without putting their whole head there. Now as
they peeked over the stairs, they were met with a very interesting
sight. Greg and Marsha, on Greg's bed, doing things they had only
seen their parents do before.
Marsha's shirt was off, and her breasts were covered by
nothing more than Greg's hands. He was fondling her well shaped
breasts with his entire hands, letting the nipples poke out
periodically only to pinch them and roll them around. Whenever he
did this, they could see Marsha close her eyes and inhale sharply,
as though it were painful, yet she didn't look hurt. The two
youngest Bradys looked at each other for a moment and shrugged
before they went back to spying on their siblings.

* * *

Greg had regained enough composure and courage to reach out
and grab his sister's breasts - one in each hand. The breasts were
well shaped, a little over a handful for him, and very firm, with
no sag. It's no wonder his sister went without a bra so often.
With breasts like these, she didn't need them. The nipples were a
light brown color, and surrounded by quarter-sized halos of a
darker brown flesh. As he manipulated the nipples, they hardened,
and the areolas contracted slightly, making the nipples even more
erect. He found himself reacting even more to his sister, the
erection in his jeans making him wince in pain. He decided then
and there to always wear looser jeans, just for his own safety.
Marsha saw the look of pain on Greg's face, and realizing what
it was, took matters into her own hands. Literally.
She unzipped his pants, and savouring his startled look,
pulled his penis free from his slightly damp underwear.
Greg's shock was very brief this time, and melted into relief
and pleasure as his sister began to fondle his manhood. It was
obvious from the way she did it, that she was no stranger to cock-
play, so he just relaxed and continued to fondle her breasts.
Marsha began to stroke Greg's cock lightly as she studied what
she considered to be a piece of art. He was at least seven inches
long, and thicker than any of her boyfriends had ever been. She
liked the way the blood thickened the head of the rod, making it a
rosy red that slowly darkened as she manipulated his penis. The
heady aroma from his pubic hair, which was quite thick and dark,
made her inhale with a sigh of pleasure. She could hear Greg's
breath quicken as she stroked him. He continued to fondle her
breasts, even though his eyes were glazed with pleasure. As he
neared orgasm, Marsha began to stroke faster and harder. His rod
was jumping with anticipation, but just as he was ready to shoot,
she stopped, and grabbed his arms to prevent him from stroking
himself. His penis jumped around as though angry to have been
stopped, and Greg himself looked pained.
"Not yet, brother dear, not yet..."

* * *

Peter's heart was racing. His sister had just turned around
and held his hand to her breast. He had never touched a breast
before, although he had dreamt about it many times. Now that he
was touching it, he realized just how soft a breast could be. He
let the washcloth drop into the water, disturbing the bubbles even
further and began to massage this new object of fascination.
Her breasts were not very large, especially in comparison to
Marsha's, but they were enough to cup in his hand, with tiny pink
areolae, and little nipples that poked softly into his palm. As he
rubbed the girl, he saw her body begin to flush, and felt the same
thing happening to him. He glanced down and noticed that his penis
was so hard it had crept out of his underwear and was throbbing
almost painfully. Trying to ignore these feelings, he went back to
fondling his sister.
Jan's breathing began to get faster and faster as she felt the
familiar sensation of an orgasm building. She didn't know she
could come just from somebody playing with her titties, but here
she was and it was definitely happening. As her climax built, she
let out a little moan of pleasure startling Peter. As he started
to pull away, she breathed, "No. Go on. Play with them Peter.
Play with me."
His sister's moan had made him start, but as she asked him to
play with her, he realized how much she liked what he was doing.
He couldn't quite understand why she was letting him do this, but
it felt so good, he couldn't resist. As he squeezed her breasts,
he watched her breathing pick up, and he could feel her heart
racing under his hands. He smiled with secretive pleasure at the
power he realized that he had over her.
Thinking about that kind of power made him remember a dirty
book he had read a couple of weeks ago. It had told the complete
story of some pool-cleaner and a woman doing it. He recalled that
one of things the pool guy had done was to suck on the woman's
breasts. He thought of the effect on the woman, and wondered what
it would do to Jan...

* * *

As Bobby watched his brother and sister playing with each
other on the bed, he felt an unfamiliar sensation between his legs.
He looked down and saw something poking out from between his legs.
Now he had always enjoyed watching his family make out, it had
never affected him like this. "Cindy!" he squeeked quietly, so as
not to alert the two on the bed. When she turned toward him, he
pointed helplessly between his legs.
Cindy turned at her brother's whisper only to see him pointing
at an unusual bulge in his shorts. After a second, she realized
that he was having his first erection. She remembered Marsha
describing one in her diary. She quietly backed down the stairs,
abandoning her favourite activity, and grabbed Bobby's hand as she
Bobby was almost on the verge of tears when they left Greg's
room. Whatever had happened couldn't be normal. Maybe it was some
kind of punishment or something for spying on everyone. He made a
silent vow to God never to do it again. Promise. Cross his heart
and hope to die. It wasn't until he had finished the silent prayer
that he realized where Cindy was taking him. Into their parents
room. "Cindy, wait. We aren't allowed in there!"
"So? Mom and Dad won't be home for a few hours, and Alice is
reading one of her books! No one will ever know!"
Bobby gave in and let his sister drag him into the "forbidden"
room. The bed looked bigger, somehow, in the light from the hall.
As they closed the door, it became almost pitch black in the
bedroom, with the only light creeping in from under the door. When
his eyes udjusted, he could finally make out some shape moving on
the bed. With Cindy right in front of him, he knew she couldn't be
the one on the bed. When the thing on the bed grunted, Bobby
almost lost it completely, and he jumped in fear. If he hadn't
recognised the grunt he would probably have knocked himself out on
the door, trying to run away. But fortunately for him, he had, and
when Cindy turned on the light, his suspicions were confirmed:
Tiger had snuck in and was sleeping on the bed.
"Bad Tiger! Get down!"
"Leave him be, Bobby. He's not hurting anything." Besides,
she thought to herself, I might have a use for him...
Cindy crawled onto the bed, and pulled Bobby up after her.
Tiger only took up the foot of the bed, leaving them plenty of
room. As they got comfortable, Cindy decided to explain a few
things to Bobby that she had learned from Marsha and Jan.

* * *

Marsha waited for the almost-orgasm to pass, then began to
reposition herself. First, she stripped off her pants, and then
her lacy pink panties her last boyfriend had bought her. When she
was completely naked in front of Greg, she ran a hand down her
silk-skinned body, defect-free and soft like nothing else, as all
children are at that age. As she touched her breasts, she paused
for a moment, almost as though teasing herself. Then she moved on,
letting her hands drift lower and lower, until they brushed across
the top of her pubes.
Greg had been incredibly frustrated by Marsha's action, but
was in too much shock to do much more than watch. When she was
sure he was no longer going to have an orgasm, she let him go, and
began to undress right in front of him. As she took off her pants,
Greg couldn't help but marvel at how cute her ass was. It looked
like the kind you could squeeze twice and have enough left over for
desert. Greg had never been much of an ass-man, but Marsha was
rapidly changing his ways.
As she got to her panties, she turned around. Greg could see
that the front of her panties were slightly wet, informing Greg of
just how horny Marsha was. She pulled off her panties revealing a
modest patch of light brown hair topping her mound. He stared for
a moment before he realised that she was touching herself all over.
He had always liked to watch his girlfriends play with themselves,
and tonight was no different.
She finally reached her pubic hair and wound her finger slowly
through the muff. She teased herself lightly by brushing, ever-so-
closely to her lips. Then she ran her finger across her lips, and
inhaled at the tingly shocks that it sent through her. She paused
for a moment to let the first wave die down, then began to stroke
her outer lips slowly. Tiring of that, she began to explore the
lips more thoroughly, ignoring Greg all through this. She spread
her lips giving Greg a view of the tiny pink flower she had hidden
with her hands. As she rubbed the inside of her lips, Greg's cock
surged again, and a small drop of pre-cum welled up on the tip.
Marsha new exactly what effect she was having on Greg. She
had done this for her boyfriends _dozens_ of times, and was well
aware of what it did. It also helped that she enjoyed the hell out
of playing with herself while somebody watched.
She began to stroke the insides of her pussy lips, gradually
circling closer and closer to her slit, until she finally just
brushed it just once. The shudder of pleasure almost pushed her
over the edge, but she forced herself to wait. It wouldn't be long

* * *

End Part two...

Let's hear from some more Brady lovers out there: I'm working on three
Oedipus Sex


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