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Brady Bunch Laundry Day
by Dr. Bone Who Sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read the Story Below

The Bradys were still in Hawaii, and Bobby was still tired. Having wished
for sex with three hot blondes, the evil tiki decided to give him his wish,
with his three sisters who came to his hotel room and screwed his brains out.

Mike, Carol, and their three daughters were going to another island for a
party given by one of Mike's clients, they would stay at his mansion
overnight and come back the next afternoon, leaving the three Brady boys,
and Alice by themselves, for the night.

Bobby gave Alice the Tiki before he went surfing remembering Greg almost
drowning from surfing with it on. As he turned to go to the beach he warned
Alice not to wish for anything, it might come true.

That night after a session with her trusty vibrator, Alice got ready to turn
in. She turned up the air conditioner in the room and put on her ugly purple
flannel nightgown, hair net, and face cream. She looked at herself in the
mirror and gave a sad sigh, "No wonder Sam won't put that ring on my finger.
What I could use is a little bit more here." she said grabbing her breasts.
"And, oh I don't know, a good hard gang bang, like the ones in those Swedish
Magazines, Mister Brady, likes to hide from his wife." she said as she
absently mindedly rubbed the Tiki which she had hung around her neck, not
realizing she had not returned it to Bobby.

That night she felt horny, but was so tired she could only finger herself
until she fell asleep. Around midnight a hand tapped her, she heard a voice
call her name. She opened her eyes and by the light of the television she had
left on she could see two of the Brady boys, Peter and Greg, and as her eyes
adjusted to the dim light she realized they were naked, their clothes piled
up in a corner of her room.

"What is going on here?" she said shocked, as she jumped out of bed. "What!"
she cied as, she felt out of balance as she got up, her breasts swayed a bit
too much. She reached to them instinctively and they felt bigger, much
bigger, her mind raced, was she dreaming? Was it the pot she breathed in on
the bus from the market? Then she thought about what she had wished for, she
remembered rubbing the tiki. "But this can't be, and it can't be a joke, the
boys could not have heard my wish."

"Well we talked, and Alice you always took care of us, after dad lost our
first mom, and even after we got our new mom, so we thought we would take
care of you." Greg said, but Alice could scarcely concentrate on his words
as she noticed they both had huge erections.

"We want to show you are loved by fucking your brains out all night long."
said Peter. Greg took a wet towel he was holding and wiped the face cream
from her face, then kissed her deeply. She knew it was wrong, she could get
fired, or even go to jail, but it was if they were all under a spell.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, they were at least a 38DD.

"Where's Bobby?" she asked, to see how they would answer. Were they on drugs?
They did not seem drunk or anything of the sort.

"Oh he went downstairs, buying you something special for the party. But lets
not worry about him right now, this is all about you." Said Greg as he moved
towards her again kissing her deeply as he squeezed her tits.

"Greg you can't do this I am over twice your age and….and you mother." Alice
said as Peter dropped to his knees and pulled up her nightgown.

"Why? Do you think she would want to join in?" said Peter as he fingered her
pussy, he made her push her legs apart. This was crazy Alice thought as she
felt his tongue lap her pussy.

"I am going to give you the fuck Sam should have given you years ago." Greg
said as he spun her around so she faced the bed. He then pushed her so she
landed on the bed, he grabbed her by her hips and pulled them upwards so she
was on all fours. Then he hiked her flannel nightgown up over her waist.

"Alice, you have such a nice ass." he said stunned at how firm and smooth it
was. Before she could answer he rubbed his cock up and down the length of her
pussy and then slammed his cock into her.

"Ughhh! I can't believe it. It feels so young and hard and...uhhhh!" she said
as he pounded her.

Greg grabbed her hips and thrusted even harder. Her newly resized breasts
swung back and forth with each thrust. He reached forward coping her breasts
in each hand and lifted her off her hands. Peter slid off the nightgown. Greg
kissed the back of her neck and her spine, letting her back down onto the bed
onto all fours.

Peter grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he got onto the bed. He kneeled
in front of her rubbing his cock. "Come on Alice! I have been jerking off
about this moment for years." he said putting his cock inches away from her
face. To his surprise she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth
and gave him the blow job of his life. She eagerly sucked and slurped on his
cock like a pro.

Greg and Peter then swapped places, Alice fingered her clitoris as she was
fucked, she did not care if this was some crazy pot dream she was going to
enjoy every second. Then the door rattle and opened. For a moment she thought
it was going to be Mrs. Brady, or Mrs. Brady and the police, but it was Bobby
carrying a plastic bag from an adult store located in the seedier part of the

"Aww! Man! You started without me." said Bobby stripping. Alice watched his
hard cock bounce up and down as he approached her. She took turns sucking on
both Peter and Bobby‘s cocks.

"Come on Alice I bet you can fit them both in your mouth at once." said Bobby
as he and his brother pushed both of their cocks together by her lips. She
managed to get both of their heads in to her mouth to their delight.

Greg flipped her onto her back and held her legs apart in a wide "V" as he
pounded her. Bobby and Peter pulled off her nightgown and hair cap, then
Peter straddled her stomach and tit fucked her as she sucked off Bobby. Greg
pulled out of her and dumped his hot load on her stomach just like in the
films he saw. Bobby followed suit splashing her face as Peter did her tits.
Peter pushed her breasts up to her face and she licked up his hot sticky

Greg got the towel he had used to clean the cold cream from her face and
helped to clean off her body.

The brothers helped her to stand up and Bobby showed what he had bought,
first he took out a lace body suit, with a low neckline and an open crotch.
"I can't put this on." she said even as the boys helped her into it. This
was followed by high heeled shoes and a cheap perfume. Alice looked at
herself in the mirror and she looked liked some sort of older porn queen.
The boys must of have felt so also as minutes later she was on her knees in
front of them sucking their cocks as she played with the new bigger red
vibrator Bobby had brought her.

Through the night she was pounded in every position she could think of, and
some she could never have. Around four AM they collapsed into a sticky heap
on the bed. Around five the boys woke up. They took her into the shower and
gave her one more hard fuck before getting dressed. Bobby giggled and said
he had told her to be careful with the tiki.

Alice thought it was all just a dream. But her new breasts were still there.
All her clothes fit, even her bras had the right "new" size on them. And
nobody seemed to notice. Maybe she was always busty and she had only thought
she had had smaller breasts and the whole thing was just a mad dream, caused
by the pot she had breathed in on the bus.

She let a few days go by, none of the boys acted different towards her.

Then on their second to last night on the island, it was raining, the boys
were on the other side of the island waiting for the weather to clear to
surf, she rubbed the tiki and made the most inappropriate, improbable fantasy
wish she could. Then she went to sleep thinking it was a lot of baloney.

She was woken up in the middle of the night, again, by a tap on her shoulder.
When she opened her eyes the three Brady girls and Mrs. Brady were in her
room, in French maids outfit, wearing huge strap on dildos, Cindy, her tits
falling out of her outfit was holding a huge jar of lubricant as Jan said,
"Alice you have been very, very bad!"

It was going to be a very long night.


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