This is not the real thing, it is a parody, a satire, all done in fun for
adults only to read.

Brady Bunch/X-Files: Sex Abduction (Mmmb,trans,voy,mc)
by Dr. Bone

"Mulder you are not really asking me to believe that..." said Agent Scully as
she unwrapped her sloppy egg and cheese sandwich.

"Well the park ranger did find them naked in the woods." said Mulder as he
unwrapped his ham and cheese. "What do you think happened?"

"Anything from sort of cult sexual ritual to woods hypnosis. I notified Mrs.
Brady to pick them up. But they will have a lot of explaining to do."

"Yeah whatever part they want to leave in."

The Story:

Greg, Peter, Bobby and Mr. Brady had wanted to go camping in the woods. Sam
was to meet Alice out there for a romantic evening but had failed to show up.
Frustrated she had gone back to her tent to turn in early when there was a
flash of silver light. The next moment she was in a bright indoor
environment. The gravity felt different than she was used to. The boys and
Mr. Brady were across from her as stunned as she was.

"Are we dead?" asked Bobby. Mr. Brady told him no, even though he did not
know for sure himself.

"Survival instinct strong Alpha." said a voice in all their heads.

"The female is a bit past prime mating age but it is still viable Beta."

"This will test just physical functions, outside of usual social scope.

With that they all felt an odd buzz and then all their clothes melted off
into a liquid that formed a puddle on the floor then vanished as the floor
absorbed it.

"Reservations social commitments and taboos. Alpha."

"Adjust pheromones and hormones Beta."

"What is going on here?" said Alice feeling horny as all four men advanced
towards her. Mr. Brady kissed her deeply as his cock along with those of his
sons rose up hard. It brushed her legs.

Greg sat down on an invisible chair that he "knew" was under him and pulled
Alice onto his lap. She got up a bit as he lined up his cock with her pussy
and then he pulled her down again. This time his cock slid into her. She
slammed herself up and down on it as Mr. Brady put his cock in her face for
her to suck on.

"Alice I can't help it." said Mr. Brady. She said she knew.

"Enhance her secondary characteristics. Alpha." Alice's boobs grew bigger
until they were forty-two DD. Peter and Bobby sucked on them as she jerked
them off. They came within minutes of each other all over them. She rubbed
the seamen into her newly expanded cleavage.

Greg pushed her down into the "dog style" and slammed her from behind. When
he and Mr. Brady were done Bobby and Peter took their places. Bobby first
licked Alice's pussy then put his cock into her.

Peter pushed his cock deep down Alice's throat. Then she held his cock at
the base and licked his shaft and balls. Her tongue ran along the vein as he
moaned then she took it back into her mouth again. "Oh shit I can't believe
we are doing this to Alice." said Bobby as he continued to fuck her. When
they were done an invisible force pushed them away from her.

"These people value youth. Most likely for mating potential. Alpha."

"Then let us see. We will de-age her to thirty terran years. Beta."

"Thicker longer hair. Alpha."

"What are you...?" Alice looked in the mirror, she was, what did the girls
say, a fox. Lean tight stomach, killer hips, big tits and she was young

Greg kissed her tightly on the mouth. The maid tried to wave them away by her
own hormones took over. She wanted to be possessed by all of them and she got
her wish. Cocks penetrated in every position possible. She demanded to taste
and feel their cum all over her.

The four Brady men fucked her in every way they could. After hours of fucking
they wound up in the woods, naked with no proof as they saw the space ship
taking off. The world's memories were messed up by Alpha and Beta everyone
swore that Alice always looked like that.

End of story.

Mulder got into his car. "Cute little maid though. But one thing. I recovered
this in the woods notice something?"

"Other than it being ugly?"

"It was a bra sized 32C that maid had at least a pair of 42's"

"You would notice that Mulder."


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