Brady Bunch (mFf,inc,anal,voy,cons)
by Ysable

Carol Brady was normally a very sensible woman, but where her daughters were
concerned, she tended to be a bit overprotective and easily became upset when
she thought someone was treating them wrongly. She was really upset at the
moment, having just learned that her oldest step-son Greg had been screwing
the hell out of her oldest daughter Marsha! Glaring at the two of them, she
told Marsha to get dressed and to go to her own room. Waiting until the girl
was out of the room; Carol fixed her handsome step-son with an angry glare
and then demanded to know how long he and Marsha had been having sex!
Although she was angry and upset, Carol couldn't help but grow a bit aroused
as she viewed Greg's incredible cock, which he didn't seem inclined to hide
from her.

"Oh" he said nonchalantly, "I guess since all of you moved in with us."

Carol was taken aback; she and the girls had moved in almost sixteen months
ago. Trying to stay righteously angry but having trouble keeping her mind off
of sex; Greg's cock was really big, Carol tried to keep her eyes focused on
his grinning face. "I suppose you think this is funny" she snapped at him.
He shook his head no. "Then suppose you tell me why you're grinning that way"
demanded the flustered mother.

Greg's face split into a full smile. "Because I can tell that your pussy is
growing wetter and wetter by the second and that you'd probably like to get
fucked yourself right about now," he boldly stated.

Carol's jaw dropped, she was shocked by Greg's accuracy of her thoughts.
"H-How ... how d-dare you s-say that to me! I'm ... I'm your s-step-mother!"
she stammered nervously.

Greg grinned even wider. "Yeah" he said as he dropped his eyes down to
Carol's crotch, "but that huge wet stain in your pants says that you have a
really hot pussy ... mom!"

Carol gaped; instinctively she held her hands over her crotch. Greg laughed
and then to her amazement, he boldly began to jerk-off right in front of her.
She stared dazedly at his long fat prick, watching him rub and stroke it; her
pussy grew even hotter!

"Come on mom" Greg whispered erotically, "you know you want this fat cock of
mine. Come and get some!"

'Oh my god!' Carol wailed in her mind, 'I ... I c-can't believe I'm going to
do this!' Fixing Greg with a furious glare; he knew how horny she got when
his dad wasn't around, she went and closed the bedroom door. "This is between
you and me," she whispered huskily. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, is to ever
find out about this! Do you understand me?"

Greg's face split in a wide smile of excitement. "I won't tell if you won't"
he said softly. "Just take off your fucking clothes and come suck on my

Carol glared at him for using such foul language but inside she loved it. In
only a few seconds the sexy step-mother was naked and her step-son whistled

"Wow, your even sexier naked" he said in awe. "Uhmmmmm, how about a 69 mom"
he whispered to her. "I'd fucking love to eat that hot cunt of yours while
you suck me off!"

Keeping her face straight was a chore but somehow she managed. Moving to the
bed, she stepped up onto the mattress and then moved so that she was standing
with her feet on either side of his face. Greg's eyes glowed as he stared up.
This was possibly the most erotic sight he'd ever seen. "Ok, you eat me, and
I'll eat you ... deal?"

Carol waited until the teen nodded and then she slowly lowered herself so
that he could slip his tongue into her hairy pussy crack. "Ohhhhh Greg" she
sighed softly as he began lapping away at her throbbing clit, "Do it Greg,
eat me!"

She remained there, squatting above his face, for several minutes while he
licked and tongue-fucked her dripping pussy. Eventually the sight of his
stiff cock became too inviting. Lowering herself so that she was lying prone
on top of him, Carol took his tool into her hand and then into her hot mouth!

"Awhhhhh fuckkkkk" he groaned into her pussy as her mouth enveloped his
throbbing tool; the vibration of it nearly tipped Carol over the brink!

Forming her lips into a tight seal around her step-son's rod, Carol began
sucking his cock like a woman possessed. Slurping and sucking sounds
mingled with soft moans and sighs of pleasure. As their activities grew
more frantic the sound of the bed's springs became more audible. Carol,
as soon as she began to taste Greg's delicious pre-cum, uttered a lusty
moan. Relaxing her throat muscles, the horny blonde slowly moved her mouth
further down on his fat pole until she felt his cock-fur tickling her nose.

"Ughhhhh!" Greg's lusty groan triggered her climax and with his dick
embedded in her throat, she began to shake and shudder with orgasmic bliss!

* * *

"Man" Marsha exclaimed softly. "Mom must really be giving it too him!"

Scared and upset at having been caught Marsha trembled as she sat on the end
of her bed waiting for her mother. She and Greg had been screwing each other
almost from the start of their parent's relationship. Marsha had taken one
look at her handsome; soon to be, step-brother, and her pussy had began to
throb. Greg had been similarly taken by her, or so he had told her. Until
tonight they had managed to keep their sexual relationship a secret, but
now ... "Oh man" she moaned into her hands, "mom's gonna kill us both!"

Marsha was ashamed; now that she had been caught, everyone was going to know
what she and Greg had been doing! In a house with as many people as theirs
had, keeping anything from becoming public information was almost impossible!
She dreaded what she knew was coming. The questions, taunts and jeers from
her sisters, the lusty propositions and looks from Peter and Bobby, the
disappointed stares from her mom and Mike ... Marsha felt like crying and
then she did!

* * *

"Awhhhhh mom" Greg moaned hoarsely "ride my cock mom ... Uhmmmmm, oh yeah,
fuck me!"

Carol looked down at his red face and began to bounce faster on his cock.
When his hands came up and grabbed her heaving breasts and then he started
to twist and tug on her stiff nipples, the horny mother couldn't stop a
lusty sigh of her own. "Ohhhhh Greg" she sighed, "Ohhhhh honey, your cock
is sooooo big! Fuck me ... Oh yesssss, fuck me!"

Saying filthy things to her step-son was really turning her on and the more
turned on she became, the faster she rode his cock. The way he was pulling
and squeezing her nipples was making her climax build that much faster.
Carol leaned forward so he could suck on them and to her delight, Greg got
the message. Sucking and nibbling on Carol's fat nipples, he grabbed her
round ass with both hands and began thrusting his cock in and out of her
dripping snatch.

"I've w-wanted to fuck you ever since I saw you" he moaned to his
step-mother; these were almost the exact words he'd said to her daughter!

Carol looked at him in surprise. "Y-You have" she gasped in wonder; she'd
had no idea that he had sexual feelings for her. "Oh my god Greg" she sighed
softly, "I ... I n-never knew!"

Their lips met passionately and their tongues slid into each other's mouths;
Carol redoubled her efforts and began to ride his cock as if possessed! This
is so wrong she silently told herself. Oh god, if anyone ever found out that
I fucked him ... that I fucked my husbands son ... Ohhhhh god; his cock is so
big and long ... Uhmmmmm, I'm ... I'm going to cummmmm! Carol thrust down,
impaling herself on Greg's incredible tool. Letting out a shuddering moan of
delight, she exploded! "Mama's cuming!" she groaned into his mouth. "Fuck me
Greg" she gasped. "Ohhhhh yesssss; fuck mama's hot cunt and fill it with

Hardly were the words out of her mouth that she felt the athletic teen
stiffen beneath her, his cock began to jerk and pulse wildly inside her
vice-like pussy; his hot cum sprayed and jetted deep inside of her and
filled Carol with its scalding warmth!

* * *

"Gees, she must be really chewing him out!" Marsha was growing impatient with
waiting. Not that she relished the butt-chewing she knew she had coming or
anything, but sitting here waiting so long was beginning to bore her! "What
is taking her so long" she exclaimed softly. "Gees, she must really be
tearing him a new asshole!"

Knowing her mother's temper the way she did, Marsha could imagine the
punishments that her mother was probably imposing on Greg right now.
Shivering, she got to her feet and began to nervously pace the floor and
chew on her perfect nails. What is she called Mike? Marsha went rigid.
Oh shit, I'll bet she did! She called Mike, and now he knows that Greg
and I have been fucking too! He's probably going to get on a plane and
fly home as fast as he can and then Greg and I have really had it! Marsha
hadn't been so wild about her mother marrying Mike in the first place.
Her own father had been missing for years, and she felt that her mother
having him declared legally dead so she and Mike could get married was
betraying him. It had taken her awhile to warm up to Mike, and the thought
of him knowing she had done such a shameful thing was killing her. "I'd
better go see just how bad mom's giving it to Greg" she said to herself.
"Then I'll know how bad she's gonna give it too me!" For the first time
that day she was glad that the others; Peter, Bobby, Cindy and Jan had
all gone to the Zoo with Alice. At least with them all gone, she had a
chance to ... not much of one, but a chance of talking her mother out of
telling everyone about what she and Greg had been doing.

Slipping silently into the hall, she padded barefoot down the hall to the
boy's room. "Ohhhhh Greggggg" Marsha stopped in her tracks when she heard
the way her mother had said his name. Once, not too long ago, she had been
passing Mike and Carol's bedroom late one night and had heard her mother
call out Mike's name in that very same way. Pausing, she had listened to
her mother and step-father having sex and had walked away with an incredibly
wet pussy of her own. "Oh god Greg" she heard her mother groan softly. "N-No
one has ... has d-done this t-too m-me in years; ohhhhh yesssss lick it
son ... Ughhhhh, lick it deep!"

Marsha was stunned and a tight knowing sensation filled her gut. NO FUCKING
WAY she thought incredulously. There's no fucking way in hell that she's
fucking him! Despite her thoughts, she knew from the sounds her mother was
making that that was exactly what was going on in Greg's room. That sorry
mother-fucker! He's fucking my mother!

Upset and feeling personally betrayed, Marsha had to see with her own eyes.
Her hand shook as she turned the knob and pushed the door open a crack. Her
eyes went wide and her jaw dropped when she saw them and what they were
doing. 'The cocksucker never did that to me,' she thought angrily. Looking
on silently, she watched as Greg, lying on his stomach, held her mother's
ass wide open and ran his hot tongue up and down her crack!

"Oh fuck yesssss" her mother moaned lustily. "Eat mama's asshole Greg ... Oh
what a naughty boy you are" she sighed a second later. "Imagine, doing such
a nasty and depraved thing to your own mother!"

Marsha saw her mother's face stiffen and a look of raw delight spread across
it. "Ohhhhh Greg" she moaned excitedly. "Oh yesssss, stick your hot tongue
right up my mother-fucking asshole baby ... UGHHHHH ... Oh yes; tongue fuck
my asshole son ... Ohhhhh yesssss!"

With Marsha watching, Greg soon had her mother panting and wriggling around
on the bed like an eel. "I'm cumming" Carol Brady gasped suddenly. "Oh fuck
yesssss, I'm cuming!"

Marsha watched in awe as her mother climaxed; it was a truly wicked sight and
made her pussy go instantly wet. While her mother lay withering and moaning,
Greg was in motion. Marsha watched silently as Greg rose to his knees, his
long fat dick sticking out like a tree branch. Spitting into his hand, she
saw him smear spit onto his cock until it glistened in the light. The way he
was staring at her round ass gave Marsha some insight into what was going
through his mind. He's going to try and stick THAT up mom's ass! A second
later her thoughts were confirmed.

"I want to fuck your sweet ass mom" Greg whispered lustily, "Oh fuck yeah,
please let me fuck your asshole, please" he begged shamelessly.

Expecting her mother to deny his wants, Marsha was shocked when her mother
actually grinned wide and thrust her bare ass into the air. "Yesssss; oh fuck
yes" she moaned excitedly. "Fuck me in the ass Greg! Uhmmmmm, stick that big
hard cock right up mama's tight asshole!"

Holding his cock with one hand to steady it, Greg told her to spread her ass
for him and watched as she did. "UGHHHHH ... OH FUCK IT'S ... ITS ... SO

Greg's face was redder than Marsha had ever seen it. She watched in shock as
he pushed his dick up her mother's ass. Looking at her mom, expecting to see
a look of agony on her face, Marsha was stunned to see an expression of raw,
lusty delight instead. "Fuck my ass" she moaned excitedly. "Oh yesssss Greg,
fuck my ass good son; uhmmmmm, I love being butt-fucked!"

OH MY GOD! Marsha stared in shock as Greg began thrusting his cock in and out
of her mother's asshole. Holey crap; he nearly ripped my pussy open with that
cock! How in the hell can mom take it up the ass like that? She should be
screaming for mercy; I would be! Not only was her mother allowing him to fuck
his cock up her ass, but she was starting to thrust back at him. Trembling,
Marsha pushed the door open further and stepped lightly inside the room.
Greg, obviously overwhelmed with excitement, had his eyes closed and was
really pounding his dick up her ass. Her mother also had her eyes closed so
neither of them saw Marsha enter the room and remained blissfully unaware of
her presence until Marsha spoke. "MOTHER!" she cried furiously.

Instantly Carol and Greg's eyes popped open; Carol's were full of shock and
embarrassment while Greg's were just glazed with lust. "Marsha" Carol cried
out "What are you-," that's as far as she got.

"I can't believe your fucking him mom" Marsha said angrily. "Shit" the girl
exclaimed angrily, "you're even letting him fuck you up the ass? How could
you mother?" she demanded.

Carol was about to say something, her mouth opened and just as she was
forming the words, Marsha ripped her t-shirt off and revealed her firm
young body. Surprised, Carol wondered what her daughter was doing, but
half a second later she found out.

"You're a fucking cunt mom!" Marsha cried as she stepped close to her
mother's face. "You're such a fucking cunt that I think you should eat

Carol's eyes went extra wide, but before she could protest her daughter had
grabbed her hair and had yanked her face forward into her teenage bush!

"Eat my cunt mother" Marsha groaned. "Uhmmmmm yeah, suck my pussy like a good
little whore, mom!"

Afraid that if she struggled that her daughter would pull her hair out by
the roots, Carol had little choice but do as the enraged girl demanded.
Tentatively she stuck out her tongue and pushed it into her daughter's wet
slit and began flicking it around.

"Awhhhhh fuck yeah" they both heard Greg moan. Carol was suddenly buffeted
by his wildly thrusting hips as her step-son began ramming his monster cock
wildly up her ass.

"I never knew you were such a filthy whore mom" Marsha sighed as she rode her
mom's tongue. "Imagine, allowing your son to suck and fuck your ass and then
eating your own daughter's cunt! You really are a filthy fucking slut!"

At any other time had her daughter said such vile and filthy things to her,
Carol would have rocked the girls world with a devastating slap across the
face; now, it only made her that much hornier! Slurping and lapping at
Marsha's cunt, Carol groaned excitedly and slipped her tongue deep inside.
Greg watched all of this while pounding his cock up Carol's tight ass. He'd
read stories about girls and women who licked and sucked each others pussies,
they were called lesbians! Since Marsha was getting her mom to suck her cunt,
did that make them lesbian's too? Whatever it made them, it turned him on so
much that he let out a wild cry and then shot the biggest load ever right up
his new mom's ass!

Feeling so much hot cum filling her wide stretched asshole triggered Carol's
climax. Moaning and groaning with pleasure she did her best to keep lapping
at Marsha's cunt. "Oh ... OHHHHH FUCK" they both heard Marsha cry. "I'm ...
I'm c-cuming" the girl cried dazedly.

Greg saw his sister clutch their mom's head tightly, her face turned bright
red and her eyes seemed to glaze over. Gasping and crying out Marsha shook
crazily as she climaxed on her mother's tongue! All of this was too much for
Greg; with a tired groan he collapsed onto Carol's back and crushed the woman
between him and the mattress. Within seconds Marsha joined them and they all
lay there gasping and groaning with pleasure. Carol loved the way it felt to
have her handsome step-son lying on top of her so possessively, especially
since he still had his cock up her ass, but eventually she needed up and had
to have him move. Naked she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

"How could you fuck my mother" Marsha demanded as soon as the door closed.

Greg blinked in surprise. "Well, my cock was still hard" he said it as if
that explained everything.

Marsha glared at him and then, when he rolled onto his side so that his cock
was visible, she grimaced. "Great, you're gonna have to wash that before you
can fuck me with it!"

He looked down to see what she was talking about and saw the tale-tale signs
of anal sex! "Oopse" he muttered embarrassedly as his face turned red. Marsha
continued to stare at his cock.

"W-was ... was it good?" she asked after a moment.

Greg looked at her curiously; "Was what good?" he asked in confusion.

"Fucking my mother up the ass," said Marsha, thinking he was dense for not
understanding in the first place.

The smile that spread across his face said volumes; "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh" he
groaned softly. "Uhmmmmm, her asshole was so fucking hot and tight ... that
was the wildest!"

Marsha didn't know if she should be angry or what. "I s-suppose you've
th-thought about d-doing that to me?" When she saw him nod his head, she
shivered slightly.

"Oh yeah" said Greg after a second. "I'd love to fuck you sexy tight ass
baby!" As he spoke, his soiled dick began to grow stiff and soon it was fully
extended and pointing at Marsha!

Carol returned from the bathroom and seeing Greg with another huge erection
she smiled. "How about you go and clean that thing up" she suggested with a
nod at his dick. "I need to speak to Marsha for a minute!"

As soon as he was out of the room, she looked at her daughter. "I suppose
you're still mad at me, huh?"

Marsha stared back at her, her eyes raking up and down her mother's body.
"No, not really" she sighed softly. "I ... I w-was just surprised. I mean,
when I walked in and found you letting him fuck you up the ass and all,
well ... well it just seemed so unfair after you'd screamed at me for doing
the same thing!"

Carol nodded slowly. "I wasn't really mad" explained the blonde mother. "I
w-was just s-shocked ... My god Marsha, I ... I didn't even know you weren't
a virgin anymore!"

Marsha blushed but her gaze remained steady. "I was" she admitted, "until I
met Greg" she added a second later.

The two Brady women grinned at one another, both understanding why the other
was attracted to the handsome boy with the huge cock.

"Uh" Carol paused. "All those things you said to me ..." Marsha blushed
furiously, this time her gaze dropped to the floor. "Forcing me to ... to eat
your p-pussy" Carol continued, "What do you suppose we should do about all of

Carol moved to the bed and lay down while waiting for her daughter to reply.
When Marsha finally looked up, Carol saw her troubled expression. "I'm not
really mad or anything" she hastily told her daughter, but I've never been
called a whore or a slut before ... I've also never been forced to eat pussy
before either" she added after a second.

"G-golly mom" Marsha muttered apologetically, "I'm ... I'm really s-sorry for
all of that but ..."

Carol interrupted. "I think I know a way you can show me how sorry you are"
she said with a tiny smile playing on her lip. Looking curious, Marsha waited
for her mom to tell her how she could make up for the insults; she was ready
to do just about anything. Carol, that same tiny smile playing on her lips,
spread her legs apart and then reached down with both hands and held the lips
of her pussy open. Marsha blushed furiously, then as she eyed her mother's
spread snatch she felt an odd tingling spreading throughout her.

"G-gosh mama" she said softly. "I ... I've n-never e-eaten p-pussy before!"

Carol gave her daughter a 'neither had I' look. "Uhmmmmm ... Oh Marsha" Carol
moaned excitedly. Looking down and seeing her daughter's lovely face between
her thighs, the girls hot tongue busily lapping and tickling her pussy, was
one of the most erotic sights she'd ever seen. "Ohhhhh baby" she moaned to
her daughter. "Mmmmmm, your making mommy feel really good! Eat that pussy you
fucking cunt ... Oh yeahhhhh, imagine what a slut you are; eating your own
mother's cunt like this!" raising her eyes only, Marsha shivered deliciously
when she saw the expression of lust on her mom's face. Firming her tongue she
plunged it up inside of her mom's snatch and began flicking it around wildly.

"Eat me" gasped Carol. "Oh you filthy fucking cunt ... Uhmmmmm, eat that hot

Unused to hearing her mother talk this way, Marsha tingled with electricity
and arousal; she began lapping at her pussy as if possessed. "Fuck yeah!"
They'd both been so busy that neither of them had given Greg a seconds
thought, but when he cried out excitedly Carol raised her eyes to look at

"So" she said softly "You like seeing women eating pussy, huh?" Marsha was
too busy sucking at her mother's clit to look around, but she could imagine
the excited look on his face. "Uhmmmmm and your cock is big and stiff again
too" Carol commented huskily. "Fuck Marsha Greg ... Uhmmmmm; stick it up her
tight little cunt and fuck the hell out of her!"

With surprising speed, Greg moved behind the bent over girl and stuffed his
dick up inside of her. Holding her hips with his hands, he began ramming it
too her as if his life depended on it. Carol reached down and grabbed two
handfuls of hair and used it to hold Marsha's face between her spread legs.
She watched Greg fuck her daughter's cunt and seeing the way he was eyeing
Marsha's ass gave Carol a wicked idea. Once she was holding Marsha's hair
securely, she looked at Greg.

"Stick it up her ass Greg" she moaned excitedly. "Stick that huge cock up
Marsha's ass and fuck the shit out of her!"

Instantly Carol had to tighten her grip on Marsha's blonde hair. Hearing what
her mother had told Greg to do to her, Marsha had stiffened and was furiously
trying to pull away. Feeling the cock withdraw from her pussy, Marsha tensed
fully. When she felt Greg's hands trying to part her buttocks she fought like
a wildcat, but to no avail. NOOOOOO ... Oh fuck nooooo! She tried to scream
but with her mouth held tightly against her mom's cunt, it came out muffled
and sounding as if she were eager for him to do it. Greg finally managed to
part her buttocks and Marsha, expecting him to plunge his monster cock up her
virgin ass, was surprised when she felt his hot breath instead. "OHHHHH"

Feeling her brother's hot tongue on her asshole and the incredible sensations
it produced, Marsha relaxed and went back to slurping pussy! Greg ate her ass
for a long time and managed to make her cum twice before he was ready to
stick his dick inside of her. First he slowly pushed a finger up her tight
ass and wiggled it around until it stopped hurting her. At first the pain had
brought tears to her eyes, but then, as it dwindled, she began to feel the
most incredible, sexy sensations. It hurt again when she felt him slip a
second and then a third finger up her ass, but as before, the pain went away
after a few minutes and was replaced by some intensely awesome sensations.

"Here, you better put some of this on your cock" Carol had found Greg's
jack-off oil and was holding it out to him.

"Ohhhhh yeahhhhh ... I've wanted to fuck this sexy ass for months baby"
Marsha heard Greg groan excitedly. She felt the tip of his dick at the
entrance of her ass and tensed again. "Don't worry sis" Greg said soft
and calmly. "I want you to enjoy this as much as I will ... I love you
Marsha ... I don't want to hurt you!"

Strangely, hearing her brother say that he loved her, Marsha relaxed fully
and found she was willing to do anything for him! Slowly his cock began to
push up into her ass and it hurt like all hell but she, somehow, managed to
bear it without tensing up or screaming. Tears of pain welled in her eyes
but she made no sound. His cock pushed deeper and deeper and it felt as if
her asshole was on fire, but still she bared it without a whimper. On and
on it went until she felt like he was sticking a tree up her ass; and then
he stopped.

"It's in" she heard him whisper softly. "It's all in you Marsha" he said in
an awed voice. As he had with his fingers, he held still for a long time
and allowed her to get fully used to his cock. Slowly the walls of her ass
stretched to accommodate his log and finally the pain vanished.

"Fuck her slow" Carol cautioned him. Slowly Greg began to move his cock in
her butt. Marsha was dazed but as her brother continued to treat her gently,
she began to experience a type of pleasure she'd never thought imaginable.
Divin g back into her mother's pussy, Marsha sucked at her stiff clit
passionately and in only seconds she heard her mother cry out that she was

"Harder ... Fuck me harder!" Marsha was close to cuming and as Greg's cock
continued to saw in and out of her butt, the horny teen urged him on. "Fuck
my asshole Greg" she moaned excitedly. "Oh shot yesssss ... Make me cum
brother! Fuck my ass full of your sweet cum!" Greg was panting and huffing
like a steam engine and Marsha felt him shudder excitedly. Suddenly she felt
his cock expand even more and then her brother let go a wild cry and went
rigid. His cock jerked and pulsed and suddenly she felt the most delicious
warmth filling her stretched ass; Greg was cuming! Marsha climaxed wildly
herself, and with her mother stroking her hair lovingly, she nearly passed
out from pleasure; as it was, the walls were spinning wildly and she had to
close her eyes.

"Does this mean I get to keep fucking both of you?" Carol and Marsha, both
dressed now, turned and looked at his eager expression. Carol slowly nodded
her head. "You and Marsha can keep doing it as long as she doesn't get
pregnant and as long as it's kept a secret. I want you to start using
rubbers, and you" she looked down at her lovely daughter; "you are going to
the doctor and were getting you put on the pill!"

Both of them smiled at her.

"What about you mom" Greg asked.

Carol grinned at him. "Of course you can still fuck me" she told him, "but
only when your father is out of town! I love your dad Greg, I really do. As
long as he's home, mama's cunt is all his!"

Greg thought about his a second. "Only your cunt mom" he asked with a small

Carol laughed out loud. "Yes, only my cunt" she told him. "Your dad's sort of
square Greg; he isn't into butt-fucking and I can live with that!" she paused
and fixed him with a sexy stare. "Especially now that I know I can get my
tight asshole fucked by you!"

Carol and Marsha both left the room. Left on his own, Greg quickly stripped
his bed and changed the sheets. Once he finished he lay down and stared up
at the ceiling; there was a wicked grin on his handsome face. 'I wonder if I
should have told mom that I've been fucking Alice, Jan and Cindy too.'
Thinking about the others, he felt his cock stiffen inside his tight pants.
It's probably better that I didn't; the less she knows about what goes on
around here the better. 'Man,' he giggled softly. 'I nearly lost it when she
said that about dad! "He isn't into butt-fucking" she says ... Shit,' he
giggled again. 'He's been fucking me and Peter for years, and I'm pretty sure
he's sticking it to Bobby too!'

Thinking about his dad and the special times they shared, he wondered what
his mom would say if she knew he'd seen her letting the dog fuck her! That
had been mind blowing. He'd never have suspected that the straight as an
arrow woman would screw a dog but she had, and he had the pictures to prove
it! Once he'd seen what was going on in the garage, he'd rushed inside the
house, grabbed his camera and had snapped two rolls of film before she and
Tiger had finished. 'Thank god for photography class he' thought. 'I'd of
never been able to develop them at the drugstore!'

Thinking about the camera reminded him. Rolling from the bed, he went to
Peter's bed and removed the camera from where he'd hidden it earlier.
Checking the film, he saw that he had yet another roll to develop on Monday.
Chuckling to himself, Greg took the exposed roll from the camera and placed
a fresh one in. Pocketing the film, he went back to his bed and lay back
down. 'They'd all shit if they knew I've been filming us fucking and sucking
all along.' Not that he ever planned on them finding out, but if needed, he
had all the proof anyone could ask for if he ever needed to use it! ~


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