Brady Bunch: Marcia - Head Cheerleader (MF,Ff,mF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is a normal day in the Brady household. The children are heading to
school for the first day of the new semester. Mike is getting his last minute
itinerary of the morning done before going to the office. Carol is lying on
the bed nude hoping that Mike will accept the invite to return to bed, but
once she knows he won't she gently massages her tits and ass.

Alice is making breakfast for the family and sings while toasting some brown
bread. Mike is the first to enter the kitchen, grabs a slice of toast, and
tells Alice to give Carol a kiss for he is in a rush. As he leaves he hears
Marcia bounding down the stairs and asks why she is smiling. She says that
today is the tryouts for the cheerleading squad and the quarterback of the
team has final say so on the one who will be head cheerleader. Mike reminds
her to not hope for the head job, just, try to do her best. Marcia quietly
says that she will remember that and will do accordingly. Mike smiles, gives
a longing kiss on Marcia mouth, pats her 18 year old ass and thinks if he
wasn't married that he would love to bang this honey for longer than the
twenty minutes of the last time.

As he leaves, Bobby is the next down, followed by the rest of the six kids.
Peter is the second eldest of the boys and has his hormones in an uproar as
he squeezes the thigh of the older housekeeper. She smiles at what Peter has
done and whispers not to until later.

Meanwhile, Greg has sauntered into his parent's room and is surprised that
his mom is still naked. She is startled at his sudden entrance into her room
and decides not to cover up as she pats the bed as an indication for Greg to
sit beside her as she masturbates. Greg stutters as he sees his mom's hot
blonde pussy now wet from finger fucking herself. Carol reaches to Greg's
pants and feels the bulge in his jeans, she smiles while she unzips them and
pulls out his dick.

Greg knows he will be late for school if he lets her give him a blowjob, he
backs off, zips his pants and says that he will accommodate her needs after
dinner, since no one is to be home tonight until ten. Carol smiles, wipes her
pussy with a towel, and prepares to shower. She also hopes that Greg will
fuck her as hard as the last time.

Jan walks into the kitchen, sits to have breakfast, realizes that she is one
of two who haven't eaten and wolfs down some food before Greg happens on the
room. Alice warns her not to eat too fast unless she is eating pussy, and
then she leads Jan to the laundry room, lifts up her dress and points to her
cunt. Jan lowers herself between the legs of the housekeeper and eats the
pink pussy of Alice very quickly. Once she has completed this, Jan excuses
herself goes to school.

Greg sees no one in the kitchen, has his breakfast, and heads off to his
senior year of school, which is his last. Since Marcia is also in her last
year, Greg is wondering if she will try to land the head cheerleader on the
squad for the upcoming football season. He knows that since he is Captain,
Greg has to interview and evaluate the ladies who will be vying for the job.
In the back of his mind he has wanted to fuck his step-sister for nearly two
years now, after all he has lost his virginity to Carol. While driving there
he feels a need to ease his hard-on, but cannot and waits until he interviews
the first hopeful for the head cheerleader job.

Meanwhile, Peter has entered the Sex Ed course and is shocked to see someone
other than the eldest female teacher around. He finds his penis being aroused
by the sheer beauty of this young lady and dreams of a way to let her take
his virginity. He stares at the sexy teacher as she struts across the floor
wearing a mini skirt, a pair of sneakers, and a tube top. Most of the boys in
class whistle under their collective breaths as Peter lets his be heard. Miss
Cromwell tells Peter that he is to be asked for detention today for the minor
outburst. With Peter being nearly 17, he wonders if the teacher has any
qualms about letting herself go with a younger person.

The day goes fast, as the first is a short one with all students being sent
home by noon. Peter goes to his detention smiling from ear to ear, as he
climbs the stairs to the second floor to Miss Cromwell's room. As he arrives,
Peter sees the hall is totally empty and walks into the room.

Miss Cromwell clears her throat and tells him to sit on the last table. Peter
obeys and retreats to the last table and waits for her next instructions.

"Peter, My name is Lisa and as your detention today continues you will be
asked to perform many tasks." Says the hot teacher.

Peter gulps and asks, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"First of all you will watch your language in this room. Now as your first
task you will strip my cloths from my body and we will then take it from
there." She states.

Peter removes the few pieces of clothing she has on. As he looks at her
luscious body, he removes her skirt and sees a fully nude body under the
outerwear. He sits back on the edge of the table and watches as the teacher
unzips his pants and begins to give him his first blowjob. Not sure of what
she is doing he does stop her, because the feeling is so sensual that he
fondles her breasts. She stops him and insists that he eat her pussy. Again
he is shocked, asks what she means and listens to her describe what he
already knew.

The second of the Brady boys kneels between her thighs and slips his finger
inside while lapping her juices. Suddenly she lifts his head from inside her
thighs and tells him to gently jam his dick in her ass. Now Peter is a little
squeamish and decides to leave before it gets to hot. Lisa moans as she sees
her young lover walk out, but knows that he will eventually fuck her ass and
cunt... and very soon.

Back at the Brady home, Greg enters the house, head to his room to prepare
for the final interview for the vacant head cheerleader job. He is surprised
to find his half sister Marcia lying on his bed with only her bra on and her
legs as wide as she can get them with her hairy clit showing. She tells him
that she knows that he is the captain and judge of the contest and that she
really wants the head cheerleader spot so much. Once she tells his this she
slides off her bra, squeezes her fine tits, which are huge for someone who
just turned 18 four months ago. Slowly she rubs her pussy, so pink and hairy
that Greg is beginning to feel that urge again.

Greg asks her just how badly is it she wants the job. Marcia who is nearly
wet states that she will do anything to secure the position. Upon hearing
this, Greg lowers his pants and places his dick in her hand, then he tells
her to stroke it. Marcia smiles as she gives her half brother the hand job
he wasn't expecting from her. Greg tries in vain to hold back the explosion
of his cum on her hands and to cover up he takes his cock and places it in
her open mouth and tells her to suck his long dick. Marcia slowly tries as
asked, never having a cock in her mouth yet, but knows that entry into her
pussy will be of ease, since Mike fucked her last week in front of mom.
Marcia gags at the enormous size of her "brother's" cock, then she begs off
for a minute as she licks the length of it as well as his balls. She slowly
sucks on his rocks feeling the hair around them tickling her lips. Greg
smiles and moans as his "sister" drains him of a load of cum and this is
the first one today. He remembers the fine head from the other ladies who
are vying for the same job and also that none of them went all the way. In
his mind the one that goes all the way will have the head cheerleaders job.

Marcia swallows hard, then lies on the covers with her thighs at the ready.
Greg slides between the creamy thighs of his eldest sibling and begins to eat
her wet cunt. Moans fill the empty house as Marcia nears climax, being new at
sex it doesn't take all that long to cum on Greg's lips. He backs away, leans
in and kisses the cum stained lips of the Brady vixen and while he does this
his fingers divide and conquer the holes of this heavenly honey. Finally,
Greg feels the time is right and plunges his dick into her gaping pussy,
fucking her so hard that she screams at his to stop, but squeezes her thighs
tighter as she whispers to continue. Marcia's rhythm entices Greg to work
faster and once he is ready to cum, he pulls out and unloads on her stomach
and thighs.

Marcia purrs as Greg moves back, she stands bent over and reaches for her
panties as he dips the head of his cock in her ass. She howls in some pain
as he drives it in deeper and begins to ass fuck the bitch. Greg grabs for
her mounds of flesh that are her huge tits and massages them while ass
fucking her for the first time. Again he cums, but this time on her tight
ass, then drives it once more in her pussy from behind. Near exhaustion,
Greg finally ends the session by shooting one last load towards her pink
pussy and them he flops on the bed beside her, telling her that the job is
hers to have. Marcia smiles and kisses Greg's cock one last time before
heading to the shower, as her "brother" dozes off to sleep.

The End


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