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TITLE: The Brady Bunch: Jan & Peter (mf, incest)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: bbunch02.txt

It is morning. The sun has just come up, lighting the entire Brady
house. Peter Brady did his usual morning routine. He woke up, went to
the bathroom, and got ready for the day. But this wasn't one of those
ordinary days for Peter. He was about to be met with a surprise. On his
way to the bathroom, he noticed that the door was partly open, indicating
to him that nobody was there, cause everybody usually closes the door when
they're using the bathroom. Peter didn't expect anybody to be in there.

He stumbled a bit and dragged his feet on the way to the bathroom,
yawning the whole way there, still half asleep. When he got to the door,
he opened it and heard a scream.

Jan: PETER! Get out of here! Can't you see I'm using the bathroom?

Peter tried to apologize to his sister, but was met with the door being
slammed in his face. He jumped back, the door barely missing his nose.
He stood there thinking about what he had just seen. His sister sitting
on the toilet, bare naked. In a way, it made him kinda sick. Seeing his
sister naked wasn't one of the highlights of his day, but as he stood there
thinking about it, he began to get a small bulge in his pajamas. He looked
down at it and began to wonder why it was happening. He was in no way
aroused by what he had just seen. Atleast not in his mind. But his genitals
were thinking differently.

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Jan stood there looking at him
for a few moments. He quickly covered his noticeable bulge and walked passed
her and closed the door and did his business. When he opened the door
again, Jan was still standing there.

Peter: (Looking at her) What?

Jan: Peter Brady, don't you ever do that again.

Peter: I'm sorry. Usually when somebody's in the bathroom, the door is

Jan: You could have knocked before you barged in.

Peter: I'm sorry.

Jan left him standing there right outside the bathroom and stomped back
into her bedroom. Peter was embarassed. He had no idea what to do. He
was sure his parents were going to hear about this. Any time something
unusual happened in the Brady family, Jan was always the first to tattle
tale. And he didn't like it one bit. So he decided that before it happened,
he was going to get even with Jan.

Mike: Wake up kids! Let's get ready for school!

Mike Brady's voice filled the entire house. He didn't even have to
shout. For some reason, when he stood in the middle of the living room
and called out to the children in the morning, it woke everybody up.

Mike: Peter, you're staying home from school today. Remember, you have
that appointment with the Orthodontist to get your braces removed
this afternoon.

Peter jumped with joy. He was so happy he didn't have to go to
school. He always hated school. But he figured things would be better
at school once he got his braces removed. Kids were always making fun
of him. But all that was going to change after that afternoon.

Mike: If you want, you can go back to bed and get a few more hours
sleep. Your mother or I will wake you when it's time.

Peter smiled to himself and went back into his room. Greg and Bobby
were already dressed and ready to go. They both looked at him, then to
eachother, and then left him standing in the middle of the room and went
downstairs for breakfast. Peter wondered what they were staring at. And
just then, he looked down and saw what they were looking at. He still had
a bulge in his pajamas from the little bathroom incident. Instead of going
back to bed like his dad suggested, he decided to get dressed and go
downstairs and eat breakfast. He wasn't really tired anymore.

Later On

Everybody but Peter left for School. And that was when Peter decided
to keep Jan from telling on him. While his parents were drinking coffee
in the dining room, he snuck into his sisters' bedroom and began searching
for something of Jan's to... Hold for ransom so to speak. It would have
to be something she would notice was missing the minute she came home from
school. He looked under her bed. Nothing but dirty socks. He pinched his
nose as he got back to his feet and crossed the room and began looking through
her dresser. Nothing. Then he remembered that Jan kept her diary in a secret
place, where only she could find it. Ofcourse Peter knew where it was too,
cause he saw her put it away one evening when she was done writing in it.
The Hoak Chest! He ran to it, got down on his knees and opened it. and
sure enough, right inside was Jan's diary. He took it and closed the lid
and went into his bedroom and closed the door and laid down in his bed
and opened it and began reading.

Most of it was just personal thoughts of Jan's about the boys she met
at school, arguements she had with her brothers and sisters. Not one of
the entries mentioned him, except for an entry on the very last page that
had writing on it, which was dated today.

Dear Diary,

The strangest thing happened to me this morning when I
was in the bathroom going pee. There I was sitting on the
toilet, minding my own business, doing my business, and
the door blasted open and Peter saw me naked. At first I
didn't know what to do. I was totally surprised. So I
yelled at him. I told him to get out, and I slammed the
door in his face. I hope I didn't hurt him. Actually I
didn't really mind. But I was so surprised that I just
reacted without thinking.

When Peter and I were younger, we use to play these
little kids games. We use to pretend we were married and
Cindy was our daughter. Nothing out of the ordinary really
we were just playing. But now that I think about it, Those
were the best times I ever had with Peter. He'd probably
make fun of me if he ever found this out, but... Truthfully,
I think I'm in love with Peter. I know it's strange, but...
I just can't help myself. When I'm around him, he just makes
me feel so good. He makes me laugh, he's always there to
cheer me up when I'm down. He's become more than just a
brother to me I think.

Anyways, back to what I was talking about.... Peter
saw me naked on the toilet. And I knew what was going
on inside that little perverted mind of his. And when I
stood outside the bathroom door until he was finished doing
his business, when he came out, he had a bulge in his pants.
As sick as this may sound, I think I liked the sexual reaction
I seemed to have gotten from his... Genitalia after he had
seen what he saw. I want to pursue this further, and see
what happens. So when I get home from school today, I'm
going to talk to him.

Peter closed the diary and put it back in it's place in Jan's room and
went back to his bed and laid there for a while thinking about what he
had just read. He was extremely surprised to find out that his sister was
falling in love with him. And that helped him sort out the feelings he
was having when he had seen her in the bathroom earlier on that morning.
He realized that he too was falling in love with her. And as he laid there,
his pajamas began to rise again. He smiled to himself and closed his eyes
and fell asleep.

Later On

Peter's Orthodontist appointment was a success. He had his braces
removed, and even got a brand new toothbrush in the process, complete
with instructions from the Orthodontist on the proper way to brush your teeth.
He blasted through the front door of the house and ran to his bedroom and
put away his stuff and went back downstairs to the kitchen and got hismelf
an apple from the fridge and sat down at the table and began eating it.

Jan was the first to come home from school. Peter almost choaked on
his apple when he heard her coming into the kitchen after talking to Mom and
Dad about her day. He realized that there was no way he was going to be
able to get out of the kitchen and to his bedroom without being seen.
Knowing what he knew about his sister from the entry he had read earlier
in her diary, he was kinda scared to face her. But he managed to keep a
straight face as Jan pranced into the kitchen, put her backpack on the
table next to Peter and went to the fridge and got an apple for herself.
He figured she was going to take it and her backpack to her bedroom and
that was the last he would see of her until dinner, but was surprised when
she plopped right down in the seat next to him and ate. Out of the corner
of his eye he could see her looking at him momentarily, then look away to
take another bite out of her apple.

Jan: Peter, I wanna talk to you.

Peter: (Jumping up) You don't have to... I... I mean... I get it....

Jan: What?

Peter: Jan... I read your diary.

Jan: YOU WHAT?????

Peter: I... I'm sorry... But I figured you were going to tell mom and
dad about me catching you naked in the bathroom, and I wanted to
hold it for ransom to keep you quiet about it.

Jan: Peter, it's okay.

Peter: You're not mad?

Jan: Actually I'm glad you read it. It makes what I'm about to say to
you, a little easier to say.

Peter: What?

Jan: Peter... I... I think I'm in love with you...

Peter already knew this from her diary, but he decided to act surprised
anyway, just to add to the excitement.

Peter: WHAT???

Jan: You heard me. And I know you read that part in my diary too.

Peter: Busted...

Jan: Forget it. I guess I was stupid to think you'd actually be mature
about it.

Jan grabbed her backpack and stomped off angrily. Peter finished his
apple and threw the core in the trash and went upstairs to talk to her.
When he arrived at the doorway of her bedroom, he saw her with her face
burried in her pillow. When she looked over and saw him staring at her,
she rolled over and turned away from him. Peter went and sat on the edge
of her bed.

Peter: Jan...

Jan: Go away.

Peter: Jan I'm sorry.

Jan: No you're not. You're just saying that to make me feel better.

Peter: No, I really am sorry Jan. I was just surprised that you felt
that way about me. Frankly I'm still recovering from reading your
diary. I will say this... It's brought up a lot of feelings I
never realized I had for you.

Jan: (Turning over to face him) Really?

Peter: To tell you the truth.... After I read that, my... Penix got

Jan: Really?

Peter: Yeah.

Jan turned over on her side, facing Peter and propped herself up on her
elbow and looked deep into his eyes. And in that moment, they both could
actually feel the love they had for eachother.

Jan: Peter?

Peter: What?

Jan: Would you kiss me?

Peter: Kiss you?

Jan: Yes. Kiss me... Please?

Peter: But I don't know how. I've never kissed a girl before.

Jan: I'll show you how. Here.. Lay down next to me.

Peter swung his legs over and laid down next to his sister. She took
his left hand and placed it around her body and put her arm around him and
began moving closer and closer to him. Peter didn't know what to do. He
was actually kinda scared, but yet excited at the same time. And when
he felt his sister's warm lips pressing against his, he closed his eyes
and lost himself in the most errotic moment he had ever experienced in his
entire life.

But that was just the beginning. In the process of him feeling really
hot and bothered, he started to get a really big hardon as he felt Jan's
tongue exploring the inside of his mouth. He was so shocked, he couldn't
move. He had never been kissed like this before. He had never been kissed
at all before. He just kept his eyes closed and allowed Jan to probe the
inside of his mouth with her tongue. And then suddenly, it started.... He
was getting so hot and bothered by Jan's actions, and was just feeling good.
He then received the thrill of his life as he felt Jan's hand reach down
his shorts and pull his penis out and begin stroking it. He let out a soft
moan and began breathing erratically as she began to slowly jack him off.

By this time, neither of them could stand it anymore, and stripped off
their clothes and decided to experience what it would feel like if they
held their warm naked bodies together on the bed. By this time, Peter
was ready to start participating in this little ordeal. He decided that
his sister was making him feel so good by jacking him off, he decided to
see how she would react if he put his hand between her legs and started
rubbing her.

He placed his left hand on her left knee and began slowly running it
up her leg. She rold onto her back and began taking in deep breaths as
she felt his hand getting closer and closer to her pussy.

Peter: You like that?

Jan: Mmmmm Oh yes Peter... Mmmm it feels good.

Peter: What do you want me to do now?

Jan: MMmmmm put your finger in me... Hhhhhhh....

Peter: Where?

Jan spread her legs as far apart as she could and reached down and
took Peter's index finger and put it just outside her vagina.

Jan: Right there. Push your finger in there. Mmmmmm.

Jan's thoughts and words were interrupted as she felt Peter's finger
slide deep inside her. She let out a soft yelp and threw her head back
and began breathing harder and harder. Peter had never done this sorta
thing before. He didn't know what else to do, so he decided to improvise
a little and began moving his finger around inside Jan's vagina. And
the response he got out of her told him that he was doing the right thing.
So he just laid there next to his sister fingering her, listening to her
moans and squeels. And just then, her whole body began to shake.

Jan: Ooooh Peter.... Peter..... You're gonna make me cum.... Mmmmmmm....

And Peter suddenly felt a warm liquid squirting all over his hand. By
this time, he was so hot and bothered, he just didn't know what to do. But
Jan certainly knew what to do. He laid there on his back and she got up and
got down on her knees on the floor right beside the bed and started stroking
his penis. Peter responded by breathing erratically and letting a few
soft moans escape from his lips.

Jan decided to see what kind of reaction she could get out of him when
she took things to the next level by holding his penis in her left hand and
running her tongue along the head of it. Peter grabbed the sheets and
squeezed as hard as he could and started taking in deep breaths just like
she had done earlier. The feeling of her tongue on the head of his penis
was litterally driving him nuts. And Jan was really enjoying this. She
then decided to take things to the next level and put his penis inside her
mouth. And when Peter felt her warm wet lips closing around his penis, he
began to breath heavier and louder.

Jan: Mmmm you taste good...

Peter: Hhhhhhh Really? Mmmmmmm....

Just then, the bedroom door flung open and Marsha stood there in the
doorway staring at them. There was nothing they could do. Their older
sister had caught them in the act.

Jan: Oh my god!!

But to both their surprise, Marsha just calmly walked inside the room,
closed the door behind them, and stood there in the middle of the room and
stared at them for a moment.

Peter: (Looking At Her) You won't tell will you?

Marsha didn't say a word, but instead began removing her clothes in
preparation to join in the festivities. Peter was so aroused at this point
that he couldn't hold back. His whole body began to tingle and shake,
and suddenly he let loose with all his energy, and filled Jan's mouth with
cum. Jan responded politely by swalling every drop.

Marsha: Ooooh Peter... Good lord....

Peter was breathless. He was feeling so good at this point that he
just laid there staring up at the ceiling. He felt like all of his energy
was drained from him. But his thoughts were then interrupted as he saw
Marsha walk over to Jan, pick her up, and place her right on top of him.

Jan: Marsha, what are you doing?

Marsha: Puting you on top of him so you two can make love the right way.

Jan: But... I've never done this before.

Marsha: (Smiling) Oh don't be silly. I'll show you.... Here, move closer
to his penis, so that it's right under your pussy.

Jan did as she was told, and Marsha took the head of Peter's penis and
positioned it.

Marsha: Now, put your hands on his chest for leverage, and sit down on it.

Jan put her hands on Peter's chest and moved up a little closer, and
began to slowly sit down on his penix, and she let out a soft moan and a
squeel when she felt it slide deep inside her.

Jan: Oooooh mmmmmmmmmm I've never felt this before..

Marsha: Believe me Jan, it gets better.

Marsha just sat there on her knees on the floor next to the bed giving
her brother and sister instructions. As she watched them making love,
she put her hand between he rlegs and began to finger herself to orgasm
as she watched the two of them. It really turned her on. And finally,
Peter let loose again with all his energy that he had left and squeezed
Jan's thighs as hard as he could as he cummed deep inside her. When it was
all over, Jan bent down and kissed Peter gently on the lips and whispered
"Thank you" and got off of him and they all got dressed. Marsha snuck into
the laundry room while her parents were in the living room and put Jan's
bloody sheets from her first time into the washer with some bleach.

-=The End=-


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