Brady Bunch: Part 2 (bf,MF,mf,bf-mast,BDSM,voy,oral)

"Mike...I can't find my dildo anywhere!," screamed Carol.

"Alice...where did you put my rubbers?!? God we're going to be late to the
Wilson's again!" yelled Mike.

It was Friday night at the Brady household, and Mike and Carol were off to
another orgy at the Wilson's, while the Brady kids had their own plans for
the night.

Greg comes running into the room, "Hey Pete, I got it, I got it...three
joints of some far-out shit from Bill!!!"

"Well what are you waiting for, light it up before Bobby comes home. You know
how he gets when he's all stoned."

As Greg and Peter were getting high, Marsha and Cindy came walking through
the front door. "I told you Cindy that it's going to hurt a little bit the
first time, but look how much money you made."

"I know, but don't you think Sam's a bit too old?!?...and what would Alice
say if she finds out?!?

"Oh... don't worry about it. Hey, let's go see what the boys are doing!"

As Marsha and Cindy ran up to the boys' room, Bobby was hiding in the garage,
stroking his little penis. Bobby liked jacking-off, and always wondered how
it felt to fuck a real girl, especially her older sister Jan. He began liking
her soon after she got her glasses-Bobby thought she looked real sexy when
Jan put on her glasses.

Meanwhile, Jan was up in her room, feeling sort of depressed. She was always
hearing from Marsha how great it was to give blow-jobs, and to get laid by
high school boys. Jan was still a virgin, and the only time she really
experienced an orgasm was on the mule ride down the Grand Canyon. Suddenly,
Jan got up and pulled out Marsha's twelve inch dildo from the top dresser
drawer. She said "Oh what the heck!", took off her clothes, and began shoving
it in her cunt.

You could now hear loud laughter coming from the boys' room. Marsha, Greg,
and Peter were laughing at Cindy as she was choking on the marijuana smoke.

"Come on you little bitch, hold it in!!" yelled Greg.

Peter, somewhat horny now, yelled over to Marsha, "Hey Marsha, how bout a
little head?!?"

Marsha feeling totally stoned, looked over at Pete and said, "Well, okay, but
you can't fuck my pussy. Remember mom and dad said they're not going to pay
for any more abortions."

Pete quickly took off his brown Wranglers, and pulled out his cock. Then
Marsha started to deep-throat him, while Greg watched from his bed, still
holding a joint between his fingers.

Meanwhile, Jan was still trying to make herself come with Marsha's dildo, as
Bobby just shot his load all over Tiger's fur in the garage. Bobby felt good
now, and wanted to go over to the library so he could look at the nude women
in the National Geographic magazines. He picked up his bike, and soon
realized that he had a flat tire. So Bobby decided to go ask Jan if he could
borrow her bike.

He ran inside the house, up the stairs, and burst into the girls' room
without any warning. There, Bobby almost fainted, as she witnessed his
fantasy girl as she was having the most incredible orgasm--she was covered
with sweat, her hips were bucking wildly in the air, as the dildo was buried
in her pussy, while convulsing uncontrollably. Bobby was speechless, as Jan
was still trying to recover from her orgasm, not even noticing that Bobby
was there. But before Jan knew it, Bobby tore off his Hang Ten t-shirt, his
plaid polyester pants, and even his BVD's and jumped into bed with his

"I wanna fuck you until you scream, you slut!!!", said Bobby.

Before Jan could react, Bobby was between her legs holding his throbbing two
inch cock, then he started to fuck her. After about ten seconds, Bobby came
in tiny spurts, and rolled off Jan, and onto his back, exhausted. Trying to
catch his breath, Bobby said to Jan, "So how'd you like it baby?!?"

Jan looking confused, replied, "Liked what?!?"

In the boys' room Marsha and Peter were now joined by Greg. As Marsha was
sucking Peter's dick, Greg was attempting to fuck Marsha's ass. As Greg
started inserting his dick into her asshole, Marsha quickly pulled Pete's
dick out of her mouth and said to Greg, "Oh Greg don't, it's still sore
from daddy fucking me last night." But Greg didn't listen to her, and began
fucking her anyway.

Cindy, feeling kind of left out now, went downstairs to see what Alice was
doing. As she got close to her room, Cindy heard some voices coming from
inside. She tip-toed over and peeked in--Alice was lying in bed tied up and
gagged, as Sam stood over her naked, holding a whip in his hand. The whip
came screaming down across her sagging tits, as Sam yelled, "Suck my cock,
you fucking whore!" After watching them for a few minutes, Cindy walked back
to the living roomand started to watch TV.

Mike and Carol soon returned home, both obviously drunk. "See Carol, I told
you not to drink so much!"

"Oh, fuck you Mike, don't tell me what to do!"

Then Carol, feeling kind of sick, began running towards the bathroom. She
never made it there--threw up all over the rug. Mike looked at her and
grumbled, "Fucking dumb bitch."

Then she saw Cindy sitting on the couch, looked over at her and said, "Cindy,
would you clean up mommy's vomit?!? Thanks pumpkin." and went upstairs.

Just another typical night at the Brady household.


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