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TITLE: The Brady Bunch: Bobby & Cindy (mf, incest)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: bbunch03.txt

With all the other members of the Brady Bunch family having sexual
relations between eachother, the only two left were Bobby and Cindy. And
ofcourse they were a bit too young for any of that to effect them, nore
would anything happen if they did anything cause their bodies weren't fully
developed enough, but still they were also young kids, and young kids tend
to also enguage in sexual activity as they explore their humanity. And
Bobby was the first to do the exploring.

It all started when Mr. and Mrs. Brady decided to let Bobby and Cindy
take a bath together, since they thought the two kids were too young to
take any sort of interest in one another. They were just kids. So there
they were, sitting in the bath tub splashing around. Each facing eachother
on either end of the tub. Cindy had her legs crunched up against her chest,
and Bobby had his legs out stretched, and they were spalshing around, getting
water all over the place.

Neither of them knew how it all started actually. They went from splashing
eachother to throwing bath tub toys at eachother, and then, it went to
physical contact. Cindy grabbed Bobby's feet and started tickeling them
and wouldn't let go. Bobby would fidget so much that water would splash
over the edge of the tub and get on the floor. Wasn't really any big deal,
the bathroom was designed for that sort of thing. The floor was slightly
slanted toward the middle of the bathroom with a single drain in the middle
of the floor where water could drain off without causing any damage. The
kids were just having a great time.

Finally the physical contact subsided, and the two kids calmed down,
and at some point decided to get serious. Atleast... As serious as children
could get mind you. The subject suddenly turned to the size of Bobby's
penis. How you ask? Bobby had to go pee, and didn't want to do it in the
bath tub, so he stood up and walked his nude little ass over to the toilet
and did his business, and then got back into the tub. As he lifted his
leg over the edge and climbed back in, Cindy pointed at his penis and started

Bobby: What are you laughing at?

Cindy: That little dangly thing between your legs, what is it? It looks

Bobby: Oh that... Dad says it's called a penis. I use it to go pee.

Cindy: How come I don't have one?

Bobby: Dad also said that males have different private parts than females

Cindy: Can I touch it?

Bobby thought for a moment. He never had anybody other than him touch
his penis. He didn't really know what to say right then and there, but he
thought, "What the hell."

Bobby: Sure.

Cindy got up on her knees in the tub and scooted closer to Bobby and
reached her hand out and began to play with Bobby's penis. As soon as
he felt her hand touching his penis, Bobby suddenly felt a wave of
electricity ovetake him. He had no idea what was going on, but he gathered
that it had to do with the fact that Cindy was playing with his penis. As
he continued to experience this wave of electricity overtaking him, he
stood there, staring down at Cindy, who by now was so interested in what
sh was doing with his penis, she was literally grabbing it gently and was
stroking it.

Just then, the door flew open and Marsha walked in. The two kids were
so shocked by her sudden appearance, they didn't know what else to do except
just freez where they were. Cindy still had his penis in her hand, and
the two were staring at Marsha, who looked at them briefly, then went to
the toilet and dropped her shorts and sat down to go pee. As the liquid
drained from her body, she continued to stare at the two kids. Neither of
them said a word, they just stood there, frozen in the position she walked
in on them on.

Marsha: What are you two up to?

And finally when she spoke, the two kids backed off from eachother and
sat back down in the tub facing eachother and didn't say a word. Instead
they began splashing eachother again. Marsha pulled some toilet paper off
the roll and wiped herself and stood up and pulled her shorts back up and
fascened her belt. But instead of walking out of the bathroom, and instead
went to the door and closed and locked it and got down on her knees right
next to the edge of the bath tub. Bobby and Cindy stopped splashing eachother
and looked at her.

Marsha: So Bobby, how did Cindy's hand feel on your penis?

Bobby: Uhh.....

Marsha: It's okay, I won't tell.

Bobby: It felt... Good... I guess.

Marsha: It gets better Bobby. Would you guys like me to show you some more
ways to have fun?

Cindy: Yeah.

Marsha began to get excited. The fact that her younger brother and
sister were becoming curious about eachother really turned her on. So she
decided that she was going to not only teach them about sex for their own
good, but she was going to get some satisfaction for herself out of it.
Marsha stood up and kicked her shoes and socks off, and then removed her
shorts and underwear, and then began unbuttoning her blouse and let it fall
to the floor. She then reached behind her and ubuttoned her bra and let it
drop to the floor as well, and she stood there for a moment giving the two
kids a few sexy poses of her beautiful naked body. Their eyes got as big
as silver dollars as they began showing interest in the more exotic parts
of her body. Her breasts, and the muff of hair between her legs.

Bobby: Marsha, you're beautiful.

Marsha: Thank you Bobby.

Marsha smiled as she put her right hand on her hip and began swaying
as she walked to the bath tub, lifted her left leg and got in and sat
down with the two children. She sat down between them, her back against
the wall. Bobby on her right, and Cindy on her left.

Marsha: Okay, both of you come closer.

Cindy and Bobby both scooted as close to her as they could. Marsha
just sat there smiling. She was planning something really wonderful. Not
just for the kids, but for herself as well. Face it, how many times in your
life do you get to see two of the youngest members of your family showing
interest in eachother's body by touching eachother?

Marsha reached out both her arms and pulled both Bobby and Cindy right
next to her on either side, sot hat they both had their backs up against
the wall too as she was. When she was satisfied that they were where she
wanted them, she began her lesson.

Marsha: Bobby, your first lesson is to explore the female body. Cindy,
I want you to explore the female body as well, cause there may be
one day in your life where you may want to have a sexual experience
with another female.

Cindy: What? That's sick.

Marsha: Oh no it isn't. Actually it's a pretty erotic experience. Beleive
me, when it happens, you'll never want to stop.

Cindy: What do I do?

Marsha reached down into the tub water and took Cindy's hand and placed
it on her breasts. Cindy didn't know what to do but just sit there squeezing
her big sister's breast. Marsha threw her head back at the feeling of her
little sister's hand on her breast and began to breath heavily. Cindy
apparently liked the reaction she was getting out of her.

Marsha: Mmmmmm that's it Cindy, keep going. Bobby?

Bobby: What?

Marsha: I want you to put your hand between my legs and rub me.

Bobby: What?

Marsha let out a deep sigh and grabbed Bobby's hand and shoved it between
her legs. Bobby started rubbing her. This turned Marsha on even further.
She continued to breath harder and faster, until finally she couldn't
stand it anymore. The thought of her sister playing with her breasts, and
her brother playing with her pussy sent her through the roof, and she let
loose and collapsed right there up against the wall. Her face was covered
with sweat.

Bobby: What did you just do?

Marsha: That was called an orgasm.

Cindy: An Orgasm?

Marsha: Yes. Hhhhh... Oh my god, that was wonderful.... Okay, now there's
one more lesson, and I think you two will know enough to go from

Bobby: Marsha, why are you doing this?

Marsha: To tell you the truth, seeing you two together in here when I
first walked in really turned me on. I want to see more. So
I'm teaching you guys more ways to have fun with eachother. You
are having fun aren't you?

Cindy: Oh yes, this is fun.

Bobby: Yeah I guess, I just think it's strange to be doing these things to
my own sister.

Marsha: It's all perfectly normal Bobby. Now, let's move on.

Marsha stood up and got out of the tub and got back on her knees on
the side. She then reached into the water and drained the tub. The water
slowly drained out of the tub, and Marsha finally figured it was time for
them to learn their next lesson.

Marsha: Okay, Cindy.... Put your hand on his penis.

Cindy gladly obeyed. She liked the feeling of Bobby's penis in her
hand, and wanted to hold it some more, so she reached over between Bobby's
legs, and grabbed his penis and began stroking it.

Marsha: No, you have to hold it like it's a stick, or a mighty sword. Like

Marsha took Bobby's penis in her hand and made a fist around it. It
was quite small, but as Bobby began to get excited at the feeling of her
hand around his penis, it began to get hard. Still remaining small, but
hard. Cindy watched as Marsha began to pull and tug on it very gently and
slowly at first, but then began moving faster.

Marsha: Wait a second, I have an idea.

Marsha went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out a jar of Vasoline
and unscrewed the cap and knelt back down beside the tub and rubbed some
on her hands and with her left hand, she began stroking Bobby's penis again,
then she put her right hand between Cindy's legs, and pushed her inex finger
inside her little hole and began turning it a little as she pushed it deeper
and deeper inside her. Cindy closed her eyes and began to breath hard as
she felt her sister's finger going deeper and deeper inside her. But then
got angry when Marsha pulled her finger out.

Cindy: Why'd you do that? Keep doing that!

Marsha: Later. I have a better idea.

Cindy: What?

Marsha: Lay down, and keep your legs spread as wide as you can, and your
knees in the air.

Cindy did as she was told. She turned her legs around so her legs were
facing Bobby, and she laid down in the tub, and kept her knees in the air,
and her legs spread.

Marsha: Okay, now Bobby, get on your knees, and position yourself between
Cindy's legs.

Bobby did as he was told. And when he was positioned right in front
of Cindy, his penis still hard, almost touching her, Marsha took his penis
in her right hand, and held it straight, and put her left hand behind him
on his but and began slowly pushing him closer to his sister. And with
one finally push, Marsha watched as Cindy's eyes got as big as silver dollars
as she felt her brother's little penis slide deep inside her. Cindy let out
a sigh.

Bobby: Oh my gosh, this is fun.

Marsha: You haven't seen nothing yet. Now Bobby, bend over and put your
hands down into the tub, just above Cindy's shoulders.

As Bobby bent over, his penis slid deeper into cindy's little slit.
Cindy let out a faint squeel as she felt his penis break through her hymen.
And seeing Bobby's little penis sliding deeper into his sister's pussy
turned Marsha on so much, she just had to do something about it. As Bobby
bent down and put his hands above Cindy's shoulders, Marsha put her hand
between her own legs and pushed 3 fingers inside her and began to finger
herself as she watched her two younger siblings, and gave them instruction.

Marsha: Mmmmmmm that's it. Now Bobby, Hhhhhhhhh... As you're pushing your
penis in and out of Cindy, slide your hands up the tub and prop
yourself up on your elbows.

Bobby once again did as he was told, and was met by a sudden feeling of
pleasure washing over him as he felt his whole body shake with ecstacy as
he pushed his penis in and out of cindy's little slit. He didn't know what
else to do except move faster, and he did so. Cindy threw her head back
and began screaming. The feeling of her brother's penis against the walls
of her vagina began making her so hot, she let lose with all her might, and
at the same time Bobby let loose, and the two of them were past their first
sexual experience with eachother. And it introduced new ideas and a whole
new world for them.

-=The End=-


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