Brady Bunch: Part 3 - Jan Versus Marcia: The Final Round (FFF-gang)
by Spyder ([email protected])

The Brady household is always a lively place, but not more livelier
than today. The festering feud between siblings Jan and Marcia has been
continuing for a long time with no apparent end in sight. Jan has always
had this complex in that says that Marcia is better and never challenged
her to test the in mind theory of the second oldest sister of the family.
She has always hears Marcia, Marcia, Marcia as the best things got to the
eldest over her.

One evening Jan and Marcia lie on the beds doing homework when Jan asks
Marcia a few questions. Why does she think she's the best? Why is she always
getting everything first? Why do boys see her before looking over Jan? Marcia
is perplexed at the way Jan grills her and demands an answer why. Jan doesn't
answer, but proposes a solution to this dilemma. Why don't we have a
competition to clear up just who is the best of the two of us. Marcia thinks
for a second, why do you say two, there is Cindy as well. Jan also thinks and
realizes that the same thing is to come up soon as Cindy will turn 18 next
week. Marcia reminds her that dad has fucked all three of us and she will
want any piece of this action. So the two of them decide to wait one week and
ask Cindy if she wants to be part of finding just who is the best of the
Brady sister's. Cindy agrees to be a part of this and they devise a
competition to close this dilemma forever.

Jan who spearheaded his idea comes up with the three of them fucking their
way through the entire football team. Cindy who has blown five members of
the team in the last two weeks agrees because she knows that Jan is not as
proficient in sex as Marcia and her. Marcia smiles and says that the contest
will take place on the football field this Saturday. Each of us will have
their way with the 25-man football squad.

Saturday rolls around as the three girls go separately to he stadium and
await the team. Greg walks in with his teammates and wonders why they have
been called to the seen of many game victories. Suddenly Jan says I didn't
know we had to do this with our brother. Marcia says step-brother and says
the agreement is all members of the squad. Cindy looks over to see if the
five men she blew are there and seeing that in fact all of them are present,
says to get on with it. Marcia tells the team that they are a part of a
special contest between the girls to settle who of them are the best in the
family. Greg now realizes what this stems from and tells the team that Jan
has had this condition that make sure think that everyone follows Marcia
more than her. Marcia interrupts and tells the boys that each of the girls
will have to fuck each of the squad to settle this dispute.

With the explanation complete, Marcia says to everyone it is time to strip
and prepare for a long afternoon and evening. Since Greg is the captain of
the squad he is first, but Cindy stops him and asks for her turn to get him
inside her. Greg kisses his younger half-sister while plunging a few fingers
in her ass. Marcia takes one of the linemen and blows him immediately. Jan
walks to the back up quarterback and asks him to eat his way into her heart.
She lies on the field opens her thighs and waits for him to drive his tongue
inside her pussy.

Cindy is a complete vixen as she has three more of the squad doing her. Greg
fingers her ass, as Jim is blown by her wandering lips. One of the receivers
has gotten her pussy near his face and he eats away. The fourth one is now
removing Greg's probing digits from Cindy's ass and drives his cock up in her
tight ass. She moans silently as her ass and pussy are handled by half of the
four she takes on, while she gives a lengthy blowjob to Greg and Jim. The
four of them take turns ass fucking and ramming her pussy until she waves
another over to replace Greg who decides to help with Jan.

Marcia sees what the younger sister is up to, but cannot keep up and asks her
second lover to fuck her as hard as he can. Jan is still accepting her first
lover as he slowly pummels her body with plunges of his cock. Greg after
freeing himself from Cindy joined the parade to the hot pussy of the middle
Brady girl. Jan has seemingly taken over with the lead of the contest as half
of the team has fucked her, leaving cum stains all over her tits and ass.
Taking a page from Cindy's playbook Jan uses it differently as she has one of
the men lie down. She shimmies into position by draping her ass around his
cock, she then spreads her thighs while lying back and points to the man
standing to enter her red hot pussy and beg them to fuck her as hard as
possible. The two standing nearby wait for Jan to sit up and allow her to
blow both of them at the same time.

Cindy is getting sore as the last of the twenty five feverishly fucks her,
driving her ass until she is heard screaming at the top of her lungs. Shortly
after he shoots his load Cindy lies back and falls asleep. Jan sees this and
thinks to herself that the contest is nearly over as it is down to her and
Marcia, the way it should have been first.

Marcia stretches her legs out and walks to where Greg is sitting, reaches to
his bulging cock and demands that he fucks her again. Greg says that he will,
but how long is this to go on. Marcia says until one of us is left fucking
the team. She squats over a prone Greg and feels his dick enter her ass, she
lies back as two more join them and hears Marcia scream as the two jam her
pussy with their dicks at the same time. She feels her pussy stretch wider
as the men fuck her.

Jan copies the feat with one deviation; she has two cocks in her pussy while
two enter her mouth and one more up her ass. The contest is intense as the
two sisters try to outdo each other, by this time Cindy has aroused from her
slumber as she sees the spectacle occurring. She wonders how in the world two
can be fucking Marcia's cunt at the same time and also how Jan can suck two
dicks at once. She lies there masturbating as she watches her sisters
continue the hottest contest ever witnessed or being involved in.

Over half of the football team has passed out from the activity and the
remainder are rejoining the excitement. Finally after the 25 men have been
fucked and re fucked Jan emerges the winner as Marcia has collapsed from the
amount of sex she has endured. She now knows that Jan will not bother her
about who is the best and she goes to her sister and congratulates her with
a wet kiss. Jan says the victory isn't all she wants and informs Marcia that
she must eat her pussy in front of everyone in attendance.

So with the football team and Cindy watching Marcia slides up between the
legs of Jan and licks the cum off her hairy twat while finger fucking her
ass. Jan is pleased and scissors Marcia's head with her legs as she feels
more cum exiting her pussy. Marcia has one last surprise for her sister
as she plunges a dildo from her purse into Jan. The wild day of the contest
is complete as Jan is elated with the victory, but was surprised at the
showing of her little sister Cindy.

The End


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