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TITLE: The Brady Bunch: Carol & Alice (ff, First Lezbian Encounter)
AUTHOR: HaRkOnIn ([email protected])
FILENAME: bbunch04.txt

It was a day of memories, a day of great happiness. This was the day
of Carol and Mike Brady's 25 Wedding Anniversary. All the kids had gone
through a lot of trouble to get them presents for their special day, and
to set up a surprise Anniversary party for them. Mike went through the
usual trouble, phoning her from the office, pretending not to know what
day it was, getting Carol a little upset, and then suddenly coming home
after work with roses and chocolates to surprise her. But something in
that 25 years slipped Carol's mind. She had forgotten to get Mike his
Anniversary present.

But it was too late to go out and get anything. Mike was do back home
any minute. Carol sat on the couch in the living room and thought long
and hard for a few moments. Their housekeeper Alice breezed in the door
carrying her purse and coat in 1 arm, and a bouquet of flowers in the other.
She had just gotten back from yet another date with Sam, the butcher.

Alice: Hello Mrs. Brady.

Carol: Alice! Hi. Where did the flowers come from?

Alice: (Looking at them and smiling) Oh, Sam gave them to me. Aren't they
just beauitufl?

Carol: (Smiling) They're lovely. Sounds like you two are starting to get

Alice: (Embarassed) Yes, that we are. I'm gonna go put these in some

Alice left Carol sitting on the couch and rushed to the kitchen to find
a vase to put the flowers in. Carol immediately jumped from the couch and
tailed right behind her. She had an idea, but wasn't sure Alice would go
along with it. It was pretty bizzarre.

As Alice was puting water in a vase, Carol rested herself on her elbows
on the counter right behind her and began talking.

Carol: Alice... You've been our housekeeper for a very long time haven't

Alice: Oh yes Mrs. Brady, I'd say it's been about 15 years. And I've loved
every minute of it.

Carol: And in that time, you and I... Have become pretty good friends,
wouldn't you say?

Alice: (Turning to face her) Well yes. I'd say so. What is it?

Carol: Well... I got this problem see... Today is Mike and I's 25th
Wedding Anniversary, and stupid me, I forgot to get him a
present. And I can't go out and get one now, cause he's due
back any moment, and I wouldn't want him to think I forgot.

Alice: (Biting her lip) Hmmm, sounds like a problem.

Carol: I wondered if you could help me.

Alice: Sure thing Mrs. Brady. What can I do?

Carol: (Blushing) Well.. It's kinda hard to say this...

Alice: Oh Mrs. Brady, you know that if you have something to say to me,
all you have to do is come right out and say it.

Carol: Well.. You see... Mike and I were laying in bed this morning, and
I don't know how it started, but we both found ourselves asking
eachother what our wildest fantasy is, and.. Well I told him mine,
which was that I would like to see him dance around in the living
room wearing nothing but my nightgown in front of the whole family.
Ofcourse he laughed at me, and I got kinda sad, cause I was serious
and he thought I was joking.

Alice: (Smiling) Oh.. Too bad. I think Mr. Brady would look kinda cute
running around the house in a nightgown.

Carol: Yeah me too. But... Anyway... Then he told me his wildest fantasy.

Alice: Which was?

Carol: (Blushing) He said... It would really turn him on beyond his wildest
dreams to see me make love to another woman.

Alice: (Shocked) WHAT?????

Carol: Yeah...

Alice: Goodness. That's a shocker if I've ever heard one.

Carol: Yeah... So.. Since I can't get him anything for our Anniversary,
I wanted to do the next best thing.

Alice: Which is?

Carol: Fulfill that wild fantasy of his.

Alice: (Shocked) Well Mrs. Brady, I don't see how you could. I mean,
there's no other women in this house except for Marsha, Jan, Cindy,
and me, and, I'm sure you wouldn't want to do anything with them,
and... I'm not that kind of a woman.

Carol: Awww but you don't have to be that kind of a woman Alice. It's just
for 1 night and... I think it would really ake Mike happy.

Alice stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn't believe Mrs. Brady was
asking her to get involved in something like this.

Carol: Please Alice? I mean it's not like we'd become lesbian lovers or
anything, it's just a 1 time thing. And I promise I"ll never ask
you about it again.

Alice: (Smiling) Why not. You only live once. Sounds like it could be
a pretty fun experience.

Carol: (Throwing her arms around her) Oh thank you Alice! You have no idea
what this means to me.

Alice: Oh I bet I can guess. So anyway, what do we do?

Carol: Well my next question for you is... Would you like to start a little
something right now before everybody comes home? Or do you want to
wait until Mike comes home?

Alice put the flowers in the vase and put them on the sink and stepped
closer to Carol. She just stood there, not knowing what to do. Unsure
of whether or not she'd like to just jump right into a sexual experience
with another woman right then and there, or if she'd like to sit in her
room and think about it for a while, while the inevitable is in the waiting
for her to appear for the finale in their bedroom.

But Carol answered her question for her by the hand and slowly leading
her out of the kitchen, and out to the livingroom, up the stairs, and into
her bedroom, where they prepared for what was to come.

An Hour Later

It was a pretty successful surprise party. Mike came home only to find
the house dark. And when he stepped further into the house, the lights
went on suddenly, confetti and balloons went in the air followed by everyone
shouting "SURPRISE!". A sign hanging over the banister read, "Happy 25th
Anniversary". It was a short party. Everybody had cake & ice cream, the
kids all headed off to bed, and Carol told Mike that she had a surprise
for him that she knew he was going to love. And the two of them went

When they arrived at the doorway of their bedroom, Carol opened the
door and they went in. A look of sudden and total shock covered Mike's
face as he saw their housekeeper laying in their bed in a nightgown.
Mike turned to Carol.

Mike: What's going on here?

Carol: Shhh... Go sit in the chair over there. I'll be right back.

Carol went into the bathroom. Mike sat down in the chair at the foot of
the bed and just sat there staring at Alice, who was playing innocent and
just staired at the ceiling pretending not to know anything about what was
going on. A few moments later, Carol came out of the bathroom wearing one
of her sexy nightgowns, hair brushed and everything. Mike got a hardon just
looking at her. He was about to stand up, but Carol held out her hands
and motioned him to stay put, not even saying a word. Alice sat up in the
bed and scooted to the end, dangling her feet over the edge.

Carol sat down on the bed next to her and looked deep into her eyes
and smiled and then looked at Mike, who was so confused, he didn't know
what to do.

Carol: Happy Anniversary hunny.

Immediately after she said that Mike new exactly what was going on. She
was about to fulfill one of his wildest dreams, but what knocked the "wild"
out of it all was the fact that he never expected it to be their housekeeper.
But he decided to sit back in the chair and watch as he was expected to do,
hoping the experience would be a memorable one. He had to admit, seeing
the two ladies sitting side by side in front of him in their nightgowns,
was a pretty errotic experience in itself.

Carol: Okay, you'll have to bare with us, Alice has never done anything
like this before.

Mike: And you have?

Carol: Ofcourse. With my sister, when we were kids. Don't you remember
when I told you?

Mike: And you actually remember that?

Carol: Hunny, you never forget your first sexual experience. Now Shhhh.
It's difficult to get in the mood for this kinda thing when there's
conversation going on. Just sit back, and enjoy the show.

Mike did as he was told and sat back in the chair and watched as his
wife got it on with their housekeeper. The first thing they did was embrace
in a lover's kiss. Alice just sat still, not knowing what to do, and Carol
put her left arm around her back and rested it on her shoulder and then put
her right arm around the front of her and locked her fingers with the other
hand and pulled her close. Very close. And slowly the two ladies laid down
in the bed. Carol turned on her side, facing Alice, and propped her head
up on her left arm and stared deep into her eyes as she put her hand on
her stomach and rested it there for a few moments, before she slowly began
to movie it inch by inch toward her breasts.

This made alice's nightgown ride up her thighs, revealing to Mike the
fact that they must have been prepared for this before he arrived, cause
he noticed that Alice wasn't wearing anything udnerneath that nightgown.
Her hairy pussy was in plane sight. And he didn't know why, but this
was turning him on extremely.

Finally Carol's hand found Alice's left breast, and she began rubbing
it, then the right one, then back to the left one. Alice began to breathe
heavly. Watching herself being fondled by another woman really turned her
on. She liked this. As Carol played with Alice's breasts, she moved her
face closer to her, and pressed her lips tightly around Alice's, kissing her
very lovingly at first, but decided to take things further as alice's heavy
breathing was turning her on.

As Carol began slowly pushing her tongue inside Alice's mouth, she ran
her hand down her stomach and rested it between her legs. Alice was wet.
And Carol liked that. Alice began to moan softly as Carol ran her fingers
slowly down her bush until she found the spot she wanted to touch. Alice's
love button. She began to roll it between her thumb and forefinger, and
Alice's eyes shot wide open and she took a deep breath and begaen to scream.

Mike, who was watching the whole thing from where he was sitting, had
taken his cock out of his pants and was playing with it as he watched the
two ladies play with eachother.

Carol: Mmmmmmmmmmmm are you ready baby?

Alice: Hhhhh mmmmmm yes...

Alice sat up and removed her nightgown, and Carol did the same. Mike
was now getting more excited. He figured Carol was going to climb on top
of Alice and continue kissing her as they rubbed their bodies together,
but instead, she did something totally unexpected. Carol positioned
herself so that her feet were at Alice's head, and she brought her leg
over Alice's body and pushed herself on top of her. She propped herself
up on her hands and watched Mike play with his rock hard cock as she sat
back and burried her pussy in Alice's face. Carol let out a scream of
pleasure as she felt Alice's tongue burry itself deep inside her. Mike
couldn't hold back anymore. It was just too much for him to handle, and
with a few grunts and moans, his hand was covered in his own cum. He
collapsed in the chair as he continued to watch the two ladies.

Carol smiled and closed her eyes and began to moan softly, feeling
very good with both the thought left in her mind of her husband cumming
all over himself, and Alice's tongue in her bussy. The bed began to rock
as Carol began feeling so good, she was litterally fucking alice's face now
as she burried her own face between Alice's legs and began wildly lapping
away at her pussy. Alice began to scream, but it didn't come out very
loud cause she had a mouth fully of Carol's pussy, but it was enough for
Carol to hear, and it turned her on even more. She began moving faster
and licking faster, and shoving her tongue deeper and deeper into Alice's
pussy, until finally, Alice let loose with all her juices, followed by
Carol letting loose with hers.

When it was over, Carol and Alice got dressed, and kissed eachother
good night, and Carol and Mike hand some fun before finally getting to
sleep at around 4:00 AM.

-=The End=-


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