Standard warning if you are under 18 or too stupid to understand that this is
a work of fiction don't read it. This can be stand alone, however I wrote it
as part of the series which includes (in order) "Winning is a State of Mind",
"Torrance Meets the Pantones", and "The Initiation".

Bring It On: The Bet (f/f,inter,dom)
by The Cock Roach ([email protected])

Torrance was slightly disappointed coming in second at the National
Cheerleading competition. Not so much for the trophy, her team did great to
come in second after the terrible showing at districts. But more because she
lost the bet. She and Isis made a bet before the tournament. Basically who
ever won got the other leader for a night as a slave. Torrance was sure that
Isis didn't have a clue what she had planned if she had won. Torrance could
just imagine going down on that dark rich pussy and sucking her clit.

Torrance walked to Isis' room wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and
wondered what short of menial tasks Isis would subject her to. Isis was very
creative and Torrance had no doubts that whatever she would be assigned would
be interesting, but it was doubtful that it would have been as fulfilling as
it could be, at least sexually.

Isis was waiting for Torrance to arrive and smiled as she opened the door to
her hotel room. She had kicked her roommate out for the night as she wanted
Torry all to herself. She planned to give Torrance a real work out tonight
whether she knew it or not. Isis had fantasized about Torrance ever since
she first showed up at her high school.

"Ok, the bet was that the loser was the absolute slave of the other all night
right? So, you are mine until morning!" Isis said with a grin.

Torrance smiled, finally having an idea that Isis wanted to get it on as much
as she did. It might be interesting to submit to this black beauty for the
next twelve hours thought Torry.

Isis pulled out two small balls, and held them out for Torrance to see.
Torrance had a great deal of experience in having sex with both sexes, but
had no idea what these balls were.

Isis grinned, "These are called bin-wah balls. You insert them into your
cunt and they roll around inside you. Did you bring your suit?"

Torrance nodded, and took out her bikini. "Good," nodded Isis, "The bikini
would hold the balls in better than your panties. You will also need to
insert this butt-plugs as well, I want you well stimulated for later."

Torrance and used butt-plugs before but not one that large and smiled
although she had no idea what Isis was planning. She quickly changed and
inserted the balls and the plug as Isis directed. Isis had Torrance put on
a micro-mini dress on over her bikini bottoms but had her still wear her
string bikini top without a shirt to cover her large breasts.

Isis planned to torment Torrance, before finally having her way with her.
She was impressed with some of the dance moves during the Toro's routine and
decided to take her out to a bar. Isis told Torrance that her only rule for
the next several hours was that she couldn't touch her crouch or ass without
her permission.

As they walked to a near by bar, Torrance noticed that with every step the
plug seemed to work its way in and out of her ass, but more disturbing were
the balls. They rolled with every step causing sensations through out her
pussy like she had never felt before. The bar was crowded, and quite a few
underage cheerleaders were crowding the dance floor.

Isis led Torrance out onto the dance floor and had her dance. In no time
Torrance was over come by the twin sensations emanating from her ass and
pussy. She started to cum and was just short of reaching an orgasm as she
danced with Isis. Desire was almost too great. Torrance had to struggle
not to reach for her clit to put her over the edge into a much desired
orgasm. Instead she decided to take her mind off her growing desire by
groping her hot friend.

Isis and Torrance soon were slow dancing in the middle of the floor.
Torrance's hands groped Isis' ass. She felt Isis' firm breast push against
her body as she pulled her close and started to kiss Isis deeply on the
mouth. Isis smiled and thought about how much fun Torrance was going to be
once they got back to her room. She had Torrance dance for about 2 hours.
Their antics caught the attention of everyone in the bar and most of the men
would dance close to the two and grope one or the other whenever they had
the chance. In fact several young men were very disappointed when Isis lead
Torrance out of the bar, having thought that they were going to make it with
one or both of the girls before the night was out.

Torrance found the bin-wah balls to be very frustrating. They stimulated
her sexually, but kept her well short of orgasm. She was quickly becoming
frustrated at not having a release after over two hours of stimulation. She
hoped that Isis would bring her to orgasm very soon.

Once back in Isis's room, Isis explained that Torrance had to satisfy her
using only her tongue, and not until Isis came, not just once, but twice,
could Torrance take out the balls and get satisfaction. Torrance was
disparate to reach orgasm, but was glad to have the chance to finally be
able to go down on her hot black friend at last.

Torrance started working on Isis perky breasts. She rolled her tongue around
the nipples and sucked one them until the became had. Then to Isis' surprise
she rolled Isis over and started on her firm smooth ass rather then dig into
her pussy like Isis had expected. Torrance spread the ass cheeks and swirled
her tongue around the rim of Isis' ass. Isis moaned and squirmed and her
sphincter was gently parted by Torrance's agile tongue. Her ass felt her
tongue swirl around and around her ass in concentric circles. This was the
first time anyone had rimmed Isis' ass before and see found that she liked it

Suddenly Torrance flipped Isis onto her back and dove into her pussy. She
flicked her clit with her tongue rapidly. Isis quickly came from the
stimulation having been driven near orgasm while Torrance worked on her tits
and ass. Isis arched her back and shook as a massive orgasm washed over her.
Torrance pushed her tongue deep into Isis' cunt as she quivered from an
intense orgasm.

Torrance lapped up the creamy juices freely flowing from Isis' pussy until
she stopped shaking. Torrance had many encounters with women and was an
expert rug muncher. She quickly found her clit and sucked it into her mouth.
She then started to swirl her tongue around the clit, stopping every once in
a while to flick her clit with her tongue. Isis gasped. She had not
imagined Torrance to be such an expert. Her plans were going slightly awry,
having underestimated Torrance's skills.

Isis reached under Torrance and fingered her crotch. The balls were still
in her pussy and they moved inside her as Isis fingered her. This had its
desired affect distracting Torrance as waves of pleasure washed through her
body. It took Torrance several minutes to regain control so that she could
finish bringing Isis off for the second time so that she too could finally
get to orgasm. Isis soon found herself shaking from a second orgasm despite
her attempts to distract Torrance.

After Isis stopped shaking from the second and most intense orgasm she had
ever felt, she got up off the bed and went over to a bag in the corner.
Torrance gasped as she saw Isis pull out the largest dildo she had ever seen.
It was easily 18 inches long and at least 3 inches in diameter. It gleamed
darkly in the dim light. Isis rolled Torrance onto her stomach and removed
the butt-plug. Isis lubed up the dildo and slowly inserted it up Torrance's
ass. Torrance moaned as the dildo penetrated up her as stretching it as it
has never been stretched before. After Isis inserted the dildo 5-6 inches
into Torrance's ass, she started to pump it in and out of her ass. Torrance
gasp as her ass was being ravaged.

Torrance's pussy was stimulated by the balls in her pussy while her ass was
pumped by the dildo. She gasped as she reached climax. Isis was watching
Tory's reaction closely and started to slow down to prevent Torry from
reaching climax. Isis smiled and withdrew the dildo and rolled Torrance
over. She removed the balls and plunged the dildo deep into Torrance's cunt.
Torrance gasped in shock surprised by the sudden action. Isis held the dildo
deep into Torrance's cunt and started to suck on her clit. She watched as
Torrance's cream rose up the dildo as it gushed out of her pussy. Torrance
came quickly and had an intense orgasm that lasted for well over ten minutes
as Isis flicked her clit with her tongue. Torrance's entire body was
drenched in sweat and she was completely worn out by the orgasm she had just

Isis smiled as she noticed that Torrance had all but passed out after her
orgasm subsided. She wrapped her arms around Torrance and fell asleep with
her head on Torrance's sweaty tits. Maybe, just maybe, they would both wake
in time for Isis to enjoy the last couple of hours of her bet. But even if
she didn't Isis was sure that this experience would be remembered for a long


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