Bring It On: X-Rated Version
by [email protected]

This is a erotic story based on the movie "bring it on" starring Kristen
Dunst who played the head cheerleader named Torrence. Remember this only a
fantasy story.

Torrence and her cheerleading squad the "Torros" were about to start
their routine at the state championships. Torrence is an attractive blonde
with a sexy figure like most cheerleaders. She has a very cute face and most
of guys at her school give her their complete attention.

Before she started her squads routine, first she talked to her rival from
"Bayside High" the "Clovers" their head cheerleader Isis. Isis is an
attractive black girl with long black hair, Torrence coming from an all white
school didn't know too many black girls before Isis.

Secretly though Torrence always had this taboo fantasy of having a black
man do it with her and even a black woman. Being at cheerleader camp during
the summer she had been with another girl before many times especially if she
was having guys trouble. The two of them were at odds at first Isis thinking
that it was Torrence who was stealing her squads routines, when it was in
fact Kimberly the previous head cheerleader for the "Torros". Isis realized
this but kept the competition between her and Torrence going, after all
competition brings out the best in everyone. Just like Isis told her before
the competition you just "Bring it on."

Torrence and her squad started their routine and Isis was impressed they
blended some swing dance, gymnastics, other dances, and hot music. Even Isis
started to shake her hips a little watching on the sidelines. Then Isis's
eyes grew big at what they saw next, Torrence's skirt flew up and her red
panties were visible and going up her ass crack.

Being from Isis's side of town she'd never seen a nicer creamy white ass
in her life. Suddenly as Torrence jumped up and down Isis was noticing
Torrences nice breasts bouncing. Isis closed her eyes briefly and imagined
Torrence topless, and her squeezing Torrence's firm white breasts. Then
pulling back her gorgeous blonde hair to kiss her neck.

Then as the music stopped she smiled. As Torrence and her squad was posing
at end of the routine. Isis had slept with a couple girls on her own squad at
first it was a joke an initiation for a new girl on the squad. After the
first time though she had to try it a couple more times. She realized no guy
knew where to touch her like another girl did. Of course Isis did have a
boyfriend named Marcus on the school's football team but like most black men
he never went down on her.

After the Torros squad ran off it was the "Clovers" turn. They relied
mostly on their gymnastics and their music than a type of dance, but their
gymnastics were extremely impressive. In the end it was the Clovers taking
first and the Torros took second. Torrence met with Isis afterwards and
offered her congratulations. Isis thanked her then surprised her and gave
her a hug.

After they broke the hug it was Torrence who surprised Isis and gave her
a kiss on her cheek. "That was just my way of saying we don't have to be
enemies," smiled Torrence.

Isis smiled at her, "Ee dont need to be enemies at all girl, in fact if
you wanna do something fun together meet me at my school's gym at midnight
tonight. I'll make sure its unlocked. I'm close with the janitor, what do
you say?"

"Well, that sounds great. What kinda fun are we gonna have? What should
I wear?" asked Torrence.

Isis grined and whispered in her ear, "Anything as long as its sexy."

Then Torrence felt Isis give ear a tiny nibble and Isis brush against the
back of her cheerleading skirt. "Was that on purpose or accident" she thought
to herself. Then seeing Isis wink at her she realized it wasnt no accident.
_ _ _

It was about 11:55 that Torrence showed up at Isis's school's gym. Knowing
that she was going to satisfy a secret taboo of her's had made her eager to
meet her new friend. There was a light on the outside of the gym but inside
it was dark. Torrence figured she was early but to her surprise the door was
already unlocked so she walked in.

She was wearing her long blonde hair down, a white top that easily showed
her white bra she was wearing underneath. With that was a denim mini skirt it
was one she had owned a while so it was almost to small on her. It showed off
alot of her sexy shapely legs, and if she bent over everyone would know that
she was wearing a white thong. She debated on what shoes she should wear not
wanting to look slutty. She finally decided on black 3 inch high heels, and
decided against wearing 6 inch high heels that really made her feel like a
slut when she wore them for her boyfriend.

She walked into the dark hall and there was no one, the clicking of her
high heels were the only sound. After looking in the locker rooms she decided
she must be a little too early. She finally decide to wait in the gym instead
of walking in the hallways of the gymnasium. As she walked in almost on cue
the lights came on. She looked around to see Isis sitting by the basketball
goal on the court on a mat. She walked towards her and noticed Isis was still
in her cheerleader uniform.

"I came here dressed sexy and she's still wearing that? Oh well, she looks
good in anything I have to admit" Torrence thought to herself.

"Come on over here girl set next to me," said Isis.

Torrence sits down next to Isis and crosses her legs and immedietly the
two are in each others arms and they start to kiss. Isis is very impressed
with Torrence's outfit she starts to caress Torrences inner thigh with her
long fingernails. Torrence moans then caresses Isis breasts through her top
as her other hand caress Isis dark hair.

Then Isis stood up and said, "Your not the only one who dressed sexy

Isis stripped out of her cheerleading outfit. Torrance couldnt believe
what she saw. Isis was wearing a lacey white teddy! She turned for her and
revealed that it had a thong back. Torrence was hot seeing this black beauty
in this white outfit revealing the roundest ass she'd ever seen, her breasts
were practically falling out of her lacey cups of the teddy.

Torrance crawled over to her and began licking her thighs making her way
to Isis inner thighs and causing her to gasp in pleasure. She reaches behind
to caress the sexy black girls ass cheeks, she fondles her ass as she feels
her top being pull off exposing her bra which Isis unhooks. Isis squeezes
Torr's breasts her breasts are so white and she has the pinkess nipples shes
ever seen. She then feels her teddy being pulled aside at the bottom as
Torrance pulls apart her lips and begins to tongue her pussy. Isis moans
loudly at this blondes invasion as she tongue fucks her in and out, in and

Torrance real enjoys the taste of Isis as she eats her and squeezes her
strong athletic thighs. "Oh god! I wonder if all black girls taste this
sweet?" though Torrence.

Isis is close to coming when she feels Torr's hand going to her ass crack,
then slowly she slides a finger in her ass. Isis head goes back in pleasure
no girl or guy had ever penetrated her there before, and now this sexy blonde
girl was eating her pussy and fingering her anus. Isis looks down at her
beautiful face smiling at her with her pussy in her mouth and loses it right
there she orgasms all over her face.

Isis recovers then jumps on top of Torrence, kissing her passionately
their mouths open and tongues intertwine. Isis's hands slide under Torrence's
mini-skirt and under her thong and she fingers her pussy. Torrence then
decides to stand up and drop her skirt leaving her in a white thong and black
high heels. Isis takes this opportunity to take off her teddy showing her
nice size breasts with dark nipples the size of a half dollar coins.

Torrence teasingly bends her ass over in front of Isis, Isis responds to
this by slapping her on the ass. Isis then crawls to Torrence this time and
begins licking her pussy outside her panties. Her tongue makes its way to the
top of her thong and she slowly pulls it down as Torrence is bent over. There
in front of Isis is the ass she fantasized about before, she felt kinda
naughty so she started to tongue Torrences asshole as her fingers went into
her pretty blonde trimmed pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh ahhhhhh yesssssssss!" moaned Torrence as the stimulation of her
ass and her pussy has her hot and is making it hard to keep her balance in
her high heels.

Finally, she collapses on Isis face and reaches down to play with Isis
breasts. Isis eats Torr like a starving woman feeling her breasts being
stimulated she eaches up to pinch and squeeze Torrences hard nipples. In no
time Torr ends up orgasming, but neither could stand to stop. So Torr bends
down to feast on Isis' sweet cunt some more. The two of them go at each other
in a hot 69. Torr's ass riding Isis's face as Torr has Isis legs spread as
wide as they'll spread lapping up her sweet cunt juices.

The two got at it like this for at least 30 minutes, they both lost count
of their orgasms after they get past 5. They lay naked next to each other as
they hold each other tight and kiss softly. After a while they both get
dressed. Then peeking behind the bleachers in the stands they see Marcus
Isis' boyfriend.

"Well look here Isis we have a peeping Tom," says Torrence.

"That's my boyfriend," responds Isis.

"Oh, really?! Well, mind if I try another taboo I've be eager to
experiment with?"

"What do you mean?" asks Isis.

"Well, I had a fantasy of a black woman which you fulfilled," gives Isis
another kiss, "Now maybe I can fulfill me doing a black man fantasy, if your
willing to share?"

"Hmmmmmmm................can I watch?" asked Isis.

"Wouldn't have it any other way!" smiled Torrance.

Torrence dropped to her knees and before Marcus could say anything his
pants were down and this blonde that he just watched eat out his girlfriend
was giving him head. Torrance had never given a blowjob to a man so big!!!
He was at least 10 inches in length and 2 and a half inches wide. Seeing that
his girlfriend didn't mind he started grabbing the back of her hair and
forcing her to swallow his cock. Torr always fantasized blowing a black man,
and now this one was filling her mouth with almost more black cock then she
could handle.

She finally popped him out of her mouth and pushed him on his back. Isis
started sliding her hand up her teddy again and touch herself seeing this.
Torrence climbed aboard his massive cock and began to ride him. He was so big
she only got half of him inside her. Even then his width was stretching her
vagina walls like no man ever had. She worked her pussy up and down trying to
get more of him in. He reached up to lick and suck her hard pink nipples.

"Ohhh god ohhh fuck its so big!!!!!" she screamed.

"Ohhhh yeah this is some tight white pussy you've got ya ho!!!" yelled
Marcus loving the feeling of having a white girl begging him for some cock,
as opposed to the stuck up ones who claim they aren't intrested.

Finally she was jumping up and down on his chocolate monster as every inch
had filled her cunt. Torrence was in absolute heaven "Guess what they say
about black men is true" she thought to herself. Then she felt hands on her
ass, it was her wonderful new lover Isis.

Isis watched her boyfriend fuck this sexy blonde long enough she started
caressing Torrence's ass and licking her asshole as Torr rode Marcus faster
and faster. Marcus squeezing her nipples and the stimulatation of a big black
cock in her pussy and a tongue in her ass brought Torrence to another
gigantic orgasm.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh god fuck me damn it!!!!!!!!!!! Ram my
slutty white pussy!!!!!!!!!!!"

Marcus ready to shoot his load talked dirty right back to her, "Ohhh yeah
here you go here it comes you ho! Take my load inside you you little white
bitch!!!!!" he explodes inside her.

After they all realized its almost 7 am and that school will be starting
soon they all decide to clear out. Torrence thanked Marcus and told Isis,
"Call me hon" then gave her another french kiss.

Marcus didn't mind, figuring he could have them both sometime if he played
his cards right.



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