Standard disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. If you are under the
age of 18 or so prudish that this offends you. Don't read it! In fact what
the hell are you doing on this web site!

This story, Torrance Meets the Pantones, and The Initiation are loosely based
on the movie Bring it On. Anyone who has seen the DVD, knows that one of the
deleted scenes was about a pervy teacher. Everyone else is actually in the
movie. The story is as close to accurate as I could get it (including the
approximate number of cheerleaders). Enjoy.

Bring It On: Winning Is A State Of Mind (f/f,M/f,mc)
by The Cock Roach ([email protected])

I began teaching at Rancho Carne High exactly six years ago. I found the
Northern California community to have some serious advantages despite the
large quantities of yuppies who resided in the community. Most of the kids
were lazy and extremely spoiled, but also very attractive. I had studied
hypnosis in college, but never seriously considered it until I saw the high
school cheer squad this school sported. Not only were they extremely
talented, they were also very attractive. It was really no challenge to
hypnotize the squad. I had several members in one of my remedial science
classes and they introduced me to the rest of the squad.

In fact, my position as a teacher had some definite benefits. I have been
able to reprogram many of the more attractive young girls at this school,
and not just for my own benefit either. Most of the young men in this school
found several of the female student body more than willing to experiment
sexually and rather indiscriminately. It also helped most of the girls also.
I was able to program some of the better looking girls to stay in excellent
shape and gave every member of the cheer squad the mental and physical
discipline to win several national champions.

I put a young blond by the name of Torrance in charge of the team hoping that
her intelligence and creativity would help the team in competition. Not only
that, but she was extremely good looking and great to have sex with. The red
head she replaced was good looking and programmed for domineering others
(which was fun to watch as she guided the girls in sex acts) but Torrance was
definitely and improvement.

Unfortunately, the tall brunette named Carver fell off a pyramid and broke
her leg and the squad needed to find her replacement. I kept an eye on the
candidates so that I could let Torrance know whom I wanted on the team and a
member of my elite harem. Several other girls were under my control, but more
for amusement, I considered the cheer squad to be my personal toys.

I was trying to decide between the blond who I had programmed into a megaslut
or Jamie who was the little sister of a member of the squad named Whitney.
Jamie was very young, almost too young, but had been programmed to give great
head. The blond had already screwed almost all of the male population at
school including teachers and administrators and half of the female
population and I was not interested in personally getting involved with
someone so used, so to speak.

I had just about decided on Jamie when I saw the hot brunette at the end of
the line. She had an above average rack for a high school student and an
awesome ass. She was very athletic and graceful, possibly even a gymnast.
I waited for her to introduce herself to the squad as Missy. Her moves were
very good and showed a flexibility that would be very entertaining in bed.
I knew she needed some reprogramming to get he to clean up and wear some
decent clothes, but I know that I would have to get this hot chick sooner or
later anyway helped make my decision. Missy was on the team.

It really was a simple matter for Torrance to send Missy to me after she
joined the team. She really didn't understand why she was meeting me after
school in my private office behind my room, but that didn't matter, Torrance
said it was important and half dragged her into the room. In fact, I felt
reasonably sure that if Torrance hadn't been in the room with her she would
have left before my conditioning could start to have an affect. What seemed
to be background music actually contained the subliminal messages that
allowed me to change the girl's personality and to control her mind. They
probably would have little effect, without the lights rapidly strobing behind
them or the drugs that were in the water which Torrance had Missy drink as
they waited. I had the camera set up to record Missy's initiation into the
group. Torrance was the first to be affected by the messages and started
to rub her breasts and spread her legs. Missy at first feeling light headed
but she soon felt her breasts and cunt start to slowly warm up. Without
realizing what she was doing, Missy started to rub her pussy through her

Torrance soon had her legs parted and a finger in her panties. She inserted
two fingers into her moist cunt and started to flick her clit with a third
finger. The small room filled up with a musky scent as Torrance started to
cum. Missy was feeling very horny when she saw Torrance out of the corner of
her eye. Missy was startled by the desire that she felt when she noticed the
fingers in Torrance's pussy. Without knowing why Missy had an uncontrollable
urge to kneel down in front of Torrance and stick her tongue up her pussy.

Missy did just that, kneeling in front of Torrance she yanked you panties
down and immediately began to eat her out. She found that she knew several
techniques to bring Torrance to the brink of orgasm without letting her cum.
Torrance was spiraling out of control as Missy's abilities rapidly improved.
Finally after 5 minutes of mind-blowing oral sex, Torrance had an incredible
orgasm that sent waves through her body for a full 2 minutes. Torrance slid
to the floor exhausted by the sensations she had felt. Missy was still very
horny and started to strip off her clothes so she could masturbate.

Torrance started to recover as Missy finished taking off her shirt and sweat
pants and started to pump several fingers into her own pussy. Torrance
pulled Missy's panties down and spread her legs. She lubricated a finger and
gently stuck it up Missy's virgin ass as she parted her pussy with her over
hand. Torrance stuck 4 fingers into Missy's pussy stretching it wide and
used her thumb to uncover Missy's clit so her tongue could rapidly flick
across it. Her finger continued to gently probe Missy ass, slowly inserting
it to the knuckle. Missy bucked as both her ass and pussy were being probed.

Missy tensed as she neared climax when Torrance stuck a second digit up her
ass. She arched her back in ecstasy. Torrance paused for a second and the
sucked her clit up to her mouth and flicked her tongue over it. Missy felt
as if she were going to explode as an incredible orgasm shook her entire
body. Both girls lay exhausted on the floor as I stopped the camera the
subliminal messages, and strobing light. Torrance looked at me as I walked
and left after I nodded to the door, forgetting her panties behind.

Missy lay on the floor in nearly under hypnosis already. I knelt in front of
Missy and talked her into a deep trance so I could set the trigger phrase and
the parameters for her behavior. I decided that like Torrance I wanted her
to myself as far as male interaction went. So other than programming her to
be turned on and very open to the idea of sex with the females in the squad
and be open to the concept of giving head to a man or boy if she were asked
by me to do so she was going to be more or less celibate.

Of course this didn't include her real initiation. This I set up too. At
the first practice any new member has at the mercy of the rest of the squad.
They were all programmed to be extremely horny when new members joined and
the first practice sometimes lasted for five or six hours of nothing but an
orgy. Of course usually more than one member joined at a time due to
graduation and such and so weren't the victim of every other member at the
same time, and I almost felt sorry for Missy as I thought about what she
would soon experience. I knew I had to get this on camera!

I brought Missy out of her trance and triggered with the phrase "Toro's have
big cocks." She went under again just like she was supposed to. She still
had her bra on and I had her take it off and dance for me. Missy was
extremely graceful and very flexible. I quickly got hard watching this young
nubile girl writhing in front of me. I pulled down my pants and told Missy
to give me a blow job. She immediately knelt in front of me and started to
stroke my shaft as she licked the head of my cock. One hand gently cupped my
balls and the other slowly jerked me off as she sucked the tip of my cock.
She ran her tongue down the shaft and licked one of my balls before nearly
sucking it into her mouth.

I was pleasantly surprised that she mastered the techniques introduced to her
just minutes before and soon found myself squirting cum into her face. She
quickly engulfed the tip of my cock and sucked the rest of the cum down her
throat. I had her climb on to a table on her hands and knees. I ran my
hands over her back and cupped each breast and gently pinched her nipples. I
squeezed her ass and fingered her pussy as I enjoyed exploring her body. Her
long dark hair felt great as I rubbed it across her back.

I quickly became hard again and I had her step down so I could fuck her
before anyone else had a chance to do so. Her pussy was so tight I knew she
had to been a virgin, I saw blood on the floor which must have come when
Torrance penetrated her hymen. I ignored the blood and instead reveled in
the tightness engulfing my cock. I started out slowly despite her moistness
and overall horniness. I was in no hurry, I just wanted to enjoy Missy as
long as possible. I slowly increased tempo and after a minute I was ramming
her cunt for all I was worth. Just before I was ready to cum, I stopped and
turned Missy over. I spread her ass and lubed it with juices from her cunt.
I slowly inserted my dick into her tight virgin ass. I watched it pucker as
I slowly pumped my way deeper into her firm ass. After I got my cock fully
inserted I grabbed both ass cheeks and started to pump her ass as hard as I

There is no feeling like pumping a tight ass and I soon found myself
climaxing as her rectum periodically contracted on my dick as I continued to
pump into her. I pulled out just as I came and shot my load up her back and
even into that great hair of hers. I trigger her out of her trance and left
her to dress and instructions not to clean herself up before she got home.

To be continued.


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