If you are under the age of 18, too stupid to recognize the follow story to
be a work of fiction, or too prudish to enjoy sexual fantasies don't read it!

This is part two, part one is Winning is a State of Mind, and part three is
The Initiation. I hope that each of these stories can stand alone, but you
might want to read them in order.

Bring It On: Torrance Meets The Pantones (f/f,m/f)
by The Cock Roach ([email protected])

Missy needed extra practice to just learn the cheers, so she invited Torrance
over to her house so they could practice early in the morning before joining
the rest of the team. Missy's parents were going to spend most of the night
at a fundraiser and only Missy's brother would be home. Her parents would be
out until late and then most likely be so drunk that they would barely know
who was there, much less care.

Torrance and Missy went over the words for the cheers until Missy thought she
would go crazy. Missy felt a strange sensation building through out the
evening. She tried to remember the afternoon when she and Missy met, but for
some reason she just drew a blank. Missy thought Torrance looked really hot
in her sleeveless pajama top and drawstring pants that were so light that
they were almost see through.

She and Torrance were planning on sharing the Missy's bed to sleep in and
what earlier seemed like a major inconvenience, now seemed like a great
opportunity. Missy felt her nipples harden as she watched Torrance jumping
in her flimsy t-shirt as she demonstrated some of the moves she would need to
learn. Her large tits bounced free of restraint as she had already taken her
bra off.

Torrance left to go brush her teeth, needing a break. She watched Missy's
nipples becoming obvious under her black sleeveless t-shirt and her hand
seemed to be wandering towards the crotch of her boxer shorts. Torrance
was feeling really horny towards Missy despite the fact that she was very
heterosexual. She needed a few minutes to reflect on what she was feeling.
Torrance heard a guitar from Missy's brother's room.

Torrance stepped in and saw Missy's brother jumping around in his underwear
playing an electric guitar. He was good looking, and Torrance was already
horny. She watched him for several minutes when Missy walked by and saw her.
Torrance quickly stammered a lame excuse and went to the bathroom. She
thought about both siblings and decided that she would have to try them both
out before she could sleep.

She decided that she would have to try Missy out first. She had been
thinking about her all afternoon and just had to stick her tongue up that
sweet ass of hers. She smiled as she thought about what was about to happen
on that big bed of Missy's.

* * *

Torrance lay down next to Missy after turning out the light. She left the
door open hoping that Missy's brother would hear what Torrance hoped would be
going on in the next few moments. Missy had her back to Torrance desperately
trying to ignore the feelings she was having for the hot girl lying beside
her. Torrance was not to be denied.

She ran her hand up Missy's leg towards her hip and smiled as she saw Missy
stiffen. Missy gasped as Torrance started to mass her leg with in ever
widening circles. Missy was startled by the feelings Torrance was stirring
within her crotch and pushed back into Torrance's body. Torrance took her
second hand and massaged the base of Missy neck while her other hand found
its way into Missy's boxers. Torrance could feel Missy's pubic hair and was
pleasantly surprised to find a neat trimmed snatch.

Missy started to cream as Torrance's hand found its way under her shorts.
She was glad that she trimmed her pussy early that day. She didn't know why
it seemed important to her then, but she was glad it wasn't the thick bush
she normally had. Missy rolled over so that she faced Torrance and felt the
hand cup her ass cheek. Missy reached her hands up under Torrance's shirt
and rubbed her breasts. Torrance felt a jolt as Missy kneaded her breasts.

Torrance lifted Missy's black top off to get a better view of Missy's
wonderful orbs. She massaged both and then lowered her head onto Missy's
chest and sucked a beautiful nipple into her mouth. Torrance rolled her
tongue over the stiffening nipple. She lifted her top off and then embraced
her so that they were lying chest to chest. Missy gave Torrance along
passionate kiss, tangling their tongues in each others mouth. Their breasts
were smashed together.

Torrance put both hands down Missy's shorts while they were locked in their
kiss. Torrance was just slighter taller than Missy which allowed her to
easily reach Missy's crotch while they continued to kiss. Missy gasped as
Torrance started to probe her slit with her fingers. Torrance slipped her
other hand around to Missy's ass and stuck a finger up her ass. Torrance
stuck her tongue deeply into Missy's mouth as it opened a little more in
surprise at Torrance's boldness.

Torrance rolled Missy onto her back and broke off the kiss. She knelt over
Missy and watched her breasts rising and falling with Missy's deep breathing.
She hooked her fingers onto Missy's elastic waste band and lowered her boxers
to her ankles. Missy kicked her boxers off as Torrance spread her thighs to
get at her sweet snatch. Torrance lowered her head into Missy's crotch and
spread her slit with one hand as the other reached underneath to Missy's ass.
Torrance rolled her tongue over Missy's clit and felt Missy start to tremble.

Missy reached over to Torrance's legs and pulled her closer. Torrance
understanding spread her legs over Missy's face so Missy would have access
to her own hot pussy. Both girls locked into a sixty-nine delved into each
other's pussies. They hungrily lapped up each other's juices. Missy could
not believe how sweet Torrance tasted and started to dig in. Missy knew she
had to make Torrance cum so she could taste her sweet nectar.

Torrance found Missy to be extremely skilled and soon she found herself
shaking uncontrollably. She started to gush as Missy pushed her over the
edge to orgasm. Missy hungrily lapped up Torrance's juices as the washed
over her face. After Torrance's orgasm subsided, she rolled off Missy and
walked over to her bag.

Missy was disappointed not have reached orgasm herself. Then she noticed
that Torrance was not done. She saw her pull out a large double dildo.
Missy was shocked at the size of both ends. She wasn't sure that she could
handle a toy that large. It was easily 2 and half inches in diameter and 20
inches long.

Torrance climbed back up on the bed and stuck her head into Missy's pussy.
Missy gasped as Torrance continued to stimulate her and then arched her back
when she felt Torrance slide the dildo into her well-lubricated pussy.
Torrance pumped the dildo into Missy a few times loosing up her tight pussy
for the pounding it was about to receive.

After Missy was a little looser, Torrance climb onto the top of the dildo,
inserting it up her pussy. Missy gasped as this forced the dildo ever deeper
into her pussy. Torrance rode the dildo, causing to it pump into both her
and her friend's pussy. Missy was already excited and soon found herself
having the orgasm that she so desperately wanted just moments before.

Missy's shook with such violence with her orgasm that she made the double
dildo vibrate in Torrance's own pussy, sending Torrance into an orgasm of
her own. Torrance continued to pump until both girls stopped trembling.
Torrance took the dildo out of each girl and directed Missy to kneel on her
hands and knees.

Missy seemed confused until the now well-lubricated dildo plunged into
her tight ass. Missy grunted as her ass was assaulted by the huge dildo.
Torrance got on her hands and knees and faced away from Missy and then
inserted the dildo into her own ass. It went in much smoother into
Torrance's ass, as this was not the first time this dildo had been used

Torrance then started to rock back and forth causing the dildo to push ever
farther into both asses. Missy grimaced, but she soon found herself rocking
with Torrance driving the dildo in and out of her own ass. She came for the
second time tonight as she got ass fucked by her new friend.

Torrance felt her friend orgasm and waited until her tremors subsided before
disengaging herself from the dildo. Torrance didn't bother removing the
dildo as she moved her head back into Missy snatch. She located her clit and
sent her tongue swirling around it. She kept one hand firmly on the dildo to
keep it in place and fingered Missy's pussy with the other hand.

Missy was startled to find herself on the edge of yet another orgasm. The
twin sensations of the dildo up her ass and Torrance in her pussy sent waves
of cum to wash over Torrance's face. Missy gave a primal scream as the most
intense orgasm rolled over her. Her body tensed up and shook for at least 3
minutes while Torrance continued to administer to Missy needs straight
through her orgasm.

When Missy finally stopped trembling she collapsed onto her stomach. She
barely had enough energy to feel Torrance withdraw the dildo from her ass.
She soon found herself asleep, her body badly fatigued by one orgasm after

* * *

Torrance glanced up as Missy lay sprawled on the bed in obvious exhaustion
and saw Cliff, Missy's brother flee the doorway back down the hall. Good,
she thought, he is differently already horny. She smiled knowing that the
conquest of the brother would be just as easy as the sister proved.

Cliff had a raging hard on from the scene he just witnessed. He could not
believe that what his sister just did with the hot cheerleader. His sister
had always seemed to be on the prudish side, but what he had seen tonight was
not prudish at all. He had heard the groans coming for her room, but didn't
check it out until her heard his sister scream. Seeing his sister with a
huge dildo sticking from her ass as Torrance ate her out from below was
almost enough to cum in his shorts on the spot. Cliff was mildly
disappointed. When he first found out Torrance was stay the night he hoped
he might find her in his bed. It seemed unlikely after what he saw her do
to his sister though.

Cliff pulled out his dick to pump his huge hard on. There was no way he
could sleep until he came after that scene. He was startled to find Torrance
once more in his door way. He was embarrassed that she should catch him
playing with this instrument and almost tucked it back in his shorts until he
saw her lick her lips. He couldn't believe that this hot chick would want to
screw him after being so obviously into his sister, but he desperately hoped
she came for more than just to watch.

Torrance smiled as she saw Cliff freeze, dick in hand and stare at her in
shock. She crossed his room smiling and knelt in front of him.

"Here, let me help you with that." Torrance said as she ran her hand down
his cock. Cliff ran his hands through Torrance's blond her as she wrapped
her tongue over the tip of his cock. Cliff gasped as he felt Torrance work
his cock deep into her mouth. She continued to pump his shaft as she ran her
tongue up and down the length of his cock, giving special attention to its
head. Torrance was an obvious pro and Cliff shut his eyes as she had him
close to cumming after just moments.

Torrance grasped both balls to keep Cliff from ejaculating too soon. Cliff
opened his eyes and looked down at Torrance when he realized that she was
stopping him from releasing his torrent when he felt he would explode if he
didn't. He noticed that Torrance had pussy juice down her neck and onto that
awesome chest of hers. Her pussy shone with her own cum as well and he
briefly wished he could have watched her and his sister more. Suddenly all
thoughts were swept away as Torrance let him cum. His cum gushed out in a
huge stream into her mouth.

Torrance swallowed as much cum as she could, but not even a pro like her
could handle the volume coming out of the huge cock in front of her and the
rest ran down her face and onto her chest. Cliff picked Torrance up and lay
her out on his bed. Her ran his hand across her cum cover chest. He kneaded
her chest and rubbed the cum into her tits. He thought this hot cheerleader
looked better nude than her ever would have believed.

Torrance ran her hands over Cliff's chest until he lowered himself down to
her pussy. Cliff smiled as he tasted her cum from the inside of her thigh.
He stuck a couple of thick digits into her pussy and ran his thumb over her
clit. He lowered his head into her slit and stuck his tongue as far up her
pussy as he could to better taste her sweetness. He took a deep breath and
inhaled her musky sent.

Cliff was had more experience than his sister at eating pussy and soon
Torrance was tensing as he flicked his tongue over her clit. Cliff was so
intent on eating Torrance out that it was ten minutes before he realized
that he was hard again. Torrance was kept on the edge of an immense orgasm
by Cliff for several minutes before he stuck his cock into her hot snatch.

Torrance found herself shaking in yet another orgasm as his cock started to
pound in and out of her pussy. Cliff having cum once was able to withstand
the sensation her quivering snatch caused his cock to feel. He continued to
pound away for fifteen minutes as Torrance experienced orgasm after orgasm.
Finally, Cliff could not hold it any longer and pulled out of her pussy and
shot a second load of cum into Torrance's face.

Cliff rolled off Torrance, not even noticing the cum caked in her hair as he
too succumbed to fatigue and fell asleep.

Torrance stood up and looked at the sleeping brother and smiled. She
thought, 'I will have to spend another night here very soon.' as she walked
back to lay next to his still nude sister. Missy felt wonderfully warm as
Torrance wrapped her arms around the sleeping girl and fell asleep.

Just as predicted, both of Missy's parents were too drunk to notice the three
nude teens sleeping in their house. In fact by the time the rolled out of
bed in the morning all three were cleaned and dressed and unbelievably happy.

To be continued.


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