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Love is in the air, but 'Battling' Burrows wants his daughter back so he can beat her some more. Evil Eye wants chaos.

Broken Blossoms: Tigers Two Part 2
by Vicki ([email protected])

The Tongs were betting heavy on 'Battling' Burrows after all. 'Leaks' from the Burrows camp to the press was that he wasn't taking his training seriously, that he was being knocked down by his sparring partners, and that he had broke his right hand. Those were all lies by his clever manager. The Tongs had an inside man, the laundry delivery man, who was reporting that it was just the opposite.

Burrows had lost some of his beginning paunch, was slaughtering his sparring partners, and there was nothing wrong with his hands. He was in the best shape he'd been in in years. It as all a ruse to sucker those betting for Rocky.

Rocky was a better boxer and 12 years younger, but even though he'd won most of his fights by knockout it was usually in later rounds from punch accumulation. He had a good, but not great chin, and endurance, but lacked the 1-punch power of Burrows. More than once Burrows had lost 14
rounds on points only to core a last round knockout to remain undefeated.

Evil Eye was furious. He was with some of his underlings. He had lost face by running, and his seeming irrational hatred of the Chengs was getting him laughed at behind his back. Mr. Cheng had gained much face in the community. While 'Battling' didn't know of it. All of Chinatown was abuzz about how he, a small man of a different race had been the one to take in an abused girl.

Adding further was his concern for the Chinatown orphans. Then there was the charity street fair that was in the final planning stages. Having 2 students of Wong Fei Hong also added to his prestige.

"It's only a few days until the fight," Evil Eye grumbled, "What are those old farts waiting for?"

"Waiting for what?" a thug named Dumbo asked.

"To tell that boxer about his daughter living with Cheng," Evil Eye angrily said.

"The bosses don't want Cheng hurt," a smarter thug who wanted Evil Eye's place spoke up," Taking that cute girl in has brought that good fortune stuff they talk about. That bigot boxer hears about his daughter living with Chinese he's gonna go nuts!"

"Yeah, not bloody likely with that Tiger guy around," Sun Bo, a new FOTB man from Hong Kong said, "That boxer may be big and strong, but I've seen Wong Fei Hong students and they're unreal!"

"And Tiger's one of the best," smart guy added.

"Well, he's not always around the old man anymore," Dumbo said, "He's got him a rich broad, that high class Spanish dame what sings."

"There's still the girl," Sun Bo said, "She's said to be pretty damn good too."

"He won't come alone," Evil Eye said thinking, "You know he's got all those leeches that fawn all over him. Confined space in that shop, she'd get overwhelmed."

If the Tong wouldn't rat out Cheng, Evil Eye decided he would. He'd have to be sneaky. The bosses were on Cheng's side. If it was traced back to him Evil Eye knew he'd be a dead man. If the Tong didn't get him Tiger would. For all his bragging Evil Eye really only knew a few moves. Enough to impress some like Dumbo, but he knew that Meiying could take him without even trying.

Evil Eye had killed 8 people, but they had all been easy targets like Cheng Huan. He wanted no part of someone like Tiger. Cheng Huan had never done anything bad to Evil Eye; he was just a convenient target for his hate. If Cheng died Evil Eye would just find someone else to hate.

* * *

Selena Lopez, the cute spunky 15 year old cousin of Teresa had started hanging around with Meiying and Lucy to the delight of both. The pretty latina was maybe even a better singer than her cousin. The three girls had destroyed 12 pillows in only 4 nights of sleepovers.

The first night Selena had started off in a thin nightdress, but was quickly stripped naked. After that she just went nude. Meiying and Lucy hadn't made love again since that first night and were super horny. They were delighted when Selena asked them if they wanted to have lesbian sex.

The party was set, they had to get the men out of the house, Uncle Cheng was going to meet with Fong Chu, and others to set the date for their fair. Brother Hu would be at the docks for most of the night getting a new shipment in.

Lucy was getting worried and more than a bit scared. The big fight was only a few days away. That meant her father would be back. He would be furious that she had ran away! But Lucy was not as afraid for herself as in the past. Lucy now had a surrogate family that she loved and who returned that love.

Her life had completely changed in the almost 6 weeks since she had been beaten half to death. While she worked in the shop and helped with the household chores, when she looked in the mirror she saw a stranger. Gone was the half-starved dirty girl dressed in rags. Food and exercise had made her body look better, she was clean, hair brushed and styled, even wearing light make-up. Her clothes were fine silk and she even had jewelry. The mirror showed the fantasy princess she had dreamed of being.

But the specter of fear remained. Uncle Cheng was not stupid. He had bought several pistols just in case and advised them to stay close to each other until they could resolve the situation. Uncle Cheng's hope was that 'Battling' would be reasonable and let him keep Lucy. If not
Cheng would try to buy her freedom even if it took every cent he had. As a last resort he would let Hu handle it.

Twice he had had to talk his nephew out of going after Burrows. The police would be no help and Cheng wasn't sure how effective taking the story to the press would be. Even if they did print the story Burrows would still have Lucy back in his home, under his power. Her punishment would be terrible, perhaps fatal. There was no way Cheng was gong to let that bastard have Lucy even for a few minutes.

'Even if I have to shoot that asshole myself,' Cheng Huan thought, 'She is my daughter.'

Meiying, Lucy, and Selena, were out shopping. Cheng Huan had insisted that Selena at least have a pistol. The trio spotted a photography shop. The shop was run by a Lewis Leftner, who went by Lew. Meiying and Selena wanted to have a group picture. Lucy did too, but was scared.

"What if daddy sees it?" Lucy asked frightened.

"Sister, he's gong to know in a few days no matter what," Meiying tried to calm her fears, "Nothing can prevent that. We had thought of getting you out of the city, but the law would charge us with kidnapping you if we did. We are hoping your father can be talked to. If not, getting his ass kicked in public by a girl should do the trick."

"My family will help too," Selena said, "You're not alone anymore, Lucy."

"Group hug," Lucy smiled as they embraced, fear slightly dimmed.

They would not have been smiling if they had known that Evil Eye was spying on them. Inside, the shop was decorated with all manner of photographic art Lewis Leftner had taken. They ranged from landscapes, to animals, babies, and portraits, all the way to some of nude women. Those made the girls giggle. One picture wasn't enough for the teenage girls. They took 2 in normal poses, but for the third they got dolled up as nearly nude saloon girls.

The photographer was a pretty nice man. Lewis told them about how fast photography equipment was advancing, even showed them a short 'moving picture'.

"This is going to be the next big thing," Lew said, "Very hard to do right now, but I'd say 5 to 7 years you'll see 'nickelodeons'* popping up all over the place. In fact, a few years and cameras will be improved enough that people can buy them and take their own pictures."

"Won't that ruin your business Mr. Leftner?" Lucy asked.

"A little, but people will still need me to sell the cameras, sell the film, develop the pictures, and I'll still be called on to do the family portraits. I have also had an idea of putting out a magazine devoted to the female nude," Lew Leftner replied," You knew, you girls are pretty enough to be models. Maybe you could be first 'chipmunks'. It's really exciting though to think of all the new things men like Bell and Edison are coming up with!"

"Like automobiles," Selena grinned, "I've rode in one of those, twice!"

"WOW!" Meiying and Lucy said at the same time, they had seen a few, but they were still rare.

"I'll have these ready by tomorrow and send them over to your address," Lew smiled as he let them out.

The girls got back just as Cheng was about to go to his meeting. Cheng chuckled inside as he sometimes forgot they were teenage girls and sometimes silly. Usually acting more mature than their years they were acting their age, with whispers, tickles, giggles, and a slumber party.

"Try not to destroy all your pillows tonight," he tried to sound stern, but they knew he was smiling inside, happy they were friends.

They all kissed his cheek and ran giggling upstairs. With a contented sigh he went off to his meeting. At the photography shop, Lewis had finished early. Being a closet perv he had made 2 copies of the picture of the girls half dressed. Lew smiled, looking at it framed on the wall,
the set he was sending the girls was picked up by his assistant as he was leaving. Lew was still smiling when a hatchet bit into his skull.

Evil Eye smiled, well, evilly, taking the picture down. Yes, this would do nicely. He could send this and a note to Burrows and it would be difficult to trace it back to him. It was strange to Evil Eye, the girls seemed, well, so happy to pose like that.

"You're daughter has been kidnapped by that old Chink, Cheng Huan, and is living with him in sin," Evil Eye said the words he would write, "The Godless Heathen is using opium and black magic to control young girls! Hahahahahahahaha!"

* * *

The girls stripped off their clothes as fast as they could. Feathers flew as the pillows were used until they busted. This led to a tickle fight. Each girl was the victim of a gang-up at one point or another. Eventually Lucy, the weakest, was ganged up on by Meiying and Selena.

"Hahahahahahaha! Stop!" Lucy laughed, "Please stop! Hahahahaha! Mercy! Hahahahaha! I'll do anything you want!"

"Anything we want?" Meiying wickedly asked.

"Would you like us to tie you up?" Selena asked, "I know you're scared, but we would never hurt you."

"Yes, anything, do anything you want to me," Lucy gasped, "I am your slave. Take me! Tie me down and take me!"

A lifetime of total submission had made Lucy into a true submissive. But unlike the situation with her father, these were 2 girls who loved her. It was her choice to submit. A single 'no' was enough to stop Meiying and Selena. And Lucy knew it. Meiying's kisses took away Lucy's fears as she was loosely bound spread-eagled with soft silk. The girls picked up long feathers, gently
teasing Lucy's body. Lucy shivered in excitement.

Meiying and Selena started licking her feet and sucking her toes. Lucy moaned in pleasure. Meiying and Selena traded deep soul kisses between licking Lucy's feet.

"Yes, oh yessss," Lucy shuddered from a small cum.

Selena kissed Lucy, playing with one tit, Meiying, lightly frigging Lucy's clit, caressed the other breast. This led to 3-way tongue kissing.

"Do you know that French girls think they invented this?" Meiying giggled.

"Are you serious?" Selena asked.

"They even call it 'French-kissing' or 'Frenching'," Meiying laughed.

"Ha, they didn't even invent this great new potato thing called 'French Fries'**," Selena laughed," They are really good though."

"Mmmmm, speaking of good, I want to taste these titties," Meiying smiled. Tracing her tongue all around the nipple Meiying then flicked the pink nipple to stiffness.

"Oh my," Lucy gasped in pleasure.

Selena, on the other side then did the same. The duo then began serious licking and sucking. Lucy cried out cumming. The wicked girls kept right on sucking her tits giving her 2 more orgasms.

"Wow, her pussy is so wet and juicy," Selena said, allowing Lucy to recover "Looks yummy."

"Please, please, somebody suck my pussy," Lucy begged, "Please!"

"Why don't you suck my pussy while Selena sucks you?" Meiying directed.

"Hmmmm, sounds great," Lucy said, learning more about lesbian sex.

Meiying straddled Lucy's pretty face, slowly lowering herself until Lucy could easily lick her. Selena started off with long slow licks up and down Lucy's slit. Knowing a little more what she was doing Lucy greedily lapped Meiying's wet pussy.

"I love pussy," Selena moaned sucking Lucy's clit.

"Aaaaaaaa!" Lucy came, "I want to be a girl lover forever."

"Ooooooo," Meiying shuddered as she also came.

"Hmmmm, I love it," Selena lapped up some more pussy juice.

"I think it should be Selena's turn to get tied up," Meiying suggested untying Lucy.

"Oh yes, yes," Selena licked her lips.

Three-way tongue kissing was followed by Selena now being tied down. Meiying started sucking her pussy, Lucy was going from tit to tit, licking and sucking Selena's firm ripe ripples.

"Ahhhhh! Take me! Take meeee," Selena cried out cumming.

Lucy now straddled Selena's face. Selena licked and licked. Meiying continued to suck Selena's slit, then moved downward. Meiying licked all around Selena's anus, then began rimming her furiously.

"Aaaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaa!" Selena screamed in pleasure, partly muffled by Lucy's pussy.

"Yes! Yessssss," Lucy was cumming again.

Meiying and Selena kissed. Selena loved the tangy taste of her own asshole. Lucy joined in for another round of 3-way kissing. Meiying started untying Selena.

"I want to be whipped," Meiying smiled, "This will show Lucy that getting whipped by girls feels good."

"More than good, it's great," Selena agreed.

Meiying used a stepladder to get a soft silk rope over a thin beam. Once that was done she stood on her tiptoes while Selena used the ladder to bind her wrists high over her head. Taking a long broom handle from a broom that had a detachable head Selena then tied Meiying's legs apart.
Selena then selected 2 soft multi-tailed whips, offering one to Lucy.

"I-I don't think I can do this," Lucy couldn't take the whip.

"Please Lucy," Meiying pouted, "These are not like what your father used on you. These are soft and sexy and make you cum and cum and cum!"

"It's okay if it's girls Lucy," Selena added, "Men hit too hard and are cruel. But girls are slow and soft and sexy."

"And you both like being whipped?" Lucy asked, she could scarcely believe it.

"Mmmmm, just feel how wet my pussy is," Meiying said.

"Oh, you're very wet," Lucy said, rubbing Meiying's cunt.

"Feel me after Selena whips me a little," Meiying smiled.

"I want to make you cum then I can get whipped," Selena grinned.

"Please, please whip me," Meiying pleaded Selena.

Lucy's eyes were wide as Selena started whipping Meiying. This was nothing like the brutal beatings she had gotten. The whip landed again and again, on her lover's ass, her tits, even right on her pussy. But it was indeed sexy, watching Meiying love every lash! Lucy's pussy grew

"Aaaaaaa! Whip me!" Meiying begged, "Oooooo! Whip me! I'm cumming! Aaaaa! More! More! Harder! Oooooo! Whip me!"

Selena whipped Meiying to 3 intense orgasms. Except for some slight pink that was already fading there wasn't a mark on Meiying.

"You're dripping," Lucy said amazed, feeling her pussy, "That, that was amazing! It looked so hot! Nothing like the beatings daddy gives me."

"My turn," Selena clapped her hands.

"Do you want to help?" Meiying asked Lucy.

"I'll just watch," Lucy shyly said sitting on the bed.

Selena was clearly loving being whipped just as much as Meiying had as the whip landed on her tits, ass, and pussy. Lucy found herself roughly kneading her own tits, pulling and pinching her nipples.

"Yes! Ahhhhh!" Selena cried out, "Whip me! Iiiiiiiiiieeeee! Whip me! More! More! Ooooohhhh! Whip me, whip me, whip me! AAAAAAA!"

Selena shuddered, as she was cumming. Lucy was frigging her pussy with 1 hand while still playing with her tits with the other. She couldn't believe she was getting turned on watching another girl get whipped. As Meiying let Selena down Lucy knew she had to face her fears.

"I-I want, I want to be whipped," Lucy nervously said, "I trust your love."

"Oh sister," Meiying hugged her, gently stroking her hair, lightly kissing her.

"So brave," Selena also hugged her.

"You will see," Meiying whispered, "You will love it. This may become your favorite form of girl love as it is ours."

Lucy was scared, but tried to look brave. She tried not to think of her brutal father. Meiying and Selena understood her fear. They were slow and loving, gentle kisses, soft touches. Meiying then started very light taps on Lucy's tits and pussy with her hands. Selena lightly spanked
Lucy's ass.

Lucy's moans of pleasure showed she liked it. Meiying felt Lucy's pussy getting wetter as they played with her.

"Beg me for the whip," Meiying ordered.

"Please, I-I want the whip," Lucy nervously begged.

Meiying and Selena started slow. Meiying whipped her front, Selena the back.

"Omigawd! It feels wonderful," Lucy moaned.

"You want more?" Meiying asked.

"Yes! Yes! Please!" Lucy begged.

Again Lucy couldn't believe it! She was being whipped, but she loved it! This was so different from the pain her father inflicted on her. Meiying and Selena were whipping her harder and faster now, the pleasure was incredible.

"Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Lucy screamed in orgasm, then again, "Aaaaahhhhh!!"

The girls paused as Lucy shuddered. Selena felt her pussy.

"Wow, she came a lot," Selena smiled.

"Oh, it's true, it's true," Lucy gasped, "Girl's should whip other girls."

"See, no pain, no marks," Meiying released her.

"Can we do it again later?" Lucy asked.

"Oh yeah!" Meiying and Selena said as one.

The three girls laid down and snuggled until they fell asleep.

* * *

*= Nickelodeons date all the way back to 1888, although their biggest expansion into short film clips was 1906-1907. They were very popular until the advent of the 'motion picture' in 1915 with 'Birth of a Nation' by D.W. Griffin who also did 'Broken Blossoms' which I loosely base this story on.

**= Believe it or not, first known served to Thomas Jefferson in 1802 as 'potatoes served in the French manner'. LOL!

End of Chapter 2:


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