Budwiser/Coors: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 26
by Hamster

I'm the Budweiser Donkey and I approved this fic.

Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski both invited to the huge party called the
'National Beer Party'. But when they stepped off the elevator and headed
towards the convention room in the Denver hotel they quickly came to the
realization that they were the only ones there.

"What the fuck?" Diane asked out loud.

"I don't know." Elaine said. "Maybe we got here too early."


From behind a curtain a donkey watched them closely.

"We have a deal Donkey. Here are the twins and I guarantee you that you will
be tapping both those asses." Cupid said.

"Fine. A life time supply of beer. It's all yours." The Donkey replied.

The Donkey stepped out from behind the curtain and approached the girls.

"Oh no, look it's that Budweiser Donkey!" Elaine cried.

"Look we have a restraining order." Diane said.

"Do it NOW!" The Donkey cried.

"Do what now?" Both twins asked at once.

Two arrows zoomed out and lodged themselves between the twins' ample boobs.
Suddenly the twins already slightly foggy brains were filled with thoughts of
how beautiful and majestic the Donkey was and how much they'd like to try
some donkey cock.

"Wow, I feel so horny." Diane said.

"Yeah, me too." Said Elaine.

"Well ladies, since you are both in the mood how about we forget all about
that nasty restraining order and I can fill those hungry cunts for you." Said
the Donkey.

"Yeah!" The twins cheered.

Both of the sisters began to strip down until they were standing there with
their juicy cunts and enormous melons exposed.

"Very, very nice." The Donkey commented as he surveyed their hot identical

Both twins beamed at him.

"So who wants to go first?" the Donkey asked.

"Oooo ooo I do!" They both said at once.

They both looked at each other and scoweled.

"I called it first." Elaine said as she shoved her sister.

"No I did." Diane said shoving her sister back.

"Now girls there is no need to fight." The Donkey said. "We'll settle this
the mature way. A cumtest. You get into the '69' position and the first one
to make her twin cum is the winner."

Cupid who had been watching the hole thing was really starting to like the
way the Donkey thinks.

The girls looked at each other and smiled.

"May the best twin win." Diane said.

"You are going to cum so hard you're gonna scream for mercy." Elaine replied.

Elaine got on her back and got in the spread eagle position. As the Donkey
came in for a better look Diane wiggled her ass a bit and sat down on her
sister's face then leaned over and shoved her tongue down her sister's pussy
hole. Elaine gasped then put her own tongue to use. The donkey and the Cupid
both watched in fascination as the twins humped their pussy's against each
other's faces. They moaned and sweat and whimpered, their big tits mashed
against each other's bellies as their tongues explored every nook and cranny
of each other's hungry, wet cunts. Both women felt the pleasure that resulted
from their incestuous love making course and surge through their body and
start to build up until they were both screaming in orgasmic bliss.

The Donkey's cock was now completely erect and swollen to massive proportions
thanks to the sight he had just witnessed.

"Ummm ok then uh Elaine deffinately came first, so Diane you are up." The
Donkey announced.

The two girls stood up panting and sweating. A big smile crossed Diane's lips
and a pout crossed Elaine's.

Diane walked over to a table and bent over it and spread her legs. She
looked back at the donkey and licked her lips. The Donkey needed no further
invitation. He stepped right up and mounted her like a filly. His long
flexable cock wormed it's way to her pussy and stabbed right in with ruthless

"Eeeeeeeeeeow YES!" Diane cried as the big animal cock drove deep into her

He thrust in and out over and over like a jackhammer. As Elaine watched her
sister getting fucked by the Donkey she began squeezing her own large boobs
as hard as she could. She looked around and found a butter knife on one of
the tables. She turned it so that she was holding the blade and began to fuck
herself with the cold metal handle.

Meanwhile her sister was cumming like crazy But that was no where near
enough for the Donkey who continued to fuck the limp woman ragged for several
minutes until he flooded her pussy with donkey cum. The Donkey dismounted the
panting girl and stepped back. Elaine stood up and licked her cum soaked
butterknife clean. The she approached her sister and began to lick and slurp
the donkey cum from her pussy.

"Well Elaine are you ready for a little back door action?" the donkey asked.

"Oh yeah." she said.

Elain replaced her sister on the table But this time when the donkey mounted
her his cock went straight for her tight ass hole. Elaine screamed as the big
cock drove into her too-tight ass.


But the donkey didn't stop. He actually began to fuck her harder; much, much
harder. He was slamming into her very enthusiastically. She screamed with
every stroke of the donkey's cock. Finally the donkey blew his wad in her ass
and filled her bowel's with donkey sperm.

Bob the Cupid was very happy, he got to see an awesome sex show AND he got
a lifetime supply of beer. Life was good.
_ _ _

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