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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Breaking Faith Part 4 - Mistress' Plaything (FF,BDSM)
by ToughLove

"Time for bed I think." Faith looked up hatefully from her position curled up on the floor, the witch's feet on her bare back as the sneering red-head sat on the couch. Once the red-head had stood, she grabbed and yanked on the sultry Bostonian's leash, the collar tugging around her slender throat. "Heel, Toy." Faith full ass wiggled involuntarily as she obeyed. "Oh that's a good Toy." Willow slapped her ass, cheeks jiggling at the blow. "You keep doing that for Mistress, understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Faith mumbled, cheeks burning. Her day had been one humiliation after another. After her whipping Willow had put her some milk in a saucer and some steak and vegetables in red bowl inscribed with the word 'Toy', and told her to eat. Even more embarrassing, the power-crazed wicca had then sat her on her knee and spent a hour fondling, caressing her curvy body. When the sexy Slayer had asked permission to pee, the witch had led her outside and told her to squat over the drain.

Once they reached Willow's bedroom, the witch turned and walked around the knelt beauty, stopping in front of her. "HA!" Willow laughed before cupping the leashed beauty's chin in her hands and pulling her face up. Willow licked her lips, a skin-crawling leer spreading her lips. "I've waited a long time for this." The witch stepped back and shed her mid-thigh length black silk robe revealing her matching blue thong and lacy push-up. The witch unfastened her bra from behind, dropping it to the ground beside the busty east coast native. "Toy, my thong." Faith reached for the clothing. "No. I want you to use your mouth."

"Yes mistress."

"Oooooh, you little slut," Willow moaned when the big-jugged Slayer leaned into the red-head, her snub nose nuzzling against the witch's flat stomach as she took the lacy waistband in her mouth. "Oh yes," Faith felt the witch's fingers running through her glossy locks, "you're a good girl, Toy." Faith dragged the thong down the witch's slender legs.

Willow stepped out of the thong and strode regally to her bed. Once she was laid on her back, the witch spread her legs and crooked a finger at the curvaceous captive. "Get that tight little body over her," the imperious witch ordered. "I want you to kiss my feet, work your way up, and lick my pussy, you trailer park tramp."

Faith crawled over to the bed, taking the witch's right big toe in her mouth and started suckling. "Oh yeah," Willow purred as she looped her left leg over Faith and began rubbing at the Slayer's back with her heel. "Every girl should have a Toy." The toe popped out of her mouth as the full-bodied beauty started to shower Willow's foot with licks and kisses. "Yessssss!" Next Faith slowly ran her tongue up the witch's smooth, slender leg. "So gooooood!"

Placing her hands on the all-powerful wicca's inner thighs, Faith spread her captor's labia, thumb rubbing up and down her pussy lips. The witch squirmed when Faith blew on her hot core.

Faith drove her tongue inside the red-head's mouth. "OOOOO!" Willow squealed, her fingers raking down the seductive Slayer's naked back. Faith hissed under her breath as her tongue worked inside the witch's dripping centre, making the Jewess shudder and squirm against the buxom Bostonian's mouth.

"This is fucking great!" Willow screamed. "Keep going you little slut!" Faith fucked her tongue in and out of her owner, the witch's crotch grinding against Faith's face, her clit bumping against the entrapped temptress' nose. The east coast sexpot's tongue skilfully caressed the witch's velvety depths. "Oh my god!" Willow's body arched, her moist walls clamping around the sexy Slayer's tongue as she erupted, her ejaculations soaking Faith's ensnared face. "GODESS!"

Once the witch had finished thrashing, Faith continued to lap up her juices, dutifully awaiting her next order. "Climb up here and get on your back," Willow panted.

Faith laid on the bed. The bed was big enough for a six person gang-fuck and covered in satin sheets that gently stroked her nubile body. Willow knelt beside the dark-eyed Slayer, an appreciative look on her face as she caressed the Bostonian's ample chest. "Oh my perfect little plaything," Willow purred. "Oh the dirty things I've dreamt of doing to you. You're like a budding flower just waiting to be plucked."

Faith's blood froze at the witch's crazed ramblings but wisely kept her mouth shut, not wanting another beating. The witch grinned at her non-response before straddling her face in the 69 position, her leaking pussy pressing into the beautiful east coast native's mouth. Faith knew what was expected. Planting tender kisses on her tormenter's slender thighs, she worked her way up to Willow's warm fuck-channel.

By contrast Willow's tongue immediately began pile-driving out of Faith's bald cunt, turning it into a sopping hole. Faith responded on a primal level, returning Willow's attentions with interest. Sensing her 'top' was close to cumming, Faith took the witch's prominent clit between her rosebud lips, nibbling and suckling the swollen nubbin while thrusting two fingers in and out of the witch's twat. Suddenly Willow screamed into her pussy as she came, the witch's juices showering her face setting off Faith's own thrashing fuck-party. For a few minutes Faith and Willow lapped away at one another, hungrily drinking up one another's nectar. "Stay there," Willow ordered as she climbed off her bitch, her voice hoarse.

The witch stood between the Slayer's sleek legs, a ten inch dildo secured on the wicca's crotch, pressing against her clit. Willow smirked when Faith's ebony-eyes stared at the dildo. "I bet my little slut can't wait until this is filling her?"

"Can't wait," she lied.

"I bet!" Willow laughed before grabbing her ankles and placing them on her shoulders. For a second Faith considered twisting her supernaturally legs but fear stopped her. Willow smiled down at the curvy brunette, sensing her submission. Then Willow thrust her hips forward, plunging her artifical cock deep into the Slayer slut's hot pussy, the position allowing for maximum penetration. "Take it you dirty little bitch!" Faith gasped at the witch's power, eyes rolling back. Willow laughed. "Oh my Toy likes that doesn't she?" The witch taunted as the sizeable strap-on invaded the Bostonian tramp's tight twat. The witch leaned over and licked the sweat off her back. "That's right, you like it because a dirty little slut!" Faith didn't reply, preferring to concentrate on her pussy's pulsing. "I'm going to fuck you like the cheap ho you are!"

The witch laughed again as she pulled out and thrust back in. The red-head continued, leaning forward until Faith was folded up like a deck-chair, sweat flying off their trim bodies as they coupled. The witch leaned down, raping Faith's mouth with her tongue as she did the same to the curvy brunette's bald vag with her strap-on. Finally Faith's butt rose off the satin sheets as her heavenly body spasmed and shook in climax. "YESSSSSSSS!"

Willow yanked her phallus out of her, the dildo exiting with a pop, cream dripping off it. "On your knees," Willow ordered. "Time for doggy style." Once the delectable brunette had moved her still trembling body into position, Willow waved a string of anal beads in front of her. "Look Toy," the witch sneered. "Another Toy to play with."

Faith gulped at the half a dozen three inch steel beads. "Thank you Mistress."

"Good girl." The curvy beauty started when Willow slapped her perfectly shaped bubble-butt. "Relax."

"Gaa," Faith moaned deep in her throat as her owner inserted two fingers deep into her asshole and began to stretch it, wriggling the digits around making Faith pant like a bitch in heat. Finally satisfied, the witch began sliding the beads into her ass. "Aaaaaaah." Faith moaned again as the last bead finally dropped in. "Aaaah!" The Bostonian slave's eyes widened and her nubile frame shook when the tormenting witch reached between her legs and pinched her clit. "Oh god!"

"You're ready," Willow decided, her voice thick with anticipation. "Now you're gonna get it." The east coast sexpot whimpered when Willow slowly penetrated her vag until she was unable to stop her shapely body shuddering with excitement. "You're just a slut," Willow accused as the red-head brushed Faith's long, lustrous locks off her neck, leaned over and began kissing her neck. "My bitch."

"Your bitch," Faith whinnied like a horse, by this time half-mad with lust.

"And don't!" Faith's chocolate-brown eyes bulged when the red-head began giving it to her like a piston, torpedoing in and out of her moist channel. "You forget it!"

The witch's hands trailed up the former jailbird's lithely muscled back to grab her perfect breasts and start kneading her ample tit flesh as she jack-hammered in and out of the beautiful Bostonian's sopping twat. "Oh god!" Faith screamed between gasps. "Jesus!" One hand slid up the ebony-eyed temptress' body to grab her thick mane and yank her head back. Faith's well-rounded hips began to instinctively buck as she descended into a beast of lust. "More!" Red responded by thrusting even harder, her trim belly slapping against the Slayer's temptingly curved butt. "YESSSSSS!" Faith screamed as she came, her velvety walls vibrating around the plastic cock. "FUCCCCK!"

"You like this don't you?" Willow didn't stop. "Take it you dirty little skank! Thought you were better than me didn't you?" Instead her thrusts grew even harder, more invasive. "Always sneering at meek little Willow!" Sweat was soon flying off Faith's built-to-fuck body and her screams of pleasure reduced to animalistic grunts. "You know your place now, don't you? Who's in charge now bitch?" A few minutes later a second climax was welcomed by a wild-eyed screech.


"Take my plastic cock like the slut you are!" The witch taunted. Trailing her hands down the Slayer's shaking, sweaty body, Willow snatched hold of her hips and began yanking her back and forth, adding to the force of her thrusts. "This is what your life is now, serving your betters!" The moment Faith began to cum for the third time, Willow grabbed the pull on the anal beads and wrenched them out.

"Aaaaaaaah! SHITTTT!" Faith screamed herself hoarse. "GOOOOOODDDDD!" Stars erupted in her eyes as her sphincter was forced open again and again, creating wave after wave of anal stimulation to go with her vaginal climax. "JESUSSSS!"

As soon as Willow pulled out of her, Faith fell forward, her juices leaking out of her pummelled pussy. After a minute her laboured breathing returned to something approaching normal. A hand snatched at her sweat-matted locks, yanking her head up to see her owner's cruel face. "Oh come on slut," she moaned an inaudible protest at the name, "I've only just started. Stand."

Faith opened her mouth to plead but knowing any argument would get her punished, she forced her trembling legs under her control and stood. "Look at my bitch, all fucked up." Willow leered at her sweat-soaked state before squatting down between her cum-slicked legs, the witch's hands resting on the Bostonian babe's well-rounded hips.

"Oooooh!" Faith yelped when the red-head surged up from her crouch, hips flying forward to roughly impale Faith. "Jesus!!!!!"

The red-head laughed before reaching between Faith's legs, grabbing her clit, and pinching it. Faith shuddered as mingled pleasure and pain shot through her groin. "I'm your goddess. I own you!" And don't you forget it!"

Faith slumped limply against the witch as the witch grabbed her legs at the knees, pulling them up around her waist. Faith's body bounced up and down, her rounded tits rubbing against Willow's body as the witch struck up a pendulum-like rhythm, swinging in and out of her with the dildo. "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!" Faith moaned into the red-head's ear as she came, her cunt once again clamping around the makeshift cock.

Willow stepped back, the dildo popping out of the sultry siren's receptive pussy. "Fucked like the cheap trash you are." The curvy Bostonian slumped against the wall behind her, her full chest heaving as her lungs took in some much needed air.

Her respite was brief. Her mistress grabbed the chain leash hanging between her breasts and pulled her back towards the bed. Willow sunk back onto the satin sheets. Faith's ebony eyes widened as the dildo magically lengthened to a foot long. "Climb on board." Faith grunted as she obeyed. To her relief the cum-slicking the giant pole meant even with its added length it still slid in relatively easily, soon she was knelt on top of her owner, the supernatural warrior's cunt completely filled by the plastic dick. "What are you waiting for?"

"Sorry Mistress." Faith gulped at Willow's snap before beginning to ride the cock, bouncing up and down, and groaning with the effort. Perspiration flew off her voluptuous physique and her glossy locks snapped wildly from side to side.

"Fuck it like you're a ten dollar whore!" Willow snapped. Faith started when Red's hands slid up her slender thighs to grab the Slayer beauty's hips and started to lift her, adding to her momentum, changing it from slow and gentle to frenzied and brutal. "Give me a show, play with those titties."

Faith immediately cupped and lifted her breasts, lifting them up as if offering them to the lust gods. "Oooooh," she whined theatrically as she began to gently squeeze her fleshly mounds. "Mistress is giving me the best fuck of my life!" Lowering her head, she began to slaver all over her firm breasts, licking at her nipples. "Gaaa," Faith groaned as her partner began to thrust her own hips upwards even as the witch pulled her down, increasing the penetration even further, triggering the sexy slave's umpteenth orgasm of the evening.

Faith slumped forward, leaning on top of the witch, the abuse of the past few days totally draining her usually infinite sexual stamina. "Did I say you could stop?"

Faith stiffened at the red-head's disapproving tone, panic gripping her. "Sorry Mistress," she muttered. Unable to summon the energy to sit up the busty beauty lifted her hips up and down, taking the strap-on in her pussy, her breasts rubbing against the red-head's body. Meanwhile Willow slapped her full ass, pulled at her hair, her nails occasionally raking Faith's back as the witch thrust her crotch upwards, pushing the plastic cock deep into the sexy Slayer.

"Ooooh, yes." Willow groaned as the continual rubbing of her clit against the phallus and Faith's weight pushing the strap-on down made her cum. "Go sleep in your cage, Toy."

Faith whined as she climbed off, her perspiration soaked body aching. "Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."


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