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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Breaking Faith Part 9 - Entertaining Mistress (FF,FFf,anal,BDSM,pony-girl)
by ToughLove

It was a bright sunny day. The sun beat down pleasantly on the sleekly-muscled Bostonian's naked back, not enough to burn her but enough to make her flesh glisten and perspiration beads slick down her lithe back. The light wind caressed her naked body, the tickling sensation hardening the nipples of her dangling tits as she knelt on her hands and knees on the concrete. A cold glass of gin and tonic was stood on the small of her back in easy reach for her gold-bikinied Mistress luxuriating on the lounger beside her. "She'll be here soon," Mistress patted her full ass.

The coal-eyed beauty nodded dutifully. The thought of serving her Mistress made her pant with excitement. The sultry plaything had finally found her true calling in life, making her owner happy. Faith just wondered what her owner had planned. But as long as it made Willow happy, her fuck-toy was happy too.

"Toy." Faith looked up to see the red-haired witch was licking her lips. "She's here."

Faith looked to her right. Her heart raced and mouth dried at the voluptuous sight that greeted her. "Cordelia," she whispered.

When Faith had first arrived in Sunnydale she'd eagerly anticipated meeting her fellow Slayer, imagining a wild playmate she could fight, dance, and fuck with. Instead she'd found Buffy. But Cordelia, every lonely night in her hotel room had spent masturbating to mental images of the impossibly glamorous cheerleader. And now, thanks to her generous Mistress, some of those fantasies were about to come true. The former queen of Sunnydale was dressed in knee-high, calf-skin cowboy boots, crotchless leather chaps, and an open black leather waist coat that did nothing to hide the cheerleader's wantonly full tits and sexily taut belly.

Confused by Cordelia's strange clothing, Faith looked towards her owner for guidance. Willow smirked. "Dear Cordelia used to have a horsey she rode every weekend. But then the nasty taxman took all the Chase money and poor Cordy's horse away. Since then she's not been able to ride. I thought you'd make a nice horsey for her to ride. Once you're specially equipped." Willow glanced to the table the other side of her. Just seconds earlier it had been empty. Now it was filled with a saddle and other pieces of equipment. "Cordelia?"

The cheerleader strode past the knelt temptress, revealing her crocthless chaps were also buttless, her full cheeks hanging out of the back. Upon reaching the lounger, the Sunnydaler leaned over Willow, allowing the reclining witch full access to her charms and started picking objects off the table while the red-head leisurely pawed at her. After a couple of minutes pawing the high school queen's beautiful breasts, Willow released her. "Take that waistcoat off." Cordelia wordlessly obeyed, shrugging the garment off and dropping it to the ground. "I wanna see those titties bouncing when you're riding your horsey."

The Slayer's pussy moistened at the sight of Cordelia's magnificent rack, complete with silky skin and dial a phone nipples. "Maybe she should take her chaps off too?"

Willow shot her a disapproving look that made her shrivel inside. "There's only one whore here Toy, you." Willow turned her gaze to Cordelia. "Are you ready for your horsey?"

"Yes." Cordelia held a piece of black plastic with two pieces of string, one long and one short, running through it and hanging out of either end. "This is your reins and bridle," Cordelia explained.

"Open wide Toy," Willow ordered.

The broken sex-toy tilted her head back and opened her mouth as far as she could. A grin on her face, Cordelia stepped forward and shoved the four inch wide and four inch long piece of plastic into her mouth. Faith bit down on the bridle, the former high school queen tied the shorter strings behind her head, securing it in place, while looping the long pieces, the reins, over the sultry Slayer's shoulders.

"Up on your haunches," ordered a breathless-sounding Willow.

The busty beauty immediately obeyed. Cordelia stepped in front of her. Faith's purr was muffled by the bridle when the taller brunette ran her soft palms over Faith's grade A chest, flesh pimpling at the tender touch. Next the Sunnydale High graduate took her right nipple between her forefinger and thumb, and pinched, twisted, and tugged on it. The process sent a pleasant heat radiating through the Slayer slut's tit, lengthening her already long nipple to over an inch before Cordy produced and closed a steel clamp with a bell dangling down from it over her sensitive nubbin. After giggling and flicking the bell, making it tinkle merrily, the former high school queen clamped her left nipple.

"Back on your hands and knees," Willow ordered, the witch's bikini bottom pulled to one side as she frantically rubbed at her crotch in anticipation of what was to come. "Time for your saddle."

Faith's ebony eyes widened at the terrifying saddle in Cordelia's hands even as she obeyed. A seven inch, ridged dildo stuck out of the top of the saddle, but of even greater concern were the two dildos sticking out of the bottom. The first, clearly meant for her asshole was a formidable eight inches long and three wide, while the one for her cunny was about ten inches long and three wide.

The subjugated brunette shifted uncomfortably as Cordelia eased two fingers into her asshole, burying them all the way into her then twisting them around. "Good horsey."

Faith beamed at her mistress' praise even as she grunted at the feel of the fingers being pulled out and the plastic replacing them, invading her ass. It took a couple of minutes but eventually the cheerleader had worked the dildo into her. Next she felt Cordelia's fingers sliding into her cunny, her thumb and forefinger stretching her slicked cunt in preparation for the dildo that was to be placed there.

Once both the pet Slayer's holes were stuffed full of plastic, Cordelia fastened the saddle in place, tying its belt beneath the brunette's trim belly. Faith shuddered with enjoyment when the cheerleader carefully placed the belt's coldly metallic belt against her clit. "Cordelia, what are you going to call your new horse?" Willow asked.

"Easy Ride," Cordelia decided after a moment. "Because that's what she is. Everyone's easy ride."

"Perfect!" Willow clapped her hands together in delight. "Just perfect!"

Faith trembled with desire when she felt something tickling her back. The gorgeous slave looked over her shoulder to see the cheerleader languidly stroking her back with a riding crop, the cheerleader's own cunny moist with excitement. "The garden's perimeter is a thousand yards," Willow announced. "When you run your laps in the morning you manage to run each lap in 30 seconds. It'll take longer with Cordy on your back. But I want you to do ten laps in no longer than seven minutes. Understand?" Faith nodded submissively. "You're such a good girl," Willow beamed. The red head looked towards the former rich girl. "Mount Easy Ride."

Faith braced herself when Cordelia impaled herself on the saddle's last dildo, the taller brunette's weight forcing the other plastic phallus' deeper into the Slayer, making the boxum Bostonian whinny like a horse being mounted for the first time. Faith bit down on the bridle when the spurs on Cordy's boots dug into her silky thighs, bruising them. Then the cheerleader grabbed her reins and pulled her head back. "Giddy up, Easy Ride!"

Faith rose up onto her hands and feet then set off at a gallop, the dildos in her ass and cunny moving around inside her. At first the cheerleader contented herself with running the tip of the riding crop up and down the beautiful Slayer's glistening back. Then the cheerleader began to impatiently whip Faith's tits and belly, exhorting her to greater speeds. The addition of the constant rubbing of the saddle buckle on her clit and the dildos filling her holes meant Faith was stuck firmly between heaven and hell.

Once she'd finished her laps, body drenched with sweat, and full chest heaving with exhaustion, Faith returned to the foot of Willow's lounger. Limbs aching, she waited for Cordelia to dismount. Her heart quailed at Willow's disapproving look as Cordelia climbed off and began to take the riding equipment off. "Seven minutes and sixteen seconds. Most disappointing. You'll have to be punished. Stand, bend over, and take your ankles in your hands." Despite her fatigue, Faith quickly obeyed. "Cordelia, it's time for horsey's obedience training. Whip her ass sixteen times."

Faith looked up from between her legs. The Bostonian tramp trembled slightly at the sight of the cheerleader experimentally slashing the riding crop through the air. This was gonna hurt, but that was good, Willow had trained her to enjoy the pain.

Finally the cheerleader turned to her, a vicious smirk on her face. Faith had always suspected that the snooty former high school queen could have made a helluva living as an S&M domme. "AHHH!" Faith squealed when the high school brought the crop down on her. Not on either of her full ass cheeks, but in the centre, right on her anus and pussy.

Pain exploded in the Slayer's already aching private parts. She barely heard Willow's excited pant. "Another fifteen."

An eternity later and the receptionist had finished. Faith's legs buckled under her, the sultry slut falling to the ground. "Excellent." Looking up, she saw her now-naked mistress rising from her lounger, Cordelia having disappeared, fixing a nine inch strap-on on. "Get up."

Faith wearily obeyed. She groaned slightly when the witch eased the strap-on into her pained anus and sat on her back, wrapping her legs around the Slayer's trim belly. After grabbing two handfuls of Faith's long tresses, Willow yanked her head back. "Riding you looked so fun. Get moving, Easy Ride!"

* * *

"How does that feel, Toy?"

Faith looked up adoringly at the red-headed witch straddling her flat stomach, just below her fat titties. "Wicked, Mistress."

The witch smiled before leaning down and checking the ropes securing the dark-haired beauty's wrists to the bed's brass head-board, the rope cutting into the pet's tender flesh. But Willow was happy so that was all that mattered. "Good girl." The Slayer's strawberry-haired owner patted her on the head before swivelling around to face her feet. Once Willow was straddling Faith's sexily-curved hips, Willow leaned down and tied her ankles to the bed's footboard, securing the Slayer plaything spread-eagled to the bed. After tugging experimentally on the ropes, Willow nodded and climbed off. "What should I do with you now Toy?"

"Anything you want Mistress," Faith quickly replied.

"That's right," Faith wriggled helplessly when the witch ran a fingernail down the Slayer's twitching labia. "You're Toy." Her owner giggled. "So I best get your playmates."

Faith's heart skipped a beat when the Summers sisters walked in wearing matching white towelled robes. Was Buffy gonna get some payback? The buxom Bostonian watched with baited breath, heart racing with a mixture of anticipation and terror. Was she going to get punished for being the evil Slayer? Even as she shivered with fear, a small part of her made her pussy moisten with arousal. Or please, hurt her.

The Bostonian's ruby-lips parted in an excited moan when the blonde tugged open and slid her sister's robe to the floor. Buffy had never done much for Faith, she guessed the west coast Slayer was hot if you liked her type, but she'd never liked Buffy. On the other hand, she'd known little Dawn would grow into a molten hottie and dreamed of being the one to take her innocence.

Faith licked her full lips. She'd been proven right. Dawn had always had long, silky hair, puppy dog eyes, and a full mouth. Now the lithe-bodied teen had added rounded, pliant breasts, an upturned tush, and long, slender legs to the sexy package.

As she watched, Dawn leaned into her sister, incestuously kissing her as she tugged the blonde's robe off. The two nude sisters stood at the foot of Faith's bed, making her strain and writhe as they kissed and fondled one another, hands intimately trailing around one another's bodies. God, she wanted a part of this action.

Her wish was granted when the sisters turned towards her. The Slayer slut's moans increased when the sisters moved to flank her bondaged body. The Slayer and the ex-key lazily trailed their hands up the entrapped brunette's muscular legs, up her shapely calves and silken thighs, their teasing touch making Faith pant and her eyes roll back.

The two sisters stopped when they reached her quickly moistening snatch. The sultry Slayer's mouth dried when the sisters leaned towards one another, meeting in a passionate kiss just inches above her crotch.

When they broke off, the sisters looked down at her. The busty Bostonain's lithely-muscled back arched, her gorgeous glutes lifting off the bed's silken sheets when both Summers girls stuffed a pair of fingers in her soft pussy. For a few seconds the siblings stabbed their fingers in and out of her honey pot. "Oh god! Ah! Ow! Ohhh! Jesus! Please, that's so gooood!"

After exchanging a triumphant look, Buffy and Dawn knelt on the bed flanking the helpless beauty, their fingers still motoring at her dampening cunt. "Oh my god!" Faith threw her head back and shrieked when first Dawn and then Buffy added a third finger to those inside her. "FUCCCCCCCCCK!" The coal-eyed beauty fidgeted helplessly, wishing that her hands were free so she could join in more. "Pllllease."

Dawn leaned over her and smiled wickedly before pressing her wet lips to Faith's, thrusting her tongue into the captive Slayer's mouth, eagerly investigating the mouth of Willow's fuck-toy. The Slayer had barely gotten used to the wonderful feel of Dawn's nubile body pressing against her when Buffy grabbed her hair and yanked her face towards her. Her fellow Slayer savaged her with her mouth, roughly probing her mouth with her tongue. And so it continued for the next few minutes, Buffy and Dawn taking turns to French their temporary bitch, a growing volcano simmering in her cunt, stroked by the six fingers inside her.

"AIIIIIIEEEE!" Faith came with a scream, ropes tightening as she thrashed wildly about, juices spewing out and sweat dripping off her, soaking the bed beneath.

The first thing she became aware of when she came down from her blood-pounding orgasm, her impressive chest heaving, was Buffy talking. "Oh dear," the blonde Slayer pulled her sodden fingers out of the dark-tressed beauty's pussy, Dawn continuing to fondle her aching hole, fingers jabbing in and out of it. "You made a mess." The blonde stared down imperiously at her. "You'll have to clean up."

The slave Slayer immediately obeyed. Her shapely hips still thrusting at Dawn's fingers, Faith opened her mouth. The moment the domineering blonde inserted her fingers in Faith's mouth she clamped it shut and got to work sucking and licking her own creamy juices off the in-control blonde's fingers. "Oh yes." Buffy closed her eyes, voice dreamy. "So good." The blond moaned, her free hand rubbing up and down Faith's nearest tit in a circular motion, teasing, engorging her nipple.

"My turn." Dawn announced. Buffy sighed and nodded, pulling the fingers off, wiping them dry on Faith's lustrous mane. Faith sighed regretfully when Dawn yanked her fingers from her cunny just as Faith had been about to come again. Dawn teasingly raised her drenched fingers over Faith's face. The fingers dripped down, making Faith twist and move in a mostly vain attempt to catch the teen tease's proffered juices. Dawn laughed before finally lowering her fingers into Faith's mouth. The dutiful slut-slave set about quickly swirling around the digits.

After a couple of minutes Dawn pulled her salvia-covered fingers out and like her older sister wiped them off on the broken beauty's hair. "Now she's eaten," Faith glanced towards a grinning Buffy, "time for us."

Faith's ample tit flesh pimpled and she inhaled sharply when her fellow Slayer produced a can of whipped cream and sprayed it on their bitch, liberally covering the brunette's world-class rack. The two Summers sisters exchanged a long kiss even as Faith writhed beneath them, wishing she could join them.

Then the sisters turned to her. Every breath the Bostonian sex toy took came with a trembling slowness as the Summers girls buried their faces in her perfect bosom. "O.....oh, o...oh, plllease." The sultry Bostonian stuttered breathlessly as the two sisters attacked the whipped cream, Buffy on the right, and Dawn on the left. The siblings licked and slurped the white cream up, tongues teasingly flicking at her nipples as they continued their plaything's delicious torture with inexorable slowness. "Yessssss."

The moment she was clean her two betters pulled away. "O...oh f...fuck," Faith whispered when Dawn poured some chocolate syrup on her stomach, the cold liquid making her trim belly undulate. Her excitement increased when Buffy knelt between her legs and languidly poured honey into her cunt, soaking her soft folds.

The two sisters immediately attacked, Dawn lapping at the chocolate like a dog lapping at its bowl. Buffy took a more teasing approach. The east coast slut's hips bucked when the blonde trailed her tongue up and down Faith's lower lips, barely touching them. "P...please, I know I'm a bad girl," Faith begged. "Don't punish me anymore."

"Who's bitch are you?" Buffy laughed.

"P...please Buffy," Faith pleaded, desperate tears forming in her ebony eyes, "I..I know you're the better Slayer. I'm just a dirty street tramp."

"Just as long as you know your place." Buffy laughed before delicately kissed the coal-eyed Slayer's lips making them twitch all the more. Then the blonde frustratingly pulled away and looked up at her. "Tell me more what you are?"

"Yes Buffy," Faith panted as the blonde eased her lips open and slid her tongue inside, tenderly licking at the honey and cum dripping inside her. "I'm just a pretender, you're the true Slayer. I'm a freak and you're the best, I'm just a disgrace, a freak."

"You know it." The blonde's tongue swirled around, stroking her walls. Faith's full ass pressed into the sodden, sticky mattress beneath her.

"You're the best, I'm just disgusting trailer trash," Faith continued, desperate enough to say any degrading thing if it meant Buffy continued. "I'm an ungrateful bitch who should have been the Scooby slut for you all to use."

Buffy laughed before sinking her teeth into Faith's aroused clit. "Jessssus!" the brunette beauty thrashed wildly, lithe muscles writhing as she tugged at her restraints, cum spurting from her excited cunt as she came, the mixture of pain and pleasure sending her over the edge.

Once the coal-eyed Bostonian finished screaming herself hoarse, Buffy spoke. "Dawn swap."

Dawn looked down at the raven-haired beauty's trembling, glistening twat and shook her head. "I don't wanna," the decadently nubile teen replied. "You've left her a mess." The younger Summers looked towards her sister, her hand joining Buffy in idly stroking the moaning brunette's cunt as they discussed Faith as if she was just a piece of meat. "I want to taste her ass."

"Um." Buffy looked at Faith. The blonde ran her fingers down the brunette's face before peering down at her. "If I untie you are you going to try anything?"

"No, I know my betters," the submissive Slayer replied even as she stared excitedly at Dawn. "I'm a cunt to be used by anyone Willow gives me to."

"We'll see." In seconds the California Slayer had unfastened her ropes. Faith groaned as blood flooded back into her hands and feet. Buffy grabbed her under her perspiring lower back and shoulders and flipped her over.

"Ahhh." Faith's grunt at hitting the mattress was muffled by her face pressing against the sopping sheets. She felt Buffy straddling her as the blonde refastened her restraints. Then she felt the blonde grab her tight ass and splay her well-rounded cheeks apart. "Bitch is ready for you Dawn."

"Thanks sis." The east coast beauty's Slayer hearing picked up the sound of the sisters' kissing, making her pant with desire.

Faith wriggled when something, some sauce of some sort, was poured into her anus. The cold liquid hitting her most sensitive area had her clawing helplessly at the mattress. Next she felt Dawn's hot tongue licking at her crack. Faith attempted to raise her hips up to meet the marvellous invader only to whiny in protest when Buffy laughingly held her down. Defeated, Faith lay down and panted, helpless to do anything but be used as a receptacle for the sisters' kinky desires.

The sultry Slayer shuddered as she felt the teen beauty's nose pressing into her back even as the former key's inhumanly long tongue probed at her anus' rosebud. "Oh god!" Faith bit down on the mattress, uncaring as how the sticky sheet stuck to her sleek, twitching body. The teen laughed into her anus, the sound vibrating through her, before roughly jamming two, no three fingers into her sodden pussy. A final probing thrust of Dawn's tongue and her thumb roughly poking the sultry Slayer's clit sent the helpless beauty screaming over the edge, juices once again flowing, drenching the bed she was fastened to.

"Was that fun Dawn?"

"The best Buffy." Faith felt the two girls climb off her, their hands idly stroking her still helplessly shaking body. "Are we going now?"

"I think we're finished here," Buffy replied.


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