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Rating: NC17. Demon rape, lesbianism, torture, semi-noncon/reluctant

Timeline: Season 7

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Summary: It always puzzled me that when the Turok-Han has Buffy at it's mercy
why it doesn't capture her as the First Evil did to Spike? I know other
people have wondered the same and I've read at least one story on TSSA that
explored the possibilities. So what would happen next? Who could save her
from both the Turok-Han and herself? Not who you might think....

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Bringing On The Night
by GoolCaptain

The darkness was so, so welcoming. They left her alone in the darkness. The
demons wanted her awake when they had their fun, took their turns with her.
Wanted her to feel all of it, every moment, every sensation in revenge for
her slaughtering them all these years. They were exhausted now, even the
mighty Turok-Han taking it's time to recover from his last session with her.
They would be back soon, her respite would always be brief but for now they
left her alone in the darkness.

But then she was never truly alone. Not really.


"Hello Mom."

"You have to go back, honey."

"But I'm so tired mommy. And it hurts, it hurts so badly. I want to stay here
with you."

"You know you can't. You know they need you, Dawn, your friends, everyone. My
little girl won't let me down, will she?"

"Promise me I'll see you again."

"I promise. We'll all be together someday. I love you."

"I love you mom."

"You know what to do?"

"I know."

* * *

She'd stopped breathing.

The Turok-Han looked at Buffy with concern. The First would be angry if he
had killed her, he could easily have finished her before but it had insisted
on taking her alive, that she had to die last to finish the Slayer line once
and for all. Now he looked at her, chained to the wall, limp, naked,
unmoving. He wondered if his repeated torture and rape had killed her? He'd
let all the demons of Sunnydale take their turn, maybe the violence had been
too much for her body to withstand?

He stooped in close and raised her head. He barely registered her hand
ripping the buckle from his tunic before the pain from his groin shot through
his body. By the time he comprehended what she had done she was already
spitting it onto the floor, making her choke slightly as she inhaled a
wonderful, life restoring breath of stale dank air after holding her breath
for so long.

He tried to scream but her teeth were already gnawing their way through his
throat, her legs scissored around his waist, his hands trapped in her chains
which she had wound around his wrists. His last thought was that this was
impossible. That no Slayer could possibly do this.

But then Buffy Summers was not a Slayer.

She was THE Slayer.

The omega.

The last guardian of the hellmouth.


Dawn's sister.

Joyce and Hank Summers' little girl.

When he was dust she used the buckle to pick the lock on her chains. Then she
went to look for Spike.

* * *

"Xander, Willow, take care of Spike, we need him back in the game asap.
There's plenty of pig's blood in the fridge, that should be a good start.
Kennedy, get the girls training, they need the practice if we're going to
fight more of these things. Anya, Giles, research" She motioned to the
Turok-Han dust she had dumped on the floor to make her point "Andrew,
hoover that up. Dawn, with me now!"

They jumped to it as Buffy strode purposefully up the stairs, Dawn trailing
behind her, curious as to what her assignment would be. When they were in
Buffy's bedroom she instructed Dawn to lock the door behind them which peaked
her curiosity even further.

Buffy let the Bringer's robe fall from her shoulders to reveal her naked body
underneath. Dawn gasped in horror as Buffy turned around to face her, her
eyes staring in mute shock at the terrible scars and bruising that seemed to
cover every inch of her sisters' skin. The dried blood and chafed skin around
her ass and cunny told their own dreadful story. Dawn didn't know whether to
retch or cry.

"H-hold me" Buffy managed to plead before fainting into Dawn's arms.

Dawn laid her down on the bed and covered her with a blanket. She stripped
off to her underwear and slipped in beside her, holding her as tightly as she
could without aggravating her injuries. She kissed her on the cheek.

"It's ok Buffy, I'm here, they won't hurt you any more, I won't let anyone
hurt you ever again."

In her heart she knew the words were a lie, that she would never be able to
keep this promise. Tomorrow Buffy would be healed again. Dawn would bathe
her carefully and fix her hair and makeup and she would walk downstairs, the
Slayer once more, ready to face all the evil and violence the First could
throw at her as if her terrible ordeal had never happened. Such was the life
of the chosen one.

But tonight she was plain Buffy Summers and would rest safe in her sister's
arms. And Dawn would kill ANYTHING that would try to ruin this moment.

Buffy's facial expression softened visibly as she slipped from
unconsciousness into a normal, peaceful sleep. Dawn closed her eyes and lay
there for what seemed like hours, listening to the wonderful sound of her
sister's steady breathing, revelling in the shared warmth of their bodies.
Eventually she joined Buffy in a deep, dreamless slumber, the skin beneath
her tender embrace restoring itself at an accelerated rate due to Buffy's
Slayer healing powers, their hearts beating as one.

Joyce's apparition stood unseen by their bedside, watching over her sleeping
children throughout the night. For in extremis we all cry out to our creator,
God or mother, it matters not which.

Joyce bent down and lightly stroked the sleeping Buffy's and Dawn's faces
with her hand. "My beautiful babies. I wish I could be with you through the
trials ahead. But we all have to say goodbye to our mother's eventually.
You've got to take care of each other from now on, love each other in every
way possible. Know I love you and that we'll all be together someday. Just
make sure that's none too soon."

She kissed each on the cheek and then just stood there, gazing at them
adoringly until the morning.

At daybreak Joyce faded away to nothingness.

But her love for her daughters extended far beyond the grave.

* * *

The sunlight woke Buffy in the gentlest way possible. Dawn was already wake.
She smiled at her and Buffy returned it with vigour.

"Hey sleepyhead" Dawn whispered, stroking her sister's hair with her
fingertips. It took Buffy a couple of seconds to recognse this as her
mother's affectionate morning greeting to her. It filled her with a
little sadness but also an incredible sense of peace and contentment.
It felt so good here, cosy and warm, the dapple of the sunlight on her
skin, the softness of the bedclothes surrounding her. And the sweet
scent and sensation of her wonderful Dawn pressing her body against
her own, their arms gently embracing one another's forms.

They lay together for an age, just enjoying the softness of their snuggling.
Eventually Dawn broke the silence, her reluctance apparent in her voice.
"Buffy, I have to go to the bathroom."

"Yeah, me too" Buffy admitted.

"You go first then give me 5 minutes and come back."

"Okaaaaay" Buffy agreed, trusting yet baffled.

She spent her five minutes alone checking her naked body out in the bedroom
mirror. She was flawless again, both inside and out, all the injuries from
her terrible ordeal completely healed. Slayer healing had quite literally
done it's magic. Whatever the powers of darkness could do to her there was
never any lasting damage. Slayer healing could cure a rainy day.

"Come in now" Dawn's voice came from across the corridor.

The scent of the soaps made her smile the moment she opened the bedroom door.
She grinned from ear to ear and gave a huge sigh of contentment as she slid
into the bubblebath Dawn had drawn for her whilst her little sister hung
their bathrobes on the door. It ocurred to Buffy that she was still naked and
Dawn was only wearing her little pink panties and matching bra. But what the
hell, what did they have to hide from one another?

Dawn washed Buffy's hair in her favourite shampoo then started to sponge her
sister's ears, rubbing and massaging them. Buffy closed her eyes and relaxed,
just letting her touch her, the pain and horrors of the last few days the
furthest thing from her mind, easily and permanently forgotten. She
remembered how she'd loved it as a toddler when her mother had shared her
bubble bath with her, she had never felt so special, so adored. When Dawn had
come along it had been even better, all sitting in the bath together, helping
her mother wash Dawn's hair and clean behind her ears, as though Dawn was
their own little living doll to play with. She gave a radiant, nostalgic
smile at this innocent, treasured memory.

She wondered where Dawn would stop? Her fingers kept going down and down,
along Buffy's neck, shoulders, collarbone, her sternum, the tops of her
breasts, further and further down...

She held her breath as Dawn reached her nipples. Dawn paused for a moment and
Buffy felt the tension in the air. Very, very tentatively she felt her little
sister reach out and tenderly stroke her nipples. Buffy breathed again. In
fact she found her breathing was become shallower and slower as Dawn rubbed
harder and harder. Buffy felt her nipples harden, her legs slowly flexing
apart, helpless against her involuntary sexual arousal. Nor could she stop
the long low moan of desire that issued from her mouth.

She felt Dawn stop again. Her eyes flicked open and met with her little
sister's. Dawn's face was filled with anxiety at what she'd done, the sponge
gripped nervously to her own chest. She was shaking with shame and fear,
tears brimming in her eyes.

"Oh, G-god Buffy I'm sor...sorry" Dawn broke eye contact and turned to flee.
Buffy caught her effortlessly using her Slayer reflexes, hooking her index
finger around the elastic of Dawn's skimpy, thong-like pink panties. They
both froze, the air between them brimming with emotion.

Buffy looked at her, standing there, so sweet and lovely, so delectable. And
she wanted her, wanted her so badly she felt she would just die if she didn't
have her right then and there.

Her mouth watered at the very sight of Dawn's blossoming titties straining
against the flowery pink lace of her bra. The scarce material of her panties
did nothing to disguise the shapely curve of her hips and thighs. Buffy
couldn't resist. And if she was honest with herself she didn't want to.

"B-buffy?" Dawn stammered.

Buffy ignored her and slipped her hand under the pink lace material, stroking
the soft pubic hair she found there. Dawn's chest heaved with excitment even
as Buffy felt her tremble. She stroked Dawn's labia with her fingertips and
was rewarded with a half-whispered groan escaping Dawn's lips.

Encouraged by her reaction Buffy slipped her finger's within her, already
feeling them slick with Dawn's plentiful juices. She casually thrust them in
and out, Dawn arching her back and unwillingly grinding her pelvis against
her sister's probing digits.

"Uhh! Uuuuuuhhhhhhh! UHHHHH!" Dawn closed her eyes as she came, shaking and
bucking on Buffy's hand as she did so, dropping the sponge on the floor.
Buffy looked at her with a sense of satisfaction, using her free hand to toy
with her own nipples as she did so. She generously let Dawn recover, letting
her breathing returning to normal before she gasped as Buffy very gently
pinched her sister's clitoris between forefinger and thumb.

"Take off your bra Dawnie" Buffy ordered firmly.

Dawn tried to speak but only managed a sharp intake of breath as Buffy ever
so slightly increased the pressure.

"TAKE IT OFF!" Buffy repeated. Dawn hesitated for a moment then obeyed,
unhooking and casting it to one side. Buffy stared in wonder at Dawn's
cleavage and the slowly yet deliberately reached up and cupped one of her
breasts in one hand, keeping a firm grip on Dawn's stiff little clittie
with the other. Dawn's nipples were already swollen with desire but still
seemed to visibly harden at Buffy's touch, another long lustful groan
emanating from her as Buffy groped and caressed with abandon. Buffy's own
breasts were slightly larger but Dawn had terrific titties, big, firm and
shapely, could still easily rival the Baywatch girls with the right lingerie.

Keeping a firm grip on Dawn's breast with one hand Buffy pulled Dawn's
panties to the floor with one finger then ran her hand back up to Dawn's
pelvis, stroking and exploring her younger sister's legs as she went. They
just seemed endless, to go on and on. Just glorious, so long and firm and
shapely. Nor could she resist the neatly trimmed patch of light brown patch
of pubic hair revealed by her touch, the salty, sexy scent of Dawn's cunny
filling her nostrils and taking her to a new level of excitment.

The sight of Dawn's naked body simply took her breath away. She was the
fairest combination of pink and white Buffy had ever seen, all set off
perfectly with that wonderful chestnut brown hair and beautiful sapphire
blue eyes.

Her hand cupped Dawn's pert right ass cheek. They felt irresistable, Buffy
just wanted to bite them, like a ripe peach. She used her Slayer strength to
effortlessly manouvre Dawn into the bath with her, Dawn sitting astride her,
her long legs wrapped around Buffy's waist, their soft pubic hair rubbing
against one another. One hand was on Dawn's breasts, the other exploring the
territory between her little sisters cunt and ass, a finger in both,
controlling Dawn as though she was a glove puppet, helpless in her grasp.

She looked in Dawn's eyes. She still saw some resistance there, Dawn's body
rigid with nerves. But she wanted her so badly it made no difference, she
would conquer her by force if necessary, make her know the pleasure of being
taken by another against her will just as she had experienced. And Dawn's
breathing was already slower and shallower, her excitment clearly visible.

She probed Dawn's puckered ass with one sharp fingernail, teasing and

"Ow!" Dawn opened her mouth for just a moment. Buffy took full advantage of
the opportunity and kissed her, long and deep, her tongue seeking out and
conquering the sweetest new territory imagineable.

She felt Dawn begin to melt into the moment, gradually opening her mouth
further to allow Buffy greater access, timidly beginning to return Buffy's
stroking and probing with her own tongue. Dawn's left arm hugged around
Buffy's shoulders, her right hand groping her sister's titties with growing
enthusiasm, rubbing her pelvis against her's.

Buffy felt a surge of relief and happiness overcome her, tears of joy
streaming down her face. Dawn wanted her. Dawn wanted her, just as she wanted
Dawn, needed her, would die without her. It was ok, it was all ok. She would
have stopped if Dawn had asked her to, she couldn't do that to this girl she
loved so much. But it was ok, it was all ok, Dawn loved her, wanted her, was
too wonderful for words.

They finger-fucked each other until each saw stars, the water from the
bathtub spilling across the floor with the fury of their passion.

"Buffy we've...ah, ah... got to be quiet...uh uh UHHHHHH! BUFFFFFYYYYY!"
Dawn lost her valiant battle to try and stop the rest of the household from
hearing their fucking.

Buffy was long past caring "Oh Dawnie, OH DAWNIE, OH! OH! OAHHH! OAHHH!

They rested for a few minutes Dawn clambered from the tub and plucked a towel
from the rail. Buffy followed her and the sisters dried the floor and each
other off, taking the opportunity to explore one another's bodies as they did
so. Dawn scooped her underwear off the floor and tucked them into one pocket
of her bathrobe. She reached to take their robes off the hooks on the back of
the bathroom door but Buffy caught her hand.

"Let's just go naked" she suggested naughtily.

"Naked? Buffy, what if someone sees us?" Dawn wondered, anxiety in her voice.

Buffy gave her a wicked grin and just took her hand and opened the door.
The sister's streaked across the hallway, Buffy leading Dawn by the hand.
They made it to the bedroom and slammed the door behind them, giggling

When the giggling subsided Buffy extended her arms to Dawn. Her younger
sister took her hands trustingly and Buffy led her to the bed.

It seemed to take an age, the sisters just discovering one another's bodies,
kissing and touching each other everywhere, face, neck, thighs, back of the
knee, small of the back, between the shoulder blades, base of the spine,
ears, breasts, everywhere. Buffy fufilled her desire, nibbling on Dawn's
pert, firm buttocks, generating a few short cries along with a lot of
laughter. She clutched Dawn's head to her chest, stroking her hair and
whispering to her as she got the hint and suckled on Buffy's nipples,
licking, kissing, biting, sucking.

"That's it my lovely Dawnie" she moaned to her, "Nurse on me my sweet, sweet,
baby, suck on my titties".

"Ahhhhhyuh! "She gave a short cry of yearning and disappointment as Dawn
pulled away but her little sister used her own trick on her, kissing her to
stifle her objections.

"She's a fast learner" thought Buffy, impressed with both Dawn's ingenuity
and skill at kissing. She was even more impressed when Dawn broke the kiss
and redirected Buffy's head to her breasts.

"Your turn" she whispered. Buffy didn't need a second invitation and was soon
sucking on Dawn's tits as though it were going out of fashion. It all came
very easily to her. She was suprised men lacked finesse at such a simple
skill but then she reasoned they didn't have their own breasts to play with
as practice?

Buffy took Dawn's unresisting hands and placed them behind her head and tied
them to the headboard with a pair of her panties, plucked from her bedside
drawer. As she tied she realised that they were her favourite pair of pink
skimpies. She's have to be careful that Dawn didn't rip them. But what the
hell, it was worth the sacrifice.

She simply lay on top of Dawn, pressing her body down on top of hers. Dawn
starred into Buffy's eyes with a look of complete lust and acceptence. They
kissed again, closing their eyes in ecstasy, enjoying the sensation of their
breasts and soft pubic hair pressing against one another, their hearts
beating together. Buffy waited for a few minutes then began to kiss Dawn down
her body, further and further down, every millimetre of flesh, every nerve
ending, down and down with almost cruel slowness until she reached her goal.

Buffy gently traced her tongue around Dawn's labia, using her forefinger to
stroke her clit at the same time. Dawn sighed and thrust her pelvis forward
onto Buffy's face and Buffy rewarded her by tracing her tongue up and down
the length of Dawn's cunny, giving her some flatter, broader strokes before
circling her clit with the tip, sending Dawn into a volcano of orgasm. Buffy
let Dawn recover as she lapped up her plentiful juices. Her curiousity got
the the better of her and she let her tongue slide forward until it found
what she sought, Dawn's still intact hymen, her maidenhead. She pressed her
tongue against it, finding it thick and unyielding, causing her little sis
to wince a little and give a chirp of pain. Buffy eased off and gave Dawn's
clit a few more licks to take her mind off it. She smiled as Dawn forgot
that Buffy had hurt her and purred like a kitten in response to her sister's

She had to admit that she'd had some good teachers. Angel had been superb at
oral sex. Parker and Riley had been pretty good, Spike a lot better. RJ keen
but inexperienced. But Dracula was the master as far as she was concerned.
She giggled to herself as she realised the irony of her choice of words. She
would gladly have kept him chained up in a cage and fed him pigs blood in
exchange for his cunny licking skills. Unfortunately the whole mist thing he
did made that rather tempting idea somewhat impracticable.

The thought of taking Dawn's virginity was tempting too. Of seeing that
lustful surrender in her eyes and conquering her completely. She knew she
could, that a little forceful persuasion was all it would take. Maybe Willow
had a strap-on dildo they could use?

No. She was quite prepared to do it but not today. Later, someday soon,
after the First Evil had been defeated, she would buy the required sex toys
via mail order. Then she would bring Dawn to the brink of such monumental
pleasure that she would beg and plead for Buffy to fuck her all the way for
the first time. It would be a reward for them both. She would joyously fuck
Dawn's tight cunt and pert, virgin ass, taking both her cherries in one
glorious night of lovemaking. And after she'd taken both Dawn's virginity
and her anal cherry she would wash off the strap-on and then let Dawn wear
it, offering her body to her sister to do whatever she willed with, showing
her that she felt the same passion for her in every way possible. There were
so many nasty, kinky, loving things they could do together, going far beyond
even what she had experienced with Spike. A whole world of erotic pleasure
she could initiate Dawn into.

But not tonight. Tonight was for soft and gentle only.

She untied Dawn's hands and they kissed again.

"Mmmmm" Dawn commented, licking her lips "So that's what I taste like?"

Buffy nodded and grinned. "Sweet like chocolate but not as fattening."

"How do you taste?" Dawn wondered pointedly with an impish smile. Buffy took
the hint and rotated herself 180 degrees so that each sister could lick each
other out whilst playing with one another's breasts. Buffy repeated her
performance but this time introduced Dawn to new delights, softly sucking and
humming around Dawn's clitty before delicately flicking it with both her
tongue and then one highly polished fire-red fingernail. She groped and
teased Dawn's breasts, rubbing and pinching her nipples, gently rolling them
between finger and thumb. She was a little perturbed by the effects, her
attentions causing Dawn to shudder and groan like an express train, a huge
wave of pleasure thundering through her.

"YESSSS! YESSSSS! FUCCCCCKKKKK YESSSS!" Dawn moaned as she climaxed.

Buffy took mercy on her and left her cunt alone and breasts alone,
restraining herself to kissing away the little beads of sweat she found on
Dawn's thighs and pelvis. But she had underestimated how quick a learner
Dawnie was....

Buffy's head shot back as she writhed and bucked on her bed as Dawn pleasured
her to the limits of exhaustion and beyond. The bliss of Dawn's hands on her
tits and tongue in her cunt overwhelmed her, her euphoria greater than
anything she had ever experienced before. The Key was giving her some
exquisite multipile orgasms and Dracula some serious competition in the
cunt-licking states.

* * *

By the time she came to her senses Dawn was lying flat on her back with
Buffy's head resting between her breasts. Buffy genlty kissed Dawn's titties
as Dawn tenderly stroked her big sisters hair with her fingertips, a world of
love and affection between them.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" Dawn asked her. Buffy turned her
head until she was resting her chin between Dawn's breasts and gazed into her
younger sister's eyes.

And she told her. Told her it all. About the fight, about her capture. About
her killing the Turok-Han in the most vicious way possible, of her rescuing
Spike and escaping together. But she also told her of what had proceeded it.
Of how the Turok-Han had conquered her, pinioned her beneath him, ripped her
clothes off and forcibly spread her legs before penetrating her with his
huge, savage cock, destroying her from the inside. She told of her futile
attempts at resistance, that her struggles had eventually been reduced to
pathetic pleading and begging even though she knew it was pointless. How her
cries of pain and anguish had turned into moans and groans of uncontrollable
pleasure as he had effortlessly fucked her for hour after endless hour. And
she spoke of how her body had eventually betrayed her, opening her legs wider
and wider to enable him to penetrate her more and more, bucking her hips in
time with his thrusts, deliberately rubbing her clitty against his rough skin
as her vaginal muscles spasmed around his massive cock, coaxing the vile
demon-cum from within him and into her. Any pain and self-disgust she felt
were irretrievably lost in the fury of multipile orgasm after multipile
orgasm, finding herself involuntarily angling her pelvis to let him gain ever
deeper and deeper penetration as the carnal joy overcame everything and she
lost all free will of her own.

When she was finished she realised Dawn was silently crying, tears running
down her cheeks. Buffy considered telling her of how Joyce had appeared to
her but decided not to. Dawn had already had her own vision of their mother
and Buffy doubted she could cope with any more.

Buffy dried Dawn's tears with her fingers. "Dawnie it's ok. It's all ok, now.
I always escape, always triumph, always find a way. Nothing could ever stop
me returning to you. Hell, I overcame death to do it. It doesn't matter, not
when I have you, not when we're here together. It's just my darkness, that's

"What do you mean?" Dawn sniffled.

"My darkness Dawnie. The Slayer power within me. I don't understand it fully,
maybe one day I'll ask the Watchers and they'll tell me where it comes from
but it's a dark, dark power. Dracua sensed it and he was right. Maybe that's
why I was attracted to him. And Spike and Angel and Lothos. Even the Master.
That's why I drove Riley away. The evil yearns for me because it feels the
evil inside me. And at some level I yearn for it too. When the the Turok-Han
was fucking me I hated it, hated every second of it. But I was full of hard
cock too, right up into my womb. And I wanted it, then and there I wanted it
more than anything. I needed to feed my darkness."

She paused for a few moments before deciding to go on, summoning up the
courage to be brutally honest with Dawn. "Do you ever want to be taken Dawn?
Just swept off your feet and taken, have someone force themselves upon you
and even though you fight at first they're so masculine and so all conquering
that in the end they win you over. The pleasure is so great you can't resist.
And you just give yourself, surrender. And there's a strange peace to it all,
you feel satisfied, complete."

"Rhett and Scarlet on the stairway?" Dawn suggested.

Buffy nodded. "The Duchess and the Highwayman, the Princess and the Viking,
the Knight and the Damsel, the Cowboy and the Rancher's daughter..."

"You've given this WAY too much thought" Dawn commented.

"Probably" Buffy admitted "But I need to feed my darkness. It's something all
women have, that sense of masochism, that base desire but for Slayers it's
more pronounced, we have our darkness, we have our deathwish."

"That's why you were so understanding of Faith isn't it? Before Angel rescued

"Yes. I had you guys so it didn't affect me quite so much. But I still felt
it, still yearned for it, wanted it deep down."

She leaned forwards and kissed Dawn again, gently on the lips, Dawn softly
biting Buffy's bottom lip and making her hold the kiss for a few seconds
before letting her go. Buffy murmured in pleasure then rested her head
between Dawn's breast's again, cupping Dawn's titties in her hands, idly
playing with them.

"But now I don't need that any more because I've got you Dawnie. What we're
doing is dark enough for anyone. You're my darkness but you're my light too.
All wrapped up in one beautiful, wonderful package. I can have all the kinky
sex and dark desire in the world AND we can chat whilst watching TV and
eating ice-cream together. We can dabble in the darkness then walk in the
sunlight, hand in hand" She held up her hand and Dawn instinctively took it.
"And together with our friends we can kick the First Evil's ass into minus

The sisters shared a moment of utter rapture, overcome by happiness and
contentment. Then a troubled look appeared on Dawn's face.

"Well we know why you're such a big twisted skanky ho but what about me?" she
asked, slightly worried.

Buffy traced her fingertip along Dawn's forearm, running her nail along the
faint scar where Dawn had cut herself upon finding out that she was The Key.
"The monks made you from my blood Dawnie. What goes for me, goes for you."

Buffy felt Dawn relax then noticed her glancing towards the door "Do you
think that the others know what we've been doing?"

"Probably" Buffy admitted. "But what are they going to do? What would they
say? I don't think any of them would dare challenge us. They'll accept it as
long as we're discreet. After all, they love us as much as we love them."

"True" Dawn agreed."Plus denial IS pretty rife around here, it's virtually a
prerequisite in this house. What about Faith?"

"Don't worry, we'll save her" Buffy spoke with unquestionable confidence
"We'll save everyone."

They kissed again, the sisters basking in each other's affection, the dark
passion between them generating a love as pure, powerful and beautiful as
the sunlight which subtly caressed their naked bodies. The overwhelming
love between Buffy, Joyce and Dawn as certain and eternal as the rising of
the morning sun.


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